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Life Begins for Andy Pandy is a Mooney Tunes animated short film that was released in 1955.



  • Mandy Miller as the narrator
  • Daws Butler as Teddy
  • Walter Tetley as Andy Pandy
  • Barbara Luddy as Looby Loo


  • Director: Reg Lodge
  • Story: Ben Sharpsteen, Freda Lingstrom
  • Animation: George Jackson, Ralph Ayres, Cliff Nordberg, Marvin Woodward
  • Layout: Al Zinnen
  • Background: Thelma Witmer
  • Voices: Daws Butler (uncredited)
  • Music: Del Castillo
  • Sound Effects: Jack King (uncredited), Dale Pickett (uncredited)
  • Film Editor: Dale Pickett (uncredited)
  • Sound Directors: C.O. Stevens (uncredited), Robert Crissman (uncredited)
  • Sound Recording: Harry Thomas (uncredited), Harold J. Scott (uncredited)
  • Effects Animation: Don Abrams (uncredited)
  • Camera: Sid Glenar (uncredited), Gene Moore (uncredited)
  • Ink and Paint: Warren Johnson (uncredited)