Legends of the Hidden Temple (also known as Legends of the Hidden Temple: The Musical Movie) is a Mexican-American live-action musical comedy-drama adventure fantasy film inspired by the mid-1990s game show of the same name. This is a sequel to the TV movie, where the three siblings, now with an adopted brother from Mexico, who was an orphan, return to the Hidden Temple Park, realize that the curse in a temple, despite the people were already free in the TV movie, and must decide to rebuild Miztec, by closing down the park for good to make way for the re-foundation of a fictional Mesoamerican civilization called the Miztec Empire, and restore honor of the Hidden Temple by renovating it. Meanwhile, the siblings have two things to do at the same time due to their split decision: restoring the civilization and celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The film will premiere in theaters on November 5, 2025. Announcements are made that Isabela Moner, Colin Critchley and Jet Jurgensmeyer are to be replaced due to puberty.


As same as the leaves sequence from that game show called Legends of the Hidden Temple, Olmec (Dee Bradley Baker), instead of announcing the start of the Legends of the Hidden Temple game show and introducing Kirk Fogg, he tells the audience a story of how the curse was made by him to stop Thak from rising into power to cause tyrany in the Miztec Empire as a sacrifice, and told the history of the game show. Also, he learned the viewers a lesson of how the curse was partially broken by the three heroic siblings, Sadie, Dudley and Noah, and told the audience that the curse wasn't fully broken yet.

After the intro sequence and taking place a year before this movie and during the TV movie, the female announcer welcomes the audience to the Hidden Temple theme park, and introduces Kirk Fogg, in style of Olmec, but is accompanied by Olmec's narration about how Kirk Fogg met Sadie, Dudley and Noah. He thank the people, and welcomed the Hidden Temple theme park, and introduces himself. Then as people, feeling bored, are prepared for an adventure of the lifetime, he presents the temple door, and decribes it that the temple was so ancient that inside was those treasures are protected by mysterious temple guards, and only Olmec knows the legend behind those treasures. But before the break, he gives the people a song about the park and Kirk Fogg himself ("Kirk Fogg"). As the song ends, Sadie, Dudley and Noah met him for the first time.

After the song, the scene cuts to present, about a year after the Pendant of Life is recovered back to Olmec, where Sadie, Dudley and Noah are using a raft to cross the moat to an Italian-styled opera-like song they would sing ("Crossing On the Moat"). Kirk Fogg is seen fishing a blue barracuda.


  • Kirk Fogg as himself, a former game show host who, after the game show's cancellation, decided to open a theme park called the Hidden Temple park. He also is the main protagonist of that story, charming Olmec into his one true love, despite they were both males.
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Olmec, the main deuteragonist of the movie, who was the Eternal Guardian of the Hidden Temple. Being charmed to Kirk Fogg, he also had a true form and his loyal Temple Guards in the final battle between him and the main antagonist, Ronald Flint.
    • Dan Stevens as Olmec's singing voice.
  • Amr Waked as Tariq Hussein, one of the well-known Muslims to be a protagonist in Hollywood movies to break the stereotypical barriers. As the main tritagonist of the movie, he's also a friend and pen pal to Kirk Fogg since he lives in Egypt. Most importantly of all, he's against Islamophobia and terrorism at the same time.
  • TBA as Sadie Villanueva, the bossy and strict sister of Noah and Dudley. She was one of the three tritagonists of this movie. At the end of the movie, she was appointed as a majordomo for King Zuma's rule.
    • Emma Watson as Sadie's singing voice.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Roosevelt, the descendant of Theodore Roosevelt. He is also famous for protecting Sadie, Dudley and Noah. He also fell in love with Marquez, despite being much older than her.
  • Liza Soberano as Maria Marquez, the daughter of the Mexican president. She is a college student who worked as a book publisher and inventor who was willing to put her stone-quarrying machine to the fair.
  • Enrique Gil as Winfredo Gomez, a boyfriend of Maria Gomez before his death by a red jaguar.
  • Ewan McGregor as Richard Flint, the President of the United States of America, who was once the owner of Flint Industries. He serves as the main antagonist of this movie for deporting illegal immigrants, including Mexicans who don't have passports, wanted to start a nuclear arms race, and lying to the tourists, travelers, field trip students and residents that Olmec was an evil god who tried to kill people, which he was actually a good talking stone head, causing an angry mob. He is a parody to Gaston and Donald Trump.
  • Audra McDonald as Adriana Vasquez, the master of ceremonies of a wedding ceremony between Maria Marquez and Zuma. She is also a wedding singer and ministress. Also, she was one of world-renowed Mexican opera soprano singers for years.
    • Gerphil Flores as Adriana Vasquez's singing voice
  • Maine Mendoza as Millary Harris-Raulton, the losing candidate for being the first female president of the United States, who finally fulfilled her dream as a US president at the end of the movie.
  • Alden Richards as Gabriel Harris, the brother of Millary H. Raulton.
  • Stanley Tucci as Phil Raulton, the husband of Millary Raulton.
  • Alexis Valdés as Jorge Estrada, the President of Cuba.
  • Marco Antonio Regil as Raphael Castro, the Vice President of Mexico.
  • Lee Min-ho as Jake Roe, a Korean-American tourist who becomes Kirk Fogg's friend and hero.
  • Kwon Yuri as Son Jung-Hwa, a North Korean spy secretly working for Flint.
  • Seohyun as Chom Jin, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) to the United Mexican States.
  • George Clooney as Kane Rose, a paralyzed Protestant missionary from Florida who was a former Olympic athlete in his youth.
  • Ryan Reynolds as Michael Ravenstone, the Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Danny Trejo as Roberto Moner, the President of Mexico.
  • Oleg Taktarov as Mikhail Komarov, a Russian Navy submarine captain.
  • Liam Neeson as Quincy Thompson, a US Marine Corps sniper who tries to protect the Canadian prime minister, the US president and the Mexican president.
  • István Szabó as Seres István, a young Hungarian man who saved Kirk Fogg from falling to the Pit of Dispair and sacrificed himself.
  • Victor Ortiz as Arturo Gonzalez, a retired professional boxing champion and brother of a luchador, Gabriel Gonzalez.
  • Sin Cara as Gabriel Gonzalez, a retired luchador and brother of a boxer, Arturo Gonzalez.
  • Vanessa Ponce De Leon as Adriana Juarez, a beauty queen turned bullfighter who is very drunk, trying to forget about her crowning moment as a previous winner of a Miss Planet contest. She said that an adventure like when someone is performing the national anthem of Mexico during a Cinco de Mayo lucha libre match.
  • Jack Black as Miguel Sanchez, a Federal Police officer who is investigating on US President Richard Flint. He is famous for singing Vera Lynn's "We'll Meet Again" with some of the main cast.
  • Barack Obama as himself.
  • Michelle Obama as herself.
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