Leatherface is the main antagonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. There's more than one person using the alter ego.


Good sides

  • Jedidiah Sawnyer is sometimes shown acting very friendly to Sally during the family dinner and tries offering her food.
  • Thomas Slaughter has crush on Jenny and refuses to kill her because she's nice to him when she calls W.E. Slaughter a "jerk" for abusing Thomas and also he treats her very nicely. Also, he is not a cannibal or a crossdresser.
  • Thomas Sawyer loves his younger sister Natalie and protects her from Sheriff Burt Hartman.

Bad sides

  • Bubba Sawnyer hates Stretch a lot and acts hostile towards her. He always wants to kill her and even gets in conflict with her.
  • Junior Sawnyer is implied to have sexually harassed a female victim and this how he has a daughter. When Michelle is tied up, he is shown trying to flirt with her but she refuses to.
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