Life is Strange is a 2016 drama adventure film based on the 5 episode video game, starring Maisie Williams and Saoirse Ronan with Nicola Peltz, Austin Abrams, Tom Holland, Stefanie Scott, Virginia Gardner, and Sasha Pieterse.




  • Maisie Williams as Max Caulfield
  • Saoirse Ronan as Chloe Price
  • Haley Pullos as Kate Marsh
  • Nicola Peltz as Victoria Chase
  • Austin Abrams as Nathan Prescott
  • Tom Holland as Warren Graham
  • Stefanie Scott as Rachel Amber
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Mark Jefferson
  • Gerard Butler as Frank Bowers
  • Benicio Del Toro as David Madsen
  • Adelaide Kane as Brooke Scott
  • Zoey Deutch as Stella Hill
  • Colin Farrell as William Price
  • Virginia Gardner as Dana Ward
  • Anne Winters as Alyssa Anderson
  • Sasha Pieterse as Taylor Christensen
  • Zoe Graham as Juliet Watson
  • Kylie Jenner as Courtney Wagner
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Ray Wells
  • Elizabeth Banks as Joyce Price
  • Roz Ryan as Michelle Grant
  • Zach Callison as Daniel DaCosta
  • TBA as Hayden Jones
  • TBA as Justin Williams
  • TBA as Trevor
  • TBA as Luke Parker
  • TBA as Evan Harris
  • TBA as Zachary Riggins
  • TBA as Logan Robertson
  • TBA as Samuel
  • Isabelle Allen as Young Max
  • Ella Anderson as Young Chloe



  • Saoirse Ronan will wear a blue short wig
  • Nicola Peltz will cut her hair short for her role
  • The film is rated R for pervasive language,violence, and intense action sequences


  1. Paradise Circus by Massive Attack
  2. Creep by Scala and Kolacny Brothers
  3. Where is my Mind? by the Pixies


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