The completely inaccurate, tasteless stereotyping my dear. We are not monsters nor villains like the people of Earth and the misguided Superman would have you believe. We like the so called Man of Steel will do anything to make our dreams a reality, and in so make a difference.
~ Lex to Katharine Graham within the reforged Krypton's Fortress of Solitude

Lex Luthor
Real name: Alexander Luthor III


CEO Luthorcorp,

Scientist, Professional Criminal

Base of Operations:



Hair: Red (formerly)
Height: 6.2,

6.11 (In Armor)

Weight: 210 lbs (95 kg), (in armor 595 lbs)
First Appearance: Action Comics #23

(April 1940)

Voice Actor:

Clancy Brown

Lex Luthor is an super intelligent, powerful supervillain who is considered to be Superman's arch-nemesis.

The bald, gentleman dressed meglomaniac has an insatiable thirst for power and serves as the incredibly wealthy head of Luthorcorp, the successor of his deceased and disgraced father Lionel Luthor.

His well balanced strength and unparalled brain are the result of enhancement from long lost precious Krptonite stones flanding down in the cornfields surrounding Jonathen and Martha Kent's farm estate in the Luthor family's hometown of Smallville, Kansas.

He has a penchant for merciless violence and torture on those who get in his way or try his patience.

He in his former glory served as Metropolis' most prominent dictator courtesy of his calculating, highly persuasive and suave demeneour.

Lex has been the bestfriend of Superman's adopted alter-ego Clark Kent during both their time growing up in Smallville however through Lex's malicious actions and downward spiral into madness, obsession with power and crime they were broken apart and the only feelings Lex harbors in relation to the Man Of Steel are infatuation and infuriated jealousy.

Lex had countless times in the past tried to take over Metropolis and harvest the incredible powers of Superman in order to further empower and improve himself.

Lex Luthor possesses a sadistic and focused mind.

He serves as the main antagonist for the reforged Krypton incident and a supporting pivotal antagonist for the Metropolis Armageddon incident.

Lex also served as the primary omnipresent antagonist in the Metropolis Crime Outbreak.

Lex shows very little respect for anyone apart from lover and constant associate Katharine Graham, loyal followers Alistaor Forfeit and Reginald Crockett.


Alexander Luthor III was born to Lionel and Lillian Luthor of Smallville, Kansas at Mercer General Hospital.

He was until the age of six mainly raised by his former political activist mother who passed after developing a cyst on the left side of her brain which caused her phsical and mental health and beauty to deteoriate until she eventually died in the music room of the Luthor manor from a stroke before the eyes of a horrified Alexander.

Alexander was heartbroken after her death as she had been the sole parent to nurture and raise him as his father had taken priority in the affairs of multi-million dollar Metropolis conglomerate Luthorcorp.

Alexander was raised by his vindictive father who set him up to take possession of the company as his dirty dealings began to surface.

Alexander one day however when being dragged along to a business transaction at the Kerman farm estate near the Kents property in Smallville wandered off into a cornfield surrounding the Kent farm and was caught in the middle of a small meteoriate shower in which all his hair folecules were obliterated.

Alexander also after coming into contact with a meteoriate in the field fell upon kryptonite crystals which altered his mind and muscular structure making him super-intelligent and strong.

Alexander then continued on in life to deviate away from his father and grew up alongside the Kents' adopted son Clark whom maintained a strong connection with up until mysterious crimes, accidents and conspiracies Clark would inevitably get caught up in.

Alexander lost his father to a set up prison explosion and seized control of Luthorcorp.

He then assigned himself the name Lex Luthor and went to work re-opening his father's department for special projects and began work and research on alien technology working in relation to the recovered Kryptonian crystals.

Eventually Lex was driven mad by overexposure and after recruiting a spurned unnaturally gifted cat burglar and con artist Katharine Graham and two unnatural bestfriend criminals Alistair Forfeit and Reginald Crockett he established the goal to become the most powerful entity to rival and destroy the Man of Steel.

He delved into the criminal underworld building factions of hardened criminals and set himself up for congress in the meantime.

However he was caught in his plans by Superman who disgraced him and had his loyal three associates locked away in Belle Reve impending trial.

Incident Reports

Beginnings Incident

In Beginnings the backstory of Lex is shown is in flashbacks chronicling his life up until the Silver Age of Metroplis when after his father's demise he develops an obsession to acquire the abilities the deeply resented city hero Superman. 

Lex's officials come to discover an extra-terrestial ship has surfaced in his hometown of Smallville and upon travelling there with his Luthorcorp soldiers is met by the powerful Kryptonian extra-terrestial Brainiac.

He then is met by another Kryptonian extra-terrestial the evil Darkseid whom align with Lex as he promises them the planet's hero who in turn is their desired target named Kal-El.

Lex gives them access to the resources they demand and Lex appoints them commanders of a group of power given individuals: Cera Kesh a.k.a The Emerald Empress, a mutated man known simply as Mano, Nyeun Chun Ti a Metropolis most wanted crime lord who wielding an atomic powered axe calls himself The Enforcer, Garth Ranzz a Luthorcorp experiment gone wrong who through with Darkseid's tampering becomes the monstrous Validus and Tharok a Luthorcorp cyborg who is left as the domineering head of the Fatal Five collective.

Lex then with the collected DNA of the Fatal Five members, voluntarily given DNA of Brainiac and secretly stolen DNA of the alien Darkseid begins experimenting on himself to endorse himself with powers.

Unaware he already possesses slowly forming powers of super strength and an enchanced mind he speeds up the process and makes a horrific transformation at first.

He issues a wanted on Superman, having Brainiac with his abiities tap into the Daily Planet and Metropilis Police Department Databases and frame the Man of Steel for the murder of a Metropolis prostitute Lex had accidentally killed in a rage as she insulted him on status and power.

Superman struggles to dodge the authorities because of this and his only support lies in former Planet reporter Chloe Sullivan, adoptive mother Martha Kent

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