1980s - 1990s

Title MPAA Rating RT Score Straight To Video Release Date
The Trip Rated PG 99% No October 27th 1986
Welcome To Da Hood Rated R 82% No October 6th 1989
The Tower Of Druaga Rated PG 83% No February 16th 1990
Welcome Back 2 Da Hood Rated R 47% Yes April 5th 1991
The Tower Of Druaga II Rated PG 90% No August 7th 1992
NYC Sidewalk Rated PG-13 61% No April 9th 1993
The Tower Of Druaga III: The Final Chapter Rated PG 88% No July 1st 1994
Escape From Area 51 Rated PG-13 32% No December 20th 1996
The Vampire Hunter Rated R 82% No October 31st 1997
The Bullet Man Rated R 78% No June 25th 1999
Escape From Area 51 2000 Rated PG-13 12% Yes December 28th 1999

2000s (Pre-3D)

Title MPAA Rating RT Score Release Date
Vampire Hunter II: Bloodthirst Rated R 69% October 6th 2000
Killin' Them Softly Rated R 54% November 24th 2000
Piatti Rated PG-13 81% November 23rd 2001
Vampire Hunter III: Fallout Rated R 59% November 22nd 2002
Final Fantasy Acordia Rated PG-13 64% November 21st 2003
Mr. Forest Rated R 83% April 2nd 2004
For What Is Worth Rated R 88% November 19th 2004
Rokkstar Rated PG-13 75% November 18th 2005

2000s,2010s And 2020s (Post 3D)

Title MPAA Rating RT Score Release Date IMAX
Block Party Rated R 93% November 17th 2006
Me and Eon Rated PG-13 74% June 2nd 2006
Cars Rated G 75% June 9th 2006
Ayo Technology Rated R 68% September 7th 2007
Mr. Forest: All The Trees Rated R 74% November 16th 2007
The Earth Is Not Flat Rated PG-13 82% July 2nd 2008
Crunky Rated R 14% November 14th 2008
Fine China Rated PG-13 56% June 19th 2009
Hill Climbing 3D Rated PG-13 72% November 13th 2009
I’m Going To Jail Rated R 84% March 12th 2010
The 20/10 Experience Rated PG-13 98% September 3rd 2010
High School Of Hip Hop Rated PG-13 94% October 29th 2010
The Tower Of Druaga (2010 CGI Remake) Rated PG 96% November 12th 2010
Disaster Rated R 64% April 15th 2011
Cars 2 Rated G 39% June 24th 2011
High School Of Hip Hop 2 Rated PG-13 91% August 12th 2011
Beat Street Rated R 95% November

11th 2011

Disaster Strikes! Rated R 59% March 16th 2012
The Man With Sonic Rated R 71% November 9th 2012
High School Of Hip Hop 3: Presentation Day Rated PG-13 92% September 28th 2012
The Killers Experience Rated R 85% February 22nd 2013
Onlined Rated PG-13 72% August 2nd 2013
The Turkey Rated PG-13 65% November 23rd 2012
Vampire Hunter (2013 Remake) Rated R (Almost NC-17) 65% August 23rd 2013
The Turkey Part II Rated PG-13 70% November 8th 2013
The 20/20 Experience Rated PG-13 95% October 11th 2013
Sharkwave Rated R 83% February 21st 2014
Circle Rated R 66% August 22nd 2014
Final Disaster Rated R 72% November 7th 2014
The Man With Sonic 2 Rated R 93% April 17th 2015
Beat Street 2: The Revenge Rated R 81% November 6th 2015
Winters Gets Cold Rated PG-13 62% October 23rd 2015
Vampire Hunter II Rated R (Almost NC-17) 51% February 19th 2016
Rotor Rated R 79% November 4th 2016
Hide And Seek The Movie Rated R 93% April 7th 2017
Cars 3 Rated G 70% June 16th 2017
Frederic Rated PG-13 97% August 4th 2017
Beat Street 3: Elite Rated R 63% November 3rd 2017
No Safe Place Rated R 61% November 2nd 2018 ✅(November

30th 2018)

NYC Sidewalks (2018 Netflix Remake) Rated TV-14 92% December 21st 2018
Black Male Nanny Rated R 65% January 25th 2019
Figure Rated R 29% July 19th 2019
Winter Also Gets Cold Rated PG-13 90% November 1st 2019
Charleyyy And Friends: The Movie Rated PG-13 N/A August 7th 2020
No Safe Place: Awakening Rated R N/A October 30th 2020
Hide And Seek II: The Demonic Occult Rated R N/A March 5th 2021
For What Is Worth 2 Rated R N/A June 25th 2021
My Name Is Thunder Rated PG-13 N/A October 29th 2021
Beat Street: Re-Heated Rated R N/A February 4th 2022
The Trip (2022 Remake) N/A N/A October 28th 2022
Untitled Tom Wilson Project N/A N/A May 2023
Vampire Hunter (2023 Remake) N/A N/A October 27th 2023


Title MPAA Rating IMAX Info
NYC Sidewalks 2 (Netflix) TBA On March 9th 2020 the director announced a sequel coming to netflix involving the end for the boys
Circle II TBA ✅ (most


A sequel was announced in development by director David Backes coming out for further notice in a 2019 interview
Untitled David Backes Tekken Project TBA TBA Same Thing With Circle II
The 20/30 Experience TBA The Director Announced That This Movie Will Get A Sequel And Probably The Last One It Was Announced Somewhere In 2017
Dr. Grilled Bones TBA A New Dave Chapelle Project About Him Having PHDs In doctor. It was mentioned in a 2007 interview with Dave Chapelle But In Twitter He Said That His Next After For What Is Worth 2 Will Be This
Untitled Crunky Sequel TBA A Joke Sequel Mocking The Original Film From 2008.Will be a Youtube Exclusive
Vampire Hunter III TBA TBA A sequel was mentioned in a 2020 interview with Claude Giroux
My Name Is Thunder II Rated PG-13 A Sequel Was Also Mentioned With The Same Interview As Vampire Hunter III
Winter Is So Cold TBA TBA A Sequel Was Teased In A May 2020 Interview With Dave Chapelle Who Plays Bucky In The Winter Gets Cold Series And Said It Would Be The Best And Probably Gonna Be The Last One
Untitled Bullet Man Reboot TBA TBA A Reboot Was Mentioned Inside A Twitter Post Made By The CEO Of Interless
Charleyyy And Friends The Movie 2 TBA TBA In A Twitter Post Lovell Stanton (who plays charleyyy) had interest to make a sequel since he had a blast making the first one
Untitled Rotor Spin-Off Rated R (most likely) TBA A Spin-Off Was Announced With Kris Okasek Who Played Rotor In A Interless Direct May 2020

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