lies that kill Is A Mistery Thriller Crime Drama Film Starring Sara Paxton,Leighton Meester,Alexandra Chando,Heather Morris,Jensen Ackles,Tyler Hoelich,Selena Gomez,Hayden Pannetiere,Amy Admas,Heather Graham,Greg Kinnear,Marry Elizabeth Wistead,Drew Roy and Ashley Benson


a group of high school friends are blackmailed by an anonymous girl who designed some of the school lies already have taken their own life will now have to find quye send messages before she lies about it and have to take his own life



Sara Paxton As Karen/The Good Girl

Leighton Meester As Heather/The Friend Girl

Alexandra Chando As Selina/The Sweet Girl

Heather Morris As Lea/The Stupid Girl

Jensen Ackles As Jack/The Bad Boy

Tyler Hoelich As Ty/The Mistery Boy

Selena Gomez As Kelsy/The Diva Girl

Hayden Pannetiere As Sarah/The Mistery girl

Amy Admas As Miss.Maxiwell/Teacher of School

Heather Graham Miss. Diamonds/Karen Mother

Greg Kinnear As Mr.Diamonds/Karen Father

Mary Elizabeth Wistead As Tamara/The Queen Dramatic 

Drew Roy As Carl/The Gay Boy

Ashley Benson As Lying Girl Voice


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