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Lionel is a American animated film produced by Queensland Animation Studios and released on December 24, 2021 by Michael Shires Pictures.



  • Sacha Baron Cohen as Lionel
  • Anna Faris as 24
  • John Malkovich as Hero
  • Shuya Chang as Hero Girl
  • Marko Zaror as Evil Guy
  • Boris Johnson as himself
  • Donald Trump as himself
  • James Ravensberger as Virus
  • Jeff Bergman as Stanley Willford
  • Rob Paulsen as Larry the Construction Guy
  • Jess Harnell as Wally
  • Tress MacNeille as Fading Lady
  • Grey DeLisle as FlowerGirl
  • Tara Strong as IceWater
  • Eric Bauza as Franklin
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Patrick the Beaver-Duck


  • This is the second (and only) Queensland film that was delayed due to the 2019–2020 Coronavirus pandemic, unlike Attached which was released before it started.
  • This is the second Queensland film to be dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic in the end credits
  • This is the second full-length Queensland film to skip the theaters and being instead released exclusively on Shires+.
  • This is the second Queensland film that was originally going to be released in theaters, but delayed to Shires+.