Life Story TV Was made before the Life Diary YT Channel in June 8, 2019. But immedialy changed to Life Story TV 2 weeks later beacuse it was at risk of being sued by Dear Diary Group.

Life Story TV was also almost being sued by FOX for remaking a Family Guy style, but FOX didnt do nothing!

Life Story being sued by Rede Nia

Life Story approached 2020 good, but, by February 15, 2020 it got sued by Rede Nia for stealing the mascot of Rede Nia in a story, Life Story TV has to pay $ 15 000 000. It will lose an incredible amount of money (they have $20 000 000) so, Life Story TV might shut down in the future

And a fight began in the social networks with Nia and Life Story. Here are most of the words they said!

"NO! You did make a stupid 66 year old character!"

-Life Story TV Official

"O ato de direitos autorais do Grupo Nia, número 7, diz que ninguém deve roubar o mascote da Rede Nia! Mas você precisa dar permissão ou escrever "Mascot by Rede Nia 1954-YEAR"


"LISTEN! I don't speak portuguese!"

-Life Story TV Official

"Ok, use translate"


In March 6, 2020 Life Story TV used again Nia as a non-canon char to a story. Rede Nia fount out a day later and doubled the amount of money so it might shut down soon.

Former logos

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