Horror Time (originally known as Horror Time With Finny Krueger and Jakenstein) is the name of an annual Halloween special in Adventure Time. Each Horror Time special is divided into 3 short stories. The names in the end credits are usually replaced with "scary names" (For example: Jeremy Shada - Jekyll & Shada, Pendleton Ward - Pendleton Weird, etc.) and two characters, Wop and Bop, two goblins, have appeared in each episode since the second, whether it's a brief camero or as major

# Season
I 5
II 6
IV 8
"Horror at 5000 Feet" In a spoof of the Twilight Zone, Finn and Jake are on a train when Finn spots a goblin on the side of the bus.
"Draculene Returns" In yet another Dracula spoof, Marceline is back and looking for revenge on Finn and Jake.
V 9 "Me-Mow The Cat's Eye" In a spoof of The Cat's Eye, Finn and Jake must deal with an evil cat named... ME-MOW!
"Swimming Pool Time Machine" Jake unwittingly purchases a swimming pool from the Lich, and every time anyone goes into the swimming pool, it sends them back in time.
"Nightmare In The Candy Kingdom 2" The worm of your dreams is back, and Finn and Jake have to find out how to stop him once and for all. The thing is, King Worm has a few more tricks up his sleeve this time.
VI 10 "Attack of the 50-Foot Finn" Finn and the Cosmic Owl accidentally wind up with the other's pizza. When Finn eats C.O.'s cosmic pizza, the cosmic energy amazingly increases his strength and size.
"Finn-Day the 13th" Finn volunteers to be a counselor at Camp Candy Lake, but soon discovers that a former camper stalks the people of the camp looking for revenge....
"Creature From The Ice Kingdom" A mutant penguin emerges from the depths of the Turquoise Lagoon in the Ice Kingdom, and Ice King needs Finn and Jake's help to put a stop to it.
VII 11 "The Ice King From Another World" In a spoof of The Thing From Another World,  a famous scientist known as Bonnibel Bubblegum and 3 explorers, Finn Mertens, Marceline Abadeer, and Jake T. Dog, explore the icy uncharted land known as the Ice Kingdom, but discover a strange thing.... a thing from another world.
"I, BMO" Princess Bubblegum attempts to create the ultimate guard bots: robot warriors whose appearances are based off of BMO. But when the "BMO 2.0's" go crazy, it's up to Finn, Jake, and "BMO classic" to save the day.
"Mr. Ricardio Goes To The Fire Kingdom" Ricardio travels to the Fire Kingdom in an attempt to marry Flame Princess and become the new Flame King. But how far will he go to finally become a king?
VIII 12 "Finn The Ωmega HuMan" When Finn is looking for his TV remote deep under the tree fort, Lich ends all life on Earth. However, Finn survives because he is so far under the ground that he can not be effected. Finn, seemingly the only living person left, finally cheers up and realizes he can do whatever he wants. He eats the Candy Kingdom, he uses Jake's toothbrush, and he uses the Ice Kingdom as his own personal bathroom. But he might not be alone after all...
"The Why-Wolfman" Cinammon Bun is scratched by a Why-Wolf, and begins turning into a Why-Wolf every night. He relies on Finn and Jake to help find a cure, but can they find one before Cinammon Bun's every-night curse becomes permanent?
"Dial M For Murdered" Finn and Jake play a Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson-type crime solving duo,  Finnson Holmes and Dr. Jakens, who have to solve a murder mystery before the killer finds them.
IX 13 "A Price Toupée"

Ice King goes bald, so he makes a deal with the Lich: he'll free the Lich from his current prison as long as Lich will conjur up a toupée for him. But this fake hair is actually... alive! Meanwhile, Lich gets revenge on Finn & Jake.

"Tales From The Ice Kingdom" Ice King plays the role of the Crypt-Keeper, and re-tells the classic Tales From The Crypt story, "Cutting Cards", in which Jake and Mr. Pig compete in a series of lethal games to see who will win the tree fort.

"The BMO's Paw"

Finn and Jake discover that BMO can grant wishes, but each wish has a macabre twist to it.
X 14 "I Think I Know What You Did Last Summer" Finn and Jake begin to think that they've killed Flame King, so they try to avoid it, but when somebody who knows what they did begins stalking them, the only thing to do is try to go into hiding.
"Cujake" Jake is bitten by a spider, and the toxin from it makes him go crazy. Can Finn cure Jake before it's too late?
"Lady and the Cramp" Jake, Lady Rainicorn, and the pups go to the beach and encounter  the legendary Cramp, a terrifying sea monster. But soon, Jake begins to suspect that Lady Rainicorn has fallen in love with the Cramp.
XI 15 "In The Tree Fort, No One Can Hear You Scream" A spoof of Alien, in which alien "Yenomorks" attack the tree fort.
"Dr. Jake & Mr. Fake" A spoof of the classic "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde", in which Jake volunteers to test out Princess Bubblegum's new formula, and transforms into a deranged killer named "Mr. Fake".
"Frankengrab" A spoof of Frankenstein, in which Princess Bubblegum plays the role of Dr. Frankenstein, Peppermint Butler plays the role of Igor, and Lemongrab plays the role of Frankenstein's Monster.
XII 16 "Apocalypse Shmow" An apocalypse story where Lich escapes and uses his powers to destroy the Land of Oo.
"House of Draculene" Bubblegum's Monster (Lemongrab), Why-Wolfman (Cinammon Bun), and Marceline are back in another Dracula spoof, this time fighting for their lives in order to see who gets the tree fort.
"Lich of the Rings" In a Lord of the Rings spoof, Finn plays the role of Bilbo Baggins, Lich plays the role of Sauron, Peppermint Butler plays the role of Gandalf, and Ice King plays the role of Gollum.
XIII 17 "Send in the Crown" In a spoof of Independence Day, Ice King leads a group of wizards sent to defeat ferocious alien invaders.
"The Finnvisible Man" Princess Bubblegum makes an invisibility serum, and Finn volunteers to test it out. However, it turns Finn crazy and he goes on a rampage around Oo.
"Lich of the Rings: The Two Shmowers" In a continuation of the popular Lich of the Rings segment from the previous special, Finn Shmaggins and Jake Slamgee continue their journey to destroy the One Crown.
XIV 18 "Lich of the Rings: Return of the Lich King" In the finale of the Lich of the Rings trilogy, the journey comes to an end at Mount Oo.
"The Dummy" Jake receives a ventriloquist dummy through the mail that he soon becomes obsessed with.
"Adventure Timeless" Finn and Jake are sent forward in time and see their future selves when a visit to the Witch's Garden goes wrong.
XV 19 "It Came From The Candy Kingdom"
"Beauty and the BMO"
"Finntastic Voyage"
XVI 20 "A.F.: Artificial Finntelligence"
"The Finn"
XVII 21 "Lost In Lumpy Space"
"Hobbit Time: A Finnexpected Journey"
"Stay Finned"
XVIII 22 "A.T."
"Rainmary's Baby"
"Trapped In Compy's Castle: The Last Level"
XIX 23 "Blobventure Time"
"Mad Finn"
"Avengers Time"
XX 24 "Psycho Time"
"Hunchback of the Candy Kingdom"
XXI 25 "Penguinvasion"
"Twiventure Time"
XXII 26 "Spider-Jake"
"Arachnophobia Time"
"BMOnster Squad"
XXIII 27 "Pair of Goblin Kings"
"The Finn Identity"
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