Light Bugs Movie Land is a 2024 animated film produced by Michael Shires Pictures and Shires Animation Studios and released by Orion Pictures and Pentagon Pictures.

Voice Cast:

Additional Voices


  • This is the tenth Shires Animation Studios film to feature the full 2011 Shires opening logo as a closing logo.
  • This is the twelfth Shires Animation Studios feature to have the "Created and Produced at Shires Animation Studios," credit at the end.
  • The eigthth film with the Shires logo under the movie title.
  • This is the fifth Shires animated feature to show only the studio logos in the beginning, and the title card and credits only appear at the end.
  • The second Shires animated theatrical feature to receive a R rating.
  • This is considered the return of Dorothy Turtle from Sidekick Express.



  • The film was rated R for Motion Picture Association of America.


  • The film was released on August 12, 2024.


Video Game

  • A video game based on the film, titled Light Bugs Movie Land, and published by Shires Interactive Studios, will be released on July 24, 2024 for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
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