Legends of Arkain: First Human Book is a Fantasy movie based on the Warcraft 3 Custom Campaign Legends of Arkain.



For centuries the races of Arkain fought against each other. The demons were close to winning this war. They were about to eradicate humanity from the world. They were no match for the powerful Demon Legions. All hope seemed to be lost. But hope returned to the near extinct kingdoms. A great fleet arrived from the other side of the Great Sea in the west. A huge army of soldiers was sent to fight the demons. The great Imperial Army had arrived. The empire had fought against demons in their own country and wanted to bring the fight to them after they were driven off their land. The kingdoms didn't hesitate and threw themselves under the rule of the Imperials in exchange for their help in the fight against the demons. They became part of the empire. The joint forces of the kingdoms, the empire and their allies, the elves and dwarves, drove the demons to the border of the demonic lands. But there, the army was betrayed by a general, who succumbed to the promise of a demoness, and had to withdraw.

The demons were driven back and the humans reclaimed their lands, but the danger was still there. The war never really ended. Twenty years have passed since then and now the Demons invade the Human kingdoms once again. One kingdom has already been conquered. Now, the time for the next Great War has come. The future lies in the hands of mortals. Every race will have to make a choice. They will have to fight for their homes or risk everything they hold dear. Even those who have stayed out of conflict must move for this time, there will be no mercy.

Clash in the Forest

Iron and Blood



Defense of Home

Dark Secrets

A Fresh Breeze

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