Legend of the Batman is a 2018 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Batman. It is a sequel to The Batman and Shadow of the Batman directed by Sam Mendes which stars Eric Bana as Bruce Wayne AKA The Batman, Logan Lerman as his ward, Dick Grayson, Bryan Cranston as their ally, Police Commissioner James Gordon, Guy Pearce as Roman Sionis, also known as the crime lord Black Mask, the Riddler, as well as Sharlto Copley, Geoffrey Rush, Clive Owen, Billy Dee Williams and Emma Stone in supporting roles. The screenplay was written by James Vanderbilt, with the score being provided by David Julyan. The film was distributed by Warner Bros and ties into the DC Movie Universe.


The film begins with Bruce Wayne and his date, Julie Madison, attending the circus. The show's centerpiece is the Flying Graysons, an amazing family of daredevil acrobats. Before the performance begins, a gangster named Tony Zucco arrives to obtain protection money from the ringmaster Haley. The youngest Grayson, Dick, overhears their conversation, but doesn't want to get involved. Haley is unable to pay up, however, so Zucco saws through a trapeze rope. During the act, the rope snaps and sends the Graysons plummeting to their deaths; Dick, who has not performing at that moment, is the only survivor.

Bruce learns from Commissioner James Gordon that he is worried for Dick, as he is now a material witness having witnessed Zucco. Bruce takes pity on the boy, as he knows what he is going through, and decides to adopt him himself. Dick enrolls in the local high school, where he meets Gordon's daughter Barbara.

Meanwhile, Gordon learns about a number of deaths in the criminal underworld and realises that a number of crime bosses have been murdered. Enter Black Mask; a new crime lord who is planning to take control of the entire city by murdering his rivals. Only the bosses who remain loyal to him, such as Zucco, are allowed to live. Gordon also makes a connection between all of the killings; burn marks where found on all of the bodies. It is revealed that this is because they were killed by hired mercenary Firefly.

It isn't long before Dick stumbles across the BatCave hidden beneath Wayne Manor and realises that Bruce is Batman. Bruce then decides to train Dick to become his partner. At the same time, Batman begins his own investigation into the Firefly killings, and realises that his next target is Sal Valestra. Batman arrives at Valestra's resident to intercept Firefly, but the assassin is still successful in killing his target. However, Batman pursues him and they fight, but Firefly ultimately gets away. Unknown to him, Batman has retrieved a DNA sample.

Batman and Gordon analyze the sample and learn that Firefly was once a pyrotechnics expert who fell in love with a singer named Cassidy and became the pyrotechnic coordinator for her American tour. However, one fateful night he botched the job in the middle of a performance, causing Cassidy to catch fire. Lynns tried to save her, resulting in his own face being badly scared. However, his efforts were not enough and Cassidy died. Lynns then faked his own death, apparently committing suicide by setting his house on fire, and then created the mantle of Firefly and became an arsonist for hire and assassin.

With the fall formal approaching, Dick declares that he isn't going, but after a talk with loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth, decides to ask Barbara to be his date, which she accepts, and the two continue to grow closer. At the same time, Batman and Gordon learn about a large drugs shipment which Black Mask is overseeing and intercept it. A firefight breaks out between the police and the mobsters with Batman in the middle, during which the ship catches fire.

Batman and Gordon manage to jump onto the ship, where Gordon confronts Zucco. Held at gunpoint, Zucco feigns surrender but then tries to pull his own gun on Gordon, forcing him to shoot Zucco, and the gangster falls overboard. Batman, meannwhile, encounters Firefly and throws a batarang at his jetpack, causing him to smack into a wall and knock himself out. Batman and Gordon jump from the ship as it sinks. Afterwards, Zucco's body is recovered, but Firefly is nowhere to be found. Elsewhere, Firefly resurfaces and slinks away. Firefly returns to Black Mask, who is enraged by what happened to his shipment, and declares that he wants revenge on those responsible. Firefly begins to stalk Gordon, eventually targeting Barbara.

On the night of the fall formal, Dick and Barbara dance together and then quietly slip away. Outside, the two share a kiss before he offers to welcome her home. Suddenly, Firefly swoops down and snatches her. Black Mask leaves a message for Gordon, informing him that he will meet with him, alone, at a burnt out building. Dick returns to Bruce and informs him of the situation; Bruce tells him that it is time to complete his training, and Dick dons his uniform or the first time, becoming Robin.

Batman and Robin discreetly follow Gordon to the meeting place, where Black Mask is waiting with Barbara. However, they are spotted by Firefly, who attacks them. A fight breaks down and a showdown ensues. Black Mask tries to run and is pursued by Robin, eventually stepping on a weak footing area and falling to his death, avenging the murder of Robin's family. While Firefly battles Batman, Robin rescues Babara, who recognizes and kisses him. Robin then rejoins Batman as they fight Firefly, all three falling through the roof. However, Firefly gains the upper hand and knocks a wall down on top of Batman and sending Robin crashing through another. Barbara, however, manages to retrieve a batarang Batman dropped and throws it into Firefly's jet pack as he prepares to kill the heroes, causing it to backfire and engulf him in flames. In a panic, he tumbles threw a wall and falls to his death.

Later, Dick and Barbara are shown to have become a couple, and Black Mask's criminal empire has collapsed. Gordon is shown activating the Bat Signal, and both Batman and Robin arrive to meet with him. Gordon informs them of a new criminal who leaves uses a type of gas that causes hallucinations. The duo then dive into the night to continue their mission to protect the innocent.


Eric Bana - Bruce Wayne/The Batman

Logan Lerman - Dick Grayson/Robin

Geoffrey Rush - Alfred Pennyworth

Bryan Cranston - Commissioner James Gordon

Ray Winstone - Harvey Bullock

Billy Dee Williams - Lucius Fox 

Emma Stone - Barbara Gordon

Adrianne Palicki - Julie Madison

Guy Pearce - Roman Sionis/Black Mask

Sharlto Copley - Garfield Lynns/Firefly


Legend of the Batman was followed up the next year by "city of the batman" which included the scarecrow and had batman and robin joined by Barbara Gordon, taking on the mantle of Batgirl.

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