Leon Michael Davenport (b. December 12 1975 - d. May 5 2009 ) was an American artist, mainly designing album art for metal bands, and was also the older brother of Death Flower lead singer Chris Davenport. He designed album art for Death Flower, Rokhello, Wolverine, Throes of Pestilence and Graceland Faith to name a few.


On May 5 2009, Leon was found dead in his apartment in Los Angeles. Police investigated thoroughly, and question Davenport's wife. She revealed that Leon had refused to pay a man he met on January 10 2009 (Frederick Creslick Junior), and than the Creslick said he would kill Davenport if he did not pay him in $500 dollars. Frederick Creslick Junior, age 34, was charged with murder and was sentenced to 25 years of life imprisonment. Chris Davenport, Leon's younger brother and lead singer of Death Flower, age 28, stated at a press conferance held in his hometown of Trenton, New Jersey that "we Davenports aren't so easily taken, and the loss of my brother has deeply angered me that he could not fulfill the rest of his life, I' am also sympathetic for Angela (Leon's wife) for the mindless act that the man [Creslick] comitted".

On July 15, more than three months after Leon's death, Death Flower released a standalone single, possibly from their six album due for 2010, titled "Brothers In Arms", dedicated to the memory of Chris Davenport's brother.

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