A Promotional Photo Showing The Stylization
Developer(s) Turtle Rock Studios
Publisher(s) Valve Corporation

Electronic Arts (Retail)

Engine Source
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter, Survival Horror
Console(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStaytion 3, Xbox 360
Players 1-4
Release Date October 29th, 2013

Left 4 Dead: Revelations (also known as Left 4 Dead 3, stylized as L3FT 4 D3AD: REVELATIONS) is a 2014 first-person shooter game with survival horror elements. It was officially announced on January 16th, 2012.



Thirteen years after the "Green Flu" initially struck, the world has become an apocalyptic wasteland. However, the Green Flu, along with making humans bizarre zombie creatures, caused an increase in plant growth, making buildings, cars, etc., to be covered in vines and other plants. A faction of the military known as Homeland Restoration Agency (HRA) has been created to take back various cities that are filled with the infected. You play as four agents of the HRA: Danny, a British man who was a former MI6 agent; Miranda, a woman from San Fransisco who was a neurologist before the outbreak; Ramon, a Brazilian who was once a gang member in Rio de Janeiro; and Kyle, a previous hitman from Los Angeles. After they all signed up for the agency, they were put in a group titled X-27. Play as them as you embark on a mission to take back the world from the undead. 



Group X-27 is dropped into Central Park via helicopter. They make their way through Central Park Zoo, into the streets of Manhattan where they enter an abandoned but armored truck and drive all the way to Little Italy where they clear the zombies there and are met by the military who set up base there.


While being transported into Cleveland, a special infected called The Reacher, a zombie with tentacle arms that can grab humans and various things from long distances, grabs the helicopter and pulls it into a building where it crashes. After everyone (including the pilot) get out, they look out a window showing all of Cleveland filled with zombies on every corner. They soon begin to find an exit out of the building. Right when they reach the staircase, a Smoker grabs the pilot, followed by a horde of zombies running at them. Due to the group being unable to get a clean shot, they leave without the pilot. After finally leaving the building, they report to the military via walkie-talkie that they crashed and that Cleveland is filled with enormous amounts of the undead. The military reports back saying that they will fire-bomb part of Cleveland and set up camp there. They also say that the area the group is in is too dangerous to authorize a pick-up in, and that they four of them will need to Hope Memorial Bridge before the fire-bomb occurs in order to be rescued. After the group finally makes it to the crumbling Hope Memorial Bridge, they are finally rescued as they watch the military fire-bomb a small part of Cleveland.


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