Leatherface 3D is a 2012 3D Slasher Horror film and a remake of the 1974 film of the same name. The movie is also the 7th installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.  It stars Amanda Seyfried, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jennifer Aniston, Danielle Panabaker, Kristen Stewart, Britney Spears and Andrew Bryniarski. 
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Leatherface 3D


6 Girls are going fishing but they get lost, forcing them to stay at the Hewitt House. But Leatherface wants to kill them all.


The Movie begins with 6 girls in a pick up truck driving down the road. They talk about going fishing, but they end up in the woods and get lost. They Get out of the truck and walk thru the woods and find the Hewitt house. They go in and find it is cozy. As Addy goes upstairs to the bathroom, she gets chased by Leatherface into the garage. Leatherface then stabs Addy in the stomach with a pool table stick and she gets sliced in half with his chainsaw. Back at the living room, Felicity asks Josefina and Samantha to go see where Addy is and they do, but while they're looking, they see Leatherface and scream and run. When they get back they tell Felicity that they saw Leatherface but Felicity doesn't believe them. While Felicity went to look they waited for her to return but she didn't. Then suddenly Leatherface breaks down the living door wall with his chainsaw And Josefina and Samantha run, but Samantha,s arm gets cut off by his chainsaw. She keels over and Leatherface slashes her in the chest 2 times with his Chainsaw and pull out her lungs, killing her. Josefina screams and runs but Leatherface finally kills her by throwing his Chainsaw at the back of her throat. Meanwhile, Kirsten and Molly have finished packing and decided to get a snack. In the kitchen they find a bomb and evacuate, but the explosion causes Kirsten,s back to be burnt. Then they wonder where Addy, Felicity, Samantha and Josefina are but they think it,s OK and it,s just a little joke. They go outside but find Leatherface and They scream and run. They hide in the basement and find the bodies of Their 4 Friends. They scream and Leatherface is behind them. He slices Kirsten,s Back open (which was still hot from the bomb explosion) with the Chainsaw and Throws the body into a fireplace. Molly grabs a pocket knife and slashes Leatherface in the face and stabs it in his neck three times. However, he is still alive. Molly then runs into the basement bathroom and grabs the toilet plunger. Leatherface then comes in and Molly sticks the toilet plunger into his mouth and flips him backwards, causing him to bonk his head on the tub floor. Molly then throws a bomb at him and evacuates the house by jumping thru the window above the tub. The bomb explodes, killing Leatherface. Molly then laughs in victory as Leatherface,s remains fall around her. A helicopter then comes to rescue Molly.


Amanda Seyfried as Felicity Mendez

Michelle Trachtenberg as Josefina Taylor

Jennifer Aniston as Addy Johnson

Danielle Panabaker as Molly Presley

Kristen Stewart as Samantha Sanderson

Britney Spears as Kirsten Murray

Andrew Bryniarski as Leatherface


Addy- Stabbed in stomach with Pool Table Stick and sliced in half with Chainsaw.

Thomas Hewitt-

Felicity- Attacked with Chainsaw (Offscreen).

Samantha- Arm cut off with Chainsaw, Chest slashed with Chainsaw and lungs pulled out.

Josefina- Back of throat cut by Chainsaw.

Kirsten- Back Burnt by Bomb Explosion, Back sliced open with Chainsaw and corpse set on fire.

Leatherface- Knife slashed in face 3 times, Knife stabbed in neck, Toilet Plunger caught in mouth, head bonked on bath tub and blown up by bomb.



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