Lego DC Vs Marvel's is the first to feature DC characters and Marvel Characters, as the game is made by TT Game and Warner Bros and is set for July 21, 2019.


It starts of with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash as they are trying to stop Lex Luthor from destroying the world as they are trying to be stopped by the Joker, Harley Quinn and Scarecrow, but they are then sent into a portal which accidently sends DC Heroes and Villains are scatted into the Marvel Universe and Marvel transported to DC Universe.

Chapter 1

This is not Gotham City is opens to Batman, The Joker, Scarecrow and Rampage as the other are in other parts of the city as they try and find where they are as they have to collect fragments of the portal to send them back to there universe, as it then shows Iron Man, Captain America, Richard Fisk and Green Goblin, in Gotham City.

Playable Characters: Batman, Joker, Scarecrow, Rampage, Iron Man, Captain America, Richard Fisk, Green Goblin

Character Tokens: Batman (Adam West), Spider-Man (1993) and Scarecrow (DC animated universe)

Chapter 2

who are you and you are not Batman is shows Iron-Man being confronted by Alfred who mistakes him for Batman who he later sees that Iron-Man is not Batman as they help each other locate Thor and Venom.

Playable Characters: Iron Man, Alfred, Thor and Vemon

Character Tokens: Flamebird, Captain America (1979 film)

Red Brick Stud x2 Multiplier

Mini Kits 5

Chapter 3

Bat-Iron with Batman back in Gotham city he is met by Iron-Man who mistakes Batman of creating the portals as Batman has to defeat Iron-Man and to let him know that he never made the portals.

Boss Battle Iron-Man

Mini kits 3

March 5th DLC Packs Content

Character info Abilities Packs
Reed Strucker A mutant father trying to balance his family responsibilities with his job as a district attorney. Moyer said of the character, "He thinks he's doing the right thing by moving the mutants. He does know these camps aren't particularly nice. He knows a few people he's captured have disappeared. He also knows this could happen to his kids. He has no choice but to go on the run." The Gifted (U.S. TV series)
Caitlin Strucker (Earth-TRN674) The Gifted (U.S. TV series)
Marcos Diaz / Eclipse Photokinesis: Eclipse could absorb and redirect photons through his arms, which he could use to generate blinding lights and energy rays strong enough to cut through concrete and Super-Heated Luminescent Blood: Eclipse's blood has been shown when it's exposed to air becoming hot enough to melt certain objects and glows like it's producing its own light. This is most likely a by-product of his photokinetic abilities. The Gifted (U.S. TV series)
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