Liquidzia is the "water counterpart" of Leni, and the main protagonist in the episode/movie, Liquidzia.


In the Story she was Orignally named Addiezia, but then Evil Luna poured a very poisonus Water on her to turn into water, so she kept her in a room in the Sewers.


In the episode/movie, Liquidzia is only a 16-year old teenager. She has black hair and large, round eyes, with a thin neck, and circle ears. Liquidzia's outfit consists of a Black dress. She usually walks around barefoot(Even on Grass) and seems to be a bit pigeon-toed, as both of her feet face inwards.


Liquidzia is best known for her color, When she lost her color, due to the poison water pured by Evil Luna, she now consists of black and white. Basically when she met Lined Lincoln, she feels like her life changed.


Liquidzia only appeared in The Loud House: Loud Tales episode/movie, however In the Episode "Reading is Fun Demental" it somehow reminded Lincoln about Liquidzia, then Leni overhears it then beats him up.


After her Water Bucket spilled on the floor on accident, Evil Luna lost all of her strength, then melted away, Liquidzia then gets her full color skin back, then meets her real parents, then eventually became friends with Lined Lincoln.

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