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LeapFrog (abbr as LF) is an Christian-American everything company that is founded in the 1800 New Year's Day. It was founded as Titranic Animation Studios from 1800 to 1830. It is marked as the first ever and oldest everything company in the United States. It is also believed to be the most richest company in the world. It was formerly just a television and movie production company, but in 1802, they changed into an everything company and they started making merchandise, toys, video games, promoting other companies, movies, television shows and video games, smartphones, cellphones, computers, tablets, operating systems, video game consoles, televisions, logo statues every time their logo changes, webcams, home assistants, television channels, organizations, charities and more. The company makes about 50 - 80 octillion dollars every year. From 1800 to 1825, they made $1000 each year before their film and television productions began. They currently make Bitcoin money as well.

Carmen Dile (1774 - 1877) founded LeapFrog on January 1, 1800 and was the founder of the company.


In 1798, Carmen Dile came up with an idea of Titranic A.S. and started designing what the headquarters of the company would look like on a blueprint. On January 18, 1799, Carmen Dile ordered workers to build the Titranic headquarters and construction started on January 20, 1799 and ended on December 30, 1799. The company debuted and opened its headquarters on January 1, 1800 in the United States, including worldwide. In the early 1830s, Titranic was renamed to LeapFrog A.S. They began to produced colorized media in 1898 when they figured out how to film in color.

Owner history

Carmen Dile (1800 - 1873)

Gal Dieliez (1873 - 1881)

Opel Youth (1881 - 1915)

Chen Chen (1915 - 1961)

Ben Dapeli (1961 - 1994)

Zape Gew (1994 - 2003)

Beyuh Gew (2003 - 2011)

Damian Marin (2011 - present)

CEO history

Fager LIlo (1800 - 1834)

Lip Xavier (1834 - 1875)

Gape Leaper (1875 - 1932)

Banim Giloh (1932 - 1959)

Poy Poy (1959 - 2001)

Zape Gew (2001 - 2003)

Ware Pou (2003 - 2011)

Damian Marin (2011 - present)

co-CEO history

Day Pou (1954 - 1983)

Van Greg (1983 - 2001)

Lit Popil (2001 - 2017)

Cobu Gew (2017 - present)



Leap Inc. movies include these ratings:

G rating (used sometimes)

PG rating (used sometimes)

PG-13 rating (used a lot of times beginning in the late 2010s)

R rating (used a lot of times)

NC-17 rating (used sometimes; barely used as of 2020)

Video Games

eC rating (used sometimes)

E rating (used at completely)

E10+ rating (used completely)

T rating (used completely)

M rating (used completely)

AO rating (used sometimes)

RP rating (used completely)


TV-Y rating (used sometimes)

TV-Y7/TV-Y7 FV rating (used sometimes)

TV-G rating (used barely)

TV-PG rating (used sometimes)

TV-14 rating (used completely)

TV-MA rating (used barely)

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