This Is Based off my life to curtain extend names are changed for privacy but the events are word for word from memory and dramatized a bit so it sound like a story

you know the life's going well when your dad forced abortion you on road ready to permanently disable you mentally his name is raymond masters. i later got took care of by my grandparents and aunt not adopted mind you at this point i didt even understand the concept that i could of had a dad so i just assumed i had a mom i was like 5 so my concept of fun was riding lawn mowers with my grandpa having christmas partys family the usually separated into grandpa's family and grandmas famly cause that was my idea of parents and who were figures in life at the time i also had fish and played video games here and there listening to rap which is weird for a 5 year old but it turns out it will ether help me later or destroy me depending on the day and i had childhood friend i almost forgot the name of her i only know the first name and thats kaitlyn i wish i would of stay in contact but i was 5 so its not that big of deal after this series of events i started to go to school and my mother was still in life some how and you can already guess how school was i would get transferred from school to school every month or so so i was never to find a normal basis for social development because my mother always new fling going on at one point im 7 years old just watching yugioh and dragon ball on tv and thats about it i never noticed since she would put pills in me so i would sleep so she can get down andre the parrot guy or alexander the fat man i dont remember much about him or his name i just remember him as a big stocky fat guy a few years after 5 school transfers and 20 flings later i get what i call trash he is my step father and he would hang out with my uncle Fred Drugman donut guy which said enough About his character 7 year old me idea how the world works still kinda innocent for 7 year old he was physically and mentally abusive to me and my mother whos dumb enough to stay with him and put me though that trauma and mind you he has a record for beating on women and being pedo and my own mother let me meet a man who has done that so this is when the starts to fall down really hard my aunt contacted the cops get to get out of their but view from a childs perspective eight years old getting mentally and physically abused by your step father just hoping something could happen and then my trash step father throws me and my mom in a room no not led to a room or shoved in a room throwed in a room picked up and throwed into a room also just a side note ill edit in properly later i have a cousin who gets beat down by his step father and mother this was around the same time i got away from my step father so it was a horrible experience to witness my cousin get beat down with nothing i could do except cry and wonder why me just and was like done like 20 times repetitively and nowadays me and him dont talk cause he turned into a dick and threes times ill see like full out bruises and scratches from fights but back to my story the cops forcefully took me out having no idea and just got took away from hell in most traumatic way possible i go to grandparents house where my aunt 3 month old cousin Steve and aunt Marie where it was not much better since three days in i which got there i had soap shoved down my throat by marie and having getting bullied at school didt help and the people liked treated me as child which i was one dont get me wrong but it felt bad saying how you were mentally behind everyone else and just trying to win one thing in this life i didt enjoy much and the moments i realized the world is not good and dont trust no one this way of thinking still stick with to this day where i have no trust in nobody and if i do its cause i dont care but continuing on into late grade school i started to develop as a person and open up a bit just to throw into high school later and year prior in grade school i had a friend named quaz who had this hot girlfriend i really liked but i was to immature and childish for someone like her but of course i didt get the concept of wanting a girlfriend and maturity and i would not condiser quaz a friend since im mentally behind compared to my peers of the same age first year in high school i was the dramatic high schooler and fell flat on my face with everything and also i had alot of grade school kids i knew i later connected with this was the point i was starting to open up but high school being what it is i got throw into lockers shoved kicked until i got fed up a beat kids face in and got suspended despite me telling him to fuck off 20 times and this staarted my no bullshit stick up for myself (get my ass kicked era) this also consist of me wanting girls and getting attached to a few here and there this is later into to high school but early high school i didt have guts to talk to girls but back on track i was looking for girl and ended up in so deep into depression it was very sad time for me this is when video weret video games they were and are still my escapists way to get some enjoyment out of a life that none at 22 years old this still how i am but back to the unhealthy habit i ended up getting my hopes and dreams crushed by everyone being dicks as highschool works and you think anime club is accepting in toxic fire pit you are wrong i am god kinda way so i would ether get pityed to be allowed at a table or be alone crying in corner often wondering why me it is such a alone deprssing feeling seeing everyone have a group friends and a belonging to this world and or i would pay people to sit at their table and with family as toxic as it is no longer i get abused i get in fist fights with my cousin steve or marie out of some stupid reason such as you ate my choclate bar or you told my son something you should not of and also i would fight knowing i would lose hoping thy would finish me off but it never did and at this point i was a bone rack i would be in my room for hours upon hours playing gta 5 or smash bros or assins creed or five nights at freddy without not much food or drink littery just existing at this point i tried getting a job to fill a void and getting three interview consecutive was good yea but blowing all three was a blow to me i could not handle the night after this i attempted the first but could not due it due to the pain it gave and the last shimmer of light in dark which was my hometown i made alot of friends and felt a connection and just all other areas of my life fell harder then it should of i had a town wide search for me of people i consider friends trying to hurt me i gave a few more attempts to fix it which all worked then it fell for the last time i just lost will to care. and i was into girl younger than me at the time and it was dumb now were just friends i have met up with a few friends i knew here there but like alot of others areas its more trouble than it was worth since they admitted mot of the girls were cash hungry and did not care but one muplated me into thinking i hurt her feelings just to admit she wanted my money and i really feld something but shes just fake as most girls and just like that cash

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