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Vital Statistics
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Family Pranker Krueger (brother) Pinkamena (sister) Mimete (You Killer) (sister) Sheldon Voorhees (brother) Thunder Von (brother) Akiki "Shion" Tachibana (sister) Simon Myers (brother)
Status Deceased
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Yellow
Height 4'9"
Affiliation Pranker Krueger, Pinkamena, Mimete, Sheldon Voorhees, Thunder Von, Shion, and Simon Myers
Weapons Axe
Species Humanoid/Android
Home Unknown
Appearances You Killer 1 Planet Dolan, You Killer 9 Super Smash Bros Ultimate, You Killer 10: The Final Showdown
Quests Kill his creator Shima (Succeeded) Kill the viewer and their friends and collect their souls (failed)
Performer None

Lenny Leray is one of the main antagonists of the You Killer franchise. He is the youngest and smallest of The Horror Children from the Deep End at 12. He's also the first villain to go up against the viewer. He along with his brothers and sisters were created by accident from Shima when an experiment gone wrong. Along with the viewer who was found and rescued by Doopie, who took care of them and became a part of her family. While the other children were separated to other worlds, he killed his creator and made his way to the place the viewer ended up in to kill them. But this backfired when he was burned alive by the viewer, had his head shot off by Doopie, and when he tried to kill Dolan, he was slaughtered in the heart by his own axe by the viewer. His head came off, the green in his black eye vanished, and his body dropped dead on the floor. He was later resurrected to get revenge. He is voiced by Carter Hayden.


Lenny is a rather short but robot like villain. He has dark yellow and shaggy hair that goes to the front of his head along with a ponytail in a light blue band. He wears glasses. He has a bloodshot green eye with 6 scars, and the other eye is almost blackened with very little green for the iris. He wears a deep blue buttoned jacket, brown pants, and blackish gray shoes.


You Killer 1: Planet Dolan

"You should have never quit that crew and ended up doing this. Now, I shall destroy that person that has recently escaped from my bloody trap, the viewer. Muhahahahahahaha!" (After he killed Shima.)

"The name's Lenny, Lenny Leray." (Introducing himself to the viewer.)

"Try this for size." (To Nixxiom)

"Silence won't get you anywhere Gooby." (After he killed Gooby.)

Lenny's evil grin

Lenny's Evil Grin

"I have brothers and sisters of my own." (Slashes Dolan's brother's head in half and falls to the ground.) "But you'll never meet them cause you're dead." (After he killed Dolan's brother.)

"I love me some fried baked purple bird. Hahahaha." (Takes a bite.) (After he killed Mellissa)
Lenny Eating Melissa

"I love me some fried baked purple bird. Hahahaha."

"Yes. I would love to see him, see him DIE." (Right before he slashes Pringle's head)

"Like they say, never take anything from strangers." (After he killed Hellbent)

"Wait, kid! You know we can still be friends, right?" (Before the viewer burns him alive.)

You and Doopie vs Lenny

Before the viewer burns Lenny

"You can't destroy me, I'm like a human robot." (Infront of the viewer.)

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" (As the viewer throws his axe at him pinning him to the wall.)

"This isn't over, I'm not the only one. You'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" (Right before he finally dies)


Lenny is very similar to Chucky from Child's Play. They both have the same last name. And their deaths are very identical to one another.

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