Law & Order Philadelphia title card


"In the city of Philadelphia, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the District Attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories." - The opening narration by Steve Zirnkilton.

LAW & ORDER: PHILADELPHIA is a police procedural and legal drama series spun off from the long-running NBC series 'Law & Order'. Created and produced by Dick Wolf, it premiered on NBC on September 24, 2014, immediately following the season premiere of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.

Set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the series follows a two part approach. When a crime is committed, the victims are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the Philadelphia Police Department, who investigates the crime, and the District Attorney's Office, who conduct the people's case against the offenders in the trial. In every episode, the first half hour focuses on the investigation by the detectives and the second half the of episode focuses on the prosecution of the offenders by the assistant district attorneys.

Unlike most shows in the franchise, 'Law & Order: Philadelphia' features a revolving cast of characters, with episodes focusing on certain characters at a time. However, each season follows a broader story arc that focuses on at least one main character, which greatly affects the events of the following season(s).<

In the style of the original 'Law & Order', episodes are often "ripped from the headlines" or loosely based on a real crime that received media attention.

Investigating the crimes are a team of elite detectives who all report to their ranking captain. It is their job to investigate the crime, collect evidence, interview witnesses and then, when the evidence points to a suspect or suspects, place the suspect(s) under arrest. The matter is then taken over by the prosecutors of the Philadelphia District Attorney's office. They discuss deals, prepare the witnesses and evidence and conduct the people's case in the trial

Both teams work with the Medical Examiners Office, Crime Lab and psychiatrists from both the police department and DA's office.


Current Cast


  • Kathryn Erbe as Sr. Detective Alexandra Eames (Season 1-present)
  • Vincent Martella as Sergeant Derrick Bradshaw (Season 3-present (main); Season 2 (recurring))
  • Paris Berelc as Officer Miranda Green (Season 6-present (main); Season 2-6 (recurring))
  • Chuck Norris as Sergeant Walker Orr (Season 8-present (main); Season 1-7 (recurring))
  • Justin Willman as Lieutenant Chester Green (Season 8-present (main); Season 1-7 (recurring))
  • Isabella Moner as Jr. Detective Riley Scott (Season 11-present (main); Season 8-10 (recurring))
  • Johnathan Taylor Thomas as Chief Grant Thomas (Season 9-present)
  • Taran Noah Smith as Lieutenant Noah Carpenter (Season 9-present)
  • Rowan Blanchard as Detective Mikayla Hunter (Season 10-present (main); Season 7-9 (recurring))
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Detective Jessica Power (Season 10-present (main); Season 7-9 (recurring))


  • James Waterston as District Attorney Daniel McCoy (Season 1-present)
  • Alex Christian Jones as Assistant DA Michael Gordon (Season 1-present)
  • Bobby Lockwood as DA Investigator Jamey Dorn (Season 1-present)
  • Christopher Meloni as DA Investigator Elliot Stabler (Season 2-present)
  • Alyson Stoner as Executive Assistant DA Christina Ryan (Season 3-present (main); Season 2 (recurring))
  • Zac Efron as DA Investigator Chandler Gordon (Season 10-present)


  • Megan Boone as Dr. Lauren Stanton (Season 1-present)
  • Frankie Muniz as M.E. Douglas Breen (Season 1-present)
  • Anthony Anderson as Tech Analyst Kevin Bernard (Season 1-present)
  • Hugh Laurie as Patrick Cooney (Season 1-present)
  • Isabel Gillies as Kathy Stabler (Season 2-present)
  • David Harbour as Alan Ryan (Season 2-present)
  • Addison Timlin as Haley Ryan (Season 2-present)
  • Jon Cryer as Governor George Bally (Season 11-present)
  • Angie Harmon as U.S. Attorney Abbie Carmichael (Season 12-present)
  • Katherine Waterston as Michelle Keehn (Season 13-present)
  • Diane Farr as State Senator Kathy Mendelson (Season 16-present)

Former Cast

  • Terrence Howard as Assistant DA Jonah 'Joe' Dekker (Season 1-2, 14)
  • Andrew Bowen as Mayor Roy Aylesworth (Season 1-3, 7)
  • Eric Szmanda as Sergeant Bernard Howe (Season 1-4, 7-8)
  • Regina Hall as Dr. Evelyn Price (Season 1-6)
  • Jason Harris as Sergeant Richard Brennan (Season 1-7, 11, 13)
  • Jack Griffo as Ritchie Brennan (Season 1-7)
  • Josh Server as Sergeant Raymond King (Season 1-8)
  • Michael Imperioli as Captain Nick Falco (Season 1-8)
  • Danny Masterson as Lieutenant Matthew McArthur (Season 1-8)
  • Linus Roache as Assistant DA Michael Cutter (Season 1-8)
  • Jodie Sweetin as Forensic Specialist Jessica Stoll (Season 1-10)
  • Benjamin Salisbury as District Attorney Daniel West (Season 1-10)
  • Kira Kosarin as Sergeant Danica Maclin (Season 1-11)
  • Alfred Molina as Detective Ricardo Morales (Season 1-2, 4-11)
  • Vincent D'Onofrio as Jr. Detective Robert Goren (Season 1-14)
  • Madeline Zima as Stella Hayworth (Season 3)
  • Eric Lange as David Warren (Season 3-8)
  • Richard Schiff as Governor John Fletcher (Season 6-7)
  • Tobey Maguire as DA Investigator Daniel Sheffield (Season 6-16)
  • Zachery Ty Bryan as Sergeant Michael Taylor (Season 9-13)
  • Zach Braff as Theodore Harkin (Season 11-13)
  • Oliver Platt as Edwin Jeffries (Season 14, 16)
  • Keanu Reeves as State Senator Newton Crest (Season 15-16)
  • Joey Bragg as Drew Crest (Season 15-16)
  • Dove Cameron as Bella Crest (Season 15-16)
  • Tina Ivlev as Kathy Mendelson (Season 16)


Season 1 (2014-2015)

  • Will consist of 24 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, September 24 @ 10/9 Central on NBC immediately following the season premiere of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'

1. Welcome to Philadelphia (Part 1) (Air Date: 9/24/14)

As new recruits graduate from the police academy, Goren and Eames investigate the latest in a string of serial killings throughout the state. Eventually, newly promoted Sergeant Richard Brennan (Jason Harris) finds and arrests a suspect, his old college English professor Dr. Leonard Freeman. However, the PPD is dealt with a shocking twist by the end of the episode.

NOTE: Inspired by the Zebra murders

2. Welcome to Philadelphia (Part 2) (Air Date: 10/1/14)

As the serial killings continue, Goren, Eames, and Brennan realize the killers are part of a jihadist cell that is experimenting with a new form of terrorism. Their investigation is joined by Officer Chester Green (Justin Willman), whose Army father was killed in Iraq by the cell's leader.

NOTE: First appearance of Officer Chester Green (Justin Willman)

3. Barely Legal (Air Date: 10/8/14)

Goren, Eames, and Brennan investigate when a 21-year-old woman is raped and beaten in her dorm while celebrating her birthday. They soon learn someone was trying to ruin the victim's life as an act of revenge. Meanwhile, Brennan's ex-girlfriend is released from prison, throwing his relationship with his son Ritchie (Jack Griffo) into turmoil.

NOTE: First appearance of Ritchie Brennan (Jack Griffo)

4. Rev It Up (Air Date: 10/15/14)

Goren and Eames investigate a rash of deadly hit-and-runs throughout the city. These cases hit close to Brennan's heart as he lost his best friend in a hit-and-run six years ago. More is learned about Brennan and his motivation to become an officer.

NOTE: Inspired by two different rashes of hit-and-runs in California's Sonoma and Orange Counties in July and December 2012

5. Fake-Out (Air Date: 10/22/14)

After a Penn State coach and a student are stabbed, the former fatally, Goren and Eames look into the murder victim's life and learn he may have been framed by his assistant coach in order to conceal a heinous secret. Meanwhile, Ritchie and his girlfriend Danica Maclin (Kira Kosarin) are arrested for assaulting a police officer, forcing Brennan to reluctantly intervene.

NOTE: Inspired by the Penn State child sex abuse scandal

6. City of Brotherly Nightmares (Air Date: 10/29/14)

A Flyers game turns into a nightmare when a massive brawl and stampede erupts, leaving dozens injured and six dead. This leaves the PPD in a complicated position as they try to piece together the sequence of events in search of multiple suspects.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2012 NHL Winter Classic beatings

7. After Midnight (Air Date: 11/12/14)

Goren and Eames are sent in to investigate the midnight murder of an up-and-coming businessman during an apparent robbery. The investigation is joined by Detective Morales (Alfred Molina), who takes a personal interest in the case when it turns out the victim is someone he knew during his time as a Los Angeles detective.

NOTE: First appearance of Detective Morales (Alfred Molina)

8. Raising the Bar (Air Date: 11/19/14)

A deadly bar brawl prompts Brennan to team up with Officer Walker Orr (Chuck Norris) in order to find his prime suspect, who he believes has ties to a dangerous drug cartel. Meanwhile, DA West's prosecution of the cartel receives a setback after a cartel associate threatens the lives of his employees, forcing a new ADA, Michael Cutter (Linus Roache), to step in.

NOTE: First appearances of Michael Cutter (Linus Roache) and Walker Orr (Chuck Norris)

9. Reputed (Air Date: 11/26/14)

When a nurse at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) is shot to death, Goren and Green quickly arrest a suspect, but he is let go due to a technical error apparently made on Green's part. This puts Green at odds with West as the PPD and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office must figure out how to arrest their suspect again.

10. Black Friday (Air Date: 12/3/14)

Goren and Eames look into the murder of a mall employee who was presumed to be trampled to death on Black Friday. But was there more to his death than meets the eye?

NOTE: Inspired by the 2008 Walmart Black Friday killing

11. Snow Time to Lose (Air Date: 12/17/14)

A four-year-old child is kidnapped just before a major snowstorm hits the Philadelphia area, putting Goren and Eames in a race against time to stop the kidnapper and return the child to his parents before Father Winter hits.

12. Ransomwared (Air Date: 12/24/14)

While investigating the murder of an eccentric former electrician, Goren and Eames find out the victim's neighbor was also murdered and that the second victim was trying to prevent a ransomware attack from targeting the city. To help find the hackers, Tech Analyst Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson) and Forensic Specialist (also an expert hacker) Jessica Stoll (Jodie Sweetin) are called in.

NOTE: Inspired by the CryptoLocker ransomware attack

13. Cry Wolf (Air Date: 1/7/15)

During a class at Community College of Philadelphia, a respected professor suddenly drops dead, leaving it up to Goren and Eames to find the killer. However, the case becomes complicated when two of his colleagues are suspected of the murder but have airtight alibis.

14. Score (Air Date: 1/14/15)

An aspiring hockey player is brutally killed, forcing the PPD to delve into his life in search of a suspect. Meanwhile, Brennan's relationship with Ritchie is further strained as he tries to assist him in his assault case.

15. Read All About It (Air Date: 2/4/15)

The PPD is put under intense pressure to solve the brutal murder of a private high school student. Their investigation leads them to two of the victim's classmates, ostracized intellectuals with a stunning obsession with murder and crime.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart, and the Nathan Leopold/Richard Loeb case

16. Tunnel of Love (Air Date: 2/11/15)

While celebrating his anniversary with his wife, McArthur discovers the badly-decomposing body of a murdered woman floating underneath Strawberry Mansion Bridge. The detectives are eventually led to a suspect with a horrifying fetish.

NOTE: Inspired by the Carl Tanzler case

17. Life's a Zoo (Air Date: 2/25/15)

A zoologist is murdered while tending to the animals at the Philadelphia Zoo, leading Goren and Eames to suspect foul play. However, Brennan thinks otherwise when camera footage shows Ritchie and Maclin sneaking in after hours.

18. All Work and No Play (Air Date: 3/11/15)

A teenage girl is fatally wounded in a gang-related shooting, a murder that is quickly solved. However, McCoy finds himself prosecuting a 911 dispatcher when it is revealed that she hung up on a witness who had been attempting to administer first-aid to the victim.

NOTE: Inspired by the death of Jaydon Chavez-Silver in 2015

19. Slam Dunk (Air Date: 3/25/15)

After McCoy closes a slam-dunk case involving one of the hit-and-runs investigated in "Rev It Up", he is shocked when new evidence reveals the victim was actually murdered by a serial killer who evaded detection for years by killing his victims in different ways. McCoy must now struggle to exonerate both the man he prosecuted and another man framed by the serial killer, which proves to be difficult due to the ambiguity of the exculpatory evidence and the fact that they still had good motives for their respective crimes.

NOTE: Inspired by the Eric Edgar Cooke case, which involved the wrongful convictions of Darryl Beamish and John Button

20. Opening Day (Air Date: 4/8/15)

The opening day of a new play turns into a horrifying crime scene when an audience member is murdered in front of hundreds of witnesses, leading Goren and Eames to investigate a possible motive. When witness accounts uncover strange activity by another audience member, the motive reveals itself.

21. A Father's Heart (Air Date: 4/22/15)

A Philadelphia high school is attacked, resulting in the death of eighteen students and five teachers. Unfortunately for Brennan, the case turns into a personal matter when his son is suspected of being the shooter.

NOTE: Inspired by the Chardon High School shooting and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

22. The Pact (Air Date: 5/6/15)

The PPD investigates a series of suspicious deaths involving Drexel University students and realizes the victims were all engaged in a suicide pact. This hits home for Brennan, a Drexel graduate, who must figure out the cause of the pact in addition to dealing with the aftermath of the school shooting.

23. Life in the Fast Lane (Air Date: 5/13/15)

Goren, Eames, Brennan, and Green are called out to investigate the stabbing death of an avid race fan at the Pocono Raceway. As Brennan investigates, he has a tense run-in with the father of one of Ritchie's victims. Dale Earnhardt Jr. guest stars.

24. School's Out (Air Date: 5/20/15)

The PPD investigates the murder of two fifth graders who were gunned down just as school let out for the summer. As the case progresses, more is learned about Ritchie, and what motivated him to commit the school shooting.

Season 2 (2015-2016)

After high ratings for the first 9 episodes of the series, NBC commissioned a 2nd season of 'Law & Order: Philadelphia', to premiere on September 23rd, 2015 at 10/9 Central, right after 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'


  • Will consist of 24 episodes
  • Christopher Meloni will join the cast, reprising his role as Elliot Stabler, now a DA Investigator.

1. Reinforcements (Air Date: 9/23/15)

Goren and Eames are back at work as a rape is investigated. When the rapist shows up and kidnaps Eames, former SVU detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) is called in to help out the case.

2. Down and Dirty (Air Date: 9/30/15)

When a childhood friend of his is found beaten to death in the bathroom of a gentlemen's club, West makes it his personal mission to find the person responsible. The investigation soon becomes compromised when the PPD learns their prime suspect is a close friend of Commissioner Cooney's (Hugh Laurie).

3. AWOL (Air Date: 10/7/15)

Foul play is suspected in the murder of an Air Force captain. However, the case takes a drastic turn when a cadet from the Police Academy, Derrick Bradshaw (Vincent Martella), uses his connections with the Air Force to assist in the investigation.

NOTE #1: First Appearance of Cadet Derrick Bradshaw (Vincent Martella)

NOTE #2: Inspired by the story of Jeremy Hinzman

4. Sting (Air Date: 10/14/15)

The murder of a store clerk during a week-long string of robberies near King of Prussia lead Goren and Eames to set up a sting op in the vicinity. But things take a turn for the worse when a violent shootout erupts and one of their own gets caught in the line of fire.

NOTE: Inspired by the North Hollywood shootout

5. Labor of Love (Air Date: 10/21/15)

While still dealing with the aftermath of the school shooting, Brennan investigates the rape of a Penn State student and zeroes his investigation on the victim's boyfriend, who may be hiding a terrible secret.

6. Ripped (Air Date: 10/28/15)

A serial killer copying the M.O. of Jack the Ripper strikes Philadelphia, putting the city on edge. The PPD initially suspects a serial killer groupie of culpability, but Goren becomes suspicious after a Ripperology professor repeatedly inserts himself into the investigation.

NOTE: Inspired by the Derek Brown case

7. Innocent Until Proven Guilty (Air Date: 11/4/15)

When Falco is suspected of concealing evidence crucial to the exoneration of a convicted double murderer, the rest of the PPD, unconvinced, digs deeper into the story and realize there is a mole in their ranks, manipulating the outcomes of cases for political reasons. Meanwhile, Falco faces off against newly-appointed ADA Christina Ryan (Alyson Stoner).

NOTE: First appearance of Deputy DA Christina Ryan (Alyson Stoner)

8. Honor (Part 1) (Air Date: 11/11/15)

Following his graduation from the police academy, Cadet Derrick Bradshaw (Vincent Martella) partners with Goren and Eames on his first case: the gruesome murder of a Vietnam War veteran. However, the case turns personal for him when his grandfather, a fellow veteran and a key witness to the murder, is murdered himself.

9. Valor (Part 2) (Air Date: 11/18/15)

As the chase for the killer continues, Bradshaw happens upon an anonymous tip claiming that the victims may have been involved in a horrible war crime in Vietnam, which causes him to see his father figure in a different light. Meanwhile, Goren and Eames come into conflict with the former members of a disbanded antiwar group while trying to search for their suspect.

10. Dedication (Part 3) (Air Date: 11/25/15)

Bradshaw and Ryan join forces to prosecute the man responsible for the murders of several members of a Vietnam War unit, which may have committed one of the largest atrocities in recent wartime history. Meanwhile, Bradshaw struggles to reconcile with the good memories he has of his grandfather.

NOTE: Inspired by the My Lai Massacre

11. Storm Warning (Air Date: 12/16/15)

Bradshaw is partnered with Brennan as he investigates the kidnapping of a Nevada family during a strong blizzard. As he narrows down the list of suspects, he is suddenly faced with a tough decision to make when the multiple kidnapping is connected to a 15-year-old cold case.

12. Loss of Innocence (Air Date: 1/13/15)

Goren, Bradshaw, and Brennan grapple with the gut-wrenching case of three schoolboys found brutally murdered. When their search for answers turns up with a beloved elementary school teacher, a dark secret about their prime suspect surfaces.

NOTE: Inspired by the West Memphis Three case

13. Mummer Mayhem (Air Date: 1/20/16)

A random attack on a gay couple by a mummer during Mummers Parade leaves one man dead and the other in a coma. Due to the convenient timing of the attack, Goren and Eames have a hard time finding any suspects, while McCoy is immediately faced with a myriad of difficulties with his prosecution.

14. Into the Fire (Air Date: 2/3/16)

A light aircraft crashes into a high-rise downtown apartment building, setting off a fire that engulfs the entire complex. The PPD becomes involved when a firefighter is stabbed to death while inside the building, which leads them to figure out why the fire spread the way it did.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2006 New York City plane crash and the 2010 Shanghai high-rise apartment fire

15. Defect (Air Date: 2/10/16)

Faced with prosecuting a suspected Russian spy who may have murdered a state employee, West asks for the assistance of Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza). However, the District Attorney's Office faces more challenges when it is revealed the spy had recently defected to the U.S. and was spying on other Russians who had infiltrated the state. Ryan faces a personal dilemma when her cousin Alan (David Harbour) is revealed to be a witness, which puts him at risk of losing everything if his colleagues are indicted. Meanwhile, Rubirosa has a reunion with Michael Cutter.

NOTE: Inspired by the so-called "Illegals Program"

16. Sex Scenes (Air Date: 2/24/16)

Goren and Eames, Brennan and King, and Morales and Orr each investigate a case: the rape and murder of a prostitute, a high school teacher suspected of having a sexual relationship with a student, and the suicide of a college student moonlighting as a porn actress.

NOTE: Inspired by the cases of Anthony Sowell, Mary Kay Letourneau, Belle Knox, and Rehtaeh Parsons

17. Jackpot Scandal (Air Date: 3/2/16)

Goren and Eames investigate a workplace shooting at the headquarters of the Pennsylvania Lottery. They suspect a disgruntled former employee, but later find that he may have been a patsy for a scheme to cover up a larger operation.

NOTE: Inspired by the Hot Lotto fraud scandal and the Connecticut Lottery workplace shooting

18. Know When To Hold Them (Part 1) (Air Date: 3/9/16)

When an Irish mobster is shot to death, the PPD joins a multi-agency investigation into the murder in order to prevent a turf war from breaking out. They eventually apprehend a suspect whose motives are unrelated to the mob. However, when he is found dead under suspicious circumstances, Goren starts to suspect something else at work.

NOTE: Inspired by the Cecil Jacobson case and the Abner Louima case

19. Know When To Fold Them (Part 2) (Air Date: 3/16/16)

As the investigation into the death of their suspect begins, the PPD finds itself facing a dangerous situation involving the Philadelphia County Sheriff's Office, which Goren suspects is behind it. As a result, Commissioner Patrick Cooney (Hugh Laurie) initiates a tense confrontation with Sheriff Damon Pallner (Ken Jenkins).

20. Give Me Liberty (Air Date: 4/6/16)

Shots are fired during a press conference hosted by Mayor Aylesworth, leaving a state senator dead. The shooter is later identified as an anti-immigration activist opposed to Aylesworth's stance on illegal immigration, and thus Aylesworth was the true target.

NOTE: Inspired by the Giuseppe Zangara case and the attempted assassination of Henriette Reker

21. Tip-Off (Air Date: 4/13/16)

As the first anniversary of the Franklin High School shooting approaches, Eames and Bradshaw team up to investigate the shooting death of a former sheriff's deputy with a sketchy history. Meanwhile, Brennan, while investigating a school shooting threat, bonds with a woman with an intelligent but extremely troubled son, who she suspects is the one who made the threat but cannot prove it.

NOTE: Inspired by the Heritage High School shooting

22. Long Arm of the Law (Air Date: 4/27/16)

An innocent bystander is killed during a drive-by shooting targeting a prosecutor-turned-defense attorney, leaving the PPD with a long list of suspects. They eventually realize that the intended victim may have been targeted for violating the Brady rule during her prosecution of a serial rapist.

NOTE: Inspired by the Darren Sharper case

23. Graduation (Part 1) (Air Date: 5/18/16)

As Green's daughter Miranda (Paris Berelc) is about to graduate from Penn State, Green tries to solve the case of a murdered car salesman as quickly as he can so he could attend her graduation in time. Things get even worse for Green when he receives a horrifying phone call.

24. Graduation (Part 2) (Air Date: 5/18/16)

With Miranda still missing, the PPD realizes her kidnapping might be connected to her amateur investigation into an unsolved 1981 double homicide in which the victims were never identified. Green takes matters into his own hands when he faces off against a brilliant criminology professor (Kiefer Sutherland).

NOTE #1: Inspired by the Gerard John Schaefer case and the murders of Kerry Graham and Francine Trimble

NOTE #2: 2-hour season finale

Season 3 (2016-2017)

On October 31, 2015, NBC renewed 'Law & Order: Philadelphia' through the 2020 season, the show's 6th. The 3rd season would premiere September 21, 2016 at 10/9 Central, following the season premiere of 'Law & Order: SVU'.


  • Will consist of 25 episodes
  • Alfred Molina and Terrence Howard will leave the cast due to their roles on 'Penn Zero: Part Time Hero' and 'Empire', respectively.
  • Vincent Martella and Alyson Stoner will join the cast as Officer Derrick Bradshaw and Deputy DA Christina Ryan, respectively.

1. Crash Landing (Part 1)  (Air Date: 9/21/16)

The entire Philadelphia Police Department is faced with one of their largest investigations yet after a transatlantic flight from France crash-lands at Philadelphia International Airport, killing many people on board. Terrorism is suspected, and the stakes are raised after a shocking discovery is made about a particular group of passengers, some of whom are missing.

NOTE: Inspired by the hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93, the crashes of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 and Germanwings Flight 9525, the US Airways Flight 1549 water landing incident, the manhunt for Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and the case of two Iranian passengers traveling aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with stolen passports

2. Crash Landing (Part 2) (Air Date: 9/28/16)

A multi-agency manhunt is on for the suspects in the terrorist airliner crash at Philadelphia International, and Goren and Eames struggle to identify potential targets. Though the suspects are all eventually captured, the case takes a startling turn after the department realize the true perpetrator of the crash had been right under their noses the whole time.

3. Kleptomania (Air Date: 10/5/16)

A murdered woman found inside a shoe store is revealed to be a kleptomaniac, and the detectives narrow down the list of suspects to her frustrated sister, a volatile shopkeeper who had been targeted the most by the victim, and a fellow kleptomaniac. Meanwhile, Eames notices that a witness to the crime might be hiding something from the police.

4. My Wife, The Criminal (Air Date: 10/12/16)

Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a male prostitute found in a random backyard. Their investigation leads them to a pair of seemingly innocent newlyweds, though further scrutiny finds that the wife may be masking something sinister in nature. Meanwhile, Eames continues to follow a hunch she made about Stella Hayworth, the witness to last episode's crime.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Troy LaFerrara

5. Hit and Run (Air Date: 10/19/16)

A drunk driver triggers a devastating 150-car pileup, then runs over and kills another motorist while fleeing the scene of the accident. The resulting prosecution pits McCoy against the infamous "affluenza" defense. Meanwhile, Ryan is left reeling after she learns her cousin Alan and his family was among those caught in the pileup. Also, Eames starts to feel as if she is being stalked.

NOTE: Inspired by the Ethan Couch case, the 60-car pileup on I-76 in Upper Merion Township, Pennsylvania, in 2015, and the 150-car pileup on I-10 in Jefferson Couny, Texas, in 2012

6. Battery Man (Air Date: 10/26/16)

Stabler's increasingly unethical actions threaten to jeopardize the prosecution of an attorney suspected of abusing his wife and murdering two men, one of whom he thought was her lover. Meanwhile, Eames continues to deal with her mysterious stalker.

7. Armed and Dangerous (Air Date: 11/2/16)

King arrests an ex-convict for the murder of a store clerk during a robbery, but the man escapes during a vulnerable moment and embarks on a deadly rampage in order to avoid going back to prison. As the bodies continue to pile up, King, wracked with guilt, begins to make it his personal mission to stop the killer, no matter what the cost. At the end of the episode, the PPD is abruptly faced with a horrifying discovery.

NOTE: Inspired by the Allan Legere case and the Hank Earl Carr case

8. Setup (Part 1) (Air Date: 11/9/16)

When Goren is arrested for the murder of Stella Hayworth, who Eames had been investigating for her suspected involvement in a prostitution ring, Eames struggles to prove his innocence. However, the evidence against Goren continues to pile up, and Eames is forced to consider the possibility that her partner might in fact be a murderer. At the end of the episode, she makes a shocking discovery that she now cannot tell anyone about.

9. Setback (Part 2) (Air Date: 11/16/16)

With Goren's trial underway, Dorn and Stabler are tasked by West to clear up any potential inconsistencies in the case. However, as they look into what they initially assume is an innocent typo on the medical examiner's report, the two find themselves in the crosshairs of a dangerous hitman determined to remove any loose ends.

NOTE: Inspired by the case of Richard Kuklinski

10. Family Matters (Air Date: 11/23/16)

When a mother of two mysteriously disappears, the focus of the investigation immediately shifts to her husband, who had multiple affairs with other women. However, the detectives' scrutiny is extended to the suspect's father, who had developed a sexual obsession with the suspected victim. The case soon turns into a heated custody battle between the suspects and the woman's parents, which eventually culminates in tragedy. Meanwhile, Goren continues to deal with the aftermath of having been framed for murder, which jeopardizes his investigation into a shocking familicide.

NOTE: Inspired by the disappearance of Susan Powell, the murder of Laci Peterson, and the Rhoden familicide case

11. Hostage Crisis (Air Date: 11/30/16)

Bradshaw is faced with a personal dilemma when his old friend from high school is among those being held hostage by a disgruntled ex-coworker. Meanwhile, McCoy is forced to deal with the "black rage" defense, which is gaining a lot of traction with the public due to a recent string of controversial police shootings.

NOTE: Inspired by the 1996 Honolulu hostage crisis and the "black rage" defense used by Colin Ferguson

12. Coming of Age (Air Date: 12/7/16)

Goren and Eames investigate the brutal murder of a high school student on her 18th birthday and learn she was a manipulative, sociopathic bully who even tormented the school faculty, thus leaving them with a long list of suspects. Meanwhile, Brennan juggles between trying to celebrate Ritchie's 18th birthday and dealing with mounting harassment from the public.

13. All Aboard (Air Date: 12/14/16)

The PPD gets a lead on the person who hired the hitman who stalked Eames, framed Goren for Stella Hayworth's murder, and tried repeatedly to kill Dorn and Stabler. However, the person who provided the lead turns up dead, leaving Goren and Eames with only the victim's last words to go by. Their investigation eventually leads them to the Dukes Circle VIP, an escort service catering to the rich and powerful.

14. A Tough Call (Air Date: 12/21/16)

Goren and Eames investigate the horrific murders of three family members on Christmas Eve. At first, suspicion is placed on the father, the sole survivor, but further investigation leads the detectives to a pair of career criminals. With barely any forensic evidence to rely on, Ryan must make a tough decision to pursue the death penalty against both suspects, even though one of them seems more sympathetic and has made a legitimate claim that he became involved with more than what he bargained for.

NOTE: Inspired by the Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders in 2007

15. Fear Factor (Air Date: 1/11/17)

A stunt/dare game show ends in tragedy when one of the contestants dies during a botched stunt. McCoy initially prosecutes the show's producers for negligence, but further investigating reveals the death may have been intentionally engineered by a former contestant who had been dejected by the loss of her fifteen minutes of fame.

NOTE: Inspired by the often-controversial stunt/dare game show Fear Factor

16. 487 (Air Date: 1/25/17)

Bradshaw and Ryan are called in to join Goren and Eames in the investigation of a string of increasingly violent carjackings in the city. To Bradshaw, the case has an eerie familiarity to him.

NOTE: Inspired by the Devin Moore case and the popular Grand Theft Auto video game series

17. Dukes Circle (Air Date: 2/8/17)

The PPD continues to crack down on the Dukes Circle VIP escort service. As the investigation progresses, they are shocked to find that Mayor Aylesworth, one of the department's biggest supporters, is among the clients.

NOTE: Inspired by the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal

18. Burnout (Air Date: 2/22/17)

The search for a serial arsonist uncovers a larger investigation involving healthcare fraud and money laundering by a chain of nursing and assisted living homes. Meanwhile, the city of Philadelphia continues to recover from the fallout of Mayor Aylesworth's prostitution scandal.

NOTE: Inspired by the Paul Kenneth Keller case and the Esformes Network fraud scandal

19. Take a Chance (Air Date: 3/8/17)

McArthur is left picking up the pieces when a mother he investigated for suspected child abuse kills her young daughter during a botched, twisted sex game. Meanwhile, West must decide whether to file charges against a popular classified advertisements website that the defendants used for communication.

NOTE: Inspired by the death of Victoria Martens and the Craigslist adult services controversy

20. Actions Speak Louder (Air Date: 3/22/17)

Following the murders of a Muslim couple, McCoy, West, and Ryan all butt heads over whether the crime was motivated by hate or a longstanding dispute over a parking zone.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2015 Chapel Hill shooting

21. Tainted Love (Air Date: 4/12/17)

King and Bradshaw are assigned to protect an up-and-coming actress (Zendaya) from a delusional stalker whose alarming efforts to get her attention are escalating. As the search for the stalker continues, Bradshaw finds himself getting into a relationship with the actress.

NOTE: Inspired by the Robert John Bardo and John Hinckley, Jr., cases

22. God Complex (Air Date: 4/26/17)

Goren and Eames investigate the bombing of a genetic engineer's apartment, which they believe is the work of a politically-motivated serial bomber who had been inactive for seven years. However, after their main suspect is revealed to have died years earlier in the woods, the PPD's investigation shifts to a fellow scientist with a God complex, who had been slighted by the would-be victim.

NOTE: Inspired by the Ted Kaczynski (a.k.a. "The Unabomber") case and the death of Christopher McCandless

23. Lonely Life (Air Date: 5/3/17)

A girl is murdered in a high school bathroom, and a fellow classmate confesses that he killed her after she turned down his request to be his junior prom date. The resulting trial becomes complicated for McCoy when the suspect's attorney argues that he has a mental defect induced by a life of loneliness and rejection.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Maren Sanchez

24. An Offer You Shouldn't Refuse (Air Date: 5/10/17)

Goren, Eames, Bradshaw, and King investigate a string of murders and uncover an Italian Mafia ring hidden in the Philadelphia criminal underworld.

NOTE: Inspired by the life of John Gotti and the Gambino crime family

25. The Law Always Wins (Air Date: 5/17/17)

The trial of Ritchie Brennan begins, and a special prosecutor is hired to handle the case. The proceedings are hampered by a series of events that test the integrity of the entire Philadelphia Police Department, including the raised possibility that Brennan may have suppressed incriminating evidence during the criminal investigation.

NOTE: Inspired by the trial of T.J. Lane

Season 4 (2017-2018)

  • Will premiere on September 27th, 2017, following the season premiere of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'
  • A 2 part crossover with 'Special Victims Unit' is set to air as the mid-season finale
  • Will consist of 25 episodes
  • Alfred Molina will rejoin the cast

1. Trial of the Century (Air Date: 9/27/17)

Brennan uses his experiences with Ritchie and the Franklin High School shooting to his advantage when the trial against George Landman and Albert Alexiadis (the perpetrators of a murder case the PPD investigated in Season 1's "Read All About It") begins.

NOTE: Inspired by the trial of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb

2. I Pledge Allegiance (Air Date: 10/4/17)

The shooting death of a beloved high school teacher leads to a highly publicized trial revolving around the Pledge of Allegiance.

NOTE: Inspired by criticism and legal challenges towards the Pledge of Allegiance

3. Justice Never Rests (Air Date: 10/11/17)

New information on the disappearance of a young boy in 1993 leads Bradshaw and King to an autistic man who may hold the answer to the boy's fate. When the worst is finally revealed, McCoy is forced to make a decision that would betray his own moral code.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jacob Wetterling case

4. Thou Shalt Not Kill (Air Date: 10/18/17)

Goren and Eames investigate the death of a young college student and learn that he had been released early after being convicted as a juvenile for a horrific murder in Massachusetts. Their reluctant investigation leads the detectives to the congregation of a multi-site Evangelical megachurch.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jesse Pomeroy case and the LCBC multi-site megachurch in Pennsylvania

5. I Ain't Afraid of No Murder (Air Date: 10/25/17)

The Philadelphia Police Department is on edge after a Korean-American police officer shoots an unarmed African-American man, provoking racial tensions between three different communities in the city. West is left to deal with the political fallout of his office having an unusually high conviction rate for African-American suspects.

NOTE: Inspired by the shooting of Akai Gurley and the Black Lives Matter movement

6. Carry On (Air Date: 11/1/17)

With racial tensions still simmering following last episode's police shooting, and Eames off on a sick day, Goren and Bradshaw partner up to investigate the apparent drug overdose of a popular actor whose last years were extremely troubled.

NOTE: Inspired by the death of Cory Monteith

7. Coordinated Assault (Air Date: 11/8/17)

A Black Lives Matter protest over the police shooting of an unarmed African-American man two episodes ago turns into tragedy when a truck plows into the crowd, killing and injuring protesters and police officers alike. The driver, a far-right activist, is arrested, but McCoy must now also try to prosecute a high-ranking police officer who had earlier made an online post aggressively advocating such an attack on the protesters.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2016 Nice truck attack, the Micah Xavier Johnson case, the James Alex Fields case, and two controversies of police officers advocating vehicular attacks on BLM rallies online in January and June 2016

8. Bitter Reunions (Air Date: 11/15/17)

In the aftermath of last episode's vehicular attack, the Philadelphia Police Department force is fractured over its opinions of McCoy's prosecution of one of their superiors. Goren and Eames find themselves clashing with two detectives from another precinct as they try to work together to solve a quadruple homicide.

NOTE: Inspired by the July 2017 Pennsylvania murders

9. A Devilish Dance (Air Date: 11/22/17)

McCoy prosecutes a housewife and her homeless lover for killing the former's husband. However, he meets his match in the form of the woman's attorney, who employs clever tactics that ensure her client receives a lighter sentence. Meanwhile, the PPD and the Philadelphia community at large begin the healing process following the events of the preceding four episodes.

NOTE: Ripped from the pages of The Postman Always Rings Twice and its film adaptation

10. Crime Abroad (Air Date: 11/29/17)

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office clashes with the Chinese government over custody of a man suspected of killing his girlfriend and then assuming her online identity in an effort to cover it up.

NOTE: Inspired by the Zhang Hongjie case and the Shao Tong case

11. Shopping Spree (Air Date: 12/6/17)

A mother of three is stabbed to death in a department store while on a shopping spree, and Bradshaw and King uncover a myriad of dark secrets while investigating the victim's last 48 hours.

12. Mask (Part 1) (Air Date: 12/13/17)

While investigating the kidnapping, rape, and attempted murder of a Penn State college student, the Philadelphia Police Department connects it to a series of murders with a similar M.O. through the Mid-Atlantic states. As a result, the detectives join forces with Lieutenant Olivia Benson and Detective Amanda Rollins of NYPD's Special Victims Unit. All the while, they are forced to deal with the stonewalling of the survivor's influential father, who is more concerned about maintaining the public image of his wealthy family.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jesse L. Matthew, Jr. case

13. Mask (Part 2) (Air Date: 12/13/17)

The PPD and SVU detectives continue their pursuit for the Mid-Atlantic Serial Killer, who is continuing to leave bodies in his wake. Their investigation leads them to a twisted motive and a shocking connection to the Pennsylvania State Senate. Meanwhile, Benson grapples with unresolved issues between her and Stabler, her old partner.

NOTE: Both parts will air as the mid-season finale

14. House of Hoarders (Air Date: 1/10/18)

The unusual death of an African-American boy in Harlem leads the detectives to a pair of brothers leading a highly bizarre lifestyle. The resulting trial and media circus leads to raised questions about the brothers' culpability in the killing.

NOTE: Inspired by the story of the Collyer brothers

15. Choices (Air Date: 1/17/18)

The shooting of a pro-life activist is initially believed to be retribution for comments he made about the assassination of a controversial physician who provided late-term abortions. However, the investigation leads the detectives to a man with a traumatic past and a purely personal motive for the killing. Amidst an intense media circus, McCoy must argue against the suspect's defense of post-traumatic stress disorder driving him to commit the murder.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Jim Pouillon and the assassination of George Tiller

16. Lurking in the Depths (Air Date: 1/24/18)

A former Army psychiatrist is shot and killed in downtown Philadelphia, and it is revealed that he survived a similar shooting at a military base in Arizona three years ago. The resulting trial brings back to the spotlight patterns of negligence on the part of the Veterans Health Administration.

NOTE: Inspired by the shooting at Fort Bliss in 2015, and the Veterans Health Administration scandal of 2014

17. Trust No One (Air Date: 1/31/18)

Bradshaw and Morales tackle a particularly gruesome case involving dismembered body parts being mailed to offices of various Republican politicians. They are led to a paranoid schizophrenic who believes that a coup d'état of the country by the Republican Party is imminent. As more information is shed on the case, McCoy faces off against a prominent conspiracy theorist who was in contact with the murder suspect.

NOTE: Inspired by the Luka Magnotta case and the recent hysteria regarding fake news stories, with one character reminiscent of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

18. Jersey Crimes (Air Date: 2/7/18)

The prime suspect in the shooting death of a well-known neurosurgeon in the Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience is connected to another high-profile murder in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey. As a result, the District Attorney's Office clashes with their Newark counterpart over who gets to prosecute the defendant first. Meanwhile, Ryan learns about her niece Haley's (Addison Timlin) plans for the future.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2016 UCLA shooting

19. A Good Sport (Air Date: 2/14/18)

When a Philadelphia Eagles fan is killed by a sucker punch during a game between the Eagles and the New York Giants, Goren and Eames immediately suspect the death to be a result of the decades-long rivalry between the football teams. However, their investigation leads them to an unlikely suspect.

NOTE: Inspired by the assault of Ignacio Castillo during an Eagles vs. Cowboys game at Arlington, Texas

20. Haunting (Air Date: 2/28/18)

Goren and Eames investigate after the cameraman of a paranormal reality TV show is murdered during shooting of a new episode. As the show's hosts use the murder as proof to the existence of ghosts, Goren learns that the victim was part of a love triangle.

NOTE: Inspired by the controversial paranormal reality TV show Ghost Hunters and the "Parachute Murder"

21. Thanks But No Thanks (Air Date: 4/18/18)

When a nine-month-old baby boy from Canada disappears from a hotel room, Brennan and Bradshaw begin to suspect the family's nanny, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, of wrongdoing. Meanwhile, Ryan tries to give Haley advice on her potential career path.

NOTE: Inspired by the Louise Woodward case and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

22. Gravedigger (Air Date: 4/25/18)

A cemetery groundskeeper is bludgeoned to death during a series of bizarre grave robberies, and Goren and Eames find themselves investigating the seemingly unconnected families of the three corpses targeted.

23. In Loco Parentis (Air Date: 5/2/18)

A bitter custody battle in court turns deadly when the volatile husband and two fellow gang members begin shooting, leaving several casualties. They then kidnap his son and several others, including Ryan, thus making it a personal matter for Bradshaw.

NOTE: Inspired by the Tyler courthouse shooting and the Marin County courthouse incident

24. Kevin (Air Date: 5/9/18)

A teenage boy is killed while skipping school, leaving Goren and Eames with many questions. Meanwhile, Ryan, still recovering from her kidnapping, starts to reconsider her support for Haley's plans for the future.

25. The Ram (Part 1) (Air Date: 5/16/18)

Ryan juggles between supervising the prosecution of an eccentric multimillionaire for the murder of a family friend, and dealing with Haley's inevitable departure for Ohio. At the end of the episode, she receives traumatic news about Haley.

NOTE: Inspired by the Robert Durst case

Season 5 (2018-2019)

  • Will premiere on September 26th, 2018, following the season premiere of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'
  • Will consist of 26 episodes
  • "Emotion Sickness" is a crossover with 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'

1. Our Darkest Hour (Part 2) (Air Date: 9/26/18)

With her niece Haley (Addison Timlin) hospitalized and in critical condition following an Islamist terrorist attack at her college on her first day, Ryan is determined to find the ISIS-affiliated jihadist who convinced the assailant to act. As the investigation progresses, she finds herself becoming closer to Bradshaw, which could complicate the case.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2016 Ohio State University attack and the Joshua Ryne Goldberg case

2. 100 (Air Date: 10/3/18)

In this landmark 100th episode of the series, McArthur is arrested on suspicion of raping several women. As the PPD works around the clock to prove his innocence, they realize that while McArthur might be innocent, the real rapist might still be one of their own (Eric Szmanda). Meanwhile, Bradshaw and Ryan continue their secret relationship.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jeffrey Pelo case

3. The Roof (Air Date: 10/10/18)

The apparent suicide of a struggling actress is later revealed to be murder, and Goren and Eames realize it might be connected to her involvement in the production of what is now popularly considered one of the best worst movies ever made. Meanwhile, Brennan discovers Bradshaw and Ryan's secret relationship.

NOTE: Inspired by the cult film The Room and the stories surrounding its production

4. White World (Air Date: 10/17/18)

The stabbing death of a gay Jewish man is linked to a member of an extremely dangerous neo-Nazi group. When the suspect's attorney presents a highly bizarre but credible defense, McCoy struggles to prevent it from becoming a smokescreen to the jury and redirect them back to the crime's true motive: hate.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Blaze Bernstein and the Atomwaffen Division hate group

5. Where Greatness Awaits (Air Date: 10/24/18)

The violent death of a pregnant woman and the kidnapping of her unborn child leads Goren and Eames to a strange new religious movement. However, their investigation uncovers a secret cabal within the movement that advocates violence, unlike their mainstream peers, and is planning something larger.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett, the Raëlian movement, and the Tokyo subway sarin attack

6. All Hallows' Evening (Air Date: 10/31/18)

With Eames out of town visiting a friend, Goren and King partner up to investigate the seemingly random shooting of a motorist during a prank on Halloween night. Meanwhile, Brennan reminisces about one particular Halloween night he had with Ritchie.

7. Unintended Consequences (Air Date: 11/14/18)

Bradshaw and King investigate the murder of an aerial photographer, and find that the robbers stole certain photos. Their investigation into the stolen photos leads them to a famous singer who had been locked in a trivial lawsuit with the victim, with the intent of suppressing the aforementioned photos. Just when Bradshaw and King are about to dismiss the lawsuit as a motive for the killing, the photos are found, and a closer inspection of them uncovers a more sinister crime.

NOTE: Inspired by the original "Streisand effect" incident and the Michael Jackson sexual abuse allegations

8. Triangle (Air Date: 11/21/18)

When a teenage boy kills three armed intruders and injures a fourth during a botched home invasion, Goren and Eames realize that robbery might not have been the intruders' motive, but rather murder. As a result, they focus on the boy's parents, who have good motives for arranging the death of their significant other. Meanwhile, Haley finally wakes up from her coma.

NOTE: Inspired by the failed home invasion in Oklahoma in March 2017, the Charles Stuart case, and the Pamela Smart case

9. Trumped (Air Date: 11/28/18)

The Penn State campus is attacked during a violent protest of the federal government, prompting Bradshaw, Ryan, Goren and Eames to look into the case. When they discover that the victim was a Clinton supporter from the 2016 election, their lead could end up treading into political territory and a grudge stemming farther than just a general election. Meanwhile, Ryan continues to assist in Haley's recovery.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2017 Charlottesville riots, the 2017 Congressional baseball shooting, and the "Trump derangement syndrome" neologism

10. Promotion (Part 1) (Air Date: 12/5/18)

Officers Green, Orr and Bradshaw are promoted to Inspectors on the same day. Only minutes after their promotion, they take on their first case as a team when a 16-year-old girl is raped and brutally beaten. With the victim in ICU and the perpetrator still at large, the trio must team up with Bradshaw's secret girlfriend, newly promoted Jr. District Attorney Ryan, to figure out where the serial rapist will strike next.

11. Promotion (Part 2) (Air Date: 12/12/18)

The hunt for the serial rapist continues as he claims two more victims, both high school students. With the help of Brennan's son Ritchie (Jack Griffo) and his recently reformed girlfriend Danica Maclin (Kira Kosarin), they figure out that the rapist was an old classmate of theirs: Nathan Grimsley (Cory Foglemanis), who was expelled for a series of offenses. Upon Grimsley's arrest, Danica, at the request of Brennan, is enrolled at the police academy, with the hopes of joining the force.

NOTE: Inspired by the Tyler Kost case

12. Sitting in a Tree (Air Date: 1/16/19)

When Haley's therapist dies in a house fire, Bradshaw and King investigate when Haley informs them about a heated dispute the victim had before her death. Meanwhile, King learns about Bradshaw's secret relationship with Ryan and becomes worried about its effects on any of their cases.

13. Hopped (Air Date: 1/23/19)

Bradshaw and Ryan's date night is interrupted by the shooting of a nurse. As Bradshaw investigates with Goren and Eames, Brennan tries to bond with the mentally unbalanced shooter to get more information.

14. In Absentia (Air Date: 1/30/19)

The death of an elderly woman during a home invasion leads Goren and Brennan to a fugitive on the run for a 1983 murder, who is now a Canadian citizen. As a result, McCoy faces off against the Canadian government in a complicated extradition process. Meanwhile, Ryan becomes concerned about Haley's recent behavior and turns to Bradshaw for help.

NOTE: Inspired by the Ira Einhorn (a.k.a. "The Unicorn Killer") case and the Stanley Faulder case

15. Trespass (Air Date: 2/13/19)

An illegal immigrant from Mexico is killed in a drive-by shooting, and Goren and Eames initially suspect a white nationalist radio host. However, after their suspect provides an airtight alibi, they focus on recent unrest coming from an unlikely ethnic group.

NOTE: Inspired by the Hispanics for Trump group, and a character is reminiscent of white nationalist blogger Hal Turner

16. Unworthy of Life (Air Date: 2/20/19)

An Angel of Death commits a horrific mass shooting at a care home for disabled people, leaving dozens dead and injured. This results in a controversial trial in which McCoy must argue that no matter how mentally and physically disabled the victims were, they did not deserve to be put out of their misery. The case becomes a personal matter for both King, who has an autistic son, and Ryan, who is still assisting Haley on her long road to recovery. Meanwhile, McCoy receives a visit from the recently-retired Manhattan A.D.A. Rafael Barba (Raúl Esparza).

NOTE: Inspired by the Sagamihara stabbings

17. On the Road Again (Air Date: 2/27/19)

McCoy is faced with one of the toughest cases in his career when he prosecutes a driver for a hit-and-run involving an autonomous vehicle.

NOTE: Inspired by the death of Elaine Herzberg

18. Big Break (Air Date: 3/6/19)

Goren finally makes up for a shortcoming that plagued him following his being framed for murder: arresting the suspects behind a horrifying familicide that occurred over two years ago. However, what results is a bitter custody battle.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2018 arrests made in the Rhoden familicide case

19. Confessional (Air Date: 3/20/19)

McCoy challenges the confessional privilege after a teenage boy is suspected of killing his aunt and then confesses to his priest. His actions earn him the ire of Stabler, a devout Catholic.

20. Cold as Ice (Air Date: 3/27/19)

Two blindfolded bodies are found in a walk-in freezer, and Goren and Eames are led to a group that engages in "temperature play", a form of BDSM.

21. Boy in the Box (Air Date: 4/3/19)

Stabler is traumatized after discovering the body of a young boy in a cardboard box, which reminds him of a case he once investigate while he was still a detective with the NYPD's Special Victims Unit. Goren and Eames discover the boy's mother and find that she might be masking a sinister true nature.

NOTE: Inspired by the "Boy in the Box" case and the Marie Noe case

22. The Valedictorian (Air Date: 4/17/19)

The valedictorian of the Franklin High class of 2019 (Devan Leos) goes missing and ends up murdered mere hours before his graduation, prompting the team to look into his life outside school. When the search turns up that he was the leader of a BDSM prostitution ring, the team turns up a possible motive for his murder: revenge.

23. Emotion Sickness (Air Date: 4/24/19)

Goren and Eames investigate the suicide of a Penn State college student and realize he made an unsuccessful attempt to seek help on a suicide prevention hotline hours before his death. They then connect a deluge of spam callers that overwhelmed the hotline at the time to a professor in New York City, who was the subject of controversy following his remarks about the death of a former governor's wife.

NOTE #1: Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T guest-star as Olivia Benson and Odafin Tutuola of SVU, respectively

NOTE #2: Inspired by Randa Jarrar's controversial remarks and actions following the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush

24. Chimera (Air Date: 5/8/19)

The PPD initially suspects a secretary in the death of her ex-husband, but forensic evidence seems to exonerate her. However, Goren continues digging after observing suspicious behavior from her and uncovers an unusual angle to the case.

NOTE: Inspired by the Lydia Fairchild case and the genetic chimerism phenomenon

25. PDA (Part 1) (Air Date: 5/15/19)

A bride and groom are gunned down on the eve of their wedding. With Goren and Eames investigating the case of a rogue doctor (John C. McGinley) suspected of kidnapping a 17-year-old girl, Bradshaw and King are called in to handle the investigation. When these two cases intersect, and the prime suspect sends a private investigator (Joe Mantegna) after Bradshaw, Bradshaw and King's partnership will be put to the ultimate test.

NOTE: Inspired by the kidnappings of Hannah Anderson and Peggy Ann Bradnick

26. PDA (Part 2) (Air Date: 5/15/19)

The events of the previous episode come to a head as the case that Bradshaw and King were working on connects to the case that Goren and Eames were investigating. When the private investigator learns about Bradshaw and Ryan's relationship and relays the information to the prime suspect, Bradshaw becomes the subject of blackmail. As a result, he and Ryan must make a tough decision on whether to make their relationship public in order to outsmart the doctor. The season ends with a cliffhanger that leaves the fate of one of the PPD unknown.

NOTE: 2 hour season finale

Season 6 (2019-2020)

On January 1, 2019, NBC renewed 'Law & Order: Philadelphia' through the 2026-2027 season, the show's 13th.

  • Will premiere on September 18th, 2019, following the season premiere of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'
  • Will consist of 25 episodes
  • Tobey Maguire and Paris Berelc will join the cast as DA Investigator Daniel Sheffield and Officer Miranda Green - the daughter of Officer Chester Green (Justin Willman), respectively
  • Production of the season was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., with 22 out of the original 25 episodes already completed at the time; the 22nd season served as the season finale

1. In the Spotlight (Part 3) (Air Date: 9/18/19)

As the manhunt for Dr. Lawrence Plasky (John C. McGinley) continues, Bradshaw struggles with guilt over King's shooting. Meanwhile, Ryan is subjected to an internal review headed by DA Investigator Daniel Sheffield (Tobey Maguire) over any possible biases in prosecutions due to her secret relationship with Bradshaw.

2. Game (Air Date: 9/25/19)

The shooting death of a Chinese exchange student playing a highly popular yet controversial mobile game leads to not only renewed criticism of the game, but also criticism about the stand-your-ground law that helped justify the shooting. With a community calling for charges to be filed, West must make a tough decision. Meanwhile, McCoy chastises Ryan for keeping her relationship with Bradshaw a secret.

NOTE: Inspired by the shooting of Jiansheng Chen, and criticism of Florida's stand-your-ground law after the shooting of Trayvon Martin

3. Do You Want to Know a Secret? (Air Date: 10/2/19)

As McCoy prepares for a meeting with his estranged father Jack (Sam Waterston), he is faced with the case of a father who may have intentionally left his son to die in a car in the middle of a hot day.

NOTE: Inspired by the Justin Ross Harris case

4. Stuck in the Middle With You (Air Date: 10/9/19)

Hackers attack the electrical infrastructure of the Northeastern and Midwestern U.S., sending multiple states, including Pennsylvania, into a blackout. As the PPD deals with the chaos and tries to assist the FBI in finding the perpetrators, Bradshaw and Ryan discuss the ramifications and the future of their relationship while trapped inside an elevator.

NOTE: Inspired by the Northeast blackout of 2003

5. Snapped (Air Date: 10/16/19)

McCoy takes charge in prosecuting the suspect in a crime of passion that left a loving husband dead. During the investigation, King returns to provide some much-needed support, not just to the investigation, but to his partner Bradshaw with his relationship with Ryan.

6. A Crime to Remember (Air Date: 10/23/19)

As Danica works her way through the police academy, she's called in for the first time to investigate the brazen kidnapping of the wife of Governor John Fletcher (Richard Schiff), a strong supporter of the police. Joined by Green's daughter Miranda, they are led to his Lieutenant Governor, Randy Crystal (David James Elliott), and a possible motive of jealousy.

NOTE: Inspired by the Chandra Levy case

7. Walked Out (Air Date: 10/30/19)

On the eve of Halloween, a sheriff's deputy is shot and killed during a routine traffic stop. The subsequent investigation leads the Greens to a group of conservative state senators on the run from Oregon in order to thwart their liberal colleagues' legislation. The case causes Chester to relive a nearly traumatic memory of a Halloween spent with his daughter.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2019 Oregon Senate Republican walkouts, the related death threads made by Brian Boquist, and the Jerad and Amanda Miller case

8. Challenger (Air Date: 11/6/19)

Bradshaw and King investigate the beating death of a former Marine and discover the victim was a member of an underground "fight club". Due to the club's distrust of police officers, King is forced to go undercover as a new member, but finds his life in jeopardy.

NOTE: Inspired by the "fight club" phenomenon caused by the book and film of the same name, and the Johnny Bobbitt gas money scam

9. Lift-Off (Air Date: 11/13/19)

An astronaut is stabbed to death days before her trip to outer space, and Goren and Eames suspect a fellow astronaut who might have been having an affair with the victim. Meanwhile, King continues to recover from his gunshot wound as he tries to assist McCoy in the retrial of the murder suspect in last season's episode "Big Bang".

NOTE: Inspired by the William Oefelein/Lisa Nowak affair

10. Miracle on the Allegheny (Part 1) (Air Date: 11/20/19)

The PPD heads to Pittsburgh when PPG Paints Arena becomes the scene of a massive bombing. They become part of a multi-agency manhunt to find the bombers before they strike again. By the end of the episode, Goren and King are trapped with civilians inside a office building after a bomb takes it down.

NOTE: Inspired by the November 2015 Paris attacks

11. Miracle on the Allegheny (Part 2) (Air Date: 11/27/19)

The search for the serial bombers continues as more locations in Pittsburgh are targeted, while all of Pennsylvania and America is left on edge. Meanwhile, Eames and Bradshaw work hard to extract Goren, King, and other survivors from the devastated office building.

12. Miracle on the Allegheny (Part 3) (Air Date: 12/4/19)

As their investigation continues, the task force is led to a disgraced sports star (Thomas Gibson) obsessed with 9/11 and ISIS. By the end of the episode, it is revealed that Ryan passes her internal review, preserving her job and her relationship with Bradshaw.

NOTE: Inspired by the 1973 Rome airport attacks and hijacking incident

13. Tweet Storm (Air Date: 1/1/20)

After a trip to New York for their anniversary and New Year's, Bradshaw and Ryan are called in to help King and the Greens investigate the murders of a young couple. As the evidence builds, they find out that the plan for the murder may have stemmed from a Twitter tirade. Meanwhile, Commissioner Cooney and Governor Fletcher work together to help the state of Pennsylvania rebuild following the devastating Pittsburgh attacks.

14. With the Wind (Air Date: 1/22/20)

Six months after the Pittsburgh attacks, a press conference announcing a permanent memorial in Philadelphia is interrupted when a single middle-aged father dies in an apparent suicide. Brennan and Morales investigate and realize that the man was moonlighting as a daredevil, and that he had a partner in his stunts who is now missing.

NOTE: Inspired by the Ontheroofs project by Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov, and the death of Wu Yongning

15. Facebook Official (Air Date: 1/29/20)

The PPD embarks on a manhunt for a man who committed a murder and posted a video of it on Facebook. Meanwhile, Ryan becomes a little concerned when her niece Haley (Addison Timlin) chooses to start a vlog.

NOTE: Inspired by the shooting of Robert Godwin

16. Doubled Down (Air Date: 2/5/20)

The PPD works double-time to apprehend two independent serial killers terrorizing the streets of Philadelphia. Meanwhile, McCoy faces off against an old nemesis (Dennis Boutsikaris) of his father's.

NOTE: Inspired by the Baseline Killer and Serial Shooter cases in Phoenix in 2005 and 2006

17. The Minority Report (Air Date: 2/12/20)

Racial tensions are reignited after the arrests of two African-American men in a popular fast-food restaurant. As the PPD tries to keep the protests under control, Goren and Eames investigate the nearby murder of a prominent Black Lives Matter protester and aspiring politician.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2018 Philadelphia Starbucks arrests and the 2016 murder of Darren Seals

18. Don't Stop... (Part 1) (Air Date: 2/26/20)

Bradshaw has an awkward reunion with Mandy Seeger (Zendaya), the actress he protected from a stalker in Season 3, when she comes forward with claims that her costar (Jon Wellner) on a new sitcom is sexually harassing her and another costar (Cote de Pablo), and may have raped the other costar. Assisted by Goren, Eames, and King, Bradshaw tries to prove Mandy is telling the truth, but it may be difficult. Meanwhile, Ryan becomes jealous of Bradshaw's attention to Mandy.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jeremy Piven sexual misconduct allegations

19. ...Thinking About Tomorrow (Part 2) (Air Date: 3/4/20)

With the trial of Zachary Gibbs now underway, Bradshaw must try to prove to the jury that his old fling with Mandy was not an influencing factor in his investigation. Meanwhile, Brennan and King continue to look into Gibbs' past. By the end of the episode, Bradshaw receives a surprise visit from Ryan.

20. Halftime Break-in (Air Date: 3/18/20)

A janitor is murdered during the theft of Nick Foles' (guest-starring as himself) jersey, following a Philadelphia Eagles victory against the Washington Redskins. Goren and Eames investigate the strange case and are led to an eccentric sports memorabilia collector (Brad William Henke). Meanwhile, Bradshaw notices Ryan avoiding him following their one-night stand.

NOTE: Inspired by the theft of Tom Brady's jersey following Super Bowl LI

21. Sanctuary (Air Date: 4/1/20)

A deadly, racially-motivated workplace shooting puts McCoy's wits to the test after a key witness is deported before the trial could start, while another is hospitalized with COVID-19. He soon puts his life in danger when he decides to put a controversial movement under the spotlight in an effort to convict the shooter. Meanwhile, Commissioner Cooney announces he is joining the Democratic primary late due to his frustrations with Governor Fletcher's lack of preparedness with the state's COVID-19 pandemic. By the end of the episode, Ryan receives a shocking revelation.

NOTE: Inspired by the Patrick Crusius case, the Omar Sheriff Thorton case, the August 2019 Mississippi ICE raids, the controversial "Second Amendment sanctuary" movements, the controversial "sanctuary city" debate, and the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.

22. Nerd Alert (Air Date: 4/15/20)

A popular jock is shot and stabbed to death on a trail near his high school football field, while his girlfriend is left alive with a concussion. As the PPD scours the school for suspects, Goren takes notice of a circle of outsiders who all have a good motive for committing the attack. However, just when they believe they have their suspect in custody, the detectives are met with a last-minute twist that changes their perspective of the entire investigation. Meanwhile, the Democratic primary is held, incurring stunning results. Also, Ryan tells Bradshaw she is pregnant with their child.

NOTE: Ripped from the pages of Nineteen Minutes, and inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.

Season 7 (2020-2021)


  • Will premiere on September 16, 2020 with a 2 hour premiere at 9/8 Central, following the season premiere of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'
  • Will consist of 26 episodes
  • Kira Kosarin (Danica Maclin) is promoted to series regular as of this season, representing 'Law'.
  • Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter join the cast as Detectives Mikayla Hunter and Jennifer Power, respectively.

1. The Campaign (Part 1) (Air Date: 9/16/20)

With the runoff election for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination about to begin, the PPD investigates the murder of a bundler for various fundraisers and dives into the world of politics. Meanwhile, Commissioner Cooney's campaign is met with unpopularity from the Democratic establishment. By the end of the episode, Cooney's campaign grinds to a standstill when someone issues a blackmail threat against him, while Ryan finds out she is pregnant.

NOTE: Inspired by the Norman Hsu scandal and the 2010 United States Senate Democratic primary election in Pennsylvania

2. The Runoff (Part 1) (Air Date: 9/16/20)

As the night of the gubernatorial primary approaches, Cooney struggles to keep his campaign going without provoking his blackmailer. Goren is contacted an old unlikely friend (Mark Linn-Baker) who claims the blackmailer is Cooney's opponent, David Warren (Eric Lange). Meanwhile, the PPD zeroes in on a possible connection between their murder case, an infamous car crash, and two wealthy families engaged in a bitter, generations-long rivalry. By the end of the episode, the stunning Democratic primary results are revealed, while Bradshaw learns Ryan is pregnant with his child.

NOTE: Inspired by the details of the 2016 Democratic National Committee email leak, Mitt Romney's 2016 anti-Trump speech, the deaths of Diana Spencer and Dodi Fayed, the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, and the so-called "Kennedy curse"

NOTE: 2-hour season premiere

3. Close to Call (Air Date: 9/23/20)

With Warren winning the Democratic Party nomination for the gubernatorial election, McCoy, suspecting voter fraud, shifts his focus to the ballots. In the meantime, the detectives decide to take a small breather and try to solve the murder of a far-left activist who supported a third-party politician in the gubernatorial election. Also, Cooney braces himself for the heightening possibility of his emails getting leaked.

NOTE: A supporting character is inspired by Kshama Sawant of the Socialist Alternative political party

4. Discovery (Air Date: 9/30/20)

As McCoy digs deeper into potential voter fraud from Commissioner Cooney's stunning Democratic primary loss to David Warren, Dale Oakes, a Pennsylvania Democratic Party employee who had been supportive of Cooney, is murdered, leading Cooney to suspect Warren and call Goren and Eames into action. Meanwhile, Ryan tests positive for COVID-19.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Seth Rich

5. Ride-Along (Air Date: 10/7/20)

Left with no other leads on the previous episode's case, Cooney decides to consult with disgraced Mayor Roy Aylesworth (Andrew Bowen) about the political underworld. Meanwhile, Brennan becomes host to Cadet Danica Maclin (Kira Kosarin) on a ride-along, and both wind up catching a case involving a drug dealer killed in an extremely unusual way.

6. The Ultimate Commitment (Air Date: 10/14/20)

Bradshaw, still reeling from the revelation of Ryan's pregnancy and COVID-19 scare, goes in with King to investigate a double homicide committed after an Ariana Grande concert. During the investigation, Bradshaw struggles with his relationship with Ryan, causing him to lose focus. At the end of the episode, Bradshaw proposes to Ryan. Ariana Grande guest-stars as herself.

7. Major Fraud (Air Date: 10/21/20)

Bradshaw and King investigate the suspicious deaths of two children vacationing from Germany. When the investigation leads the two to an esteemed travel agency, Bradshaw becomes emotionally affected by the case, worrying Ryan. Meanwhile, McCoy gathers enough evidence to bring Warren in before a grand jury on charges of fraud in the Democratic primary, but Warren starts leaking the emails he had against Cooney.

NOTE: Inspired by the deaths of Christianne and Robert Shepherd, the collapse of Thomas Cook Group, the 2000 United States presidential election recount in Florida, and the Podesta emails

8. XX (Air Date: 10/28/20)

A brutal triple homicide leads the PPD to a renowned Congolese doctor fighting rape in his war-torn home country, whose daughters have been kidnapped by a violent guerrilla group. Meanwhile, word gets out about Cooney's private investigation into the murder of Dale Oakes, and conspiracy theorists start to link his campaign to the case.

NOTE: Inspired by the Denis Mukwege assassination attempt and right-wing conspiracy theories surrounding the murder of Seth Rich

9. Storming the Castle (Air Date: 11/4/20)

Cooney's embattled campaign receives another setback when conspiracy theorists also accuse him of being connected to an alleged sex trafficking ring headquartered at a Greek restaurant. When one conspiracy theorist takes his beliefs too far, McCoy struggles against the worsening political climate in order to prosecute him for murder. Meanwhile, two new graduates from the police academy, Mikayla Hunter (Rowan Blanchard) and Jennifer Power (Sabrina Carpenter), are called in to try and clear Cooney's name.

NOTE: Inspired by the Pizzagate conspiracy theory and the subsequent shooting committed by Edgar Maddison Welch, and the QAnon conspiracy theory and the related murder of Frank Cali

10. Veteran's Day (Air Date: 11/11/20)

In the wake of the email leaks and recent conspiracy theories targeting his campaign, Cooney attempts to restore his public image by holding a press conference on Veteran's Day. However, the press conference ends in tragedy when a crazed Warren supporter opens fire, injuring him and killing several attendants. West finds himself succumbing to the toxicity of the political climate when he appoints a special counselor for the case.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2016 Donald Trump Chicago rally protest, the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, and the Tucson mass shooting committed by Jared Lee Loughner

11. Black and Blue (Air Date: 11/18/20)

Bradshaw and Ryan announce their engagement, but the big announcement is interrupted when Green is shot while on patrol, making it a personal matter for his daughter Miranda. Meanwhile, Cooney finds himself stooping to his lowest point when he uses Green's shooting in an attempt to bolster his embattled campaign.

NOTE: Inspired by the shooting of Brian Moore

12. Need for Speed (Air Date: 11/25/20)

After Warren's request for a final recount is blocked by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, a black supremacist group starts intimidating members of Cooney's base. After the body of a Cooney supporter is found near a polling station, Bradshaw arrests a suspect aboard a passenger train, only to be forced to work with him when the train suddenly loses control.

NOTE: Inspired by the CSX 8888 incident and the Unstoppable film adaptation, and the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case

13. Three Identical Killers (Air Date: 12/2/20)

As Cooney heads into his debate against Governor Fletcher, Goren, Eames, Bradshaw, and King tackle an extremely complicated case when identical triplets, who were separated at birth, are their prime suspects in a documentary film producer's murder, even though evidence points to one killer. Meanwhile, Ryan's pregnancy starts to affect her work, forcing Hunter to put her Harvard Law skills in action on the case.

NOTE: Inspired by the Gabriel identical triplets case and the 2016 U.S. presidential debate at Hofstra University, and ripped from the documentary film Three Identical Strangers

14. Election Night (Part 1) (Air Date: 12/9/20)

On the night of the general election, Cooney continues to feel the impact of the email leaks, which expose an affair he had with a porn star seven years prior. Meanwhile, the PPD investigates the murder of a college student who may have been moonlighting as a prostitute. Also, McArthur tests positive for COVID-19 and is hospitalized.

NOTE: Inspired by the Stormy Daniels–Donald Trump affair scandal and the Mackenzie Lueck case

15. Election Night (Part 2) (Air Date: 1/14/21)

As the election returns come in, Bradshaw, King, Goren, and Eames are pit against a corrupt political and criminal mastermind who has done everything in his power to try and sabotage Cooney's campaign. This jeopardizes their testimonies in the trial of a depraved sociopath suspected in the previous episode's murder. Meanwhile, McArthur's condition worsens, leading to a potential power struggle between King and an ambitious police sergeant. At the end of the episode, a winner is announced, shocking everyone.

NOTE: Inspired by Donald Trump's surprise victory in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and the 2018 California's 21st congressional district election

16. Jump-Started (Air Date: 1/21/21)

With Cooney now the next Governor of Pennsylvania, the PPD is forced to help provide security detail for him as protests erupt from both Fletcher and Warren supporters. With the PPD's ranks occupied with Cooney, Eames and King tackle the case of a dead housewife alone. Meanwhile, West orders Stabler and Dorn to reopen the investigation into Dale Oakes' murder as he tries to build a criminal case against Warren. Also, McArthur continues his recovery from COVID-19.

NOTE: Inspired by the anti-Donald Trump protests following his surprise presidential election victory

17. Inauguration Day (Air Date: 2/5/21)

Cooney is sworn in as Governor of Pennsylvania, but his inauguration doesn't go off without a hitch. Meanwhile, as the precinct continues to deal with McArthur's near-death experience, Goren and Eames search for the person responsible for a string of increasingly violent assaults targeting people who refuse to wear masks that would protect them from COVID-19. Also, Ryan is forced to make a tough decision about Coomey's Lieutenant Governor: her cousin Alan (David Harbour).

18. College XXX (Air Date: 2/26/21)

The porn star who hid her affair with Cooney resurfaces with a tell-all book that mentions the same college student who committed suicide in season 2's "Sex Scenes". Bradshaw and King are called in to investigate whether these two cases have some connection.

NOTE: Inspired by the Stormy Daniels–Donald Trump affair scandal and the Michael Avenatti controversies

19. Held Accountable (Air Date: 3/5/21)

While investigating the murder of a comptroller, Hunter and Power come across a possible grand larceny scheme when they realize the victim found $200,000 missing from the state budget. This leads them to the Lieutenant Governor, Ryan's cousin Alan, which puts Ryan through a personal crisis that only Bradshaw can aid her with.

20. Hopeless (Air Date: 3/12/21)

Continuing their investigation into the Dale Oakes murder case, Stabler and Dorn uncover a connection between the victim and a rising pharmaceutical company. As they dig deeper, they make a shocking discovery that brings a new angle to the entire case. Meanwhile, McArthur, still recovering from COVID-19, asks Goren and Eames to investigate a series of suspicious deaths at his hospital.

NOTE: Inspired by the slew of New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer suicides in 2019, the Chris Collins insider trading scandal, and the Donald Harvey case

21. Wedding Crashers (Air Date: 3/26/21)

While investigating the murder of a waiter during a high-profile wedding ceremony, Goren and Eames realize there were two uninvited guests at the event. Though the party crashers are ultimately exonerated, McCoy is still forced to prosecute them after their involvement in another murder is uncovered.

NOTE: Inspired by the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the 2009 U.S. state dinner security breaches by Michaele and Tareq Salahi, and the murders of Byrd and Melanie Billings

22. The Orange and the Black (Air Date: 4/2/21)

A state representative is found beaten to death, and the PPD focuses their suspicion on the staff of the victim's political rival. Meanwhile, Cooney becomes the center of controversy when an activist comes forward with a shocking photo. Also, McArthur finally recovers and is discharged from the hospital.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of William Telek committed by Bernard Williams, and the Ralph Northam racist yearbook photo controversy

23. Dressed to Die (Air Date: 4/30/21)

The body of a woman is discovered in an abandoned mental asylum, and Bradshaw and King initially believe her to be the latest victim of a serial killer. However, as they dig deeper, they find that the manner of her death was meant to be a distraction, and they focus on the victim's husband, a disgraced horror movie director.

NOTE: Inspired by the Frankford Slasher case, the murder of Randi Trimble, and the troubled production of the horror movie Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

24. Paternal Responsibilities (Air Date: 5/7/21)

The PPD is hot on the trail of the perpetrators of a series of increasingly violent home invasions, but finds that the case may be tougher to swallow than expected. Meanwhile, Bradshaw receives a visit from his father (Brad Dourif), and Ryan learns about their troubled relationship.

NOTE: Inspired by the Joseph Kallinger case, the disappearance of Timmothy Pitzen, and the related hoax by Brian Michael Rini

25. Ritchie (Part 1) (Air Date: 5/14/21)

Eight criminals from the PPD's past make a daring escape from prison: Brennan's son Ritchie; Sergeant Bernard Howe; Dr. Lawrence Plasky; the killer from Season 2's "Loss of Innocence"; one of the killers from Season 3's "A Tough Call"; MASK from Season 4's "Mask" two-parter; one of the serial killers from Season 5's "Doubled Down"; and the killer from the earlier episode "Ride-Along". When bodies of all sorts begin to pile up, Brennan finds himself coming to a tragic conclusion.

NOTE: Inspired by the Texas Seven case; the Clovis, New Mexico jailbreak in 2008; the Tison Gang jailbreak and subsequent killing spree; the Allen Correctional Institution jailbreak involving T.J. Lane; the prison escape of Ted Bundy; and the manhunt for Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

26. Brennan (Part 2) (Air Date: 5/21/21)

As Brennan deals with a personal crisis, and McArthur continues to worry for the safety of his family, the rest of the PPD tries to track down the remaining escapees as they continue killing all across Philadelphia. The situation escalates when they realize one of the escapees now has access to a dangerous biological weapon. By the end of the episode, Brennan announces his retirement from the PPD, while six of the escapees still remain at large.

NOTE: Last appearance of Sergeant Richard Brennan (Jason Harris) as a main character

Season 8 (2021-2022)

  • Will consist of 26 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, September 15 @ 9/8 Central on NBC with a 2 hour premiere before moving to its regular 10/9 Central slot after the 2 hour premiere of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.
  • Justin Willman (Chester Green) and Chuck Norris (Walker Orr) are moved to series regulars as of this season, replacing Jason Harris. Replacing them in a recurring role will be former Nickelodeon star Isabella Moner as Cadet Riley Scott.

1. New Blue (Part 1) (Air Date: 9/15/21)

The manhunt for the remaining escapees continues, while the PPD clashes with the FBI about keeping the threat of a potential bioterrorist attack under wraps. As the stakes continue to rise, a recent graduate of the police academy known for her bloodhound-like senses, Riley Scott (Isabella Moner), is called in to assist in the hunt. Meanwhile, Cooney struggles to placate the public and is faced with a combative state legislature.

2. New Blue (Part 2) (Air Date: 9/15/21)

With four escapees still at large, the PPD chooses to divide and conquer: Scott is paired with Bradshaw to find two of the fugitives, while Goren and Eames team up with Power and Hunter to track down the other two. Meanwhile, Maclin is promoted to Officer, but she finds her prospective career already in jeopardy when she teams up with someone from her criminal past to find the missing biological weapon.

NOTE: 2-hour season premiere

3. Surrogacy (Air Date: 9/22/21)

The gruesome murder of a pregnant woman calls the newly promoted Lieutenant Bradshaw into action as the case hits him on a personal level. With Ryan closing in on her due date, Bradshaw takes it upon himself to find the killer and take him off the streets to protect his fiancée. Meanwhile, Maclin struggles to keep her actions in the previous episode a secret, though her paranoia about being discovered leads to a potential legal catastrophe.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett

4. We the People (Air Date: 9/29/21)

Members of a grassroots, left-wing secessionist movement take over Independence Hall, calling for the secession of Philadelphia County from the rest of the state. As unrest grows between Democratic and Republican voters nationwide over the occupation, the PPD tries to safely defuse the escalating situation, but their actions leads to intense scrutiny by West and McCoy.

NOTE: Inspired by the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the related death of LaVoy Finicum, the Aaron Danielson and Michael Reinoehl case, the "Yes California" secessionist campaign, and the rise and fall of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

5. Preamble (Air Date: 10/6/21)

A prison confidential informant alerts Chester and Miranda Green to the possibility of a killer among the PPD's ranks. Their investigation leads the reopening of a cold case involving one of Philadelphia's most notorious serial rapists/killers. Meanwhile, Cooney tries to guide Philadelphia through the fallout of the Independence Hall takeover, all while dealing with the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

NOTE: Inspired by the Golden State Killer case

6. Military Justice (Air Date: 10/13/21)

When a man is killed trying to thwart the brazen kidnapping of two former U.S. Army soldiers, Bradshaw and King go on the hunt for the people responsible. As they deal with the possibility of a new form of terrorism, their investigation sheds light on a possible Army cover-up of a horrifying incident that occurred in Iraq during the war there.

NOTE: Inspired by the March 2006 massacre of the al-Janabi family involving the gang-rape of the daughter Abeer, and the subsequent abduction of U.S. soldiers in Iraq in June 2006

7. Firework (Air Date: 10/20/21)

The explosion of an unlicensed fireworks factory leaves multiple people dead and injured, placing the PPD on a manhunt for the man who founded the factory.

NOTE: Inspired by the Benton fireworks disaster, the West Fertilizer Company explosion, the 2015 Tianjin explosions, and the manhunt for Yoo Byung-eun following the MV Sewol ferry disaster

8. Eye of the Tiger (Air Date: 10/27/21)

When a notorious zookeeper and animal breeder is violently mauled to death by one of his own tigers, Goren and Eames investigate and realize that someone intentionally locked the victim with the predator. They are eventually led to a prominent animal rights activist who had a contentious rivalry with the victim, and who may be hiding a startling secret.

NOTE: Inspired by the death of Rosa King at the Hamerton Zoo Park, the conflict between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, the related Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness miniseries, the disappearance of Don Lewis, and the Jean-Claude Romand case

9. The Gold Dove (Air Date: 11/3/21)

McCoy struggles to try and prove murder when a prominent plastic surgeon is suspected of being behind the disappearance of his wife. Things become even more complicated when a reformed white supremacist claims responsibility for the crime.

NOTE: Inspired by the Robert Bierenbaum case and the story of reformed white supremacist Christian Picciolini

10. The Chase (Air Date: 11/10/21)

McArthur's career is put on the line when he resorts to unethical tactics during the PPD's final confrontation with former sergeant Bernard Howe, one of two remaining prison escapees.

11. Artistic License (Air Date: 11/17/21)

The headquarters of a satirical online weekly magazine is firebombed, leaving a prominent journalist dead, and further attacks are threatened. When a suspect is apprehended, McCoy is faced with the difficult task of upholding the First Amendment in his prosecution while simultaneously placating an outraged community. Meanwhile, the events continue to affect Cooney's reputation in the eyes of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy, the 2011 firebombing of Charlie Hebdo headquarters, and the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting

12. Downward Spiral (Air Date: 11/24/21)

With the two-year anniversary of the Pittsburgh attacks upon Pennsylvania, and the events of the last episode still fresh on everyone's minds, the PPD has all hands on deck when an Islamic extremist begins targeting their own. Meanwhile, Cooney's attempts to pass legislation curtailing police surveillance protocols in the Pennsylvania General Assembly receive a setback when a startling op-ed is published by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

NOTE: Inspired by the shooting of Jesse James Hartnett, the January 2016 Paris police station attack, the attacks on the Champs-Élysées in April and June 2017, the 2016 Magnanville stabbing, and the "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration" op-ed

13. Unmasked (Part 1) (Air Date: 12/15/21)

As the manhunt continues for the last escapee, MASK, Bradshaw's concern for Ryan causes him to lose focus as she is close to delivering their twins. At the end of the episode, Ryan goes into labor.

14. Unmasked (Part 2) (Air Date: 12/15/21)

MASK is still at large with the PPD hot on the trail. But how much longer can Bradshaw keep up the chase for MASK when he gets the call from McCoy that Ryan's in labor? Meanwhile, a shocking outcome befalls Cooney's police surveillance legislation.

NOTE: The ending is inspired by the 2018–19 United States federal government shutdown

15. Aftermath (Air Date: 1/5/22)

As Bradshaw and Ryan go on leave in order to raise their newborn children, King teams up with Eames to investigate a fatal hit-and-run, and they are led into the world of hip-hop rap. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania continues to reel from the unexpected state government shutdown. Ice Cube guest-stars as himself.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2015 hit-and-run incident committed by Marion "Suge" Knight, and the 2018–19 United States federal government shutdown

16. Discord (Air Date: 1/19/22)

Green and Orr work together to solve the shooting of an electrician in a bad neighborhood. They initially believe the shooting to be gang-related until they uncover a connection with several other unsolved shootings. Later, the resulting trial causes further unrest within the state government.

NOTE: Inspired by the Juan Covington case

17. Trauma Level One (Air Date: 2/2/22)

While interviewing a rape victim at a hospital, Orr and several others are taken hostage by a distraught mother who claims a physician working there was responsible for molesting her late son. Now, Goren, Eames, Power, Hunter, and Green must race against the clock to find evidence supporting her claims before the situation escalates.

NOTE: Inspired by the Earl Bradley case

18. Hearts Afire (Air Date: 2/9/22)

Bradshaw and Ryan return to their jobs just in time for the PPD to begin handling the case of a serial arsonist targeting an heiress and her social circle.

19. Innocent Lives (Air Date: 2/16/22)

Ryan clashes with Dorn over their views of abortion after an abortion provider is charged with killing a woman and several newborn babies during horribly botched abortion procedures.

NOTE: Inspired by the Kermit Gosnell case and the related Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer movie

20. A Picture... (Part 1) (Air Date: 2/23/22)

The countdown to Bradshaw and Ryan's wedding continues, but preparations are put to a halt as a prominent wedding photographer ends up beaten on Market Street, leading Bradshaw to investigate with King. As they dig deeper, they find a rivalry pushed to extremes. Meanwhile, Cooney struggles to end the state government shutdown.

21. ...Is Worth a Thousand Words (Part 2) (Air Date: 3/2/22)

Bradshaw strains as he juggles between preparing for his wedding with Ryan and solving the beating of the wedding photographer, a case that is escalating as the victim and the prime suspect continue to point fingers at one another. Things become even worse when his father (Brad Dourif) arrives unannounced. Meanwhile, Cooney finds a solution to the state government shutdown, but it comes with a cost.

NOTE: Inspired by the end of the 2018–19 United States federal government shutdown

22. Holding Pattern (Air Date: 4/13/22)

The apparent suicides of two state representatives less than one month apart, following separate sexual abuse allegations, leads Goren and Eames to a private humanitarian organization that could be a front for a sex trafficking ring.

NOTE: Inspired by the sexual abuse allegations and suicides of Idaho and Kentucky State Representatives Brandon Hixon and Dan Johnson in 2017 and 2018, the NXIVM controversies involving Allison Mack, and the T.J. Miller sexual misconduct allegations

23. Calm Before the Storm (Air Date: 4/20/22)

McArthur's experiences with COVID-19 come back to haunt him when the PPD investigates the murder of a freelance journalist who had been investigating an old cluster of COVID-19 cases linked to a grocery store. Hunter and Green's investigation soon leads the PPD to a COVID-19 survivor who may have intentionally spread the disease to other people during the peak of the pandemic.

NOTE: Inspired by the Nushawn Williams case and cases of assault with COVID-19 as a weapon

24. Wrath (Part 1) (Air Date: 4/27/22)

The deadly attack on a family of seven, with only one survivor, leads the PPD to a mentally unstable former Marine and sheriff's deputy (Robert Kazinsky) targeting his ex-wife and her entire family, who has kidnapped his three children and is willing to kill anyone who stands in his way. Bradshaw begins to take the case seriously due to his status as a new father, but he's not alone as Power and Hunter jump into the fray.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jerry Williams Jones case; the 2014 Harris County, Texas, shooting; the 2014 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, shooting spree; the 2017 Plano, Texas, shooting; the 2007 Crandon, Wisconsin, shooting; and the 2020 Nova Scotia killing spree

25. Rampage (Part 2) (Air Date: 5/11/22)

The manhunt for William Thomas Harding expands beyond Philadelphia, as he continues to leave bodies in his wake. At the end of the episode, when it appears the PPD has cornered Harding, the department is hit with a horrifying twist.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2014 Moncton shootings, the 2010 Northumbria Police manhunt, and the Lovelle Mixon case

26. Boiling Point (Part 3) (Air Date: 5/18/22)

With one of their own dead and another's life hanging in the balance after a botched raid, the PPD is left to deal with the fallout. Meanwhile, it's all hands on deck as the full forces of the PPD go after Harding, leading to a final confrontation that puts more lives at stake, as well as the careers of PPD's best on the line.

NOTE #1: Inspired by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and the Dawson College shooting

NOTE #2: Last appearances of Sergeant Raymond King (Josh Server), Captain Nick Falco (Michael Imperioli), and Lieutenant Matthew McArthur (Danny Masterson)

Season 9 (2022-2023)

  • Will consist of 24 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, September 21 @ 10/9 Central on NBC, following 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.
  • Zachery Ty Bryan, Taran Noah Smith and Johnathan Taylor Thomas join the cast as Sergeant Michael Taylor, Lieutenant Noah Carpenter and Chief Grant Thomas, respectively.
  • Jason Harris rejoins the cast in a recurring role as Private Investigator Richard Brennan.
  • The episode "From One City to Another" is a crossover with Chicago P.D.

1. A Penny Saved (Air Date: 9/21/22)

As the PPD continues to reel from the loss of King, the near-death of Eames, and the transfers of Falco and McArthur, Bradshaw, Morales, and Green investigate the brutal death of an insurance agent who may have been living a double life. All the while, they deal with two newcomers to the PPD: Sergeant Michael Taylor (Zachery Ty Bryan) and Lieutenant Noah Carpenter (Taran Noah Smith).

NOTE: First appearances of Sergeant Michael Taylor (Zachery Ty Bryan) and Lieutenant Noah Carpenter (Taran Noah Smith)

2. 02:00 (Air Date: 9/28/22)

Under the watchful eye of the new Chief of Police, Grant Thomas (Johnathan Taylor Thomas), the PPD, in this landmark 200th episode of the series, must sift through a long list of suspects after a reporter notorious for her ruthless and borderline-unethical methods is found strangled to death in a park.

NOTE #1: First appearance of Chief Grant Thomas (Johnathan Taylor Thomas)

NOTE #2: Inspired by Melinda Duckett's suicide after an interview with Nancy Grace

3. Third-Generation Criminal (Air Date: 10/5/22)

McCoy prosecutes a man who committed a random drive-by shooting, who claims that the impulse to kill is in his family blood. Meanwhile, Morales learns more about Taylor and his lineage.

4. Fairmount Park (Air Date: 10/12/22)

Taylor joins Bradshaw and Morales as they investigate the discovery of a mass grave in Fairmount Park. The eventual outcome of the case teaches Taylor a lesson about the true world of gray that is the American justice system.

NOTE: Inspired by the Bear Brook murders

5. Agony (Air Date: 10/19/22)

Morales and Taylor go on the hunt for a man suspected of beating his ex-girlfriend to death. Meanwhile, Goren turns to Ryan for advice on Eames's recovery.

NOTE: Inspired by the George Junior Porter case

6. Infamy (Air Date: 11/2/22)

Bradshaw and Orr reluctantly investigate the brutal murder of a known pedophile and his live-in girlfriend, and find themselves casting their suspicions on a former NYPD detective, Nina Cassidy (Milena Govich). Meanwhile, Taylor receives a cryptic, anonymous letter.

NOTE: Special guest appearance by Milena Govich as Detective Nina Cassidy

7. A Stable Mind (Air Date: 11/9/22)

Stabler and Ryan butt heads over their difference of opinions during the prosecution of a woman who killed her drug-dealing boyfriend and two teenagers in a meth lab explosion due to fears that her boyfriend's lifestyle is endangering her son's physical and mental health.

8. The Most Dangerous Blame (Air Date: 11/16/22)

With Eames still in recovery, Goren teams up with Taylor to find a missing couple. As they continue their investigation and come up against a sociopathic suspect, Goren discovers there may be more than meets the eye with the case.

9. Blown Away (Air Date: 11/30/22)

The murder of a random motorist with a shotgun leads the PPD to a paranoid schizophrenic who escaped from a mental hospital in Indiana and went on a multi-state killing spree. As the prosecution unfolds, Stabler and Dorn uncover a repulsive secret.

NOTE: Inspired by the Michael Wayne Jackson case

10. .44 Magnum (Part 1) (Air Date: 12/7/22)

As Eames returns to active duty, Ryan and her niece Haley (Addison Timlin) are both kidnapped, and the PPD initially believes a registered sex offender (Spencer Treat Clark) that Ryan recently helped put away is responsible. Unbeknownst to them, Ryan is being forced to play the true kidnapper's (Zelda Williams) sadistic game, which puts the lives of Haley and six complete strangers on the line.

11. .44 Magnum (Part 2) (Air Date: 12/14/22)

As the PPD continues to follow the clues and close in on Ryan and Haley's kidnapper, Ryan must choose between killing Haley or six complete strangers. At the end of the episode, Taylor receives an anonymous letter that leads him to the bodies of a known pedophile and a woman, both killed the same way as the victims in the earlier episode "Infamy".

12. From One City to Another (Air Date: 1/11/23)

The PPD teams up with Chicago P.D. Detectives Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) to investigate the murder of a serial rapist on the run from Chicago. Meanwhile, Ryan continues to cope with her kidnapping experience. Also, Taylor investigates the letter that led him to two bodies at the end of the last episode.

NOTE: The episode is a crossover with Chicago P.D.

13. Blurred Lines (Air Date: 1/18/23)

In his effort to convict an influential lobbyist suspected of murdering an activist, McCoy is thrust into a national debate over the limits of the First Amendment when he prosecutes a witness for possession of child pornography. The case becomes even more complicated when it turns out all of the paraphernalia in question was hand-drawn and depicted cartoon characters, while brain scans indicated the defendant is not sexually attracted to actual children.

NOTE: Inspired by the United States v. Handley case and other U.S. cases regarding the legal status of drawn pornography depicting minors

14. Savage (Air Date: 1/25/23)

Carpenter finds himself confronting his childhood fear of dogs while leading the investigation into the fatal mauling of an ice hockey coach by a dog. The case takes a shocking turn when the PPD is led to a dog-fighting ring headed by a famous retired football player, and then a Colombian drug cartel using a veterinary clinic as a cover. The resulting prosecution puts McCoy, Ryan, and West's lives at stake.

NOTE: Inspired by the death of Diane Whipple, the Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting scandal involving Michael Vick, the suicide of Junior Seau, and the Andres Lopez Elorza case

15. External Crisis (Air Date: 2/8/23)

The investigation into the murder of a beloved high-school trigonometry teacher leads Goren to uncover an unrelated scandal at the school. The discovery leads to hostilities between two families that leads to tragedy.

NOTE: Inspired by the Mary Kay Letourneau and Rachael DelTondo cases

16. Starting All Over Again (Air Date: 2/15/23)

While investigating an altercation between a motorist and a motorcycle gang, Eames is hit with a setback in her recovery when she is shot by the suspects. At the end of the episode, Taylor, still investigating the bodies he found in ".44 Magnum (Part 2)", links them to a murder identical to the one the PPD investigated in "The Vulture".

NOTE: Inspired by the Hollywood Stuntz gang assault and the murder of Russel Timoshenko

17. Kiss (Part 1) (Air Date: 3/1/23)

A bride is murdered hours before her wedding, prompting Taylor, Carpenter, Bradshaw, and Orr to investigate. The team eventually corners a suspect (Matt Bennett), only to find that he's more dangerous than they were expecting.

18. Make-Up (Part 2) (Air Date: 3/8/23)

As the suspect's murder spree rages on, the team is forced to rely on the administrators of a notoriously misogynistic online forum to lure the killer into a trap. By the end of the episode, Taylor receives a disturbing phone call.

19. For Whom the Liberty Bell Tolls (Air Date: 3/22/23)

As the PPD searches for the copycat serial killer stalking Taylor, McCoy discovers a possible way of identifying the criminal, but using it could constitute a massive breach of trust between a corporation and its paying customers worldwide. When the PPD and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office clashes over the security risks and ethical ramifications, McCoy turns to a grey hat hacker group for help, only to find his morals at stake.

NOTE: Inspired by the FBI–Apple encryption dispute following the 2015 San Bernardino attack, and the Goatse Security grey hat hacker group

20. Zoom Zoom (Air Date: 4/5/23)

As the PPD continues it search for the copycat serial killer, Bradshaw and Morales tackle the case of a local businessman killed in a hit-and-run. They initially focus on the victim's wife, but the suspect pool expands alarmingly after Bradshaw and Morales learn that the victim had HIV but still had unprotected sex with multiple women.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of David Lynn Harris and the Philippe Padieu case

21. Explosion (Air Date: 4/12/23)

A string of bombings rocks Philadelphia, and the PPD races to find the perpetrator and a motive before a large-scale incident occurs. Meanwhile, Taylor becomes obsessed with finding his stalker.

NOTE: Inspired by the Austin serial bombings

22. Paradise City (Air Date: 4/19/23)

A teenage boy is brutally killed by a mob for cross-dressing during a private dance party, and Goren and Eames deal with a homophobic culture as they search for suspects. Meanwhile, Taylor is put in the hot seat by Chief Thomas for his efforts to hunt the copycat serial killer.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Dwayne Jones

23. Down the Bunny Trail (Air Date: 4/26/23)

Goren and Eames are called in to investigate an illegal brothel that has set up shop in downtown Philadelphia when one of the girls that worked there is under suspicion of murdering the owner. Meanwhile, Ryan gets some shocking news about her cousin. Also, Taylor gets a lead on his stalker.

24. A Penny Earned (Air Date: 5/3/23)

The PPD and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office enters into a final showdown with the copycat serial killer that had been stalking Taylor for the entirety of the season. As the killer continues to outsmart the detectives and target their families and friends, Carpenter puts his career on the line to ensure justice is served. Meanwhile, Taylor finally discovers the killer's motive, which horrifies him and leaves him questioning his life's choices.

Season 10 (2023-2024)

  • Will consist of 25 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, September 20 @ 10/9 Central on NBC, following 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.
  • Zac Efron joins the cast as DA Investigator Chandler Gordon
  • Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter are promoted to series regulars this season.

1. Tirade (Air Date: 9/27/23)

An attempt on the life of a prosecutor who recently became the center of a racial controversy leads Goren and Eames to an Antifa organization notorious for its extreme protesting methods. However, the search for the assailants becomes muddled when the detectives also find a dangerous white nationalist group that has particularly bad blood with the Antifa organization. Things quickly spiral out of control and Goren and Eames must rely on the newly-promoted Hunter and Power when they are caught in the middle of a deadly confrontation between both groups. Meanwhile, Taylor and Carpenter deal with the fallout brought by the events of the preceding season. Also, Cooney contemplates running for reelection.

NOTE: Inspired by the Aaron Schlossberg racial tirade controversy, the By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) Antifa group, the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) white nationalist group, the 2016 Sacramento riot involving both the BAMN and the TWP, and the 2015 Waco shootout

2. Coming of Age (Air Date: 10/4/23)

Bradshaw and Ryan find themselves clashing over whether or not a middle-school student should be tried as an adult for the bludgeoning deaths of a bully and his mother. Meanwhile, Cooney announces he is running for reelection.

NOTE: Inspired by the ongoing debate about trying juveniles as adults in high-profile cases

3. Split Blood (Air Date: 10/11/23)

The brutal murder of a homeless man leads the PPD to a paranoid schizophrenic who believes he is the descendant of Pennsylvania's founder William Penn. However, the apparent open-and-shut case suddenly becomes complicated when Goren learns that the suspect had recently come into contact with a long-lost identical twin who does not have schizophrenia. The case becomes personal for Power, whose twin sister disappeared when she was a child.

NOTE: Inspired by the Ursula and Sabina Eriksson case

4. The Devil Is In the Details (Air Date: 10/18/23)

When their forensics specialist Jessica Stoll (Jodie Sweetin) is the latest victim of a serial killer targeting prominent legal and medical officials, the PPD must find out whether the victims had something in common. As they dig deeper, they realize that a number of their old cases may have been improperly handled. Meanwhile, as the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office deals with the potential threat to their lives, they meet a new DA Investigator, Chandler Gordon (Zac Efron), the adopted brother of DA Investigator Michael Gordon.

NOTE: Inspired by the Eric Lyle Williams case, the Dwight Lamon Jones case, the Joyce Gilchrist scandal, and the Theranos scandal

5. Career Girls (Air Date: 11/1/23)

The PPD is left to deal with the fallout of the events of the last episode, which resulted in the release of George Tubb (Tom Felton), who had been wrongfully convicted for the murders depicted in Season 1's "Manic Monday". As they re-investigate the case, Goren, Eames, Morales, and Orr are dismayed to learn that their ten-year-old oversight allowed a horrific serial killer to continue running rampant across the country.

NOTE: Inspired by the Albert DeSalvo (a.k.a. "The Boston Strangler") case

6. Ruination (Part 1) (Air Date: 11/8/23)

While re-investigating cases found to have been improperly handled by Stoll, Goren and Eames uncover a possible perjured statement that resulted in a wrongful conviction for the murders of a Dutch couple on their honeymoon.

NOTE #1: Inspired by the murders of Urban Höglin and Heidi Paakkonen

NOTE #2: The events of this episode take place concurrently with the following two episodes

7. A Flawed Affair (Part 2) (Air Date: 11/15/23)

While re-investigating cases found to have been improperly handled by Stoll, Morales and Orr find themselves racing against time when they realize a man might be executed for a crime he did not commit.

NOTE #1: Inspired by the Kirk Bloodsworth case

NOTE #2: The events of this episode take place concurrently with the previous episode and the next one

8. Infinity (Part 3) (Air Date: 11/22/23)

While re-investigating cases found to have been improperly handled by Stoll, Bradshaw and Taylor realize their victim may have actually been murdered by a cult. As a result, they become embroiled in an increasingly tense custody battle between the cult and one of its former members over his child. Meanwhile, Stabler and Dorn become concerned about Michael showing Chandler many tools of the trade.

NOTE #1: Inspired by the custody battle between Timothy Stoen and the Peoples Temple over Stoen's son John, and the Jonestown mass murder-suicide

NOTE #2: The events of this episode take place concurrently with the previous two episodes

9. Eroding Trust (12/6/23)

In the wake of the events of "Ruination", "A Flawed Affair", and "Infinity", the PPD and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office struggle to salvage their credibility during the high-profile prosecution of a city councilman's aide accused of a vicious attack. The case becomes further complicated when Chandler makes a critical error in the DA's investigation into public corruption that could be linked to the case.

NOTE: Inspired by the controversies related to Abscam

10. Independence (12/13/23)

When a college student moonlighting as a meth dealer is stabbed to death, Bradshaw and Taylor are led to one of the victim's older classmates, who is still living with his parents. Meanwhile, Chandler and Michael visit their ailing adoptive father (Stanley Tucci). Also, Cooney officially begins his reelection campaign.

NOTE: Inspired by the Michael Rotondo case

11. I Do (Part 1) (1/17/24)

When a woman's body is found floating in the Port of Philadelphia, Bradshaw goes undercover as a client for a mail-order bride service suspected of being a front for a sex trafficking ring. However, as he digs deeper and narrows down a lengthy list of suspects, he finds himself getting more than he bargained for.

12. I Do (Part 2) (1/24/24)

With Bradshaw missing, the PPD and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office strain to use every law in the book in an increasingly desperate effort to find him. At the end of the episode, Michael reveals why he has been mentoring Chandler on how to be an effective DA Investigator.

13. Landing Gear (1/31/24)

The crash-landing of a wide-body airliner in a suburban neighborhood sparks painful memories of the Pittsburgh attacks. Things turn worse when Goren and Eames, conducting a routine investigation into the crash, discover that a person believed to have been killed on the ground by flying debris may have actually been murdered. Meanwhile, Bradshaw begins his psychiatric counseling following his being stuck in Honduras.

NOTE: Inspired by the crash of American Airlines Flight 587

14. In the Making (2/7/24)

Continuing to deal with the fallout of Stoll's murder, the PPD investigates the murders of a couple who wrote and produced documentary films. McCoy's faith in the justice system is further shaken when an assistant district attorney, a close friend of his from law school, is suspected of hiring the murderer, and may have been motivated by the victims' latest documentary, which would have dealt an embarrassing blow to his career.

NOTE: Inspired by the Steven Avery case and the Making a Murderer documentary, and the Mark Schwartz and Christina-Maria Petrowski-Schwartz murder case

15. Amended (2/21/24)

With his experience in Honduras still fresh on his mind, Bradshaw works with Taylor to investigate the hit-and-run and stabbing murder of a woman. The list of suspects grows when they learn she had been embezzling money from a charity organization she set up for sufferers of breast cancer.

16. Seconded (2/28/24)

The carnage of a horrific mass shooting at a restaurant is apparently minimized when the shooter is gunned down by an armed bystander. However, when forensic evidence sheds light on a disturbing truth and another shooting occurs, West is forced to charge the Good Samaritan. The resulting trial puts McCoy's political leanings and his relation to the often-controversial Jack McCoy on the stand.

NOTE: Inspired by the Nashville Waffle House shooting, the Oklahoma City Louie's Grill & Bar shooting, the shooting of Jemel Roberson, and the Thousand Oaks shooting

17. We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident... (Part 1) (3/6/24)

It's all hands on deck for the PPD as they try to solve five different hate crimes: the murder of a transgender woman in a burning apartment, a bombing targeting a mosque, the brutal murder of an African-American teenage boy, the stabbing death of a Caucasian man defending a Somali-American woman from verbal abuse, and the beating death of a Hispanic illegal immigrant. As they round up suspects, Morales and Orr find themselves in the crosshairs of an enraged man (Kevin Hart) seeking retribution against Caucasians for the string of hate crimes.

NOTE: Inspired by the Viccky Gutierrez case, the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, the Emmett Till case, the Jeremy Joseph Christian case, the Luis Ramirez case, and the Kori Ali Muhammad case

18. That All Men Are Created Equal (Part 2) (3/13/24)

As the trial of Omar Starling goes underway, McCoy becomes suspicious of a businessman (Chris Pratt) with political aspirations, an outlandish claim to his name, and some sort of indirect connection with all of the hate crime suspects. When a horrifying truth comes out, both West and Governor Cooney (Hugh Grant) receive bribes to turn a blind eye.

NOTE: Inspired by the story of Jack Rodney Worthington II

19. Beef (3/20/24)

When the beloved CEO of a popular fast-food restaurant chain is murdered during a visit to Philadelphia, Goren and Eames square off against members of an animal rights organization that have the motive and means to kill the victim. Meanwhile, West and Cooney convene on the fallout of the bribes they turned down.

NOTE: Inspired by the "Kentucky Fried Cruelty" campaign launched by PETA against KFC

20. Impairment (3/27/24)

McCoy finds himself reopening old wounds when he prosecutes a man suspected of a triple shooting, who claims he was mentally impaired from contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan. Meanwhile, news gets out about the bribes offered to West and Cooney.

NOTE: Inspired by the Flint water crisis starting in 2014

21. Time to Duel (4/3/24)

West's career and Cooney's reelection campaign are on the line when a mutual associate of theirs is found dead from an apparent suicide, leaving behind a note alleging West and Cooney sexually assaulted her in their youth. Things become even worse when a vengeful conspiracy theorist from the past uses the allegation and the recently exposed bribes to twist the media narrative on their case. This leaves McCoy in an undesirable position to defend both in court.

NOTE: Inspired by the Brett Kavanaugh/Mark Judge sexual assault allegation by Christine Blasey Ford, the fabricated Robert Mueller rape allegation by Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl, the social media restrictions imposed on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and the FOX News retracted reporting controversy regarding the murder of Seth Rich

22. Life's Work (4/10/24)

Goren, Eames, Bradshaw, and Taylor investigate a swatting prank turned fatal and track down the caller, only to learn they are dealing with a mentally unbalanced man obsessed with settling a trivial score. Meanwhile, West, unsettled by the events of the previous episode, starts contemplating retirement, while Cooney struggles to salvage his reelection campaign.

NOTE: Inspired by the fatal 2017 swatting in Wichita, Kansas

23. Revolutionaries (Part 1) (Air Date: 4/17/24)

When a birthday party becomes the scene of an explosion, the PPD initially believes it was the unfortunate by-product of an insurance scam. However, the outcome of the case takes a turn for the worst when a suspect dies in their custody, leading to protests. At the end of the episode, Bradshaw, investigating a survivor's strange behavior, discovers something alarming on his computer.

NOTE: Inspired by the Richmond Hill explosion and the death of Freddie Gray

24. Revolutionary (Part 2) (Air Date: 4/24/24)

The PPD joins a worldwide law enforcement effort to identify the members of a secret, cult-like forum about school shootings before they carry out coordinated attacks. The stakes soon rise when a suspect is found dead from an apparent suicide. With time running out, the PPD decides to use Maclin to infiltrate the community, but this winds up jeopardizing her life and fast-tracking the teenagers' plots.

NOTE: Inspired by the "Columbiners" community, the controversial website 8chan, communications between Pekka-Eric Auvinen and Dillon Cossey, communications between David Sonboly and William Atchison, and the Halifax mass shooting plot

25. Revolution (Part 3) (Air Date: 5/1/24)

As countries are rocked by school shootings and other attacks, the PPD focuses their attention on their local school districts, where they believe the ringleader of the atrocities is a student. This culminates in a final showdown between Goren and a teenager he briefly met during the "Coming of Age" case. At the end of the episode, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office celebrates West's retirement.

NOTE #1: Inspired by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, the Santa Fe High School shooting, the Aztec High School shooting, the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting, the Kerch Polytechnic College attack, the El Paso and Dayton shootings, and the "Bloody Friday" Islamist attacks in 2015

NOTE #2: Last appearance of District Attorney Daniel West (Benjamin Salisbury)

Season 11 (2024-2025)

  • Will consist of 25 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, September 27 @ 10/9 Central on NBC, following 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.

1. The End of the Beginning (Air Date: 9/27/24)

With McCoy and Ryan getting promotions in the wake of West's retirement, along with Michael becoming an Assistant District Attorney, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office must adjust to the new changes as they prosecute a former child actor for murdering his mother. Meanwhile, Cooney faces off against his political opponent, openly gay politician George Bally (Jon Cryer).

2. Changes (Air Date: 10/4/24)

Bradshaw and Ryan's relationship is put on the rocks when Ryan becomes extremely preoccupied with prosecuting a hedge-fund manager suspected of orchestrating a murder in order to cover up his elaborate Ponzi scheme.

3. Me Three (Air Date: 10/11/24)

The PPD and Philadelphia District Attorney's Office struggles to discern fact from fiction when several teenage boys come forward, claiming to have been raped and sexually harassed by a leading voice of the Me Too movement, who herself had been a high-profile victim of sexual assault. Meanwhile, Cooney and Bally butt heads as they both attempt to use the case to further their campaigns. Also, Hunter, a member of the Me Too movement and a survivor of sexual assault herself, becomes personally involved in the case.

NOTE: Inspired by the Asia Argento sexual assault allegation by Jimmy Bennett and the failed 2017 Washington Post sting by Project Veritas

4. Good (Air Date: 10/18/24)

When a Good Samaritan fails to stop a child abduction, the PPD races to find the child before any harm can be done to her. However, their manhunt is constantly hampered by the Good Samaritan, who is determined to make up for his failure.

5. From the Ashes (Air Date: 10/25/24)

Stabler's life is rocked when a young woman (Elle Fanning) approaches him and claims to be his daughter from an affair with his former partner from New York, Dani Beck (Connie Nielsen). As Stabler confronts Beck over seemingly buried affections, Dorn investigates the woman's claims and uncovers a dark secret. Meanwhile, Bradshaw and Ryan prepare their children for their first-ever Halloween.

NOTE: Inspired by the story of serial impostor Frédéric Bourdin

6. Framed Royalty (Air Date: 11/8/24)

The PPD is faced with a high-profile case when a renowned celebrity is thrown off a roof to her death. Their investigation uncovers a series of scandals, a life of backstabbing in order to climb the social ladder, and a number of vengeful relatives. Meanwhile, Cooney loses reelection to Bally.

NOTE: Inspired by the feuds between Meghan Markle and her half-siblings Samantha and Thomas Jr., and the Colorado gubernatorial election of Jared Polis

7. A Dream Come True (Air Date: 11/15/24)

The death of a disgraced Broadway actress in a gas explosion leads Goren and Eames to an unassuming carpenter hiding a dark, twisted secret. Meanwhile, Cooney starts dealing with his gubernatorial loss to Bally.

8. Grace of God (Air Date: 11/22/24)

The brutal murders of two Catholic priests who are sodomized forces the PPD to reopen a scandal plaguing the Roman Catholic Church and investigate dozens of people coping with a shared, horrific trauma. Meanwhile, Michael and Chandler learn about the death of their adoptive father (Stanley Tucci).

NOTE: Inspired by the Roman Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals

9. Impostors (Air Date: 11/29/24)

As the PPD goes on the hunt for a seemingly ordinary man who suddenly killed his wife and sister-in-law unprovoked, Michael and Chandler make preparations for the funeral of their adoptive father.

10. Rock and Rolling (Air Date: 12/6/24)

When a series of rock-throwing incidents targeting passenger trains eventually causes a fatal derailment, McCoy, Ryan, and Michael debate whether the teenagers responsible should spend the rest of their lives in jail for what they thought was just a harmless prank. Meanwhile, Sheffield becomes Chandler's newest partner, while Cooney debates whether he should pursue a career with law enforcement again or find another calling.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2015 Philadelphia train derailment and the Interstate 80 rock-throwing case

11. Grit (Air Date: 12/13/24)

When a rape, a double homicide, and a firebombing are all connected to a state senator, Goren and Eames find themselves investigating a strange political rivalry pushed to extremes. Meanwhile, Cooney is approached by Bally with an enticing offer.

NOTE: Inspired by the Charles Severance case and the Byron Low Tax Looper case

12. Hook... (Part 1) (Air Date: 1/15/25)

Maclin's exciting promotion to Sergeant turns into a nightmare when she supervises her first case: the beating death of a teenage boy in an apparent case of mistaken identity. To make matters worse, the suspects are members of an infamous street gang she was indirectly associated with during her old life as a juvenile delinquent. Eventually, Maclin makes a judgment call during a police raid that results in several officers and civilians being shot. With her career left in question, Maclin decides to take matters into her own hands, but at the risk of her life.

NOTE: Inspired by the death of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, the Fred and Seth Hopkins case, and the Pecan Park raid in Houston

13. ...Line... (Part 2) (Air Date: 1/22/25)

The PPD goes on the hunt for the gang members responsible for kidnapping Maclin and shooting Morales. However, when the search ends in tragedy, McCoy, Ryan, and Michael grapple with making the tough decision of handing prosecution of the suspects to the federal government.

NOTE: Last appearance of Sergeant Danica Maclin (Kira Kosarin)

14. ...And Sinker (Part 3) (Air Date: 1/29/25)

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office begins the trial of eleven gang members responsible for a crime spree that claimed the life of Maclin, among others. At the same time, they must watch their backs, for news gets out that contracts have been placed on all of their heads. Meanwhile, as the PPD deals with Maclin's loss, they receive a surprise visit.

NOTE: Former Sergeant Richard Brennan (Jason Harris) makes a guest appearance

15. Concrete Assumptions (Air Date: 2/12/25)

As the PPD continues to deal with the loss of Maclin, Riley Scott is finally promoted to Officer and is partnered with Orr as he investigates the suspicious death of a taxi driver. Meanwhile, as he continues physical therapy, Morales blames himself for failing to protect Maclin.

16. Openness (Air Date: 2/19/25)

When two homosexual men are murdered within hours of each other, the PPD believes they are hate crimes, but as they narrow down a long list of suspects, they find an unlikely motive. Meanwhile, Cooney finds himself leading the charge against homophobia in Pennsylvania.

17. Live Free or Die Horribly (Air Date: 2/26/25)

A videotaped suicide containing a cryptic threat surfaces on the Internet during the PPD's investigation into the suspicious death of a video game addict. Cyber-sleuthing quickly leads Goren, Eames, Bradshaw, and Green to Concord, New Hampshire. However, what they uncover at the victim's home is far bigger than a mere cry for attention. Meanwhile, Morales completes physical therapy, but continues to have difficulties readjusting to the job.

NOTE: Inspired by the Seungseob Lee case, the Ricardo López case, the Cesar Sayoc case, and the Elliot Rodger case

18. YODO (Air Date: 3/5/25)

The suicide of a state representative's son leads the PPD to an online chatroom encouraging depressed people to engage in extremely dangerous risk-taking behaviors as a form of therapy. The case hits close to home for Scott, since she lost her brother to suicide.

19. Six Hours (Air Date: 3/19/25)

The PPD searches for a serial shooter who is attacking every six hours and uncovers a personal motive for the crimes. Meanwhile, Bradshaw is approached by a representative of the Philadelphia Police Commissioner, informing him of a stunning revelation.

20. Gentlemen's Agreement (Air Date: 3/26/25)

Due to Maclin's death, Bradshaw is in line to replace her as a Sergeant for the PPD. With only a week to make a decision, he partners up with Orr to investigate the brutal murder of a Pakistani Christian woman who fled her home country due to her faith and was trying to seek asylum in the United States. The case pits them not only against a homegrown extremist cell who could be planning further attacks, but also the obstructive Pakistani embassy.

NOTE: Inspired by the Asia Bibi blasphemy case

21. Ascension (Air Date: 4/9/25)

With Bradshaw now a Sergeant, he assumes control of Morales, Orr, and the Greens' reopening of a cold case involving a double homicide and a double kidnapping. The resulting investigation leads them to a startling variety of suspects, including an imprisoned serial killer, a drug addict-turned-rehab counselor, and the officers of another police department, all of whom have skeletons in their closets.

NOTE: Inspired by the Ronald Dean Busick case

22. Where's the Passion? (Air Date: 4/16/25)

After a parishioner is bludgeoned to death with a cross, Goren and Eames must figure out who in her congregation wanted the victim dead. Meanwhile, Bradshaw gets his second case, which involves the brutal death of a man sleeping in his bed. When these cases turn out to be connected, the PPD finds itself looking for a killer with a grudge.

23. Mommy Dearest (Air Date: 4/23/25)

After the PPD resolves a school bus hijacking and rescues all of the children, Bradshaw notices one of the children's strange reactions to his mother, but despite his best efforts, he is unable to find legal ground to have police surveillance placed on the family. Unfortunately, Bradshaw's concerns are proven correct when a horrific tragedy takes place. This causes him to clash with Ryan as she prepares for trial.

NOTE: Inspired by the Diane Downs case and the 2013 Arkansas school bus hijacking

24. Entranced (Air Date: 4/30/25)

After several ordinary people begin committing random murders, the PPD is led to a disgraced, narcissistic magician (Zach Braff) who is using a combination of drugs and suggestion as a means to right perceived wrongs. However, the case escalates when the magician plays a mind game with Bradshaw, whose relationship with Ryan is still rocky following the events of the last episode.

25. The Beginning of the End (Air Date: 5/7/25)

Morales is left shaken when a woman is struck and killed by a car in front of him, bringing up memories of Maclin's death. Things become even worse for him when he pulls over the wrong car and fatally shoots the unarmed driver in a moment of panic. As McCoy and Ryan juggle between two trials, Morales does some soul-searching in regards to his future.

NOTE #1: Inspired by the shooting of Philando Castile and the killing of Joseph Boever committed by Jason Ravnsborg

NOTE #2: Last appearance of Detective Ricardo Morales (Alfred Molina)

Season 12 (2025-2026)

  • Will consist of 24 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, September 24 @ 10/9 Central on NBC, following 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.

1. Big Bang (Air Date: 9/24/25)

The PPD finds itself working overtime when one person is killed and thousands of others are injured by the midair explosion of a small incoming meteor. Eames later realizes that the sole fatality had actually been murdered moments after the explosion.

NOTE: Inspired by the Chelyabinsk meteor explosion

2. Foul Play (Air Date: 10/1/25)

A Penn State basketball player is shot to death outside his dorm room, and the Greens initially believe the murderer is a player from a rival college basketball team who has a personal ax to grind. However, when their prime suspect is exonerated by an unlikely alibi, they and Scott shift their suspicions towards a basketball program engaging in shady dealings.

NOTE: Inspired by the assault of Nate Tenaglia by Kewan Platt, and the 2017–18 NCAA Division I men's basketball corruption scandal

3. Some Things Never Change (Air Date: 10/8/25)

With Eames on sick leave, Scott partners up with her idol Goren as he investigates the rape and torture of a high-school student. Their search for suspects leads them to Scott's old high school, and her nostalgic memories of the experience prove to be essential to the case.

4. X Marks the Spot (Air Date: 10/15/25)

The death of an archaeology professor during a home invasion leads the PPD on a literal treasure hunt in order to find the people responsible. However, the quest unexpectedly becomes extremely dangerous when a contract is placed on Orr's life.

5. The Horrors Within (Air Date: 10/29/25)

With Halloween around the corner, the PPD reopens a seven-year-old cold case of a murdered pregnant woman found dismembered in Schuylkill River after an aid worker comes forward with new information. The investigation soon reopens nasty wounds when they realize the victim was a migrant from Central America.

NOTE: Inspired by the Beth Doe case and the late 2018 Central American migrant caravans controversy

6. Gangland (Air Date: 11/5/25)

The discovery of a male corpse with his tongue cut out initially leads the PPD to an organized crime family, then to a newly-formed street gang seeking to take Philadelphia's criminal underworld by storm. In order to identify a suspect, Miranda goes undercover as a new member of the gang, but things take a dark turn when she is forced to shoot her own father as part of a high-stakes initiation ritual.

7. Zeal (Air Date: 11/12/25)

As Chester Green continues to recover from being shot by his daughter while she was undercover, Bradshaw and Orr investigate the discovery of a body of an off-duty police officer. At first, they believe the death to be the work of the gang featured in the previous episode. However, as they dig deeper and find holes in the victim's partner's story, they uncover a startling case of police misconduct that may have resulted in hundreds of wrongful convictions and executions, and that could result in the releases of dozens of dangerous criminals if further probed.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jon Burge case

8. Magnum Opus (Air Date: 11/19/25)

An elaborate heist at the Philadelphia Museum of Art leaves five dead, including two of the thieves, and Goren and Eames are led to a brilliant art gallery owner who is desperate to upstage her more successful brother and impress her influential mother.

9. The Hit (Air Date: 12/3/25)

The PPD is led to Philadelphia's boxing scene after an up-and-coming boxer is beaten to death, and suspect a bookie with a personal grudge against the victim. Meanwhile, Bradshaw finds himself bonding with the suspect's son, who has Asperger syndrome and is a drone enthusiast.

10. Clues in the Gene (Air Date: 12/10/25)

When a genetic genealogist is killed in a bombing, the PPD and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office immediately set their sights on a civil liberties activist who had become paranoid about the victim's revolutionary work. However, as they dig deeper during the trial, Stabler and Dorn uncover another suspect with a more sinister motive. Meanwhile, Bradshaw deepens his bond with the son of the convicted murderer from the previous episode.

NOTE: Inspired by the life of CeCe Moore, the GEDmatch database, the David Ansberry case, the Roy Charles Waller case, and the Greg Alyn Carlson case

11. The Golden Jubilee (Part 1) (Air Date: 1/14/26)

As Philadelphia begins its preparations for the United States Semiquincentennial, the PPD works overtime when a woman goes missing while out jogging. The climate becomes tense when an illegal immigrant is identified as the main suspect, and a police officer is shot and killed while pursuing him. McCoy comes into the crosshairs of an anti-immigration group as he prepares for trial. Meanwhile, Stabler and Dorn uncover a glaring hole in a witness's testimony, which becomes even more suspicious when the witness suddenly dies in a car accident.

NOTE: Inspired by the Mollie Tibbetts murder case, the Ronil Singh murder case, and the trial of José Inez García Zárate

12. The Golden Jubilee (Part 2) (Air Date: 1/21/26)

With the trial of Enrique Gomes underway, Stabler and Dorn team up with Goren and Orr to dig deeper into the witness's testimony. After finding the original victim, the suspect, and the witness all lived in Broward County, Florida, they travel there for further information but are met with stonewalling by county officials. Eventually, they find out numerous offices of Broward and nearby Palm Beach County have engaged in corruption for years, and that county officials arranged dozens of murders to cover it up. Things become worse when the four are framed for murder, forcing them to go on the run.

NOTE: Inspired by the historic trend of controversies involving Broward County officials, Gage County's controversial handling of the Helen Wilson murder case, the City of Bell scandal, the Jeff Davis 8 case, and the Death in the Bayou and Murder in the Bayou documentaries relating to the Jeff Davis 8 case

13. The Golden Jubilee (Part 3) (Air Date: 1/28/26)

With Goren, Orr, Stabler, and Dorn the subjects of a statewide manhunt, McCoy and Ryan turn to Cooney and Governor George Bally for help, though this triggers a jurisdictional war between the states of Pennsylvania and Florida. As this happens, the quartet continues their investigation in secret and uncovers a scandal that could be the reason for the Philadelphia murders. Meanwhile, Eames teams up with Stabler's former partner Olivia Benson and U.S. Attorney Abbie Carmichael to extract the four men from Florida without attracting the attention of the corrupt Broward County Sheriff.

NOTE: Inspired by the "kids for cash" scandal, the Jefferson Davis Parish jail contraband ring, and the Texas Youth Commission child sex abuse scandal

14. Jet Lag (Air Date: 2/4/26)

In the aftermath of the Broward County incident, Goren and Eames are reassigned to Green and Scott, respectively, as they investigate two different cases: Goren and Green the apparent suicide of a well-respected businessman, Eames and Scott the murders of two Guatemalan immigrants. Meanwhile, McCoy and Ryan struggle to salvage their reputations following the controversial acquittal of Enrique Gomes.

15. Plague (Air Date: 2/11/26)

Despite Goren and Eames being reassigned to different partners, they are forced to team up when their murder cases turn out to be connected. The quartet's investigation leads the officers to a disillusioned misanthrope with an obsession of the bubonic plague.

16. Spousal Privilege (Air Date: 2/25/26)

The seemingly open-and-shut case of a celebrity's murder during a robbery is reclassified to murder when Hunter finds out the victim and his wife had been seeing a couples' therapist who uses unconventional methods.

NOTE: Inspired by the divorce between Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, and the Paris robbery incident involving Kim Kardashian

17. What Hath God Wrought? (Air Date: 3/4/26)

Power is faced with one of the most difficult cases in her career when the stabbing death of a biophysics researcher uncovers a startling and potentially unethical experiment that could pose long-term worldwide ramifications.

NOTE: Inspired by the Lula and Nana controversy

18. Buyer's Remorse (Air Date: 3/11/26)

A billionaire's son is found brutally murdered only months after the seemingly accidental death of his mother, and Bradshaw and Orr's investigation centers around two prime suspects: a half-sister hellbent on inheriting a multimillion-dollar estate, and a widow with a dark secret and a twisted motive. Meanwhile, McCoy and Ryan face off against a brilliant and ambitious lawyer seeking to make his mark on the judicial world.

NOTE: Inspired by the murders of Bernice and Ben Novack, Jr.

19. Six Degrees (Air Date: 3/18/26)

The PPD is faced with a ticking clock as they try to track down a serial killer who strikes every March 19th. Meanwhile, Scott is caught up in a crisis involving a family member of one of the murder victims, who she first met during last season's "Six Hours".

NOTE: Inspired by the February 9 Killer case

20. Hot-Wired (Air Date: 3/25/26)

The PPD goes on the hunt for a serial child abductor who gains information on his victims by hacking into their home surveillance systems. This M.O. rattles Bradshaw and Ryan, who have recently installed a home surveillance system for themselves and their children.

21. Confessions of the Catcher (Air Date: 4/8/26)

With Bradshaw on desk duty after losing his service pistol in the last episode, Green teams up with Scott to investigate a fresh home invasion and double homicide. However, they are dealt with a twist in the case when they discover two malnourished children chained up in the basement of the crime scene, as well as evidence of an even more sinister crime the victims committed.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jaycee Dugard case and the Robert John Bardo case

22. Sealed (Air Date: 4/15/26)

The death of an admissions director for a new college campus initially causes Goren and Green to uncover a countrywide accreditation scandal. However, their interrogation of multiple suspects and witnesses leads the two officers to a student who may have had a more personal motive for killing the victim. Meanwhile, McCoy and Ryan grapple with privacy issues when they encounter a lawyer who is intent on keeping her client's juvenile record sealed.

NOTE: Inspired by the Education Corporation of America accreditation scandal and the Gina Grant college admissions controversy

23. Quis Separabit? (Air Date: 4/22/26)

While investigating the brutal murder of an unpopular divorce lawyer, Eames and Scott suddenly find themselves in the middle of an escalating custody battle between a college professor and her much younger husband. Things become even more strange when they realize the professor is in an incestuous relationship with her teenage son, an environmental technology company has a lot to gain from the murder, and the victim's half-brother shoots two seemingly random people before committing suicide.

24. Unlucky (Part 1) (Air Date: 4/29/26)

Thousands of flights are canceled following over a hundred drone sightings at and near Philadelphia International Airport, leaving the PPD scratching their heads about the perpetrators and motives. Things take a sudden, shocking turn when DNA evidence found on a damaged drone nearby points to Bradshaw as the perpetrator, and he has no alibi for the sightings. A subsequent search of his father's old property leads to the discovery of a dead TSA agent, leading to his arrest.

NOTE: Inspired by the Gatwick Airport drone incident

Season 13 (2026-2027)

  • Will consist of 22 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, October 7 @ 10/9 Central on NBC, following 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.
  • Zachery Ty Bryan officially departs from the cast this season

1. Lucky (Part 2) (Air Date: 10/7/25)

Michael must struggle with bringing Bradshaw to trial for the murder of a TSA agent after Ryan is forced to recuse herself. Meanwhile, the PPD and the rest of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office team up in an effort to prove Bradshaw's innocence, only to discover a complex conspiracy involving old cases and a larger plot on the horizon.

2. Epilogue (Air Date: 10/14/25)

In the wake of Bradshaw's acquittal and the escape of Theo Harkin (Zach Braff), Goren and Eames investigate the double suicide of a teenage couple and learn that another couple had a lot to gain from the deaths. Meanwhile, Thomas, Carpenter, Ryan, and Michael face heat for their efforts to exonerate Bradshaw.

3. All My Babies (Air Date: 10/21/25)

When a woman infamous for giving birth to a live set of septuplets is killed in front of a crowd of witnesses, the Greens focus their attention on her seven ex-husbands, who all had various motives for wanting her dead. However, they are forced to expand their suspect pool to include her thirteen adult children and stepchildren, following an interview with one of the septuplets.

NOTE: Inspired by the Kitty Genovese case, the story of Nadya Suleman (a.k.a. "Octomom"), and the Duggar family scandal

4. Stolen Valor 300 (Air Date: 10/28/26)

When an Iraq War veteran is shot to death in his car in this landmark 300th episode of the series, Bradshaw and Orr are led to a fellow veteran who appears to be hiding a dark secret. The ensuing trial pits McCoy against a juror who is vehemently anti-military.

NOTE: Inspired by the life of former Navy SEAL Don Shipley

5. The Greatest Story Ever Told (Air Date: 11/4/26)

The hit-and-run death of a fact-checker leads the PPD to a newly-hired journalist who claims to have uncovered dirt on state politicians all across the country, but will not reveal her sources.

6. Man Down (Air Date: 11/11/26)

Ryan is faced with a massive legal challenge when she prosecutes a woman for kidnapping a raping a man. Things become even more tense when the case becomes an ideological battlefield between a Me Too group and an anti-feminist men's rights group. Meanwhile, Hunter is approached by the leader of the Me Too group, who asks her to spearhead their cause during the trial.

NOTE: Inspired by the "manacled Mormon" case and the legal scenario of female-on-male rape

7. Coercion (Air Date: 11/18/26)

The PPD becomes involved in a tense hostage situation after a botched bank robbery. The detectives are then forced to split up into teams after realizing the bank manager's wife and daughter were kidnapped and that he was forced to participate in the robbery. Meanwhile, Bradshaw is rattled by a letter sent by Theo Harkin.

NOTE: Inspired by a 2003 bank robbery in Vista, California, involving the kidnappings of the branch manager, her daughter, and her roommate

8. Giving My Thanks (Air Date: 11/25/26)

With Thanksgiving coming up, Ryan struggles to convict a developmentally-disabled man for killing a jogger in the late of night. Meanwhile, Goren learns of a surprising development from Eames.

9. Fault Line (Part 1) (Air Date: 12/2/26)

While investigating the death of a man from a drug overdose, the PPD and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office become embroiled in a political crisis when the lieutenant governor is identified as their prime suspect. The integrity of the prosecution is soon jeopardized when several women come forward, accusing the lieutenant governor of sexual assault during his time as a federal prosecutor in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Bradshaw finds himself being stalked by Harkin.

NOTE: Inspired by the Justin Fairfax sexual assault allegations and the March 2020 drug overdose incident involving Andrew Gillum

10. Five of a Kind (Part 2) (Air Date: 12/9/26)

Harkin returns and forces Bradshaw to play a murderous version of poker without anyone else's knowledge, with the lives of Ryan and his children at stake. As Bradshaw runs around Philadelphia to prevent Harkin from claiming his next victim, the PPD unknowingly stumbles onto the trail as well, believing a spree killer is on the loose.

11. Hearken (Air Date: 1/13/27)

An African-American stripper accuses two Caucasian Penn State football players of raping her, causing sensational media coverage to descend upon Philadelphia. As the PPD struggles to determine the validity of the alleged victim's story, Bradshaw, still recovering from his cat-and-mouse game with Harkin, starts to bend the rules of the investigation in a mission to prove the football players' innocence, putting his career and his relationship with Ryan on the line.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2006 Duke lacrosse case

12. No Confidence (Air Date: 1/20/27)

When the murder of a secretary is traced back to someone within the executive branch of the Pennsylvania state government, McCoy and Cooney join forces in an effort to shake down Governor Bally.

13. The Chronicles of Abbie Carmichael (Air Date: 2/3/27)

When U.S. Attorney Abbie Carmichael receives a threatening letter upon her transfer to Philadelphia, McCoy takes charge of the effort to find the sender before he acts on his word. The resulting investigation pits the PPD against a massive pool of suspects and possibly even some skeletons in the closet of McCoy's father Jack.

14. Rock Bottom (Air Date: 2/10/27)

Orr's past as an Oregon detective comes back to haunt him when new evidence emerges implicating a woman for murdering her stepson and covering it up. As a result, he is forced to confront dark secrets of his own, stemming from the case.

NOTE: Inspired by the disappearance of Kyron Horman

15. Untainted Love (Air Date: 2/17/27)

Bradshaw reunites once again with Mandy Seeger (Zendaya), the actress he protected from a stalker in Season 3 and a sexual harasser in Season 6, when she finds herself stalked once again. In order to get into the stalker's mind, he and Orr must pay a visit to Mandy's original stalker. However, what they find is bigger than they ever imagined.

16. Reaching for the Skies (Air Date: 3/3/27)

When several people are killed in a midair collision between a tour helicopter and a small private airplane, Goren and Eames learn that one of the airplane pilots had ingested a lethal dose of poison right before his death. As they search for the one responsible, they realize the poisoning was a case of mistaken identity stumble, and that the motive is linked to a massive cover-up, which puts thousands of lives at stake.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2009 Hudson River midair collision, the crashes of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, and the Boeing 737 MAX groundings

17. Hopped (Air Date: 3/10/27)

An African-American accountant is dragged to death in an apparent hate crime, but Bradshaw and Orr find another suspect whose story opens up a debate about psychiatry and prescription drugs, which is spearheaded by a worldwide celebrity.

NOTE: Inspired by the James Byrd, Jr. case; the lawsuit briefly filed by the mother of Charlie J. Bishop against the acne medication isotretinoin; and the Tom Cruise anti-psychiatry comments controversy

18. The Uncertainty Principle (Air Date: 3/17/27)

The death of a well-respected mathematics professor forces the PPD to reconstruct erased data in his laptop in an effort to find the killer. Meanwhile, McCoy is approached by a woman (Katherine Waterston) claiming to be his half-sister.

19. Brothers in Arms (Air Date: 3/24/27)

The discovery of a police officer beaten to death pits the PPD against an alliance between two criminal organizations from the past, but Goren believes the killing may have been driven by a personal animus. Meanwhile, McCoy investigates the claims of the woman who approached him in the previous episode. Also, Bradshaw ramps up his search for Theo Harkin.

20. Three... (Part 1) (Air Date: 4/7/27)

Philadelphia is terrorized by a series of increasingly violent car crashes, and all of the clues point to Theo Harkin as the prime suspect. As Bradshaw prepares for his final showdown with Harkin, McCoy and Ryan team up with U.S. Attorney Abbie Carmichael to get the FBI on Harkin's trail, while the PPD calls in their own reinforcements.

NOTE: Inspired by concerns of hackers using Internet-connected drive-by-wire cars for terrorist attacks

21. ...Two... (Part 2) (Air Date: 4/14/27)

With Brennan, Carmichael, and the FBI assisting the hunt for Harkin, the PPD and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office are ready to bring Brennan's arch-nemesis down once and for all. However, Harkin is not intent on letting them ruin the game he wants to play with Bradshaw...

22. ...One! (Part 3) (Air Date: 4/21/27)

Following disastrous chemical attacks on the precinct station and the courthouse, Bradshaw and Brennan are left to confront Harkin by themselves. The situation escalates even further when Harkin is revealed to have kidnapped Ryan and the twins, and claims to have a dirty bomb hidden somewhere in Philadelphia.

NOTE: Last appearance of Sergeant Michael Taylor (Zachery Ty Bryan)

Season 14 (2027-2028)

  • Will consist of 20 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, October 13 @ 10/9 Central on NBC, following 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.

1. Postscript (Air Date: 10/13/27)

In the aftermath of his final confrontation with Theo Harkin, Bradshaw goes on trial for the illegal actions he took to save Ryan and his children. Unfortunately, the lead prosecutor in the case turns out to be an old friend, Jonah "Joe" Dekker (Terrence Howard).

2. Privilege (Air Date: 10/20/27)

The PPD uncovers a massive countrywide scandal involving America's upper class while investigating the murder of a poor college student who had been making a lot more money than what her job usually pays. Meanwhile, Ryan consoles Bradshaw as he remains on administrative leave following the trial.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2019 college admissions bribery scandal

3. The Big Comeback (Air Date: 10/27/27)

Bradshaw returns to the line of duty and takes charge of the Greens' investigation of a dead body found in the Schuylkill River. However, the case proves to be more difficult for him to handle than he thought.

4. Jewelers' Row (Air Date: 11/10/27)

When a man is killed during a string of unusual jewelry store robberies, Goren and Scott team up to find a common denominator between the robberies. They subsequently find a suspect tied to what has been called the "heist of the century".

NOTE: Inspired by the Antwerp diamond heist

5. Monster (Air Date: 11/17/27)

The Greens reopen a cold case involving the murders of a couple in a poor neighborhood. Their investigation subsequently puts them on the trail of who could perhaps be one of the country's worst serial killers ever. As the PPD finds more victims, Miranda and Power develop a personal stake in the case, which could jeopardize Ryan's prosecution.

NOTE: Inspired by the Samuel Little case, the Lonnie David Franklin, Jr. (a.k.a. "Grim Sleeper") case, and the Robert Francis Van Wisse case

6. Hell Hath No Fury (Air Date: 11/24/27)

A group of gunmen fire into a limousine, killing a notorious rapper and his driver and injuring a passenger, leaving the PPD with multiple suspects. Though they zero in on a suspect with a viable motive, the case takes a sudden turn when a man they exonerated early on turns himself in and confesses to the killings. As a result, Stabler, Dorn, Sheffield, and Gordon are tasked with determining the circumstances behind the twist.

7. Missing Pieces (Air Date: 12/1/27)

Sheffield leads the effort to put together the puzzle pieces after Orr shoots and kills an unarmed Hispanic man and the rest of the PPD gives conflicting stories about the incident. As he digs deeper, he realizes the shooting is not what it seems and the PPD are trying to stave off something worse.

8. The Squad (Air Date: 12/8/27)

A devastating explosion rocks an apartment building, and the situation escalates when the PPD realizes the cause of the explosion was a homemade bomb. The investigation leads them to an informal group of progressive, left-wing state representatives who are being targeted by a cult-like, far-right extremist group.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2017 Barcelona attacks, the controversial U.S. Congress "Squad", the white supremacist podcaster Stefan Molyneux, the controversial Washington state representative Matt Shea, and Donald Trump's controversial "go back" statements in June 2019

9. Serialized (Air Date: 1/12/28)

The PPD reopens a cold case that has gained traction with the nation due to an investigative journalism podcast and the efforts of an attorney with a personal stake in the case. Meanwhile, McCoy's reputation continues to suffer following the events of the last episode.

NOTE: Inspired by the Adnan Syed case and the Serial podcast

10. The Tall Man (Air Date: 1/19/28)

As the PPD reluctantly hunts for a spree killer targeting registered sex offenders, a dark secret in Dorn's past is revealed after one of the victims is identified. This puts his partnership with Stabler to the test after the murderer takes hostages at a fast-food restaurant.

NOTE: Inspired by the Stephen Marshall case, the Harvey Fountain case, and the Lindt Cafe siege

11. Cutting the Wire (Air Date: 2/2/28)

A body is discovered in a secret tunnel system found underneath a home in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, and the PPD team up with their western Pennsylvania counterparts to investigate the eccentric, paranoid millionaire who owned the home. However, the case takes a sudden turn when Scott and one of the Pittsburgh detectives (Sophie Turner) are trapped in a room rigged with explosives.

NOTE: Inspired by the Daniel Beckwitt case

12. Please Send My Regards (Air Date: 2/9/28)

McCoy and a number of public officials and celebrities are sent envelopes containing ricin, and the PPD begins a manhunt for a suspect with extreme political affiliations. However, things do not turn out the way they expect when Goren realizes one of the intended victims seems to know more than she lets on. By the end of the episode, the suspect delivers an ominous message to Goren.

NOTE: Inspired by the Cesar Sayoc case, the Vivek Shah case, and the Shannon Richardson case

13. Check (Part 1) (Air Date: 2/16/28)

Goren's past comes back to haunt him when a serial killer begins emulating the murders he and Eames solved during their time at the New York Police Department's Major Case Squad. As past and present collide in a tense match of wits and piling bodies, Goren is suddenly forced into a life-threatening situation.

NOTE: Former Captain James Deakins (Jamey Sheridan), former A.D.A. Ron Carver (Courtney B. Vance), former Detective Zack Nichols (Jeff Goldblum), former Detective Megan Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson), former M.E. Elizabeth Rodgers (Leslie Hendrix), and Conroy Smith (Billy Lush) all make guest appearances

14. Checkmate (Part 2) (Air Date: 2/23/28)

With his life hanging in the balance, Goren begins pondering the future of his career, all the while wrestling with demons he thought he had overcome. Meanwhile, Eames and the rest of the PPD continue to hunt for the copycat serial killer.

NOTE: Captain Daniel Ross (Eric Bogosian) and Nicole Wallace (Olivia d'Abo) both make guest appearances

15. Deal with the Devil (Air Date: 4/5/28)

Ryan and Michael face off against a powerful judge with an alleged history of racial, gender, and class bias as the PPD hunts for a group of wealthy suspects in a high-profile gang-rape. Meanwhile, Goren continues to deal with the aftermath of the events of "Check" and "Checkmate".

NOTE: Inspired by the Aaron Persky controversies regarding the Brock Turner case and the 2007 De Anza College rape investigation

16. Scott's Swan Song (Air Date: 4/12/28)

During an investigation into the murder of a schoolteacher, Scott revisits the painful memory of her brother's suicide after the prime suspect, a childhood friend of hers, commits suicide himself. The case becomes personal when she discovers her brother's suicide may be connected to the child sexual abuse allegations that were made against the murder victim.

17. Angel's Trumpet (Air Date: 4/19/28)

The retrial of the killer from Season 12's "Zeal" turns into a huge political nightmare for Thomas and Carpenter when they realize the top brass of the PPD have serious reservations about their recent conduct and are using the court proceedings to make an example out of them. Meanwhile, the retrial prompts Goren to make a difficult decision.

18. Desperation (Air Date: 4/26/28)

An African-American student is found raped and assaulted in her Penn State dorm room following a series of racial death threats. Miranda and Scott subsequently go undercover as transfer students to find the person responsible before more attacks occur, while the rest of the PPD deal with the descending nationwide media coverage. As they dig deeper, Miranda and Scott find a stunning motive at play. Meanwhile, Goren announces his impending retirement.

NOTE: Inspired by the Tawana Brawley rape allegations, the Khalilah Ford case, and the Kayla-Simone McKelvey case

19. For Your Eyes Only (Part 1) (Air Date: 5/3/28)

In the first part of a two-hour finale, the PPD hunts for billionaire Edwin Jeffries (Oliver Platt), who is on the run following multiple rape and sex trafficking charges. As Bradshaw and Orr lead the manhunt, Cooney gets into a heated confrontation with Governor Bally over his administration's connections with the fugitive, while Goren prepares for retirement.

NOTE: Inspired by the Jeffrey Epstein case, and a supporting character is based on Alexander Acosta

20. Goren (Part 2) (Air Date: 5/3/28)

In the second part of a two-hour finale, the trial of Edwin Jeffries begins. However, things are complicated when McCoy must deal with the FBI, who want to take over the case, and the judge from "Deal with the Devil", who wishes to exact vengeance upon his office for tarnishing his reputation. By the end of the episode, Goren retires and Scott is subsequently promoted to Junior Detective.

NOTE: Last appearance of Jr. Detective Robert Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio)

Season 15 (2028-2029)

  • Will consist of 24 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, September 27 @ 10/9 Central on NBC, following 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.

1. XV (Part 1) (Air Date: 9/27/28)

In the first part of a two-hour premiere, Scott investigates her first case as a detective, the sudden disappearance of a suburban mother. Working with Orr, she finds the woman dead in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, which puts the city under threat of racial tensions once again. Soon, she finds her career already in jeopardy when she gets into a shootout with a suspect and accidentally kills an unarmed man, after which new evidence clears the suspect of the murder. Meanwhile, Eames receives startling news from her doctor.

NOTE: Inspired by the Central Park Five case and the shooting of Antwon Rose, Jr.

2. XVI (Part 2) (Air Date: 9/27/28)

When prosecutors decline to charge her for the shooting, Scott must juggle between the outrage from the African-American community and solving the case. As she and Orr dig deeper, they realize there is more than meets the eye with the victim, and more lives could be at stake.

NOTE: Inspired by the Susan Taraskiewicz case and the Madalyn Murray O'Hair case

3. To a Grinding Halt (Air Date: 10/4/28)

When a woman with Down syndrome is put on trial for killing her caretaker, Bradshaw becomes convinced one of the witnesses is lying and makes repeated attempts to stall the trial to prove the woman's innocence. However, his actions wind up putting his marriage with Ryan on the rocks. Meanwhile, Eames contemplates telling the rest of the PPD she has breast cancer.

4. A Good Death (Air Date: 10/11/28)

The PPD investigates a controversial case involving the murder of a physician giving out assisted-suicide services. The case hits home for Eames, who continues to struggle with the reality of her breast cancer diagnosis. Her behavior soon attracts the suspicions of Orr.

NOTE: Inspired by the assassination of George Tiller

5. Mixed Bag (Air Date: 10/18/28)

Orr supervises Eames's investigation of the murder of a parolee who had been convicted of a fatal hit-and-run, giving him an opportunity to confront her over her secret breast cancer diagnosis. Meanwhile, Scott receives an invitation to dinner by the mother of the man she accidentally shot and killed in "XV".

6. Standard of Proof (Air Date: 11/1/28)

Hunter and Power team up with the Greens to retrace the steps of a murder suspect who has a long history of sleepwalking. Meanwhile, Hunter receives a visit from a childhood friend (Dove Cameron), which reopens painful wounds from her past.

7. The Game is Afoot (Air Date: 11/8/28)

The PPD and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office are forced to tackle a high-profile murder case when it turns out the prime suspect is a renowned football player with a questionable past and connections to other murder cases.

NOTE: Inspired by the Aaron Hernandez case

8. Scourge (Air Date: 11/15/28)

The PPD investigates the murders of a Canadian college graduate and her Australian boyfriend, and the disappearances of two witnesses to the crime. At first, they believe the murders may be connected to a serial killer, but they are dealt with a twist when a third body is found with evidence suggesting the missing witnesses were behind it. They are suddenly thrust in a nationwide manhunt involving multiple law enforcement agencies, which puts all of Philadelphia on edge. Meanwhile, Miranda faces a crisis when she and Chester learn the third victim was a family friend.

NOTE: Inspired by the David Berkowitz (a.k.a. "The Son of Sam") case, the manhunt for Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky, and the manhunt for Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

9. Girls Gone Missing (Air Date: 11/22/28)

A couple is shot and killed in their home and their daughter goes missing, prompting the PPD to begin an urgent manhunt for the person responsible. As the hunt continues, Power realizes she finally has a chance to have closure when evidence links the killer to the disappearance of her twin sister. By the end of the episode, Eames finally discloses her breast cancer diagnosis to the rest of the PPD.

NOTE: Inspired by the Robert Anthony Buell case, the murder of Barbara Barnes, the murder of Deborah Smith, the murder of Amy Mihaljevic, the disappearance of Michaela Garecht, and the kidnapping of Jayme Closs

10. Ladies' Night Out (Air Date: 11/29/28)

The PPD must prove which among three women is a killer when their friend is found dead in their hotel room and evidence points to one of them as being responsible. Meanwhile, Scott, Miranda, Hunter, and Power try to plan a night out with Eames in order to show their support for her as she contemplates chemotherapy.

11. The Master of the Skies (Air Date: 12/6/28)

The PPD initially suspects a charismatic airline pilot of murdering his sister-in-law, but things take a turn when their suspect is later killed himself. As he supervises the investigation, Bradshaw starts doubting Ryan's fidelity when he finds out she had been having secret meetings with the victim.

12. Thickening Plot (Air Date: 12/13/28)

As the PPD investigates the death of a novelist's wife on the fifth anniversary of the murder of a family friend, Eames makes a life-changing decision in regards to chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Hunter is approached by Newton Crest (Keanu Reeves), a state senator and the man who sexually assaulted her. Also, Eames begins chemotherapy.

NOTE: Inspired by the Michael Iver Peterson case and the Joran van der Sloot case

13. Follow My Lead (Air Date: 1/17/29)

In the wake of her meeting with her sexual assailant, Hunter's investigative abilities become compromised when the PPD investigates the murder of a disgraced film director, which may be connected to a massive scandal within Hollywood. Meanwhile, Eames returns to work following her chemotherapy.

NOTE: Inspired by the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations

14. Honor Thy Father (Air Date: 1/24/29)

The PPD investigates the murder of a single father during an apparent home invasion, only to discover the killing may have been orchestrated by either his biological son or his adoptive one. The case hits home for Michael and Chandler, who begin to clash over how they should deal with the death of their adoptive father over five years ago. Meanwhile, Hunter continues to deal with the publicity surrounding Crest's recent election.

15. Spawn (Air Date: 1/31/29)

Bradshaw tackles one of his most difficult cases yet when two ten-year-old boys are suspected of the brutal murder of a younger boy. Things take a turn for the worst when one of the suspects initiates a standoff with Bradshaw. Meanwhile, Eames, Scott, Miranda, and Power become suspicious of Hunter's recent behavior.

NOTE: Inspired by the James Bulger murder case and cases of psychopathic behavior observed in juveniles

16. Utter Humiliation (Air Date: 2/7/29)

The accidental death of a woman marks the latest incident in a string of violent rapes committed by a Philadelphia couple. However, the PPD's perception of one of the suspects changes when more victims come forward and they realize the rapists are targeting both men and women. Meanwhile, Hunter confides in Eames, Scott, Miranda, and Power about her past assault, and they encourage her to do the unthinkable.

NOTE: Inspired by the Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka (a.k.a. "The Ken and Barbie Killers") case, the Grant Robicheaux/Cerissa Riley case, the Keith Hill (a.k.a. "The Baytown Stalker") case, and the "manacled Mormon" case

17. All In (Part 1) (Air Date: 2/14/29)

In the wake of Hunter publicly identifying Crest as her assailant, more women come forward with similar allegations, putting her in the national spotlight. This impacts the PPD's ability to investigate a double homicide with a strange M.O. By the end of the episode, Hunter's credibility is shattered when witnesses come forward seemingly exonerating Crest of the attack.

NOTE: Inspired by the Al Franken sexual misconduct allegations and the Randy Baumgardner sexual misconduct allegations

18. All Out (Part 2) (Air Date: 2/21/29)

As Hunter becomes subject to harassment and violence from Crest supporters, Eames, Scott, Miranda, and Power begin their own investigation into Hunter's sexual assault, jeopardizing their careers in the process.

19. The 33rd Bullet (Air Date: 4/4/29)

A bartender and a psychiatrist are killed in an apparent mass shooting, but Bradshaw and Orr become puzzled when more and more evidence points to the victims being targeted and the killer simply attempting to conceal a motive. Meanwhile, Hunter continues to deal with the public exoneration of Crest for her sexual assault.

20. Missing in Action (Air Date: 4/11/29)

While investigating the discovery of a missing college student in a lake, the PPD joins forces with the U.S. Army to find a person of interest, a soldier who disappeared after his acquittal in a high-profile case. The case escalates when they realize the missing soldier may be involved in a countrywide terrorist plot.

NOTE: Inspired by the Alexander Kostial case, the Eddie Gallagher case, the Christopher Paul Hasson case, and the Tokyo subway sarin attack

21. He Said, She Said (Air Date: 4/18/29)

The murder of a divorce lawyer leads the PPD to a couple fighting each other over custody of their children. The resulting prosecution puts McCoy at odds with Hunter when more evidence points to the wife being responsible for the murder, even though Hunter suspects the husband of culpability.

22. Dollar Eye (Air Date: 4/25/29)

The shooting deaths of four campers leads the PPD to a fifth body connected to a double kidnapping. At first, they suspect the deaths are connected to an impending heist, but when they track down all of the members of the team, they realize the team is being leveraged by the true mastermind, someone with a simpler, petty motive.

23. Boom (Part 1) (Air Date: 5/2/29)

In the first part of a two-hour finale, Scott becomes conflicted over her priorities when an African-American police officer is charged with fatally shooting an unarmed Caucasian woman, bringing back memories of her on-duty shooting. Meanwhile, Hunter starts receiving threats from Crest supporters.

NOTE: Inspired by the shooting of Justine Damond and the Emanuel Kidega Samson case

24. Bust (Part 2) (Air Date: 5/2/29)

A drive-by shooting targeting Hunter kills an innocent bystander, leaving the PPD on edge over future attempts on the life of one of their own. As they dig deeper, they uncover a conspiracy greater than Hunter's sexual assault, which causes a division between the department and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office over what their priorities should be in the case.

Season 16 (2029-2030)

  • Will consist of 25 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, September 26 @ 10/9 Central on NBC, following 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.

1. Six of One (Air Date: 9/26/29)

The PPD investigates the death of a prostitute in a car bombing and realizes their prime suspect is related to a key witness in the trial of a Russian sex trafficker linked to billionaire serial rapist Edwin Jeffries (Oliver Platt). As McCoy and U.S. Attorney Abbie Carmichael clash over the prospect of interrogating the witness, who is in the Witness Protection Program, Hunter turns to an unlikely ally, Crest, for information.

2. That's a Rap (Air Date: 10/3/29)

Eames and Orr reopen the ten-year-old cold case of a slain rapper after another rapper with ties to the original victim is murdered in a drive-by shooting. Meanwhile, the special election to fill Crest's vacant state senate seat is held.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Tupac Shakur, the murder of the Notorious B.I.G., the murder of XXXTentacion, the murder of Nipsey Hussle, and the 2017 special election for Georgia's 6th congressional district

3. Hot and Cold (Air Date: 10/10/29)

While investigating the horrifying murder of a man who was burned alive in public, the PPD discovers a second crime scene in which a woman was left in a walk-in freezer to die. Their investigation soon uncovers a link to one of Stabler's old cases back when he was a detective with the Manhattan Special Victims Unit.

4. Acidic (Air Date: 10/17/29)

A pregnant woman survives an acid attack, and Bradshaw and Power are led to her husband, a corporate attorney. Though the victim is willing to testify against her husband, things take a strange turn when the couple start to make amends, leaving Ryan confused about the integrity of his prosecution. Meanwhile, Sheffield's home is destroyed in a gas explosion.

NOTE: Inspired by the Burt Pugach case and the related Crazy Love documentary

5. State Fair Slaughter (Air Date: 10/24/29)

The PPD receives a visit from their counterparts in the Allentown Police Department, who are investigating the bloody murder of a farmer at the Great Allentown Fair, and who believe their suspect is a Philadelphia local. Meanwhile, Sheffield adjusts to his temporary living arrangements in a hotel.

6. Time Heals All Wounds (Air Date: 10/31/29)

Hunter bonds with a rape survivor who killed a man while protecting her neighbor from an attempted push-in rape on Halloween. Meanwhile, the rest of the PPD search for the man's partner, who they believe may be linked to similar crimes.

7. From Nigeria With Love (Air Date: 11/14/29)

Eames leads the investigation into a series of murders of elderly women and links them to a money laundering ring in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Sheffield is shocked when he finds out someone cut off the brake fluid for his car.

NOTE: Inspired by the 2019 Nigeria money laundering ring

8. Bottomless Pit (Air Date: 11/21/29)

A brutal murder apparently motivated by Islamophobia leads the PPD on the heels of an Islamic extremist who had once been in the center of a highly controversial prisoner exchange. Meanwhile, Sheffield begins his own investigation into who tried to kill him.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Lee Rigby, the controversial prisoner exchange between Bowe Bergdahl and the Taliban Five, and the 2009 Bronx terrorism plot

9. How We Feel (Air Date: 11/28/29)

The drowning of a Georgia man vacationing in Philadelphia leads Bradshaw and Scott to uncover a lifelong feud between two men. Meanwhile, McCoy takes desperate measures to protect Sheffield from his would-be killers.

10. Tales to Admonish (Air Date: 12/5/29)

While investigating the murder of a comic book collector, Eames and Power team up with Stabler and Dorn when they realize their main suspect is a once-famous actor suspected of killing his wife. Meanwhile, the investigation into Sheffield's would-be killers receives a setback when Crest is killed in prison right before his scheduled interrogation with Hunter.

NOTE: Inspired by the Robert Blake case and the life and legal issues of Nicolas Cage

11. Rise (Air Date: 12/12/29)

Bradshaw accompanies Ryan to a fundraiser party held by Kathy Mendelson, the winner of the special election depicted in "That's a Rap". However, the party comes to a standstill when another guest is found dead. While investigating, Carpenter realizes the murderer is still at the party and is forced to lock down the building. By the end of the episode, Hunter cracks the case of Sheffield's attempted murder wide open.

NOTE: A supporting character is inspired by Karen Handel

12. State of the Matter (Air Date: 1/16/30)

As the PPD struggles to dismantle the conspiracy behind recent events in the season, Hunter squares off against a brilliant, psychopathic hitwoman determined to commit an assassination during the State of the State address by Governor Bally.

13. Last Will and Testament (Air Date: 1/23/30)

A woman is found decapitated in a Penn State locker room, leading the PPD to the family of a late socialite who had invested a lot of money in the university before his death.

14. Acknowledgments (Air Date: 1/30/30)

The PPD is placed in the middle of a showdown between an African-American activist and a conservative reality TV star after the former becomes the victim of a heinous attack that also resulted in the death of her husband. However, their investigation uncovers a shocking secret in the activist's life.

NOTE: Inspired by the Phil Robertson GQ interview controversy, the alleged assault of Jussie Smollett, the Charles Stuart case, and the Rachel Dolezal scandal

15. The Blue Wall (Air Date: 2/6/30)

The PPD faces an internal crisis when the murder of a confidential informant in a high-profile drug bust is found murdered, with the killer ostensibly being one of their own. By the end of the episode, Sheffield receives an alarming phone call from his old next-door neighbor.

16. Hot Pursuit (Air Date: 2/13/30)

After a contract is placed on their heads, Sheffield and Hunter are forced to go on the run in a fight for their lives. Meanwhile, the rest of the PPD investigates the murder of Sheffield's next-door neighbor and dig deeper into the conspiracy that has orchestrated many events in the past season.

17. Quid Pro Quo (Air Date: 2/20/30)

McCoy faces off against the Ukrainian government after a diplomat is accused of killing several people in a devastating hit-and-run. When the prosecution receives an additional setback, McCoy, determined to get justice, uncovers a startling secret. Meanwhile, Sheffield and Hunter make attempts to move on from the contract that had been placed on their lives.

NOTE: Inspired by the Volodymyr Zhukovskyy case and the Trump–Ukraine scandal

18. Vengeance (Air Date: 3/6/30)

When a social worker is found dead of a gunshot wound, the PPD searches for a suspect with a personal vendetta that may be linked to possible corruption in the victim's workplace. Meanwhile, Sheffield seeks psychiatric counseling.

19. True Beauty (Air Date: 3/13/30)

A former supermodel is found dead from an apparent suicide, but the Greens learn she had a long list of enemies and was embroiled in a dark secret that would have jeopardized the future of her esteemed modeling agency if it became public.

NOTE: Inspired by the life of supermodel Kathy Ireland

20. By All Means (Air Date: 3/20/30)

Newly-elected state senator Kathy Mendelson enlists the PPD's help in solving the murder of a political donor who was a close friend of hers. However, Ryan becomes suspicious of Mendelson's intentions and has Sheffield and Chandler investigate her involvement. Unfortunately, she is met with resistance from Sheffield, who is unwilling to potentially jeopardize his life again following the contract that had been placed on his head.

21. Our Dearly Departed (Air Date: 3/27/30)

Following the events of the previous episode, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office faces deep divisions as they contend with the prosecution of a man who shot at a group of Hispanic men he believed were trying to mug him. At the end of the episode, Sheffield, traumatized by recent events and disillusioned with Ryan's tactics, submits his resignation.

NOTE: Inspired by the Bernhard Goetz (a.k.a. "The Subway Vigilante") case

22. Spiral (Air Date: 4/3/30)

The PPD investigates the murder of a 16-year-old girl after her father discovers her body inside their home. The case takes an odd twist after her father accuses the murderer of being her old teacher, whom the teen shared a sexual relationship with. Meanwhile, Hunter grapples with the guilt of playing a role in Sheffield's resignation.

NOTE: Inspired by the murder of Baleigh Bagshaw

23. Deeply Embedded (Air Date: 4/10/30)

The PPD finds themselves on the trail of a sex trafficking ring when the body of a private investigator is found in a suburban neighborhood. Their paths soon cross with that of a college student conducting his own investigation in search of his cousin, a suspected victim of the ring.

24. One of the Darkest Days (Part 1) (Air Date: 4/17/30)

A livestream of a mass shooting sends the PPD on the hunt for a far-right terrorist intent on putting all of Philadelphia under siege to further his ideology. As the stakes continue to rise, the PPD seeks help from a disgraced, controversial state representative they encountered in "The Squad".

NOTE: Inspired by the Brenton Tarrant case, the Robert Bowers case, the Luca Traini case, and the January 2015 Île-de-France attacks

25. Rise Again (Part 2) (Air Date: 4/17/30)

Following the resolution of the far-right terror attacks in the previous episode, Ryan and Michael bring the suspect to trial, only for the safety of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office to be put under jeopardy by the suspect's supporters. Meanwhile, as she deals with the public attention from her shared spotlight with Kathy Mendelson, Ryan is approached with a stunning offer.

Season 17 (2030-2031)

  • Will consist of 23 episodes
  • Premiered Wednesday, September 26 @ 10/9 Central on NBC, following 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'.

1. Dreadnought (Air Date: 9/25/30)

A world-renowned guitarist from Denmark is found dead in her hotel room, and Ryan struggles to multitask between her effort to convict the prime suspect, the victim's domineering husband and manager, and her agreement to run for Kathy Mendelson's state senate seat.

NOTE: Inspired by the Natalia Strelchenko case


'Law & Order: Philadelphia' will use the theme song from 'Law & Order: Trial By Jury' and 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' for its opening and closing theme music.


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