Lions is a 2008 American-British-South African-Australian-Canadian 3D computer animated epic thriller fantasy drama adventure feature film.



  • Kiefer Sutherland
  • Joaquin Pheonix

Additonal Voices



Devolpement of the film has began in production in 2000. The production team has entered the schedule of Walt Disney Animation Studios. The animators has to do animated features by designing the characters.

The team had worked on a studio creating CGI features, the project was green lit this feature animation. The characters were designed by supervising animators Glen Keane, Ken Duncan and John Pomeroy along with Gini Cruz Santos. The production team has scheduled this animation to enter this film's CGI movements, features and characters to design this feature animated film.


Tab Murphy, who did Tarzan, Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Brother Bear, served as an screenplay with Ed Decter, Bob Tzudiker, Noni White, Philip LaZebnik, Dan Fogelman and Robert Nelson Jacobs. Chris Sanders also did a executive screenplay for the film with Rob Edwards, Farhad Safinia, John Harrison who directed the film, and Dean DeBlois, who served as an producer as well.

Animation and design

The film is a 3D computer animated but includes CGI visual effects by Animal Logic, who did 300 and Happy Feet. Paws are animated by The Secret Lab and The Asylum. 1000 animation techniques had worked on CGI characters.

Music and sound




After the preview was shown in the San Diego Comic Con in March 2007, the film was originally going to be released on November 23, 2007.



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