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NOTE: This is a fictional version of an existing company with the same name.

LeapFrog (abbr LF/LFrog) is a Leapian-Arizonan-American-Christian-Republican independent multinational megacorporation/conglomerate, officially founded on January 1, 1800.

It is certified to be the first ever and oldest media company in the United States, and is also truly believed to be the richest and most powerful company in the world, surpassing Disney in competition.

Additionally, the company is well-known for inventing and assembling techniques, concepts, objects, gadgets, devices, and many other things in which aren't scientifically, technologically and physically possible in today's world.

The company is even known to be a "life saver", as they have recorded and planned ideas on how to fix certain issues in the past, present and even the future.

In other words, the company can fully and entirely understand situations, problems, issues, errors, glitches and corruptions, and they know what people want instead of making the issue even worse or not even caring at all.

The company's slogan is Leap Forward, Not Backward.



900 AD - 1606 AD

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LeapFrog was originally known as an ancient food processing and selling company, being founded in 900 AD before shutting down in 1606 AD due to losing competition against a different company with the same business target.

1777 - 1791

Main article: St. Leape Froge

Carmen Dile I was officially born in mid-1791 in California, a Mexican-owned area back then, inside a giant box.

The earliest known term of the company name was used in 1777, when Carmen's mother found a frog in the middle of an Egyptian desert, naming the frog "Saint Leape Froge". The pet frog lived for 9 years before officially giving up on its life in March 1786.

The burial of St. Leape Froge is currently placed in front of the LeapFrog headquarters, as of today.

Founding (1798 - 1800; 1830)

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In 1798, Carmen Dile I came up with the idea of a company based off of her mother's pet frog's name, although she thought a different name would be greatly ideal for her corporation. The name Tritanic was planned to be used, but wanted to be spelled out more correctly.

In 1799, Transylvanian archaeologist and nature researcher Johann Michael Ackner claimed that Titranic Animation Studios made its first ever debut at a nearby former building, however this turned out to be false as Carmen the First stated her business had nothing to do with the structure whatsoever.

Carmen's mother stated that the building originally belonged to an organization based on terrorism, having a similarity to the ISIS. The organization's name is unknown due to financial problems with the owner. It is known that the organization ran from c. 1707 until its permanent end in April 1724.

The company was officially founded on January 1, 1800 in the United States, including worldwide, being named Titranic Animation Studios.

30 years later, on January 1, 1830, the well-known business was separated into 2 different companies (LeapFrog Animation and LeapFrog [main company]), after corporate owner changed the company's name to its current famous label.

Early production/First-timers in producing (1800 - 1895)

The company began to produce colorized animation in 1803 with their first animation (film) being called Can in the Head.

However, between early 1800 - mid 1802, the corporation created the Five T's, which were five animation tests to justify the corrections of the animation systems they were running with Dile I mainly under maintenance, and to also teach the animators working there how to animate for their upcoming projects.

The five animation tests which are part of the Five T's include:

  1. Frog Jumping (animation test / first made on January 25, 1800)
  2. Ice Moving (animation test / first made on May 14, 1800)
  3. Vase Shattering (animation test / first made on June 3, 1801)
  4. Eagle Flying (animation test / first made on October 10, 1801)
  5. Table Lifting (animation test / first made on June 19, 1802)

These animations were successful, and although weren't released to the public, but kept in the film vault for valid purposes.

Just a few days after Titranic Animation Studios split into two separate companies (January 5, 1830), animators working for LeapFrog/LeapFrog Animation figured out how to produce and plaster sound into newer animations.

On January 1, 1820, the first ever silent non-animated film, shot with real movie video cameras, was released to the public by Titranic. The film was named Cat's Can, lasting 1 minute and 25 seconds long. Unfortunately, this film contained black and white filling, which meant the film wasn't in color.

On June 1, 1835, the silent film Cat's Can 2 was filmed, compiled and released to the public to celebrate the original film's 15th anniversary on a late notice. This movie was filmed in real life color, with perfect colorization and graphics, using an RGB color filter on the movie camera.

Beginning in 1859 to the present, LeapFrog animators began to animate in colorization. This new step led to more viewership.

On March 1, 1860, the film Cat's Can 3 was publicly released as a threequel to the original film from 1820. This colorized film was produced containing sound when workers found out a way to plaster sound into non-animated films.

Beginning circa 1895 to the present, film and animation quality that was produced by the corporation started to become more higher in structure and enthusiasm which suddenly brought many attention from viewers.

The Mascot Entry (1830)

The Mascot Entry is an American proclamation which was ordered by LeapFrog Incorporation on January 10, 1830 to be signed by Andrew Jackson.

This contract was officially signed to legally allow Carmen Dile I's mother's pet frog St. Leape Froge to become an official mascot for Carmen's company.

The contract reads as followed:

I, Andrew Jackson, have agreed with LeapFrog Incorporation to complete this official proclamation to authorize this business to use a pet frog as their verified mascot legally under the United States copyright infringement law.

Saint Leape Froge is the validated name of the mascot's being. This mascot has officially been approved and is legally copyrighted by the corporation, and can be used non-commercially by citizens of the United States of America, however other companies must use copyright disclaimers for using this mascot.

Thank you for your support to give us time to approve your mascot.

From, Mr. Andrew

As of 2021, the contract is still legally valid.

Statewide plan

On April 18, 2020, Leap Inc. had made multiple plans for their headquarters to be statewide, meaning that all 50 states could possibly have the LeapFrog headquarters building.

They started off with a press conference, taking place on social media such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, discussing of why and how they will go statewide all around the United States. The press conference was actually a live stream and was viewed by almost 5 billion on Instagram and Facebook and 3.8 billion on YouTube.

On July 6, 2020, the headquarter buildings were successfully demolished, with the under construction buildings being Ramada Inn hotels.

On November 11, 2020, an official statement on Twitter, said:

"This message is given out to let people know about the statewide plan that was finalized many months ago this year.

It doesn't matter how much studios we would want all across the United States, besides our headquarters, but what does matter is that we made a mistake when we thought of this idea. This plan was kind of stupid to make in the end and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience from the past.

The present has now made things better for us, and that we finally noticed that no one needed to have their own LeapFrog studio. The only reason we came up with this legal idea was because we thought people could get a stately experience for our business, and that we could expand our studio nationwide, only to find out after that it didn't make a difference.

A few weeks earlier before the demolition of the statewide studios, we asked Wyndham Hotels and Resorts to make sure that everyone who were complaining at us over this to let them know that our idea was just a mistake and that this wouldn't happen again.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to understand what happened."


Democratic policy (2013 -)

On January 10, 1828, the company officially became pro-Democratic for 32 years, although the political structure for the business wasn't really liberal. On January 10, 1860, the company officially became pro-Republican/pro-conservative.

On November 2, 2012, LeapFrog stated on Twitter and Instagram that they were planning to create a major policy against the Democratic party, saying that Democrat employees are allowed to work at the corporation, although gossiping about politics and threatening Republican employees is strictly banned.
A month later, the business announced that the policy would take effect on their corporation and the US White House in 2013.

On November 3, 2013, the policy officially took effect.

April Fools policy (2019 -)

On March 30, 2019, Leap Incorporation tweeted that a new policy against April Fools Day would take effect within the next 2 days. All employees were notified about the new policy the next day, although some have knew about the tweet before the notice. Only a few employees have planned to recall the policy, but the corporation would not allow it to happen due to the policy's "strict" restriction.

On March 31, 2019, the chief executive officer of LeapFrog Incorporation stated the policy's description, as it reads:

"April Fools Day policy: All employees are and will be strictly prohibiting from creating April 1 jokes and hoaxes, as it unreasonably disrespects us, as a giant corporation. If any employee is caught doing so, they will either be given a warning or being fired permanently."

On April 1, 2019, the policy officially took effect upon the entire business, however this policy doesn't effect its subsidiaries.


©1800 - 2021 LeapFrog / Leap Incorporation. All rights reserved.