Lisa Zhao is a main character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in July 1983, Lisa Zhao grew up in a prominent Chinese-American family. The youngest of six children, Lisa was very intelligent and graduated from Yale with a Master's Degree in Science. However, feeling she could use her talents to help others who needed it, she moved to New Orleans after graduation, and joined the police academy and was promoted to Junior Detective after just a year on the force, and then again to Senior Detective after 6 years. According to Captain Hicks, she is the youngest Senior Detective in the history of the NOPD.

She is currently single and childless.

Zhao is portrayed as a dedicated, intelligent, by-the-book detective. She at first had a black and white view of her job, believing that if someone breaks the law, they deserve to go to jail, regardless of circumstances. This has come to soften overtime. She also like to trade quips with her co-workers, especially Niobe James and Kent Walker.

In the eighth season, Zhao was put on the case of Simon Ethers, a wealthy banker, who is accused of brutally raping and murdering his wife. Simon's charms apparently roped her then-partner Brianna Adams, in during the investigation, and supposedly allowed her to become attracted to him. This in turn, caused a fallout with Lisa, who had started to question her professionalism.

It was only made worse when, the murder charges ended up dropped due to lack of sufficient evidence, and Adams began to see Simon behind everyone's backs. Zhao was then critically injured in a car accident, and left in a coma in the season finale, after discovering that Simon had indeed murdered his wife and had been dating Adams. She remained in her coma until the first episode of the ninth season, and returned to work in the fifth episode.

During the fifteenth season, a cousin of Zhao's is killed in the bombing of an abortion clinic by a radical pro-life group. Zhao develops a vendetta against Torrance Gillmore, the man behind the bombing and leader of the group. After several close calls over the season, she accepts a position at the FBI in order to better her chances at capturing Gillmore and bids farewell to the MCCIS.



Service weapon: Smith & Wesson Performance Center CQB

  • Rankings/Jobs:
    • Senior Detective (Season 1-15)
    • FBI Special Agent (Post-season 15-)
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