Legends Cinematic Universe is an film franchise made by RaymanLover 2018, it has over 19 films currently, The first film was "Legends (2018)".


-Phase 1-

  1. Legends
  2. Portugal's Greatest Street Racers
  3. Rise of the Legends
  4. Wrath of the Legends
  5. Worms: The Movie
  6. Annoying Villagers: The Movie
  7. Villagers: The Movie

-Phase 2-

  1. War of the Villages
  2. Penny: The Shape-shifting Fairy
  1. The Dark Builders
  2. Penny: The New Queen of the UK
  3. The 5th Dimension: War of the Odyssey
  4. Rayman: The Legendary God
  5. Rayman: Pacific Battle

-Phase 3-

  1. The Legends: War for Dimensions
  2. Annihilation of the Legends

-Phase 4-

  1. War of Ships: Double Honor
  2. Endgame of the Legends
  3. Dawn of the Legends
  4. Worms: The Dark Ages
  5. Worms: Fatal War

-Phase 5-

  1. Rayman: The Legend Rises
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