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Life in New Hampshire is a Netflix original series.


Located in New Hampshire and set in the late '90s, a high school sophomore who lives with his often clueless cousin decided to learn about the true meaning of solving problems, playing video games, and having a simple crush on someone he likes.



  • Myles Truitt as Damian Carson, the main protagonist and a high school sophomore.
    • Leslie Odom Jr. as a character who is not only an adult version of Damian, but
  • Trinitee Stokes as Millie Saunders, Damian's cousin.
  • Diamond White as Wilhelmina "Wil" Carson, Damian's older sister.
  • Tika Sumpter as Janiya Carson, Damian and Wil's mother.
  • Jason Weaver as Elmer Carson, Damian and Wil's father.
  • Mohana Krishnan as Araha Sukahaman, Damian's best friend and a popular cheerleader of Indian descent.
  • Julia Antonelli as Helen Burns, a computer nerd and a president of the Science Club.
  • Jackson Geach as Roger Wang, a sports jock who is of Chinese descent. He is a son of Chinese immigrants.
  • Daan Creyghton as MacArthur "Mac" Woodard, a rebellious "bad boy" and a real ladies' man.


  • Bobby Moynihan as Prinicpal Henry Ratliff, the principal of New Hampshire High who is kind towards the students.
  • Ryan Murphy as Coach Bernard Maxwell, the gym coach who is athletic, spunky and level-headed.
  • Amy Poehler as Mrs. Mariah Sheldon, the art teacher.
  • Janice Kawaye as Mrs. Lilith Onuki, the history teacher.
  • Mario Lopez as Mr. Sergio Garay, the Spanish teacher.
  • Leslie Bibb as Mrs. Heather Glenn, the English teacher.
  • Samm Levine as Mr. Adam Allen, the biology teacher.
  • Larisa Oleynik as Mrs. Isabel Gardner, the algebra teacher.
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar as Hummand Sukahaman, Araha's father who works as a doctor.
  • Priyanka Chopra as Jaynita Sukahaman, Araha's stay-at-home mother.

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