This is a list of episodes from The CC (Cartoon Comedy) American animated comedy TV series, Abominable Snowman, a show about the abominable snowman escaping from "cryptid hunters" Meredith and Jesse. The show aired a season of 26 episodes (50 segments) from September 11, 2014, to March 4, 2015.

Series overview

Season Episodes Segments Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 50 September 11, 2014 March 4, 2015

Series (2014-15)

No. Title Directed by Original
1 "Meet Teddy
Yeti Food"
Anthony Gilligan September 11, 2014[1]
Meet Teddy: In the first episode of the series and crossover with The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, the Abominable Snowman (or Yeti for short) is hunted down by cryptid hunters, Meredith and Jesse, until Teddy from The Adventures of Teddy and Friends fame helps him escape from them temporarily.

Yeti Food: Teddy keeps helping Yeti find food while they keep escaping. However, Teddy needs to leave to New Stuff City to take care of his kids with Kitty, and so leaves Yeti finding food for himself while also trying to fend off Meredith and Jesse.

Note: Teddy from The Adventures of Teddy and Friends appears in this episode.

2 "Are We There Yeti?
Camp Yeti"
William Ebert September 11, 2014[1]
Are We There Yeti?: Meredith and Jesse endlessly try to get the Yeti in a similar manner to the Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner cartoons.

Camp Yeti: Yeti finds himself in a camp full of Yeti "younglings" and decides to teach them the many activities they will learn in there.

3 "Proof of Yeti?
Yeti In Love"
William Ebert September 18, 2014
Proof of Yeti?: Meredith and Jesse find proof of Yeti that they can show to scientists in the U.S. in the hopes of getting military help to finally catch the Yeti. However, the Yeti risks exposing himself to them in order to get the "proof".

Yeti In Love: Yeti falls head over heels with Abby Bominable, a female Yeti who keeps to herself, making Yeti debate over whether she likes him or not.

4 "Yeti, Yet
Are You Ready, Yeti?"
William Ebert September 18, 2014
Yeti, Yeti: Yeti finds a mirror with his reflection who wants to switch places with him.

Are You Ready, Yeti?: Yeti and another Yeti decide to race.

5 "Perks of Being a Yeti
Jerry Yeti"
William Ebert and Mariah Hoplins October 16, 2014
Perks of Being a Yeti: Yeti learns about the perks of being an Abominable Snowman and decides to use them on a chasing Meredith and Jesse.

Jerry Yeti: Jerry Yeti, Yeti's black sheep cousin (who literally has black fur reminiscent of a sheep's), visits and ruins Yeti's life.

6 "Yeti Mother
The Yeti Cave"
Anthony Gilligan October 16, 2014
Yeti Mother: Yeti has to take care of a baby Yeti, and teaches him of the world, albeit akwardly. When the baby Yeti grows up, he defends himself from having learned from Yeti.

Yeti Cave: Yeti finds the only cave remaining on the Himalayas, and uses it to escape from Meredith and Jesse.

7 "Yeti Storm
The Yeti Who Cried "Hunters!""
Anthony Gilligan October 23, 2014
Yeti Storm: Yeti must survive from an impending "snow storm".

The Yeti Who Cried "Hunters!": Yeti starts suffering from an PTSD-related disorder after a kid Yeti in his village falsely cries out "Hunters!".

8 "The Human Yeti
Yeti Who?"
William Ebert October 23, 2014
The Human Yeti: Yeti turns into a human after he's used as a test subject by a team of scientists residing in the Himalayas. He then ends up joining Meredith and Jesse in "capturing Yeti", when in reality, he's trying to throw them off by claiming to know where he is. When he succeeds by getting them lost, he escapes and turns back into a Yeti by simply doing what he always did as a Yeti.

Yeti Who?: Yeti loses his memory and ends up joining Meredith and Jesse, thinking they're his friends.

9 "Mission: Yeti-possible
Once Upon a Yeti"
Timothy Lane November 13, 2014
Mission: Yeti-possible: Yeti goes on a secret spy mission as Agent 100.

Once Upon a Yeti: Yeti recounts the tale of the first Yeti to ever exist to a group of village kids.

10 "Turning Into Yeti
Peanut Butter and Yeti"
Timothy Lane November 13, 2014
Meredith and Jesse turn into Yetis in order to trick Yeti into getting captured.

Peanut Butter and Yeti: Yeti goes on a journey in order to put peanut butter and jelly into his "ice-wich".

11 "Yeti DNA
The Yeti Prophecy"
William Ebert and Timothy Lane November 20, 2014
Yeti DNA: DNA belonging to Yeti is exctracted by Meredith and Jesse, but is it really his DNA? Or is it another Yeti...?

The Yeti Prophecy: A dug prophecy states that a Yeti had to face two Yeti hunters.

12 "The Yeti Avalanche
Pretty Yeti"
Anthony Gilligan November 20, 2014
The Yeti Avalanche: Yeti must survive yet again another snow storm; more like an avalanche.

Pretty Yeti: Yeti tries to look "pretty" for Abby Bominable.

13 "Curse of Yeti
More Yeti Hunters?"
Fitzpatrick Sinclar December 4, 2014
Curse of Yeti: After many, many failed attempts to get Yeti, Meredith and Jesse decide to simply curse him.

More Yeti Hunters?: Our antagonists Meredith and Jesse realize they're in competition in the Yeti-hunting industry.

14 "Yeti Hates Teddy
Yeti Pity"
Fitzpatrick Sinclair December 4, 2014
Yeti Hates Teddy: Due to Teddy's absence during attempted captures by Meredith and Jesse, Yeti starts disliking Teddy and ignores him as soon as he comes back to visit.

Yeti Pity: Meredith and Jesse pretend to have pity on Yeti in order to catch him for once.

15 "The Hypnotized Yeti
William Ebert December 11, 2014
The Hypnotized Yeti: After finding a silver watch, Teddy hipnotizes Yeti with it, but it works, and now Yeti believes that Meredith and Jesse are his friends!

Y.E.T.I: New Yeti hunters form a company, Y.E.T.I. (Yeti Enticement and Trapping Institution), with Meredith and Jesse. After failing, however, this "institution" is shut down.

16 "Good Yeti Hunters?
Anthony Gilligan December 11, 2014
Good Yeti Hunters?: A trio of scientists who want to simply capture Yeti just to study him and then let him out in a week are in competition against Meredith and Jesse, and Yeti does everything he can to make this trio win this "competition".

Yeti-Valanche: Yet another snow storm, this time in the form of an avalanche, traps Yeti with Meredith and Jesse.

17 "Tons of Yeti
Abby Bominable, I Love You!"
Fitzpatrick Sinclair January 1, 2015
Tons of Yeti: Yeti accidentally clones himself.

Abby Bominable, I Love You!: Revealed to be a dream sequence, this dream sees Yeti admitting his love to Abby Bominable, resulting in her admitting she does, too, and they try to escape from Meredith and Jesse.

18 "Teddy Leaves?!" Timothy Lane January 1, 2015
Teddy ends up leaving due to a "personal issue", and Yeti must use his own smarts in order to escape Meredith and Jesse.
19 "Bigfoot Visits
The Abby Bominable Episode"
Fitzpatrick Sinclair January 8, 2015
Bigfoot Visits: Yeti's cousin, Bigfoot, from the US visits.

The Abby Bominable Episode: Abby Bominable has to deal with cryptid hunters of her own, Edith and Jesse.

20 "Yeti Summer
The Hunted Hunters"
Anthony Gilligan January 8, 2015
Yeti Summer: Summer comes to the Himalayas, and the effects on it are shown.

The Hunted Hunters: Meredith and Jesse get hunted as the police!

21 "Modern Yeti
Yeti Jealousy"
Anthony Gilligan February 5, 2015
Modern Yeti: Yeti learns about electronic devices and robots when he encounters some.

Yeti Jealousy: Abe Bomanol swoons Abby Bominable, and this makes Yeti jealous.

22 "Teddy Comes Back!!!" Timothy Lane February 5, 2015
Teddy comes back after a long time and encourages Yeti to come back to the U.S. with him. Yeti is not sure he wants to, but after Abby Bominable agrees to go with Teddy, he also accepts at the last minute.
23-26 "Yeti Destination" All of them. February 12, 2015 (parts 1-4)
March 4, 2015 (parts 5-8)
This 88-minute episode was split into 8 parts, which included:

Yeti Plan (Part 1)
Yeti Destination (also title ep.; Part 2)
Yeti, Disturbed (Part 3)
Yeti Trip (Part 4)
Yeti Takes Flight (Part 5)
Yeti-mare at 32K Feet (Part 6)
Yeti & Abby Bominable (Part 7)
Yeti Destination (Finally!) (Part 8)

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