Lemurs Is An Upcoming Film From The Makers Of Hood. Directed By Ryan Cooler That Brought Us Creed And Black Panther. The Red Ruffed Lemur Jones Is Based On The Stuffed Lemur Teddy That Huginn Daði Hjartarson Had And Named Him Jones. And This Film Is Similar To Madagascar From DreamWorks Animation. It's About When Lemurs That Live In Their Village On The Island Of Madagascar. They Live Far Away From The Fossa Pack. But Every Day Jones Go To Their Valley And Make Them Follow Him. And Michael B. Jordan Is The Voice Actor Of Jones. Billy Eichner Who Voiced A Pig In The Angry Birds Movie And Timon In The Lion King 2019 Talks For Jones' Best Friend Tyler The Ring Tailed Lemur Who's Similar To King Julien From DreamWorks Madagascar. Naomi Scott From Power Rangers And Aladdin Talks For Jones' Love Interest Trina White Ruffed Lemur. Chris Pratt Voice Her Father And Leader Of The Village Phillip. Angela Bassett Voice Jones' Auntie. Daniel Henney Who Voiced Tadashi Hamada In Disney's Big Hero 6 Will Be Frank The Fossa. One Of The Fossa And The Leader Who Wants To Eat All The Lemurs. Coming Soon To Cinema Around The World.


Jones Is A Red Ruffed Lemur From Madagascar. Every Time When He Wakes Up On A Sunrise, Sneaks Of Of His Aunt's House And Goes To The Rock Valley And Let The Fossa Pack Chase Him In The Jungle. But When He's Hiding In The Trees The Fossa Thinks He's Gone And Went Back Home To Their Valley. Jones Lives In The Lemur's Village With His Aunt. Friend Of Him Tyler, A Ring Tailed Lemur Don't Know What He's Up To Every Day When He Wakes Up. Leader Of The Village Philip Tells Jones He Must Grow Up Someday And Stop Letting The Fossa Catch Him. They Could Have Even Followed Him To The Village. But Jones Didn't Want The Fossa Pack Follow Him To The Village. He Lost His Parents And His Uncle. Didn't Wanna Lose His Friends Or His Love Interest Trina. But A Human From USA And Moved Away To Madagascar Named Carl Met Jones And Rest Of The Lemurs And Wanna Help Them Defeat The Fossa Pack. But Philip Didn't Trust Humans Like Carl. Cause They've Heard A Story About People With Weapons And Traps Called Hunters. And They've Hunted Lemurs Every Year And Needed To Hide Far Away In The Jungle. But Not Every Humans Hunt Animals For Food And Clothes. Some Humans Let The Animals Live Their Own Live In The Wild. In The Jungle And The Forest From America. So The Lemurs And Humans Must Work Together.


  • Michael B. Jordan as Jones, A Red Ruffed Lemur From The Village In Madagascar
  • Billy Eichner as Tyler, A Ring Tailed Lemur From The Village In Madagascar And Jones' Best Friend
  • Naomi Scott as Trina, A White Ruffed Lemur, Daughter Of The Leader And Jones' Love Interest
  • Daniel Henney as Frank, Leader Of The Fossa Pack And A Feline Predator From The Rock Valley
  • James Marsden as Carl, A Human From America Who Helps The Lemurs Defeat The Fossa Pack
  • Angela Bassett as Auntie, An Old Red Ruffed Lemur From The Village And Jones' Aunt
  • Chris Pratt as Philip, A White Ruffed Lemur, Leader Of The Village And Trina's Father
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