A lilac-eyed orangehummer resting on a tree after it had fed on nectar.

Lilac-eyed orangehummers are a species of former fictional butterfly species that originated from one of the Spongebob episodes, Wormy. But fortunately, they don't have horsefly-like faces in reality (that's very inaccurate), instead, they have a face very much like many other butterfly species, with the monarch butterfly being the closest face resembling that of a lilac-eyed orangehummer. They also do not buzz, which is another characteristic of horseflies, so instead, they make the same sounds as most other butterfly species. They also are very similar to monarch butterflies, but they lack white spots on their wings or on their bodies and they also have less black stripes on their wings. The caterpillars (larvae) of lilac-eyed orangehummers resemble very much like a cross between a caterpillar of a swallowtail butterfly and a caterpillar of a tomatoworm moth. Just like most other butterfly species, they are very peaceful and gentle insects towards any kind of sapient species and beings, feeding only on nectar as adults, with their larvae forms feeding only on leaves. Currently, they exist in Spongebob universe, but they are also present in real life North America due to humans introducing lilac-eyed orangehummers to real life North America.

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