"In the criminal justice system of New Orleans, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the Police, who investigate crime, and the District Attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories."- The opening narration by Steven Zirnkilton. (Season 1-11)

Season 3 News:

  • Jeremy Renner and Jessica Chastain will not reprise their roles for at least a few seasons.
  • Thandie Newton will guest star as Oscar Hughes's older sister, Detective Stella Hughes for six episodes.
  • There will be a five-episode arc in which Fraser and Caan's characters will travel to New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and London to search for a killer and interact with characters from other Law and Order series.

Season 4 News:

  • This will be Robert Duvall's final season as a regular.
  • Gary Sinise, Hill Harper, Kelly Hu and Bruce Greenwood will guest star as a team of Internal Affairs detectives (Trent Cutter, Nathan Phoenix, Ingrid Cho, and Steve Croft) who investigate a shooting on one detective's behalf in three episodes. One officer has a grudge against Parker and Queen since ever since he was proved wrong on a serial killer case by them years ago.
  • Michael Chiklis and Kevin Sorbo guest star as Nash Steele and Wayne Flake, a pair of bounty hunters in the season premiere.

Season 5 News:

  • Thandie Newton's character transfers to the Narcotics Unit of the department after the fifth episode.
  • Abbie Cornish joins as new recurring Detective, Brianna Adams, Stella's replacement in the sixth episode.
  • B.D. Wong will reccur as his Law & Order: Special Victims Unit character, Dr. George Huang.
  • Edwin Hodge and Rumer Willis will reccur as a second new Detective, Elijah Okafor and a rookie officer, Simone Hackney respectively.

Season 6 News:

  • Danay García will appear as Teresa's younger sister Keisha Marquez for 7 episodes this season.
  • There is talk of a shift in Louis Mandylor's character's role after this season.
  • Christy Knowings will guest star as Oscar and Stella Hughes's younger sister, Joyce, for one episode near the end of the season.
  • Jeremy Renner and Jessica Chastain returned for a two-episode guest stint.
  • Vincent D'Onofrio reprises his Law & Order: Criminal Intent character, Robert Goren, who is now a Sergeant in the NYPD for one episode.

Season 7 News:

  • Will consist of 22 episodes.
  • Louis Mandylor's character becomes a D.A. Investigator following his retirement from the N.O.P.D.
  • Marco Sanchez and Sam Jones III join the cast as a new D.A. Investigator, and MCCIS's new Lieutenant.
  • Fraser and Washington's characters are promoted following the previous season's finale.
  • Ruth Negga will appear in the last eight episodes as Shilo's girlfriend, Detective Amelia Narios.
  • James Caan will depart the cast after this season.
  • Joel Courtney and Abigail Breslin return for four episodes, including the season finale.
  • Jeremy Renner, Jessica Chastain, and Thandie Newton return for the season finale.
  • While renewed, production for Season 8 will not begin for three weeks due to a production break.
  • There is also talk of a possible spin-off for Chloe and Jack Hartman, Max Browning, and Lauren Hicks.

Season 8 News:

  • Will consist of 20 episodes.
  • Chuck Norris will join the cast as the MCCIS's new Captain.
  • Ruth Negga will return for five episodes.
  • There will be an episode focusing on Niobe James and Kent Walker.
  • Josh Hartnett and Christina Milian depart the cast in the seventh episode.
  • Abbie Cornish and Edwin Hodge are upgraded to the main cast in the eighth episode.

Season 9 News:

  • Will consist of 23 episodes.
  • Sam Worthington will guest star in four episodes as a wrongfully convicted prisoner whom Adams strikes a connection with.
  • Abbie Cornish will depart the cast at the end of this season due to her commitment to filming the movie Solace.
  • Summer Bishil will star in two episodes as a rookie Detective currently under training by Detective Narios.
  • Vanessa Hudgens will guest star in the finale as a new Detective to be Adams' replacement.
  • Josh Hartnett and Christina Milian return for the two part season finale.

Season 10 News:

  • Will consist of 21 episodes.
  • May be the final season due to time & budget constraints; details are too early to tell at this time.
    • Update: The show will remain on indefinate hiatus on renewal until the time & budget issues are resolved.
  • Thandie Newton and Christy Knowings will reprise ther role as Det. Stella Hughes and Joyce Hughes for five and four episodes respectively.
  • A main character will die in the finale.
    • Update: Kevin Costner departs the show, leading Washington's death in the finale.
  • John O'Hurley will guest star as A.D.A. Pierce Fowler, a good friend of Washington for three episodes including the season finale.

Season 11 News:

  • Will premiere in November 21, 2014. (Until then, nobody post or mess around with anything, or it will be deleted, understood?)
  • Will consist of 16 episodes.
  • John O'Hurley will join the regular cast as District Attorney Pierce Fowler.
  • Edwin Hodge, Paula Patton, and Sam Jones III will depart the regular cast after this season.
  • Kevin Federline will guest star for five episodes as a detective from the Cold Case Unit and will help the MCCIS close a 30-year old case of four slain teenagers throughout the season.
  • Hilarie Burton will guest star throughout the season episodes as a new hire for the D.A.'s office that Ashe will take under her wing.
  • A main character will lose a family member in the season premiere.
    • The character has been on the show since the beginning.

Season 12 News:

  • Will premiere on January 26, 2015. (Until then, nobody post or mess around with anything, or it will be deleted, understood?)
  • Will consist of 20 episodes.
  • Kevin Federline and Hilarie Burton will join the cast as regulars.
  • Kal Penn will be cast as a new partner for Carcaterra.
  • There will be a new opening narrative starting with this season.
  • Justin Bieber will recur for 7-10 episodes, as a rookie detective who happens to be the son of a Mafia Don, who's looking to escape his family's tarnished name and legacy.
  • There will be a will be Law & Order: New Orleans/Dallas crossover. Part 1 will take place in New Orleans, and Part 2 in Dallas.
  • Tristin Mays will guest star for 8 episodes as Alisha Nelson, Dallas Parker's long lost niece from an affair his brother had. Her story line will involve Dallas try to help her meet her father.
  • John Hannah guests stars Davis Parker, Dallas' brother & Alisha's father and Donald Sutherland guest stars as Malcolm Parker, Dallas' and Davis' father in the season finale. They tell a story that neither Dallas, his family or Alisha won't like.
  • Jessica Chastain and Michelle Rodriguez will return as Chloe Hartman and Jasmine Gutierrez, respectively for a two-parter involving a hit and run.
  • Calum Worthy and Hannah John-Kamen will guest star in the last five episodes as two junior detectives, Kenton Frye and Raina Villalobos, who are being trained by Zhao.

Season 13 News:

  • Will premiere on March 21, 2015. (Until then, nobody post or mess around with anything, or it will be deleted, understood?)
  • Will consist of 18 episodes.
  • There are plans for a three-way crossover with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit & Chicago P.D. this season.
  • Thandie Newton and Justin Bieber will depart the series once again in the sixth episode; their characters will be sent off on "special assignment" by the NOPD.
  • Meta Golding will appear in two episodes as serial killer who has a past with Queen.
  • Summer Bishil will return as Detective Jyothi "Jo" Qadri in episodes 14-18.

Season 14 News:

  • Will premiere on May 22, 2015. (Until then, nobody post or mess around with anything, or it will be deleted, understood?)
  • Will consist of 22 episodes.
  • Chuck Norris will depart the cast in the tenth episode; his character will return to his hometown and the Texas Rangers, and have a recurring role on Dallas.
  • Following Norris's departure, Sanchez's character will take over the MCCIS for the remainder of the season.
  • Josh Hartnett and Christina Milan return for the 13th and 14th episodes as guest stars.
  • There will be a new crossover with Law & Order: Dallas in episode 20.
  • A recurring character will likely die by the end of the season.
  • Tamera Mowry will return as Vice Det. Cleo Winston for 7 episodes.
  • Beau Bridges will guest star for a two-parter as Robert Kirkland, a college proffessor who begins to target his students.
  • Maya Stojan will appear for 5 episodes as Det. Elena Ruiz, a new addition to the MCCIS and a love interest for Miguel Reyes.

Season 15 News:

  • Will premiere on August 22, 2015. (Until then, nobody post or mess around with anything, or it will be deleted, understood?)
  • Will consist of 21 episodes.
  • Will pick up hours where the previous season's cliffhanger left off.
  • Don Johnson will join the main cast in the second episode as the new MCCIS captain.
  • Rory Culkin will join the recurring cast in the third episode as a new young, semi-experienced detective who becomes Frye's replacement.
  • One character will be hit the hardest in the aftermath of Frye's death. This will lead to a possibly season-long arc of decline, rock bottom, redemption, and re-evauation, similar to that of J.J. Jacob's situation in Season 4.
    • There may be a mini-crossover with Law & Order: Dallas that centers on this
  • Jazz Raycole will guest star throughout the season as "Kima West", who act as an assistant to McCorrea and Shields. 
  • The final episode of the season will be about a murder case in Parker's father, Malcolm, is the main suspect. Donald Sutherland, John Hannah and Tristan Mays will reprise their roles as Parker's father, brother and niece respectively. Tim DeKay and Dean Cain will appear as Parker's two other brothers, James and Robert.
  • Maggie Q and Regina King will both leave the cast (main and recurring, respectively) at the end of the season.

Season 16 News:

  • Will premiere on December 21, 2015. (Until then, nobody post or mess around with anything, or it will be deleted, understood?)
  • Will consist of 22 episodes.
  • Tamera Mowry-Housley will be upgraded to the main cast in Maggie Q's place.
  • Jazz Raycole will upgraded to the main cast. 
  • Megalyn Echikunwoke will join as the new Medical Examiner.
  • Texas Battle will join as a new detective.
  • Gary Sinise will recur as Trent Cutter for five episodes.
  • Jake McLaughlin will play Leon Frease, Detective Dolphin Frease's brother for thirteen episodes. Leon will be ADA Shields' love interest.
  • Paula Patton will return as Janet Ashe for a five episode arc which will uncover whether her cancer has taken a turn for the better or a turn for the worse.
  • Chace Crawford, Alisha Wainwright, Amber Heard, Michael Welch and Sinqua Walls will guest star for two-parter as a group of terrorists who hold the patrons of a movie theatre hostage, with Keith Parker (Mason Dye) and Alisha Nelson (Tristin Mays) among the hostages. 
  • Ming-Na Wen will appear in seven episodes as 'Defense Attorney Althea Li, a rival attorney who has a personal vendetta against Zhao, but since Zhao has left the MCCIS, Li takes her frustration out on the rest of the team.
  • This season will put more focus on Det. Shepherd, Lt. Reyes, and ADA McCorrea's personal lives.
  • Bill Pullman will plays Dolphin and Leon's father, Robert Frease for six episodes.
  • Joan Allen will plays Dolphin and Leon's mother, Anna Frease for four episodes.

Season 17 News:

  • Will premiere on June 6, 2016, same day as Law & Order: Dallas Season 9 and Hartman Season 6.
  • Will consist of 20 episodes.
  • Ming-Na Wen will return in six episodes (11-12, 14-17) as Althea Li.
  • Maggie Q will return for three episodes (15-17), where she will clash with Li in these episodes and aim to finally bring Torrance Gillmore to justice.
  • Abbie Cornish returns as a special guest star in five episodes (8-10, 15-16), where her character helps Parker, Queen and Fowler to find Fowler's daughter in Las Vegas after she went missing with her boyfriend who is dead, and later returns to New Orleans to help track down Torrance Gillmore.
  • Brie Larson will return for eight episodes as Sammi Fowler. This time her character will become involved with a relative of Torrance Gillmore.
  • Paula Patton will return for two episodes (15-16) this season where Ashe will re-unite with both Lisa and Brianna and share the good news about her illness to them.
  • Chasty Ballesteros will appear for ten episodes as Detective Shima Yukimura, a newly transferred detective who will be partnered with Jones. She will temporarily take the place of Elena Ruiz, who will be on extended leave while dealing with a sudden death in her family, which will also have an effect on her relationship with Reyes.
  • Tom Welling will appear for four episodes (14-17) as ADA Carter Wagner, an assistant district attorney from Baton Rouge who McCorrea and Shields bring in as a consultant to help against Li. He strikes up a romance with Kima West.
  • This will be Hannah John-Kamen's last season a regularly recurring character, but her exit will leave open the possibility of her returning in the future.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis to plays Sammi's mother and District Attorney Fowler's wife, Janet Fowler for five episodes.
  • Joel Kinnaman to plays District Attorney Fowler's older son, LVPD Detective Joe Fowler for six episodes (9-10, 14-17) where he helps his father, Parker, Queen and Brianna to find Sammi and then he come to New Orleans to hide Sammi from Torrance Gillmore.
  • Kevin Federline departs the show after the finale.

Season 18 News:

  • Will premiere on October 11, 2016.
  • Will consist of 22 episodes.
  • Zac Efron will join the cast as a new young detective.
  • Tom Welling will reprise his role for seven episodes.
  • Rachel McAdams will return for the first two episodes of the season.
  • Julianne Hough and Olivia DeJonge plays Nicole and Isabel Collins, Gino Carcaterra's nieces and Chace Crawford plays Nicole's boyfriend, Luke Fleming. They will lives next door to The Parker. 
  • Melina Kanakaredes plays Vicki Collins, the mother of Nicole and Isabel and Gino's youngest sister who come to New Orleans to found her kids after Nicole and her boyfriend Luke stolen money from criminals who is after them.
  • A Parker family member will be killed off in episode 21 after getting caught between the criminals who is after Nicole and Luke.
    • The member is revealed to be Paula (Amy Acker).
  • Hilarie Burton and Tamera Mowry-Housley depart the cast at the end of the season.

Season 19 News:

  • Will premiere on September 19, 2017.
  • Will consist of 20 episodes.
  • Rebecca Romijn will join the main cast a new senior detective.
    • Ever Carradine had originally been slated for the role, but dropped out due to creative differences.
    • Romijn's character will strikes a connection with Parker.
  • Alicia Vikander to plays Rebecca Pines for 13 episodes. Rebecca is a young photographer who will work with the D.A. with the cases.
    • Rebecca has a dark secret and she is a long-lost relative of a main character which will be revealed at episode 11.
  • Elle Fanning plays a unknown girl who was found unconscious inside of Shepherd's car for 10 episodes. Her identity will reveals at episode 11.
  • Season 19 finale will seen one main character fights for their life after they become badly hurt in the biggest cliffhanger ever. Their fate will be unknown until the next season, season 20.

Season 20 News:

  • Will premiere on June 7, 2018.
  • Will consist of 22 episodes.
  • Louis Mandylor will appear in the first two as a guest star to reveal his character's fate and depart the series after that.
  • Aya Sumika joins the main cast as a new D.A. investigator and a former NYPD cop forced out of her previous job due to a family scandal, and who now seeks to blaze a new trail at the NOLA D.A.'s office.
  • Taissa Farmiga to plays a fortune taller who will involved with five main characters as she tells them the future; death, fear, love, life and evil. The show will airs five flash forward scenes throughout the episodes before main events at three parts season finale episode.
  • An original former main character will pass away halfway through the season. Their death will bring back all original main characters (and a few recurring characters) who left the series back for their funeral, and will inspire a current main character to leave the series for a new path.
    • The deceased character is eventually revealed to be Alan Grimes (Robert Duvall) and the departing character is Fowler (John O'Hurley)
    • Jimmy Smits will replace O'Hurley as the new District Attorney.
    • Fowler will return in the season finale to reveal his character's new path.

Season 21 News

  • Will premiere on March 6, 2019.
  • Will consist of 21 episodes.
  • Vanessa Hudgens will not return as a regular this season, but will recur for six episodes.
  • Natalie Martinez will join the main cast as a feisty rookie detective and new mother with a "chip on her shoulder".
  • Kevin Federline, Kevin Costner and Amy Acker will return as their deceased characters; Dolphin Frease, Russell Washington and Paula Dalton-Parker as ghosts giving Queen, McCorrea and Parker advice as they each go through a personal crisis.
  • Jake Mclaughlin, Hilarie Burton, Kate Beckinsale, Joey King and Rory Cochrane will return for one episode in the second half of the season as Queen and McCorrea visiting them. They will all appears in Episode 18.
  • Robert Ri'chard will guest star in the final three episodes of the season as Detective Darius Styles, a Detroit-born officer, who "brings a new urban flavor to the Big Easy".
  • Don Johnson will depart the main cast at the end of the season.
  • The season finale will have a cold case that connects to several prominent families in New Orleans, and the resolution will cause major shakeups to the main cast.
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