Leaellynasaura (SciiFii)

Leaellynasaura borealis (meaning "Leaellyn's boreal lizard") is a species of small bipedal feathery ornithischian dinosaur that originally existed from the Albian stage of the Early Cretaceous(dated to between 118 and 110 million years ago), in Dinosaur Cove, Australia, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and now lives in Cretaceous Park in Sacramento, California. Leaellynasaura borealis was tested to be in Cretaceous Safari, but some of them died in the heat of the summer of California, due to the Leaellynasaura borealis being adapted to cold forests, not in seasonal heats, so they were relocated to their own exhibit Leaellynasaura Woodlands, an indoor exhibit that is environentally-controlled to keep the inside cool enough for the Leaellynasaura borealis herds to be happy and healthy. Leaellynasaura borealis is mostly a herbivore and mainly feeds on leaves, fruits, cycads, ferns, and horsetails, but can also eat arthropods in times of hardship. Leaellynasaura borealis is a social herd-dwelling animal and its unusually long tail is used for, not just balancing, but can also be raised straight up into the air to communicate with other Leaellynasaura borealis members and to help other Leaellynasaura borealis individuals find others in case they get lost in the environment.

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