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Like or dislike
Daylight - Maroon 5 (Lyrics)

Daylight - Maroon 5 (Lyrics)

The film's song used in the trailer.

Like or Dislike is an American drama film directed by Marc Webb and written and produced by Drew Gars, starring Jennifer Lawrence.


College student Leslie Waters is about to graduate next month, but before that, she feels going around the country. On spring break, she decides to drive around the country and video tape everything she is doing and post them online. She takes a shy student with her. Along the way, she visits areas she hasn't been to and meets people.


  • Jennifer Lawrence as Leslie Waters
  • Debby Ryan as Abby Smith,
  • Jason Segal as Josh Hendricks,
  • Donald Glover as TJ,
  • Ernie Hudson as Charles Henderson, a guidance counselor at college.
  • Genesis Rodríguez as Elizabeth, Leslie's roommate.
  • Liam Neeson as Joseph Waters, Leslie's father.
  • Stanley Tucci as Dean Forester, the college dean.
  • Tobey Maguire as Brett Cellar, a rival internet
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