"In the city of Dallas, criminals are being pursued by the detectives of the homicide unit and then later, prosecuted by the district attorney. These are their stories."


Law & Order: Dallas is an American police procedural/legal drama series set in Dallas, Texas. Created and produced by Dick Wolf, the series premiered on NBC on September 2015 on Wednesdays at 8e/9c, as a follow-up to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which aired 7e/8c.

Set in Dallas, the series follows the same two part approach in the original series, but like SVU also will have significant development for the series characters. When a crime is committed, the victims are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the Dallas Police Department, where a team of elite detectives and their ranking captain investigate the crime; and the Dallas District Attorney office, where the DA and his team of ADAs prosecute the offenders in trials. In almost every episode, the first half hour focuses on the investigation by the detectives, followed by the second half on the prosecution of the criminals by the district attorney. Both teams in the Dallas police and DA office work with the Medical Examiner’s Office, Crime Lab, psychiatrists, and other resources to help bring justice for the victims, and deliver it those that abuse it, Texas-style. Similar to the original series, some of the episodes will be "ripped from the headlines" or loosely based on a real crime that received media attention. At times a particular case could be longer and could take a season’s length to close.


Added Season 13: episode titles (1-6); info for the new incoming cast.


Season 13

  • Beth Riesgraf (Detective Joy Babin) will leave the cast after episode 13.
  • Starting in season 13, Vella Lovell is joining the main cast as ADA Lizzie Vaughn--a fierce and rising attorney whose loyal but mostly a "law nerd", who also has a boyfriend as a firefighter.
  • Josh Hopkins is also joining the cast as the new District Attorney Rufus Kline--a fierce prosecutor who was almost chosen by DA Lowe to be the first chair, instead was booted as a Bureau Chief of Gang Crimes until he boosted his way up seeking to gain the mayor's favor.
  • Robert Sean Leonard will appear in several episodes as a new recurring role, guest starring as Cameron Pierce--he is described as "a infamous Texan looking to become a shady political opportunist". His actions helped booted Melanie Carson out of the DA office and catapulted Rufus Kline to be her successor. Now his new passion will become a huge storyline throughout season 13 as several cases either involve him somewhat or a lot. His role will push Gutierrez to his breaking point.
  • Several guest stars include: Jada Pinkett Smith, Olivia Wilde, Kal Penn, Ben McKenzie, Teddy Sears, Kimberly Elise, Mike Epps, Romeo Miller, Simon Quarterman, Lili Simmons, Emilio Rivera, Thandie Newton, Morena Baccarin, Dennis Haysbert, Michael Chiklis, and Jimmy Smits. More will be coming soon.
  • There will be 24 episodes for the season.
  • No confirmations so far regarding two-part episodes or even crossover episodes. But there might be a potential second crossover with the cast from the upcoming Law & Order: Beyond Lines.
  • The show rewards for season 14 but Dick Wolf confirmed that the show go on a year's break due a budget crisis.

Cast and characters


Name Portrayed by Position Assignments Seasons
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen
Bianca Diaz Dania Ramirez Senior Detective Homicide Unit Main
Trey Mathis Paul Telfer Junior Detective Homicide Unit Main
Carlos Gutierrez Jay Hernandez Head Assistant District Attorney 1st Chair Main
Joy Babin Beth Riesgraf Junior Detective Homicide Unit Main
Stuart Farnell Jensen Ackles Senior Detective Homicide Unit Main
Lizzie Vaughn Vella Lovell Assistant District Attorney 2nd Chair Main
Brandon Roberts Omar Epps Lieutenant Head of Dallas Police Department's Homicide Unit Main

Former main

Name Portrayed by Position Assignments Seasons
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen
Darlene Scott Elena Satine Assistant District Attorney 2nd Chair Main
Eric Dalton Terry O'Quinn Captain Head of Dallas Police Department's Homicide Unit Main
Monica Lane Megan Good Assistant District Attorney 2nd Chair Main
Adam Waters Henry Simmons Senior Detective Homicide Unit Main Recurring
Gina Roman Clea DuVall Assistant District Attorney 2nd Chair Main
Blake Lowe Blair Underwood District Attorney Main

Current recurring

Name Portrayed by Position Assignments Seasons
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen
Dr. Elliot Harvey Richard Schiff Behavioral psychologist Recurring
Nathan Radosti Wil Traval Junior Detective Robbery Unit Recurring
Lou Finn Omar Benson Miller District Attorney Recurring
Josh Silver Josh Breuning Private Investigator Head of Silver Justice firm Recurring Recurring
Dr. Reyna Whitney Meaghan Rath Medical Examiner Recurring
Rufus Kline Josh Hopkins District Attorney Recurring

Former recurring

Name Portrayed by Position Assignments Seasons
One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen
Alice McKenzie Erica Durance Detective Forgery Unit/Homicide Unit (temp in s5) Recurring
Colton Renko Chuck Norris Leader Texas Ranger Recurring Recurring
Dr. Augustus Simon Jon Tenney Medical Examiner Recurring
Melanie Carson Glenn Close District Attorney Recurring
Neil Barliss Thomas Jane Assistant District Attorney, Temporary 1st Chair Recurring


Season 1 (2015-16)

Title Episode No.
"Man of the Year" 101
When a man with no name washes ashore in Duck Creek, Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate. However their case takes an interesting turn when they try to uncover the victim's identity. The case will soon take them to an illegal horse trading operation. Gutierrez and Roman are stumped when more surprises unravel at trial.

**Series Premiere**

"Remembrance" 102
An old acquaintance of Diaz suddenly dies of mysterious causes. She and her partner Mathis are set to investigate her friend's death. But as they go deeper, Diaz is forced to bring back an old demon from her past that could jeopardize the case.
"Degree" 103
A politician's death leads Diaz and Mathis into a tailspin of lies, secrets, and a deep seeded past that puts City Hall into the spotlight. DA Lowe wants Gutierrez to tread carefully, however as the case sends them to a media frenzy trial. Gutierrez might half to use the mayor as a witness to prosecute the accused murderer.
"By the Line" 104
Still shaken over the aftermath of the politician case, ADA Gutierrez wants to focus on his job again, but is given a shaky case of a wife accused of killing her husband for reasons unknown. The police struggles to come up with solid evidence, while Gutierrez and Roman have to do what they can to make sure the defense attorney won't seek a dismissal.
"Someone Has to Run" 105
When Mathis out on assignment, Diaz teams up with Waters, but their partnership gets rocky from the start. They realize they half to respect each other's skills in time to catch the bomber who bombed a small marathon. Meanwhile, DA Lowe still has to repair the District Attorney office's image to the public and does a risky plan to achieve it.
"Leading Lady" 106
When a movie filming in downtown Dallas goes awry, Detectives Diaz and Mathis probe a downturn actress' death and uncovers her past with prescription pills. The detectives uncover a web of lies between the actress' agent (Warren Kole) and the production company that was using the victim's money for profiteering. However things turn when the detectives focus their attention on the victim's mother (Maria Bello), who has a obsessed goal to push her daughter for fame no matter what happens.
"Riverboat Special" 107
Diaz and Mathis investigate the death of a gambling mechanic. When the victim's gambling comes into the question, the case takes the detectives to an underground gambling ring that has connections to the most powerful members in Dallas, and now the DA office are putting themselves in a tight rope in how to keep the ring's members away from prosecution.
"Gauntlet" 108
Diaz, Mathis, and Waters team up together to solve the slaying of a peaceful family, the McVaults. However as they probe the husband's professional life, they are shocked to discover the man has a second family living in Austin. Waters head up there and work with the Austin Police as they realize the male victim's second family, the Griffins, was also slain. Now both police departments must find out who know both the McVaults and Griffins, and wonder if the main victim in this, the husband, put both his families in harm's way; and suddenly their case will lead them to the Russian mob.
  • Mid-season finale
"Time's Arrow" 109
A respected scientist who wants to prove Einstein's time traveling theory in a new way is found murdered, and now Diaz and Mathis are probing his work to uncover what he did find that posed a dangerous risk to his life. However, as the detectives learn more about the victim's work, his private life also come into play.
"The Colder You Get" 110
A 22 year old cold case involving the death of a retired officer forces the detectives of the Dallas Police to work with Chicago Police when Sergeant Voight (Jason Beghe) from Chicago's Intelligence Unit arrives without notice to help them find the murderer. Captain Dalton wants Voight to be careful here, but Voight's interference could hinder their best chance to find the people responsible for the death of someone in their police family. Dalton seeks contacts from Chicago to find out the connection between Voight and the victim.
  • Crossover with Chicago P.D.
"Single-Minded" 111
A young smart thief Ryan Carton (Kyle Gallagher) is suspected in the death of his ex-flame and former partner. Detectives Diaz and Mathis feel assured Carton is their guy. As ADAs Gutierrez and Roman prosecute Carton for murder, he decides to represent himself. And when Carton call the detectives to the stand, their characters are called into question when Carton reveals a surprise that will cause a controversy within the police and DA office.
"Fool's Errand" 112
Detectives Diaz and Mathis investigate the beating and vicious stabbing of a 17 year old girl. When the detectives probe the victim’s close circle of friends as potential suspects, their case will soon lead them from an ill-conceived prank to a love triangle involving the victim's older sister (Kay Panabaker) and her sister's boyfriend (David Lambert).
"Hammer Down" 113
Manhattan's SVU Sergeant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Detective Fin Tutuola (Ice-T) arrive in Dallas to help Detectives Diaz and Mathis hunt and stop the deadly duo of rapist brothers, Martin (Enver Gjokaj) and Ian Maxton (Demir Gjokaj), who have raped and murdered ten women in New York, and are now continuing their spree in Dallas.
  • Crossover with Law & Order: SVU
"The Doomsday Principle" 114
The murder of a health inspector leads Detectives Diaz and Mathis to a continuing scandal within the city health department involving contaminated meat, which soon leads them eventually to a survivalist named Landon (R. Lee Ermey), whose hostile towards preparing for the eventual day Earth will end. ADA Gutierrez seeks Dr. Harvey's help to understand Landon's mindset and ponders if he really did killed the inspector out of survival.
"Bittersweet" 115
Waters's younger brother, Ron (Tristan Wilds), is accused of killing an elderly female who was protecting her granddaughter, a girl Ron was seeing. Waters wants to keep him out of danger, but Captain Dalton wants Waters to stay out of the way. Diaz and Mathis want to tread careful towards this, but it soon becomes hard when DNA evidence guarantees Ron's guilt. Now Waters fear his family's past could be brought up in court, and risks his career not to let the DA expose those buried secrets.
"Exodus" 116
When a visiting Romanian ambassador (John Di Lancie) arrives in Dallas for a global task force conference, the Dallas Police and District Attorney are stunned when a local reporter (Dana Delany) accuses the ambassador for the death of her husband seven years ago. Trying to reinvestigate the reporter's husband's case, the detectives are taken back when the surprises they uncover reveal more deaths related to the ambassador. And now DA Lowe is seeking help from the US Attorney (Chris Diamantopoulos) to see what to do next, and if the ambassador will get away with murder because of his diplomatic immunity. Meanwhile, Waters seeks advice from Dr. Harvey after his career scare. Mathis is shocked his father, General William Mathis (Gregory Itzin), returns to the city and has something to share with the case against the ambassador.

**Season Finale**

Season 2 (2016-17)

Title Episode No.
"Find Abdullah" 201
Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called to probe the death of a investment banker, but as they try to unravel his private and professional lives. They soon discover a trail of cyber crumbs that will lead them to a mystery man nickname Sedar. However, Mathis notices an oddity and seeks help from his father, General Mathis (Gregory Itzin). Suddenly the detectives discover Sedar is actually a most wanted American-born terrorist named Abdullah Mahed (Oded Fehr), who has been in hiding for years. Mathis and Diaz are soon blindsided by FBI Special Agent Hammond (Sean Cullen) who wants jurisdiction for Abdullah's capture. The DA office wants to fight jurisdiction, yet are hesitant about the risk they could take, and what consequences could come if they do.

**Season Premiere**

"Tainted Hart" 202
Alyssa Hart (Jennifer Morrison) is a self-made millionaire who contributes her time and fortune to ever charity in New York. However, when an anonymous person threatens her by trying to leak her past to the media, Alyssa takes things personally by hiring a private investigator. As she believes her life is getting back to normal, she later discovers her private investigator is dead. Mathis and Diaz probe the mysterious death, but Alyssa is push through the limit when she's the prime suspect; and every single evidence is pointing back to her. Now ADAs Gutierrez and Roman try to prosecute Alyssa for the murder, but there are surprises in store for everyone.
"Sycophant" 203
A murder of a popular club trender sends Diaz and Mathis to the outer limits of Dallas where the original crime scene occurred. The detectives search frantically for the killer, but discover a person of interest in Dustin Quinton (Brian Hallisay), a male who just recently arrived to Dallas and using its influence and power to go through the fields of popularity. Now the DA office must uncover the killer’s psyche when it comes to the rich and famous before another victim surface.
"Reckless in Love" 204
When several innocent people are found dead one by one, Captain Dalton tires not to alert to a media firestorm, but he insists Diaz and Mathis find the serial killer before the frenzy begins. However, they soon discover the serial killer is in fact two renegade teenagers trying to prove their love by killing for one another. The detectives seek Dr. Harvey's help into understanding the killers’ minds before another helpless victim is next.
"Hidden" 205
Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate a friend of the deputy mayor, who has been beaten and tortured to death. The detectives quickly learn her daughter is missing and they believe her killer has her. In a desperate search and against the clock, the detectives waste no time to try to find the daughter while finding out who killed her mother. However, the case becomes personal for Diaz when she finds some similar connections to the missing girl and her mom’s past.
"Special Suited" 206
When the body of a mentally disabled homeless kid is found near the trash, Diaz and Mathis discover she and as well another disabled kid is stuck in the middle of a battle of rights between a academy associated for special needs and an adoption agency who suspect the academy isn't what it seems. Trying to solve the mess, Gutierrez brings in an human rights activist (Diane Farr) to help the detectives try to uncover the reasons why the kids were homeless in the first place while finding the killer.
"Musar" 207
A synagogue is under attack and a young Jewish man proclaiming his faith is found viciously beaten to death. Diaz and Mathis try and piece together who could be the killer. However, things get out of control when clues of a hate crime turns out to be something no one expected.
"Outlaw" 208
Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called onto the scene to investigate an apparent murder of a strict gambler, but while probing the victim’s past they discover a distraught and very dangerous father (David Strathairn) is seeking out revenge against the murderers of his son. Learning that their victim was one of those killers, the detectives must stop the possessed father before he put himself in any more danger.
"Caution" 209
ADA Roman's private life is suddenly pull into the spotlight unfortunately when a hotshot, young Fort Wort lawyer is found shot in the heart. Diaz and Mathis try to tread careful and not see their friend, Gina, as a person of interest, seeing how she knew the victim intimately. However, they soon probe more in the victim's life to discover he has been dealing with a dangerous gang and how he has been helping them defy the law. Now the Homicide Unit is at crossroads, and ponder how far Gina knew if at all. And suddenly Gutierrez tries to help her out, yet he too becomes wary when finds out she knows something. A secret that could ruin their partnership.
"Lobos Reales" 210
Detectives Diaz and Mathis probe the death of a young adult male, who just recently got paroled. However, when they discover the victim has ties with the dead lawyer, who knew ADA Roman, the detectives quickly realize the connections with the dangerous El Lobos gang. Now the detectives must seek a warrant to arrest certain members in Dallas. When ADAs Gutierrez and Roman, still trying to work out their trust issues, has to work together to prosecute the gang. However, everyone will be stunned when the gang's mystery leader has targets behind the detectives and the ADAs' back.
  • Mid-season finale
"Texas Justice" 211
Horrified to find his cousin slain, ADA Gutierrez and Detective Diaz head to Houston to help the Houston Police find any Lobos connections. However with the Lobos leader still unidentified and at large, Gutierrez wants to get justice for his cousin's death and will bend the rules whatever way possible to cripple the El Lobos.
"Lighting Rod" 212
With Diaz still in Houston dealing with the El Lobo case, Mathis probes the mysterious death of a celebrity artist, whose reputation has been infamous not only with his art, but with his relationships. With help from Waters and Detective Alice McKenzie (Erica Durance) try to find the killer, but as the case stalls; they get help from a former artist (James Tupper), who also tells them that their victim took part of a major art scheme. To smoke out the killer, Mathis and McKenzie must work with the ex-artist while going undercover.
"Devoted" 213
When an eight year old boy is found shot near his home, Detectives Diaz and Mathis investigate the boy’s family as suspects. However, they particularly pay more attention to the mother (Lynda Carter), who is very despondent and devoted to her kids. When the tough, sensitive case now in the hands of ADA Gutierrez, he struggles to get substantial evidence against the defendant. Especially how the mother's defense attorney (Nia Vardalos) is claiming her client killed her son because she was mentally unstable. Feeling the case slipping, Gutierrez decides to test how well she is devoted to her kids.
"Ring Around" 214
A public divorce battle between two young musicians (Ray J and Lauren London) lead to one of them found murdered. Detective Diaz partners with Detective Paul Raymond (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali), who has been investigating one of the musicians for forgery and embezzlement. Seeing how the whole case is becoming more media centric, Captain Dalton is shocked when a tabloid reveals shocking details that even his own detectives couldn't find. Mathis and Waters team up to investigate the tabloid's claims and uncover secrets both musicians try to keep hidden from the surface.
"Mephistophelean" 215
Diaz and Mathis investigate an apparent suicide of a woman, but Dr. Simon feels the victim's injuries are more forced and rules homicide. Treating as a murder, the detectives trace the victim's last steps to a intriguing church meeting run by renowned Reverend Reese Blair (Peter Gallagher). However, the detectives discover the killer could be hidden amongst the reverend's congregation. And it provides the police a difficult time as they have to treat everyone as a suspect, even the reverend himself.
"Messin' with the Kid" 216
During one of his patrols, Waters discover a runaway teenage girl hiding and sees she has been abused badly. He tries to help her, but she tries to deny his help. When Waters trace the girl's origins back to Chicago. He contacts Chicago Police's Intelligence Unit for assistance. Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Officer Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) arrive to help, and along with Detectives Diaz and Mathis, they all unite to save their young victim. However, the case leads them to an underground sex trade market which reveals more young girls are being kept as sex slaves.
  • Crossover with Chicago P.D.
"Vestige" 217
Diaz and Mathis track a clever serial killer (Mike Erwin) who’s cleaning up every crime scene everytime he kills. As finding the killer is like a needle in a haystack, the detectives are against the clock when the killer finds yet another victim. As the clock ticks away for the next helpless victim, the detectives try to outsmart the killer by restaging the crimes scenes to find something the killer left behind.
"A Space Oddity" 218
A recluse author, Luke Stanton (Wil Wheaton), is accused of murdering a former colleague who stolen his work on a popular sci-fi book series that just been picked up for filming rights. Detectives Diaz and Mathis try to uncover the motive behind the murder, and uncovers a secret rivalry between the two that reached back all the way to college.
"Dead Position" 219
A respected doctor and friend of Dr. Simon, Dr. Era Crane (Will Patton) is running for deputy mayor. However, Dr. Crane's life is turned upside down when people close in his life are betting assassinated. Diaz and Mathis try to find the assassin and find out who in Dr. Crane's life wants to ruin his. However, they for their colleague, Dr. Simon, as he could be at risk.
"Fable" 220
ADA Gutierrez goes one on one against a tough Defense Attorney Mark Elliot (Cary Elwes), when Elliot defends a former lawyer (Scott Krinsky) who's been accused of murdering his ex-wife and mistress. Gutierrez feels he has a seal win, but Elliot will bring out some nifty tricks to give Gutierrez and the police a hard time.
"Border Dogs (1)" 221
When a traffic accident leads to the discovery of a decapitated man inside a semi-truck's cargo bed, Detectives Diaz and Mathis try to find a name to the John Doe. And suddenly their finding leads them to DEA Agent Neil Arturo (Nestor Carbonell). Arturo tells them that the victim was an informant, a dirty border patrolman, helping the DEA in exposing a major drug bust involving an familiar foe to the detectives, the El Lobos. Realizing the El Lobos is expanding as a huge drug cartel, they finally uncover the leader's identity as Razul (Benicio Del Toro). However, Razul is hiding in Mexico. Seeing their best chance to arrest Razul for four counts of murder, they can't touch him because the DEA has their sights on him. Knowing they have a common enemy to bring down, Mathis makes a tough choice and helps the DEA by going undercover as a dirty border patrolman. With no way out, Mathis must be careful as he is about to undertake a perilous operation inside Mexico.

**2-Part Season Finale**

"Border Dogs (2)" 222
Forced to kill a DEA agent, Mathis is torn within as he continues his dangerous, undercover stint as long as he keeps his cover perfect. However, Razul wants to be close with his new friend. Mathis tries to be careful and realizes this could be his only chance to stop Razul right here. However, how long can he keep his disguise while he still deals with the agent killing. Meanwhile, Detective Diaz and Agent Arturo try to stop the drug line the El Lobos are using to carry out their drugs. ADAs Gutierrez and Roman do what they can to try to block the drug line, while Gutierrez still deals with his cousin's death and learns who really did killed him.

**2-Part Season Finale**

Season 3 (2017-18)

Title Episode No.
"Cabal" 301
When a fisher's net caught a dead body near the docks, Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate the case. As the case goes further and further, the detectives discover a multitude of potential suspects once the victim is revealed to be a first-year congressman. Soon things take a turn when they probe a secret society the congressman took part of shortly before he died; and how it will all lead to the Texas governor, Rex Webb (Andrew McCarthy). Meanwhile, Mathis struggles with the aftermath of his underground stint in Mexico, and how it could distract him from the case.

**Season Premiere**

"The Boy Who Vanished" 302
Captain Dalton’ past comes back to haunt him when Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate the disappearance of a bank manager’s nine year old son. The case holds striking similarities to a seventeen year old case of the disappearance of Randy Benham, which Dalton investigated. The detectives along with Dalton realize that the person who kidnapped Randy may be the same one who kidnapped their victim. Feeling that this case won't haunt him like Randy did, Dalton is determined to find the truth and the discovery of both boys.
"Strike Out" 303
A hip club becomes the target of Diaz and Mathis’ investigation when they try to solve the apparent stabbing of a businessman who had a life of unlucky events happening to him. The club owner, Al Varks (Matthew Davis) is the prime suspect after many witnesses noticed he and the victim had a nasty fight. When the detectives try to uncover the reason behind the fight, a signed baseball and a meeting with famed Texas Rangers player (Colby Lewis) comes into play. Meanwhile, the Homicide unit gets to meet a new member in their family, Detective Babin. And things for her quickly get into gear when she and Waters find clues about Varks’ private life.
  • First episode for Detective Joy Babin
"Wonderfall" 304
When several witnesses inform police about a live video feed involving a college female being tortured, Mathis and Diaz seek the Computer Crimes unit’s help as they try to locate the missing female. CCU analyst Jasper Strom (David Krumholtz), who’s in loan to help the detectives, suddenly finds a connection with the female through a labyrinth-like website called “”. With Jasper communicating with the victim, the detectives use the distraction to continue finding her while trying to find her captor. However with time against them, how long they have left before the victim’s torture ends in her murder.
"Always Leap and Cover" 305
A training school is held under suspicion when a recent graduate is found brutally disfigured. Diaz and Mathis first think it was a racially motivated attack, but later learns more about the tough lessons the school has been given to their students. In attempt to seek justice against the school, Lowe makes a controversial decision to convict the victim’s killers.
"Unseen" 306
After getting promoted to detective, Waters assists Babin as they probe an attorney’s bizarre death and discover he has been living a secret life in the dark underworld of prostitution. However, what they do find could tie to a missing serial killer. Meanwhile, DA Lowe gets a surprise visit from Governor Webb (McCarthy).
  • Waters is promoted to detective
"Renaissance Man" 307
A single mother, Lea Hunter (Tracy Pollan) thought she was having a great relationship with the nice, handsome, Donald Posey (David Conrad). However when her name is link to the murder of Posey’s business partner, Detectives Diaz and Mathis discover she is unknowingly part of a conspiracy to blackmail a private bank president. Suddenly the detectives discover Lea isn’t the only female Posey had deceived once they uncover he is a brilliant con man, who has been using multiple identities in multiple states to fraud and blackmail; using a single mother as his honey trap. Meanwhile, ADA Gutierrez’s rival, Defense Attorney Elliot (Cary Elwes) returns defending Posey; and Elliot tries to hit Gutierrez’s case as Elliot tasks Lea to be the defense’s key witness.
"Withdrawal" 308
ADA Gutierrez enlists Diaz and Mathis to find a runaway heroin user (Chris Carmack), who's the key witness to a brutal murder, and have brought to trial before the suspected killer goes free. Even if they find their witness, they must have him stable and clean to testify against the killer. When the witness tries to go back to the drugs and seeing the case slipping away, Diaz goes undercover as an addict to stop him and persuade the witness to withdraw from drugs.
"Lockdown (1)" 309
Diaz, Mathis, Waters, and Babin unite to solve three deaths of three teenagers found murdered brutally in the middle of the woods. However, the detectives are in for a surprise when their case takes them to a mentally unstable teenager, Wyatt Gates (Ian Nelson). His wild, dangerous antics surprise the city and the detectives fear what is ticking him off. When they discover evidence of a bomb plot, they are soon stunned when Gates invades a middle school and is setting a lockdown over the school. With middle graders and teachers in harm’s way, the detectives seek help from State Police as they try to discover what they should do to stop Gates without killing him and risking victims. However, Diaz can’t wait anymore and decides to sneak inside. With Gates demanding no interference, Diaz decides to go without protection and risks her own life as she is entering a possible deathtrap.
  • 2-part mid-season finale
"Lockdown (2)" 310
When shots fired inside, Captain Dalton don’t want to waste time and demands the others to head in to find out what happened. And when they go inside, they discover many kids are dead, teachers are dead, but Gates is still alive. However, Diaz is crucially injured. She protected a twelve year old girl from getting shot, yet took the shoot herself. With Diaz getting treatment, Mathis and Waters probe the school shooting and learn why Gates chose it; Babin questions everyone in Gates’ life; Dr. Harvey does his best to get inside Gates’ head. ADAs Gutierrez and Roman realize the difficulty, and must see how they can go through this knowing full well there is a major public backlash clouding the city. Governor Webb (McCarthy) gives DA Lowe an idea that could have serious complications.
  • 2-part mid-season finale
"10-78" 311
A beat cop is killed in a attempted robbery crime, however when Waters and Babin discover clues that the cop needed backup, they find out there was no backup ever called. The detectives are stunned when Internal Affairs led by IA Detective Harold Kirby (Titus Welliver) are called to handle the case. Kirby’s investigation suddenly reveals shocking evidence to prove there is a call, yet the backup that was close never showed up. Feeling the officers who should’ve backup their fallen comrade is in the same boat as the robber, the DA office makes a hard decision and charges the two officers with manslaughter. ADA Gutierrez has a tough time trying to convict them, knowing full well that call for backup is so far the only evidence they have.
"Coded" 312
The questionable murder of a logistics professor leads Diaz, whose back on the field after weeks of healing, and Mathis to a puzzle box filled with number codes. Mathis suspects that these codes could lead to the identity of the mystery killer, but as they are against the clock he requests help from Dr. George Newman (Peter MacNicol), who uncovers a lot more about the puzzle box and the discovery of more murders. However, what the detectives find will surprise them; and even Mathis’ professor friend could have a bigger role than he anticipated.
"Prescribed to Kill" 313
Two thought-to-be different murders of a elderly couple and a young mailman leads Diaz and Mathis to a shady pharmaceutical company and its CEO (James Naughton), where the police suspect the common link to the two murders is a controversial drug that supposed to handle migraines easily. However with Dr. Simon’s help, they discover the drug has dangerous side effects. ADAs Gutierrez and Roman need to prove the corporate offices knew about the side effects and willingly ignore the consequences. But the company’s stiff defense attorney (Jay Karnes) is making their case harder than expected.
"Until Proven Guilty" 314
A teenager confessed to Detective Babin that he murdered his father. However, circumstantial evidence proves he didn't do it, but insist he wants to go to jail for his father’s murder. With Waters and ADA Roman’s help, they race against the clock to discover the real truth and the real murderer before an innocent kid goes to trial.
"Hacking Nation" 315
A infamous hacker is found strangled to death, and Detectives Diaz and Waters notice the victim’s last traces are through the computer. In order to understand and uncover more details about the victim’s controversial life on the web, they seek help once again from CCU analyst Jasper Strom (David Krumholtz). Their findings soon lead them from a law firm hacking to a terrorist plot involving assassination attempts. Now the detectives are on the search to find the others involved in the victim’s alleged schemes, and ponder did one of them have motive to kill the victim.
"Child Lock" 316
Two goodhearted parents are accused of leaving their toddler son in a overheated car which leads the boy to die of extreme exhaustion. And now Detectives Waters and Babin ponder was the death even an accident or something else when they uncover secrets behind the good family. Secrets that lead doubt in wondering what the parents have to gain over their son’s death. Meanwhile, the governor tries to play hardball when DA Lowe and Captain Dalton try to plea with him to focus on what path they need to take to handle this sensitive case.
"Deliverance" 317
Diaz gets a strange letter, but has to read it later when Mathis informs her about a murder of two college coeds. However, their death and the investigation lead the detectives to a man (Wes Ramsey) who’s known to be a Good Samaritan. They tune him as a person of interest; however, the good man gives the detectives a stunning alibi; an alibi that he was trying to rescue a CIA undercover agent from an assassination plot. The detectives are stumped, and now Gutierrez and Roman try to unmask the suspect’s supposed alibi by trying to find the undercover agent.
"Around the World" 318
A wealthy couple that spent their days traveling around the globe are found viciously beaten inside their townhouse. Detectives Diaz and Babin probe the couples’ lives to see who could’ve they known might have done this. However the detectives’ case leads them to a traveling agency which is under investigation by the FAA of illegal flight operations. Now the detectives wonder if the victims are part of the operation, and learn they aren't the only wealthy couple involved in this ongoing investigation.
"Silver" 319
When a San Diego nurse is found dead in Arlington’s City Park, Diaz and Mathis try to seek assistance from the San Diego Police after they discover the victim was moonlighting as a nurse, and was actually a prostitute. The more they uncover, the more they realize the signs of her death is like those similar to murders committed by the Crosscut Killer. Realizing the killer has been committing more murders across the country; Diaz seeks help from her ex-fiancé Josh Silver (Justin Bruening), who’s the head of "Silver Justice", a private investigational manhunt firm that travels throughout the country seeking justice for victims regarding complicated cold cases. Silver knows a lot about the Crosscut Killer’s crimes. With Silver and his team, Diaz and Mathis join the hunt to finally capture the killer before he goes into hiding and disappear again.
"Restless" 320
Detective Alice McKenzie (Erica Durance) returns seeking Mathis’ help to find a missing friend of hers. McKenzie gets an odd note from her friend stating that she wants to end her life. McKenzie convinces Mathis that her friend is being manipulated by someone, and when their probe uncovers another body. They link it and her friend’s attempt towards a blogger who is egging people who to end their lives because they all share a common, internal enemy. Meanwhile, Diaz takes a day off to understand the mysterious letters she has been getting for over a month, and tries to trace it back to the sender.
"Greed's Glory" 321
When Diaz and Mathis try to solve the murder of a financial advisor, their case reveals lies and secrets within the Dallas’s private sector, and when a particular fundraiser comes into the investigation. It suddenly leads them to an intriguing suspect, Oscar Frost (Dylan Bruno), a titan in the business world. Frost knew the victim pretty well, and what the victim has on Frost, the detectives uncover a devious plot Frost has set to run wild in central North Texas.
"Ex Nihilo" 322
A man who just got acquitted from murder is murdered himself. His defense attorney is almost assassinated and now Detectives Diaz and Mathis seek ADA Gutierrez’s guidance over the victim’s trial. They first target the family of the woman he killed, but more evidence discovers a suspect no one saw coming. In efforts to find the killer, the DA office is mystified when the governor’s office gets into their affairs once again, and is meddling. Trying to play safe, Gutierrez attempts to use a law that has never been utilized for over twenty years.
"Instinct" 323
Detectives Waters and Babin look into the death of a young driver and question the car crash that presumably took her life. However, the more they look into the crash; they find evidence that the car has been tampered. Now with Dr. Simon ruling a homicide, Waters and Babin tighten their search for the killer, and from suspecting her cheating husband, they eventually focus their attention to a well-dressed man (Tim Daly) who has a fond with sleuthing. Meanwhile, Diaz finally traces the letters creator in El Paso, and discovers a shocking revelation.
"Tabula Rasa" 324
An former marine is found bludgeoned in a abandoned warehouse. Detectives Diaz and Mathis investigate the marine’s personal and martial lives. However, everything seems his life has been perfect. He was honorably discharged, and was set to marry his high school sweetheart. However, the detectives are confused in the reasoning why he was killed. Suddenly a tip from a marine leads them to a pair of doctors who have been orchestrating a controversial study group that has been experimenting on soldiers’ brains alive and dead. When the detectives discover many of the previous subjects have subsequent side effects like amnesia and brain defects, they believe the researchers knew and ignore the risk. Taking this personal, Mathis wants the DA office to put an end to this. However before Gutierrez can stop it, Governor Webb (Andrew McCarthy) meddles again. Not taking anymore, DA Lowe threatens the governor to stop his meddling, but Lowe and his office will suddenly face consequences for messing with the big man in Austin. And now Gutierrez, Roman, and Lowe’s jobs are all on the line. Meanwhile, Diaz discovers the sender is someone from her past she thought was dead, her estranged brother.
  • Final episode for DA Blake Lowe

**Season Finale**

Season 4 (2018-19)

Title Episode No.
"Truth Whisperer" 401
When the laundromat owner discovers a deceased male body inside one of the dryers, Detectives Diaz and Mathis investigate the victim's past and uncover clues related to another cold case; a case involving a female whistleblower. Both cases soon propel the detectives to investigate a shady investment firm and the powerful Trell family--led by patriarch Victor Trell (Eric Close)--in whom owns the company. ADA Gutierrez and the detectives realize a broiling scandal the Trells are willingly to hide and commit murder. Gutierrez realizes it's going to be a fight with the Trells, yet the biggest fight is when he defies his new boss, DA Carson.
  • First appearance of Interim District Attorney Melanie Carson (Glenn Close).

**Season Premiere**

"Lost and Rebound" 402
A sleazy restaurant owner is found dead behind the back of his rival's restaurant prompting Detectives Waters and Babin to investigate the rival owner as the murderer. However the detectives' case takes them away from a restaurant feud to a surprisingly love triangle between the victim, his young female cook, and a troubled young male who owes a drug debt to a drug gang.
"Extreme Measures" 403
A kidnapping scheme ends in disaster when a divorced stepfather and his accomplice are both found dead. Diaz and Mathis try to search for a clue and a suspect, yet they first suspect the victim's ex-wife about trying to kidnap her seven year old daughter. The detectives later learn another sick reason why the victim wants to kidnap her, as they discover he has a past in kidnapping children not only for himself, but for a hidden Russian mob. The DA office will have a hard time convicting the suspects as a former Dallas ADA Hank Stratton (Gary Cole) wants to represent the defense.
"Frontier" 404
Detectives Waters and Babin investigate the sudden death of a crippled, former Dallas Cowboys player. As they uncover a strange sex play turned accidental, it eventually leads to murder when the M.E. reveals he was strangled. The detectives soon link the victim’s last known contact to a political spokesman, Albert Thomas (Brendan Hines), who has a knack of invading the law. And when Waters and Babin discover a list of other victims Thomas has used his power over, they probe the deep world of S&M in order to smoke out what Thomas is truly hiding.
"Covenant" 405
A well-respected preacher, Luthor Wallace (Wendell Pierce) and his small town just outside Dallas is rocked when Wallace becomes the prime suspect of a double homicide involving his wife and his brother. Trying to clear his good name, Pastor Wallace tries not to go to jail and convince his town to believe him. Mathis and Diaz believe they found the smoking gun, an agreement he made with a contract killer. Meanwhile, Diaz is stunned when her estranged brother, Luca Diaz (Ramon Rodriguez), returns to seek her help.
"Success for Fools" 406
A trio of friends are indicted for assaulting and raping a high school student. However, Mathis and Babin are astounded when the accused rape is shattered by social media. Captain Dalton helps out Waters when they probe the student's accusations. But when new evidence surfaces, the detectives do their best to connect the evidence to the suspects. However, ADA Roman is taken back when the victim has much more secrets than meets the eye.
"Innocence" 407
When convicted killer Zach Dunn (Kevin Gage) won his appeal, the DA Office is shocked. ADA Gutierrez wants to convict him again, but is depressed the case of the butchered divorced mother, Dunn was convicted over; the jury's decision got overturned because of faulty evidence. As Dunn praises his innocence over the media, DA Carson doesn't like it and asks the police to relook the case. As they do, they soon discover new evidence that could support Dunn's innocence, but as they tread carefully; they question did they really let an innocent man rot while the real killer is still out there.
"Street Law" 408
A controversial speaker (Nathan Lane) is put in the crosshairs with Det. Diaz when a double homicide forces the Homicide unit in a bubble, and the speaker is treated as the prime suspect. However, when the case takes a twist and the speaker's own family is caught in the middle. With help from CCU analyst Jasper Strom (David Krumholtz), they soon learn the public wants justice themselves putting ADA Gutierrez's case in hot water. Meanwhile, Diaz is stunned when her brother Luca is involved in the street brigade trying to convict the speaker.
"No Mas" 409
A talented luchador is dead and his shocking murder sends Detectives Waters and Babin to the underground world of Mexican wrestling. As their list of suspects takes them from the victim's strict coach (Tony Plana) to a rival (Theo Rossi) to a female vixen (Kayla Ewell) all the way to a former luchador seeking redemption whatever it takes.
"Addicted" 410
When a man who recently won the Texas lottery is found shot multiple times, Diaz and Mathis are shocked when their case sends them to a tax scam and a dangerous casino; whose owner (Mitch Pileggi) has a reputation of being greedy and is using false money to create a massive scam against the City Hall. ADA Gutierrez and DA Carson are at crossroads in how they are handling this case. Meanwhile, Diaz's brother Luca receives a threat which puts her own life in the crosshairs.
  • Mid-season finale
"Exclusive" 411
Detectives Waters and Babin respond to a emergency after learning a male is seeking help to calm down his girlfriend, a young female soldier (Rose McIver) who is suffering from PTSD and is having a manic attack. When the detectives try to interview her, things take a twist when the soldier accuses world renowned Dallas newscaster, Alistair McCade (Michael McKean), for falsifying a report years ago that led to a tragic event. And when Waters learn a recent death is linked to McCade's decade old news report, McCade's credentials and legacy takes a hit when the detectives probe some of his questionable reports, and ponders did he had an unintentional hand in a soldier's friend's death.
"Homecoming (2)" 412
As the Dallas police try to bring Clancy Reddington (Hugo Weaving), the leader of the Swaztik-Skins Brigade back to the city, hidden Reddington followers mastermind a surprise attack which leads two officers dead and a third critically injured. Detectives Diaz and Mathis return only to investigate the ambush and learn of Reddington's escape. Soon they discover another murder of a Black retired judge is related that to Reddington and his gang. As the detectives handle the difficult case while dealing with City Hall and the commissioner, Captain Dalton finds out the third officer who is fighting for his life is MCCIS Captain Renko (Chuck Norris)'s second oldest son, Ritchie Renko; Dalton calls in his friend to help assist the hunt for Reddington and his police killer posse. Renko leaves New Orleans and returns to his hometown of Dallas along with Sgt. Dallas Parker (Brendan Fraser) and Det. Lisa Zhao (Maggie Q). ADA Gutierrez and ADA Roman offer their assist to help pressure imprisoned supremacists to give up Reddington's hideouts. However as Dallas and New Orleans combine their strengths to put an end to the Swaztik-Skins for good, Reddington still has some tricks up his sleeve.
  • Follow-up to Law & Order: New Orleans' Season 12's "Supremacy (1)". It is the conclusion of the New Orleans/Dallas crossover event.
  • Ritchie Renko, Captain Renko's son and the third Dallas officer who was injured in the ambush, survives but faces a long recovery.
"Ménage à Trois" 413
Detectives Waters and Babin investigate the odd murder of a TCU graduate assistant who came back home for a family event. As they initially suspect shading loan debt as a possible motive to his death, the detectives are equally stunned when a leaked sex video shows the victim having a threesome with a unnamed female and another female who's actually a Dallas high school teacher, Carla Baxton (Elizabeth Berkley). Now things get interesting as they suspect either Baxton or the other female could be the murderer once the detectives discover why they had the threesome in the first place.
"Opportunity Grows" 414
An former client of Dr. Harvey's past is found drowned, but soon reveals he was shot. Detectives Diaz and Mathis seeks Harvey's help in understanding what his former patient was like; however Harvey is reluctant due to patient confidentiality. He struggles to give up any credible reason why his patient was killed; however when another one of Harvey's former patients is found dead. Detectives and ADA Gutierrez suspect another patient from Harvey's past is trying to seek revenge for something. Putting Harvey in protective custody, Gutierrez may have to force his friend to give him names he suspect could be the killer. However, Harvey is still reluctant and might ruin relationships with the others as he stands behind his ethics no matter what happens next; but Gutierrez believes there has to be another way, a way that could damage his friendship forever.
"Breakup" 415
An publicized reality star couple are persons of interest when Detectives Babin and Waters link them to a producer's death. However their investigation reveals stunning surprises regarding the couple's popular reality show and what secrets the producer wanted to keep from the public; when the FCC gets involved, things really get interesting as the case takes a darker turn and everyone will be surprised why the studio wants to keep the show active.
"Down Under" 416
A former Secret Service agent is found nearly decapitated outside a alley; when Detectives Diaz and Mathis learn his work included both President Bushes and as well President Clinton, and how his record back in D.C has been near spotless. However, the detectives suddenly find a suspect who has been known through Interpol and the FBI. When they try to arrest their suspect, he flees to Melbourne, Australia. Now ADA Gutierrez seeks help from US Attorney (Chris Diamantopoulos) and State Department to bring him back; but as they try to go through some tough diplomatic obstacles, even proving the murder could be harder to convince a jury.
"In the Zone" 417
Detectives Waters and Babin investigate the sudden disappearance of the Sergeant in Arms inside a military neighborhood. As the detectives play cautious towards the victim's private life and as well the tight-nit community. Things take a sudden turn when the missing sergeant leads detectives to a link back to the 2009 Fort Hood shootings and how that incident has shaken the sergeant's community to defend against future incidents. However, a unsolved military tribunal case is brought back to the open when ADA Gutierrez uncovers the missing sergeant might hold revelations.
"Just Silence" 418
The death of a controversial gynecologist, who practiced in both Dallas and New York, leads Detectives Diaz and Mathis to many mishandled and illegal cases that span multiple suspects. One of those cases involves a female (Anastasia Phillips) who wanted an abortion, yet the doctor told her she could die due to a genetic disorder. However, as the detectives learn about the case; they soon discover the victim was also a suspect in a New York case involving the death of a young couple's mute infant. Diaz and Mathis ponder do both cases have a connection; and in order to prove the theory and learn more about the New York case; they get assistance from the NYPD's 27th Precinct, as Mathis heads to New York to work with Detective Kevin Bernard (Anthony Anderson). However as they probe further, a shocking surprise will unravel a new connection and possibly a motive.
"Three Wishes" 419
A children fundraising organization titled Three Little Wishes is under investigation when the police probe a executive's suspicious death and how the victim kept a scandalous report involving embezzlement towards the privately held non-profit organization. As the organization's CEO (Toni Collette) publicly defends her work and diminishes claims of misappropriating funds. Detectives Diaz and Babin, in their first case as partners, try to find evidence that could link the CEO to the victim's death. Mathis and Waters are handling another case, but do help out. But just as they all thought embezzlement was the true motive, a shocking love affair is blown up in the picture and ADAs Gutierrez and Roman have to trend the fences to unmask the duplicity inside this well-known organization.
"Babin's Luck" 420
Detectives Babin and Waters are on a undercover sting to link a suspicious gang member in the death of a cab driver. But just as they thought this case was enough to handle, Babin unintentionally gets involved in a active robbery. When she shoots the robber, she is stunned the criminal had no armed weapon. When Internal Affairs gets involved, IA Agent Kirby (Titus Welliver) returns to probe Babin's role and if she had right to shoot an unarmed suspect. But as the attempted robbery and the cab driver case have nothing in common, Babin is allowed to continue her investigation in that case. Yet when she battles both cases, she questions her role in the force and doubts she can continue being a detective. However, a ghost from her past will return to set her focus straight.
"Hipster's Fantasy" 421
Diaz and Mathis are on the hunt to find the person responsible for brutally beating a single mother to death. However, things take an interesting role when they link the victim's estranged daughter as a potential person of interest. As the try to find their suspect, they soon discover she is hiding within a group of dysfunctional hipsters who believe heavily in a counterculture. Seeking Dr. Harvey's help, the police ponder did the daughter kill her mother because her mother didn't believe in her world. ADA Gutierrez wants to convince a jury the teenager did it out of callous. However, the teenager's smart defense attorney (Joanne Kelly) will prove a psych defense. Meanwhile, Luca tries to reach out to his sister, but Diaz keeps turning him down.
"Disliked" 422
A collegiate professor is strangled to near death, but the trauma leaves him into a medically-induced coma. Detectives Waters and Babin probe the beating and suspect his African American nationality is a hate crime motive. However, the detectives realize the victim's fellow co-workers, the Dean of Liberal Arts, and the victim's students have all say the same thing, he is aggressive and abusive in how he treats people he doesn't like. The detectives are doing their best to find a good suspect, but as more keeps growing because of their hatred towards his attitude and not his skin color, the more the case becomes muddy. However as they finally believe a former student is suspected as the culprit, the trial becomes more traumatic. With the defense attorney (Nia Vardalos) doing what she can to dismiss, DA Carson orders Gutierrez to have Roman be the lead. Gutierrez doesn't question, but ponders why he's pushed off in this case.
"Honor Thy Brother" 423
Diaz is shocked when her brother, Luca, comes in her apartment shot and injured. Diaz wonders what has her brother got involved into. Without Captain Dalton's knowledge, she goes rogue to investigate her brother's shooting. And when she suspects a devious and dangerous loan shark, Ty "Tyger" Ricotti (Jeremy Bobb), because of her brother's turbulent and violent past with Tyger; she hesitates to get physical. However she heads back to work when she helps Mathis solve the murder of a security arms employee and suspect the company she works under is hiding something. But Diaz is stunned when Tyger is found dead. When other detectives arrest her brother for murder, Diaz feels he didn't do it and he was framed, because Tyger has a lot of enemies. But when IA Agent Kirby (Titus Welliver) suddenly reappears; he interrogates Diaz for her private investigation. Suddenly things get out of control when the DA office charge her as a accomplice. Mathis is furious, and Dalton's hands are tied. And when Gutierrez try to do his best, he struggles because of his relationship and seriously doubts Diaz could help her brother cover up a crime. But as the case takes a series of turns, Diaz feels pressure and needs to protect herself and hires Defense Attorney Mark Elliot (Cary Elwes), Gutierrez's archrival. With moves and countermoves shaking up both the Dallas homicide unit and the DA office, relationships and trust are shaken to the very core, and Diaz could loose everything: her pension, her liberties, and most of all her love to her brother. Will Diaz come back or is she going to sacrifice everything she worth protecting because of her brother's love. Meanwhile, Diaz gets a call from her ex, Josh Silver (Justin Bruening) about possibly joining him if she winds up being cleared, but decides to leave the force for good.

**Season Finale**

Season 5 (2019-20)

Title Episode No.
"Reunion (1)" 501
Months after dealing with Diaz's departure, Detective Mathis has find it hard to adjust without his partner, and with a new partner--Detective Alice McKenzie (Erica Durance), on loan for the squad--he feels a little better, but not enough. And soon his performance at work will go extreme when he and Det. McKenzie is call to investigate a deadly hit and run. However, they soon find the suspect vehicle and uncover a dead female body in the trunk, yet the driver is gone. So now the detectives have to trace back who had the vehicle, who was that female, and what's the connection between them. As time ticks, the detectives eventually find that their suspect is most likely, David Gunner (James Van Der Beek), a serial predator and sadist who has been on the run, yet resurfaces in Dallas. When they learn Gunner is one of Josh Silver (Justin Bruening)'s "Most Wanted", they contact Silver to get his insight on their hunt for Gunner. Soon things get interesting when Silver tags along Diaz, who has been working for his private firm since she left the squad. As the emotions are tense between Diaz and Mathis, Captain Dalton wants them to focus on the matter at hand...finding and capturing Gunner. However, Mathis, Diaz, Silver, and McKenzie will be shock when they uncover surprising details of Gunner's life, and one of those including his true identity. When they find out his name is not David Gunner, and that he used a dead victim's name as a alias for a decade, their case becomes a lot harder then they thought; and if they don't find him soon, more innocent women will be at this terror's wake.

**2-Part Season Premiere**

"Reunion (2)" 502
As their hunt for the fake David Gunner continues, Mathis and McKenzie continue their leads to find the suspect's real identity, while Diaz and Silver use their firm's resources to track more leads. However, they soon learn of two more dead female bodies both related to their suspect. While Mathis and McKenzie handle the first body, Waters and Babin lend their hand to investigate the second dead body and her life, and that connection with their killer. But in order to stop the killings, they need to find the monster. And soon their hunt will take the others to the max once they discover the man's true identity as Charles Daxby, and when Daxby has another female in his clutches, they will do whatever they can to stop him and bring him to justice. ADA Gutierrez is hoping to have a slam dunk case, but an aggressive defense attorney and a self-righteous judge might taint his case against Daxby. Meanwhile, as the squad adjusts to Diaz's new position, she may not and is feeling homesick after what happened with her and her brother. Diaz misses her friends and the job, but wants to stay committed to Silver and his group; however as she ponders for the future, she and Silver has another surprise that will stun the squad and Mathis.

**2-Part Season Premiere**

  • The surprise Diaz and Silver is keeping and reveals to the guys at a bar during a night out, is that they have are back together and are going to get married.
  • This is the first time, Mathis's feelings for his former partner Diaz is seen.
"Crashers" 503
A deadly home invasion has Detectives Waters and Babin on a mission to find the robbers and killers. However, when they discover that more cases that is related to theirs, and the same two young "crashers" who has been staying with their victims and the others are connected. Now the detectives are on the hunt to find these violent teens before more innocent families are harmed. ADAs Gutierrez and Roman seek Dr. Harvey's help as they wonder why are these kids doing this, and what will make them complete their goal. Meanwhile, the others adjust to the bomb Diaz gave to them, while she is still working with her fiance.
"In the Name of the Father" 504
The name of a reclusive man, Albert Fardo (Robert Picardo) is found to identified a dead army lieutenant. Detectives Mathis and McKenzie trace the connection between Fardo and the dead lieutenant, but their case leads to a shocking web of lies and secrets. They suspect Fardo knows who killed the victim, but as much as Fardo remains recluse and insubordinate to the police, Fardo has a secret that needs to be keep buried. ADAs Guiterrez and Roman have a hard time in trying to hold their case strong, but as long as Fardo--so far their only witness that is key--remains silent, the more the lawyers fear it will lead them to a dismissal of all charges.
"Guilty Pleasure" 505
Waters and Babin investigate a secret sex club and its controversial owner, Max Strum (Ben Lawson), when the body of a slain middle school music teacher is found, and that some of her "private" life includes sidelining as a stripper. And when the detectives learn there was an affair between the victim and Strum, he becomes their main suspect. However, their case gets complicated when the victim's husband, George (Michael Gladis), has a private life of his own; and with Gutierrez's help, they soon discover a link between the husband and the FBI involving Witness Protection.
"Eastern Politics" 506
Mathis and McKenzie are called to investigate the sudden death of a assistant to the visiting Chinese Ambassador Mark Vu (Tzi Ma). Captain Dalton wants them to take this case easy as well DA Carson, who has a relationship with the ambassador. So Mathis and McKenzie work around the clock to probe the assistant's life and the ambassador's routine, and to see who wanted her dead, yet when evidence points to a assassin (Kelly Hu) after the ambassador instead. The detectives soon discover Silver's firm has been on the case as well, seeing how the assassin was linked to double homicide a few months ago. As they feel they have it, Diaz returns to lend a helping hand. Mathis finds it hard as the others feel it will be good again. However, to fully smoke out the assassin and stop her. Mathis and Diaz decide to go undercover in the mayor's dinner ball honoring the ambassador's visit to Dallas. As the two former partners try to handle their angst over their fractured relationship, their feelings are ignited once again as they must put the past behind and capture the assassin before the ambassador is next. In the end, Diaz knows what she must do.
  • Diaz makes her full return to the Homicide unit after this episode, with Dalton seeking the Chief's help.
  • Det. McKenzie will end her loan with the Homicide squad in this episode, and decides she is needed back with the Forgery squad.
"Viaduct Unum" 507
A city engineer and father of four is suddenly found dead underneath the Huston Street Viaduct. Detectives Waters and Babin investigate the case, and uncover their victim was proposing City Hall to renovate the century old bridge. However, a web of lies leads Waters and Babin to a opposing protest organization and how the organization's leader have reasons not to mess up the bridge. The detectives ponder what is the leader keeping, and is it worth killing over. Meanwhile, Waters is stunned when a old cold case he have known for years is suddenly brought back to the spotlight.
"Pioneer" 508
As their first case back together, Diaz and Mathis probe the disappearance of Brenda Chou, a college student and assistant to one of the most prolific liberal community organizations in Texas. When they eventually find her, they discover her dead remains inside a wall in a unfinished room inside her workplace. Dr. Simon rules the death homicide. Thus propelling the detectives to a long list of suspects, not until they focus on Greg Simon (Luke Mitchell). Digging through his past, they discover he has feelings for her even though she was about to get married. However, their case takes a shocking turn when Diaz and Mathis notice the FBI is probing the organization, Stonegate, the same place Brenna worked. Learning this, the detectives realize there are undercover tapes that might spoil Stonegate’s closet of secrets and learns what Stonegate want their victim to do.
"Girl's Accord" 509
A famous young blogger, Destiny4ever13 (Janel Parrish), who used social media as a asset of her life, is found shot in the head. Waters and Babin believe the death is suicide, but as they look around the crime scene, the evidence leads them to suspect murder. Wondering who would've done this, and with her family mourning. The detectives seek CCU analyst Jasper Strom (David Krumholtz) to help them probe the victim's life. Wondering if the killer is within her hundreds of friends, the detectives must step into the social media world and trace her steps back, roaming through a series of blogs she made hoping to zero in the suspect. However, when ADAs Gutierrez and Roman try to prosecute the accused killer--revealing to be a young unknown male who wanted to find the real identity of Destiny4ever13, yet the DA office feel the only way to bring justice is to use the social media in trial, but fear what it could do when the jury may not hear about this.
"Home Away" 510
When three siblings--two teenagers and one child--are found in a Greyhound bus, with no ID or any guardian watching them. Dallas Police quickly seek Child Services to take custody over them. However, Patricia Roberts (Robin Givens), a agent working for Child Services and a friend of ADA Roman, seeks her help when Patricia finds out the children were runaways. Roman gets help from Diaz, Mathis, and Dr. Harvey as they investigate how the children got from Odessa to Dallas. But when the two oldest kids are reluctant to talk, Roman and Dr. Harvey try to seek the info from the youngest. And what the young one says, will force Diaz and Mathis to suspect there was abuse. And when they uncover more about the kids, uncovering they are from a sect and that the sect's controversial leader, Frank Bordeaux (Rob Morrow), has arrived to Dallas and will do everything to bring them back. However, the case takes a series of turns when they discover Bordeaux's name is involved to a unsolved murder five years ago. Gutierrez feels Bordeaux is involved, and yet will be shocked the children may hold the crucial clue to prosecute Bordeaux. Meanwhile, Roman takes this case hard. And when her friend Patricia mentions to her about thinking what this job will do to her for the long haul. Roman second guesses her career choices and feel in the end, she may need to make a change in her life.
  • **Mid-season finale**
  • ADA Gina Roman (Clea DuVall) will depart the series after this episode.
"Taking Patience" 511
After stopping an attempted gang-related murder, Detectives Mathis and Waters interrogates their person of interest from the Menace Devils. However, Captain Dalton interrupts him informing Mathis that he has a call. Mathis is surprised when that call is actually from Sergeant Voight (Jason Beghe) from Chicago P.D Intelligence Unit. Voight lets Mathis know that a criminal his unit has been hunting down, a ganghead known as Freddie Hawkins left Chicago and is reportedly hiding in Dallas. However, Freddie is not alone. He has a ten-year-old girl with him, feared to be a kidnapped victim. Voight wants Mathis to do this favor and take that guy out, and find that girl named Patience. With Waters as his main partner again, Mathis traces Freddie's last whereabouts. Their search will take the detectives back to the Menace Devils, their rival group, a turf war, and a embezzling scheme that will lead them to the finical district. As finding Patience is one of their top priorities, Mathis and Waters are relieved when Voight returns to Dallas as well bringing in some reinforcements, Detective Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Officer Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush). With Dallas and Chicago police forces teaming up again, they realize time is not on their side. As they search for the missing girl, they soon uncover some twisty surprises of why Freddie brought her here.
  • A crossover episode featuring characters from Chicago P.D
"Worlds Apart" 512
Detectives Diaz and Mathis are on a trial of deception when a female landlord's untimely death leads them to the unlikely world of fantasy dating. Their list of suspects--all of which are the victim's shady tenants, a stock broker, and a jilted ex-boyfriend. However, their attention soon veer their eyes to a scheming duo, Matthew Nathan (Peter Sullivan) and his counsel/fiancee, Heather Blair (Emily Kinney), who are using the fantasy dating as a front, to seduce random citizens and rob them of their livelihood. As the detectives know for certain the duo are guilty of robing, they still haven't find any decent evidence pinpointing them to the victim's deaht. As Dr. Simon don't know which way to rule, Gutierrez will try his best with the hand he's dealt. He soon gets assistance from his new partner, ADA Lane who just arrived to Dallas from Boston. Yet not seeing eye to eye, Gutierrez and Lane must work together if they want to bring the scheming duo to justice.
  • ADA Monica Lane (Megan Good) makes her debut in this episode as a new series regular.
  • It will be explained that ADA Gina Roman is currently living in Washington D.C. pursuing her job as a assistant to the State Department.
"Miracle" 513
When a child's death leads Det. Waters and Babin to their auspicious foster care family, claims brings them to a shady foster agency, who have been abusing the system. However, the case truly takes a turn when signs of abuse leads Waters and Babin to boy's birth parents, Jack (Vincent Kartheiser) and Molly (Elizabeth Moss) Yangon. When the detectives spot another child of theirs, they ponder why this nice family wanted to give away their second. Until a letter points them to a surprising suspect, Dr. Alistair Riverlynn (John Slattery), the Yangon's doctor who helped them birthed their children using In Vito fertilization. However, shocking twists and turns forces the detectives to look at the young victim and his oldest brother's paternity. And what they find stuns them, and suddenly the Good Doctor may have played an even more father-like role. As other similar cases are discovered involving the doctor's name and other parents seeking children, the detectives soon realize Dr. Riverlynn could be using his own DNA to spawn his "legacy" while duping parents into believing they are having miracle babies.
"Structure" 514
A happy day in Dallas leads to terror when a distraught man, Christian Foster (Forrest Whitaker), decides to threaten a insurance firm with a bomb and take the employees and customers hostage. The situation causes the police to do what they can to prevent the event to be worse. As the police negotiator wonders what is Foster's demands, Foster only has one. For the Homicide unit to solve his wife's unsolved disappearance case. He wants her back and wants that case solved quickly. Seeing the mayor in full PR mode, Chief Adam Parsons (Bradley Whitford) chats with Dalton. Parsons realizes the only way to end this madness is to solve that case. Now Detectives Diaz and Mathis, with the whole city and possibly the state in watch mode, are forced to reinvestgate the seventeen-year-old disappearance. In trying to stop Foster from hurting any innocents, the detectives will have to seek old school techniques to find the missing wife and the perpetrator. And soon detectives will eventually find a new clue which will lead them to a man (Michael Irby) who likes to stay hidden. And when they fixate on the suspect, the detectives will be shocked to discover the secrets the mystery man has been keeping, and as well Foster. Meanwhile, ADAs Gutierrez and Lane will do their best to help out with the police even Gutierrez going back to see Governor Webb (Andrew McCarthy) for a interesting favor. And while they handle the case, Diaz talks about her wedding plans with Josh (Justin Breuning), yet Mathis hopes it doesn't distract her from the case--as well his feelings.
  • This is the 100th episode
"Modus Operandi" 515
When the murder of a young inspiring dancer leads Detectives Waters and Babin to a standstill and no possible lock on a potential suspect. However, Dr. Simon and a fellow colleague of his notice some discrepancies regarding how the girl suffered. Suddenly their guesses leads detectives to Brian Mason (John Noble), a revered criminologist, who is the only one who hones knowledge to those odd details. Mason ponders the death of that female is eerily similar to that of the 22 year old murder of a call girl, who had aspirations of being a dancer. Waters and Babin seek more of Mason's guidance as they realize the killer that murdered that call girl two decades ago, has come back from the shadows to hunt again.
"Slick" 516
Detectives Diaz and Mathis probe the death of a female investment agent, and suspect someone from her work could be part of her work. However the detectives notice a cover-up going on and soon, the police trace back the cover up to an attempting extortion. The more they look back, they discover the target of the extortion leads to one of Dallas' infamous oil tycoons, Sean Gallagher (Jeffrey Nordling). As Gallagher tries to fight his reputation and his family's legacy of power, Diaz and Mathis uncover clues that could lead to Mr. Gallagher's guilt, but as well as his wife, Eleanor Gallagher (Marilu Henner). As the detectives try to find a direct path to their victim's killer, a inner battle of a reworked family trust and shady oil subsidiaries unravels in the eyes of the courts. ADA Gutierrez sees a tough road ahead when his rival, Mark Elliot (Cary Elwes) is the Gallagher's attorney, and as before in previous Gutierrez-Elliot battles, there are surprises in every turn.
"Creeper" 517
Diaz and Silver are prepping for their wedding just a few days ahead. However on the day before their wedding, a shocking case involving two Ecuador females being used to commit double murder. Diaz and Silver is forced to postpone their wedding when they realize the ladies are missing and they could lead them to their captor and true mastermind. However, seeking help from the FBI, Diaz, Silver, Mathis, and Babin are shocked when the missing suspects might lead them to a hidden terrorist group trying to plot a 9-11 like attack.
"The Wind That Blows East" 518
When Mathis discovers a recent case of a brutal homicide has ties to a similar case he worked on with a then Dallas detective; one of his old college buddies, Craig Stentz (Mark Valley), who now resides in Florida. Mathis seeks out his pal, but is surprised when Stentz has been living in Dallas for the past year. As Captain Dalton helps Diaz with the troubling leads, Mathis leans on Stentz for advice. However, Mathis will be more surprised that Stentz may know more about Mathis' case than meets the eye.
"Flipped" 519
With Babin helping ADA Lane with a case, Det. Waters soon gets a call of a murdered teen basketball player, who dreams to play the NBA. However, Waters notice the victim has been dealing deep with gangs, especially the victim's cousin's gang. To get further help, Waters is shocked when another detective, Tim Jordan (Gary Dourdan) almost jeopardizes Waters' case. Yet Dalton reluctantly accepts Jordan's loan to help this case. But as Waters tries to deal with a shaky case, he also has to deal with a shaky detective while revisiting his own past.
"A Man Walks Into a Bar" 520
Detectives Diaz, Mathis, Babin, and Waters are all called in investigate an apparent shooting in a apartment, which was upstairs from a popular bar. However, Captain Dalton is surprised when the suspect and several other potential suspects are either dead or in the hospital. And without backup, all four detectives went in to corral the suspects, yet all their stories had different explanations. Chief Parsons personally sends IA Agent Kirby (Titus Welliver) to handle the detectives and uncover what is the true story, as the crime lab try to restablish the time line and the broken tape. Dr. Harvey is suddenly called by Dalton as he tries to handle the investigation regarding those suspects.
"Lunatic" 521
Waters and Babin investigate a murder of a homeless man, but when another body shows up, they notice both cases are related. And when Dr. Simon lets them know both men have been severely tortured, the detectives ponder what's the connection between the victims regarding background. However, they will be stunned that their culprit has no specifics, he is willingly attacking and torturing random citizens. The detectives try to probe who he is and suddenly they get assistance from Detective Ricardo Morales (Alfred Molina), from the Los Angeles' Homicide Unit. Morales gives them the same details of the same man they been trying to find, but found out recently he fled to Dallas. Waters and Babin pondered why would their suspect come to Dallas, and why he left Los Angeles. As Det. Morales handle things from L.A, Waters and Babin do their searching which will lead them to a small town outside Dallas. Meanwhile, ADAs Gutierrez and Lane are doing whatever they can to keep the suspect out of bail, yet surprising hurdles forces them to think a different strategy to bring their perpetrator to trial.
"Father's Catastrophe" 522
Mathis is surprised when his father, General William Mathis (Gregory Itzin), makes an impromptu appearance and seeking another run of acceptance. However, Mathis tries to clear his mind as he is called by Diaz, who herself has been rearranging her new wedding plans, to probe a crime scene where a young woman is found naked and dead. When their M.E rules it murder, the detectives initially suspect a wild party was involved. However, they are stunned when the victim's own father, Peter Ragland (Ray Liotta), gives them evidence suspecting a shady club owner, Vladimir, is somehow involved. Seeking approval from Chief Parsons, DA Carson, and Captain Dalton, the detectives run a stakeout to probe Vladimir's club. As their stakeout continues, they soon discover probable cause. And a hunch leads them to the stunning discovery of a elaborate, illegal Russian Bride operation. As the police uncover Russian and other foreign ladies, who have been smuggled underneath the ICE and FBI's noses. And shockingly, they discover another horrifying fact, this operation has been smuggling Americans. One of them being their victim. Diaz and Mathis question the other smuggled ladies about their victim and her time, and who she was brought to; Eventually it will lead them to a Russian-American playboy, Stanislav Krylov (Radivoje Rasha Bukvić), who's suspected in a lot of criminal activities. However when evidence suggests Krylov was the last person to see the victim, Jessie Ragland, and the detectives believing they have their man; suddenly the interruption of the Russian Consulate will create catalytic results for ADA Gutierrez's hope to prosecute Krylov for murder. However, Gutierrez, Diaz, and Mathis will be stunned when clues lead them to suspect Vladimir's Russian Bride smuggling operation appears to be much bigger, and to their stunning surprise. Another Ragland is in the mysterious organization's mist. Mr. Ragland reveals the detectives that his youngest daughter, Leah, is probably captured by them. As the detectives try to get answers for Leah's safe return, there are more international roadblocks that could spell doom for all their hopes to end this nightmare. As they wonder what type of organization are they dealing with.

**Season Finale**

  • In the episode's final moments: the Russian Consulate stop Guiterrez's case agasint Krylov. The consulate takes Krylov in custody, and as the detectives learn about Leah's disappearance, they are stunned when Krylov has been sheltered out of the states and back to Moscow. The detectives are saddened as there is nothing they can do. Gutierrez will try to seek some favors, but it could take time. As the team is hopeful they can get Leah back, their only other lead to the organization, Vladimir, who went out on bail. However, the team is saddened when they discover Vladimir had been killed in a fire that destroyed his club. All their leads up to now is either left in ashes or smuggled back in the Red Square. And suddenly there is nothing they can do, as they have no leads. The unknown group wants to stay hidden, and Leah Ragland's whereabouts are seriously in question as her father, Peter, doesn't know what to do anymore.
  • In the final scene: Mathis feels upset over Peter's heartbreak and how his daughters have been ripped away from him. Fearing that, Mathis calls upon his father, Gen. Mathis, and ask how he's doing.

Season 6 (2020-21)

Title Episode No.
"Roulette (1)" 601
Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called in to investigate the sudden murder of a fundraiser president. Suddenly they realize she is the girlfriend of undercover ICE Agent Matthew Richard (Charles Esten). Captain Dalton wants to tread carefully when the Homicide Unit gets interference with the ICE and Richard's "rogue" persona. But as the detectives wonder if this was a hit meant for Richard, they uncover shocking clues leading to suspect members of Vladimir's gang are involved. As things get twisty, the detectives discover Richard was investigating the mysterious organization, which was behind the Russian Bride smuggling operation, the murders of Jessie Ragland and Vladimir, and Leah Ragland's disappearance. As Waters and Babin takeover the agent's girlfriend case, Diaz and Mathis reopen the Ragland case and use ICE Agent Richard's notes to discover the whereabouts of the unnamed organization. When Peter Ragland (Ray Liotta) intentionally gets in too close, believing he can find his other daughter, the detectives are in horror when Peter's life is in danger. And knowing this is their best chance, they get word from Richard and with help from FBI Special Agent Hammond (Sean Cullen) that the organization has been hiding somewhere in Russia. Diaz and Mathis head to Russia to get Leah back.

**2-Part Season Premiere**

  • It will continue the case left unsolved in the season five's finale.
"Surrender Leah (2)" 602
With Diaz and Mathis in Russia, they get assistance from FBI Special Agent Hammond and a FBI informant, who guides the detectives in their search for Leah and the stopping of the unnamed organization. The detectives trace back the clues given from Richard's notes and other statements made by related members from Vladimir's gang. As they suspect Kremlin will learn about their appearance, they detectives do whatever they can to try to save Leah Ragland and bring her back home. Soon their search lands them back to Stanislav Krylov (Radivoje Rasha Bukvić). As they force Kyrlov to give them Leah's location, they are surprised when Krylov tells them they are not at their country, and not knowing how dangerous the unnamed organization can really be. The detectives will do what it takes to bring Leah back to her father, alive.

**2-Part Season Premiere**

  • This episode will conclude the three-episode event started in season five finale.
"Promise to Sender" 603
Waters and Babin investigate several poisonings at a nursing home. As they seek help from the CDC, the detectives are shocked when the source of the poisonings came from a severed ear shipped in a box, soaked in lethal organophosphates. Not wanting the public to be in total fear, the detectives carefully trace the package back to a unknown address outside Dallas. As they fear this could be a bigger terrorist attack, District Attorney Carson decides enough is enough and tries to play hardball with several chemical companies who're refusing to give the police records of former employees with knowledge of such chemicals, and what's the connection with the nursing home. Eventually the Dallas police-CDC joint investigation leads them to one company and a employee whose still currently working. The detectives race to stop the suspect before another poisoning attack happens.
"Damaged" 604
A former ballerina, Elise Trenton (Michelle Fairley), surprises Detectives Diaz and Mathis and reveals to them that she was raped twenty years ago. After her rape, she birthed a daughter, whose missing. She heard about their rescue of Leah Ragland, and wants them to find her daughter. The detectives initially refused and seek Missing Crimes to help. But when they probe the stabbing of a young businesswoman, they are stunned when they find out the victim's roommate was a female who matched the description of Elise's daughter. Suddenly with the help from Dr. Harvey, they help Missing Crimes in the search of Elise's daughter. However, the case takes a turn when evidence of the murder leads to suspect Elise as the killer. ADA Gutierrez will be shell-shocked when he and ADA Lane learn more secrets about Elise's past and her missing daughter's life.
"Seer" 605
When two young siblings are brutally attacked, Detectives Waters and Babin suspect a former child predator, who lives close around the victims, could have been involved trying to get back into his old habits. However, their case takes a turn when they realize a man, Walter Nesbit (Luke Arnold) wants to assist them in helping them find their assaulter using his "psychic" abilities. Captain Dalton is hesitant to have him anywhere near the case, but when another report of another young victim being abused, but this time found dead. The detectives have no choice but to use Nesbit's psychic ability. However, the detectives ponder can they really trust him as they realize this child abuser and killer must be stopped, no matter what.
"Fallacy" 606
While investigating a retired cop's death initially believing it was a heart attack, but soon discovered more devious--the victim being poisoned, Detectives Diaz and Mathis stumble on clues of the cop's police career which will lead them to a covert investigation run by the mysterious Grey Squad, a secret DPD squad of select former cops and detectives who focus on cold cases. Diaz and Mathis must seek Internal Affairs' help, including Lt. Kirby (Titus Welliver) to uncover a shell game deep within their own organization. And ponder how far can they go until they uncover more suspicious clues that might send them to City Hall.
"Learned Behavior" 607
Waters and Babin get a case of mistaken identity, as they probe the case of a respected prep school teacher, who got gunned down by accident. Their investigation will lead them on a pursuit of a jilted parent, who hired a private investigator to dig up dirt about his daughter's school--the same school the victim worked. The detectives will discover a elaborate cheating scheme, not run by students, but instead run by administrators. The detectives will find clues this group of admin and teachers are misleading and misusing the school system to undermine several students' scholastic futures unintentionally. And now ADA Gutierrez must quell down a simmering mob of parents who want answers and is conflicted in what he must do, focus more on convicting the parent who killed the victim for murder, or prosecute the school staff for racketeering.
  • Based on the 2009 Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal
"Wild Child" 608
Diaz and Mathis are called to the University of Texas at Arlington when a professor, who has ties with Captain Dalton, seeks their help to check on the suspicious death of one of his start pupils, Bradley Mire. The detectives are stand still as they suspect the young male died of natural causes, but Dr. Simon is quickly alarmed when he run the victim's autopsy. They soon uncover Bradley died of bacterial meningitis. And the catalyst that lead to the deadly infection was mumps. The detectives are stunned, and when they carefully probe the victim's personal life and try to see how he got contacted with mumps. The detectives suddenly learn of the victim's mother not giving him the mumps vaccine when he was young. She was advise by her friend, Jasmine Harper (Alysia Reiner), that the vaccine is deadly. And the detectives soon learn Harper has not given the vaccine to her oldest son, Jason--who just so happen to go to the same college Bradley went to, and has tons of contact--and as well her youngest son, Riley. Diaz is furious about this and she and the others deduct Harper's children could very well be diagnosed with mumps, and unless they are treated, they are unknowingly spreading the contagious disease, and Mrs. Harper is willingly causing reckless endangerment to the whole city. ADA Gutierrez wants to convict Mrs. Harper for manslaughter, but his "slam dunk" case is going to be pulled into the spotlight when the suspect's defense attorney (Ross McCall) wants to put the Health Department on trial. And will do whatever it takes to taint the purpose of using the vaccine; causing an uproar in the unexpected place.
"Hear Me Not" 609
The murder of a hearing aid specialist and a hidden killer leads Waters and Babin to the deaf community. And as they borrow a deaf aid, Detective Ross Cameron (Tyrone Giodano), the detectives must trek cautiously, yet swift if they hope to find the criminal in time and hope no one in the deaf community suffer. Meanwhile, Detective Babin faces a personal crisis when she takes this case personal, and ponders do she seek help from her older deaf half-sister, Morgan (Marlee Martin). Or risk threatening her already fractured relationship before it's too late.
"Penny Pincher" 610
Mathis is stuck with a trial case, so Diaz is partnered up for the first time with Detective Alice McKenzie (Erica Durance). As the two try to get reacquainted and solve any unused issues if any, they probe the death of a frugal single father, and now his children could be forced to go to foster care. The detectives ponder if the victim's frugal life is anything related to his death. However, when they detectives uncover hidden cash under the victim's name, a case of lies and secrets will lead them all the way to a shady investment firm run by a overzealous financier and counselor, Abraham Duggard (Giancarlo Esposito). And when they suspect Duggard is running a mini-Madoff scheme, they soon wonder if he is suspect of killing their victim. However, when he sees his entire organization being scrutinized and being accused of murder, Duggard won't give up that easy. And decides to represent himself at trial as he tries to battle ADAs Gutierrez and Lane, and proclaim his innocence. Meanwhile, the case has Diaz wondering about her financial future with Josh (Josh Breuning); yet Josh has an idea to help ease her worries for the better.

**Mid-Season Finale**

  • In the end, Det. Bianca Diaz and Josh Silver elope.
"Reverend's Legacy" 611
With Diaz on her honeymoon, Mathis is called and partnered with Det. Waters as they both solve an malicious murder of a beautiful young college student. And when Dr. Simon reveals the victim was brutally raped, the detectives get help from Dallas Special Victims Detective Lisa Ritchie (Mackenzie Mauzy). As Waters is held back on another case, Mathis and Ritchie work together to find the killer rapist. And when clues leads them to a confession regarding a very popular priest, Reverend Hawthorne (Dylan Baker). The detectives suspect the reverend is keeping the name of the true murderer, but is held by his vows of Christ. Gutierrez realizes in order to seek justice, he must go into a different venue of court; as he realizes one man's legacy and reputation could be at risk, or face the possibility a slain young woman would never get peace.
"Wither" 612
Waters and Babin probe the death of a registered nurse, whose has been secretly involved in a prescription scam led by her boyfriend, Dr. Grayson Daught. The detectives deduce some of their elderly patients victims, and as well the victims' families could be the possible killer. Even the boyfriend himself, but the investigation takes a interesting turn when the case leads to a unsolved murder forty years ago. And the detectives uncover evidence of that crime links to one of Dr. Daught's elderly victims, Elias Sanders. And when his adult daughter, Rachel, could also be involved. The detectives try to play hardball, but ADAs Gutierrez and Lane try to see if they can really prosecute Elias Sanders for murder if Dr. Simon believes now the death could be suicide instead of homicide.
"Captain's Prerogative" 613
Captain Dalton has never spoken about his past, and at least about his family. But when a young female name Catherine is in trouble, she seeks the help of Dalton. Not making this a official case, Dalton goes off the book and helps out Catherine. Diaz and Mathis suspect something is up and decide to probe Catherine's past. They'll be stunned to know Catherine was the best friend of the captain's deceased ten-year-old daughter, Amy, who was kidnapped and later murdered sixteen years ago. Amy's killer was never caught, and now Catherine is claiming the strange man who has been stalking her could very well be the same man who killed Amy. Dalton tries to seek justice, but as well revenge. He soon seeks help from his friend, Renko (Chuck Norris). However, Renko warns him this may not end good. As Dalton tries to keep his detectives away from this personal matter, Diaz and Mathis refuse to back down and try to find an alternate way to capture Amy's killer. However, things change when Catherine gets kidnapped. And now Dalton could risk everything to save the girl whose the closest thing he has to his late daughter.
  • In the end, Dalton kills Remy Kane, the man who killed his daughter, and rescued Catherine. But as a result, Chief Adam Parsons (Bradley Whitford) places Dalton under administrative leave until the investigation is clear away.
"Streetwise" 614
With Captain Dalton away on administrative leave and with no timetable of his return, Chief Parsons (Whitford) informs the Homicide Unit that they will be under the temporary command of Sergeant Peter Rogers (Greg Germann). Sergeant Rogers shakes things up by sending Diaz and Waters to investigate a presumed murder-suicide. However, the detectives are stunned when the supposed suicide victim has a wound masked as a self-inflicted, yet is actually a stab wound. Now Diaz and Waters are on the hunt of a double-murderer. And soon clues will take them to a wisecracking loan shark and a downturn ex-cop as they uncover a elaborate urban gambling scheme is running through the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth. Meanwhile, Mathis is upset he didn't co-op with his usual partner, and gets solace from someone he never expected.
"Forgone Conclusion" 615
When trial begins for accused killer Vincent Mott (Barry Sloane), ADAs Gutierrez and Lane are positive they have their man. As the case of the death of Denise Williams becomes media frenzy, the DA office wants Detectives Waters and Babin as well Dr. Harvey to be key witnesses. However, Mott's defense attorney and former ADA Hank Stratton (Gary Cole) doesn't think the State's case is bulletproof; And when a media leak reveals groundbreaking news regarding faulty DNA, the whole trial goes upside down. Judge Flynn (Bebe Neuwirth) doesn't like this, but grants a mistrial causing uproar. DA Carson doesn't like it, and now Gutierrez is unsure if they will ever bring Mott to justice knowing their key evidence was DNA and there's no new evidence. However, amongst the mail heading to the DA office, Lane gets a letter regarding key information about a second murder, and that Mott is the killer. Feeling odd, Gutierrez and Lane seeks the Homicide Unit to investigate this claim; and hope this could finally lock up Mott before he strikes again.
"Loyalty" 616
A prominent Dallas family, the Klines, are enthralled in a series of unfortunate events, with a past history of strange deaths. However, one of the most recent is the death of patriarch Quinn Kline. Reports believe it was natural causes, yet when a second autopsy reveals foul play. Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate. They realize now Quinn's death is ruled homicide, and the suspected killer could be someone he knows. And when evidence points to the family themselves, the detectives must smoke out the guilty. However things change when another Kline family member is found dead. And the detectives deduce could it be part of their family curse, or someone is deliberately killing their kin for reasons unknown. Meanwhile, Mathis goes out on a date with Det. McKenzie (Erica Durance). And as they try to have a good time, they soon get really close.
"American Heartbreak" 617
Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate the brutal shooting of a 24 year old law graduate. Their case sends them to probe a suspicious drug ring when evidence supports the victim was a potential dealer. However, during a surveillance of a likely person of interest. A tragedy strikes in the projects when a young Black male, Julian White, gets killed due to police misconduct. Lt. Kirby (Titus Welliver) and Internal Affairs investigate the suspected cops of suffocating White. Diaz and Mathis still have to find out who killed the law graduate with assistance from ADA Lane. However ADA Gutierrez and DA Carson come to blows regarding the White/Cops case. And now with protests and media pressure, Gutierrez faces a tough hill to climb. And with the defense mounting a huge hurdle for the DA, everyone may be shocked due to how the jury decides.
  • This episode heavily inspired by the Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown cases.
"Only Measure" 618
Captain Dalton returns to command with a warm reception from his detectives and appreciation by Sergeant Rogers. Dalton immediately sends Waters and Babin to probe the murder of a researcher. And as the case takes a turn no one expected, detectives investigate the victim's workplace, the research facility as more evidence uncovers a deceptive trail of lies and betrayal. And when the investigation heads straight to the executives of the facility, the legal ramifications are at least a small brick wall as the facility is withholding something devious, something the victim knows. And Gutierrez seeks the police to find out what.
"Springtime Felony" 619
When a wealthy man accused of felony rape gets gunned down in the middle of downtown Dallas, Detectives Waters and Babin are dumbfounded when few eyewitnesses can even remember what the suspect looked like. As the detectives race to find concrete clues to further give details about the suspect, they are stunned when the victim's closest friends and the only family he has wanted him to die. With more potential suspects and less evidence, the detectives scramble to find out the true motive behind the murder. And when there's a big breakthrough, they'll be shocked to discover where the case will go from here, back to Dallas County Jail.
"The Lost Boy (2)" 620
Leaving New Orleans, Detectives Diaz, Mathis, and McKenzie (Durance) are also joined by MCCIS Sergeants Parker (Brendan Fraser), Queen (Issiah Washington), and Detective Zhao (Maggie Q). They all return to Dallas trying to find new leads regarding the location of Marc Harmon and especially the apprehension of Krampus. However, their joint investigation shared by the FBI and Child Protection Agency are hindered when they learn are more children being shipped and transported on trucks. The detectives race to find anything important, but as they deal with a multitude of suspects including a travels agent (David Anders), a Vietnamese teacher (Mark Dacascos), and a city controller (Julie Bowen). They will all be stunned to learn their last shot to end the Acolytes is to get to Marc. And when an minor traffic stop and the arrest of a young male (Daniel Sharman) matching the future appearance for Marc; and suddenly the whole case changes, as the detectives have to believe their key witness to find Krampus could also be part of the Acolytes. For Detective Diaz, she takes it personal as she wants to find Marc whatever it takes.
  • Follow-up to Law & Order: New Orleans Season 14's "Neverland (1)". It is the conclusion of the second New Orleans/Dallas crossover event.
  • In this episode, Diaz will confess to Dr. Harvey about her being sexually abused as a child and that her stepfather committed to the crime.
  • In the end, their key witness Marc Harmon, who Diaz and Parker interrogated for hours, finally confessed about Krampus' hideout revealing someone from city hall was the mastermind, other head Acolyte arrests, and the stoppage of future shipments of innocent kids. However before Marc can testify to the Grand Jury for Gutierrez, Marc was abducted and later shot executed in a make-shift grave. The detectives pursue and arrest Marc's killers, but their case against Krampus got severely crippled. However, the gang decides to have Krampus stand in trial in New Orleans in Federal Court, since it's stronger back there. And they can't connect Krampus to Marc's death. Parker, Queen, and Zhao return to NOLA. Mathis and McKenzie continue seeing each other. The last scene shows Diaz joining Marc's mother as they grieve and pay respects to Marc in the cemetery.
"Finding the Hammer" 621
One of Dr. Harvey's past patients, Kiel Ryan (Dallas Roberts), who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend, Holly Sumter, wants to tell the doctor something between them. When Harvey learns Ryan is claiming the evidence that put him behind bars was fabricated, and that they haven't found any credible evidence to link him to his girlfriend's murder. Harvey is intrigued and talks to Captain Dalton privately. Harvey knows he wants to be confidential between his patients, but he just has a eerie feeling so Harvey informs Dalton about Ryan's accusation about false evidence. Seeing it happened thirteen years ago, Dalton brings Det. Walters and Babin in and let them know they have to thread carefully. The detectives investigate the thirteen year old case, the crime scene team, and the case's detectives. However, they are stunned when Ryan's claims could actually be right when they learn misconduct not only in forensics but as well the justice system; as the ADA, who prosecuted Ryan, might have withheld evidence, regarding the true murder weapon...a carpenter's hammer.
"One for All (1)" 622
A nice day in the city park leads to mayhem as a small festival is caught in a major gang war between the 8-Ten-Os and the Lucha Knights. Dozen of innocent festival goers are injured, but the death of two tourists--one who died on the scene and the other died on arrival at the hospital--sends instant panic throughout the city. The mayor is furious and demands answers, Chief Parsons (Whitford) push District 23 Homicide Unit to investigate this. Dalton have Detectives Diaz and Mathis head the probe and find the killers. Waters and Babin are join in the growing investigation, as they help rule out suspects. Diaz and Mathis with help from Detective McKenzie (Durance) and other help from the Gang unit try to pinpoint the guns and the suspects. However, their case soon leads to the Lucha Knights. They probe the gang's leader, Roz (Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) and his many generals. When the detectives focus on Roz's girlfriend, Melinda (Stephanie Beatriz), as a potential material witness. The case takes a turn when the girlfriend tells them about Roz's secret Lucha Knight meeting with all the generals near the heart of the Projects. However, the detectives are suddenly led to a trap. One beat cop gets injured mildly, but one of their own...Detective McKenzie is shot in her upper right chest. Furious at their own getting shot, Diaz is helped by Waters, Sgt. Rogers, and the gang unit to aggressively seek the shooters and try to link the shootings and murder to Roz. However, their potential lead to arrest Roz ends in a standstill as Roz is off the grid, and many of the Lucha Knights or people associated with them, who might have snitched to the cops, are found dead. As the detectives race to protect whatever witnesses they can, they get heartbreaking news. Det. Alice McKenzie died from her wounds.

**Part 1 of the 2-Part Season Finale**

  • This is the first time in the series one of the recurring characters have died.
"All for One (2)" 623
With the Homicide Unit and the Dallas Police mourning over one of their own being one of the latest victims in this gang war and mainly responsible by the Lucha Knights, they muster through their grief and anger, and try to focus their attention on apprehending Roz and any one who is helping him elude justice. Mathis is too shaken to even continue as he had a very close relationship with Alice and tries to do his best to fight through his grief, but doesn't know if he can. Diaz offers advice as she is the only one who known about Trey and Alice together. Diaz promises him she will help him get justice and that they will find Roz. As Captain Dalton, Sgt. Rogers, Detectives Waters and Babin are helping every way they can, Diaz seeks more help from her husband, Josh (Josh Breuning) and as well Renko (Chuck Norris)--each with their manhunting experience. As they continue their pursuit on Roz, ADAs Gutierrez and Lane do what they can to pressure as many Lucha Knights as possible, as they force conceivable deals in order to get to Roz. However, their case leads them back to Melinda, as she could be the very key to get to Roz, but fears she could be dead. And whatever hope in finding the cop killer, could end for good. Meanwhile, Mathis still battles his grief as he has a nice flashback with him and the late Det. McKenzie, as he mentions about them being boyfriend and girlfriend, and that he could spend the rest of his life with her.

**Concluding Part of the 2-Part Season Finale**

  • This marks the final appearance for Detective Alice McKenzie (Erica Durance), though she appears only in a flashback.
  • In the climax, after finding out Melinda was almost killed in prison. Diaz and Gutierrez push her enough for her to turn sides. She gives them Roz's hideout in Garland, Texas. Diaz, Waters, Babin, and Renko head to Roz's compound and seize all of Roz's guards. Renko pursues Roz and tackles him, but gets injured in the process. As Babin helps out Renko, Diaz and Waters continue the pursuit. In the end, Diaz has no choice but to fire at Roz who pulled out a gun at the last minute and almost fire at them. They knew Roz will never see a jail cell.
  • In the final scenes, Diaz and Waters talks to IAB. The Mayor and Chief Parsons give a press conference regarding the apprehension of more than 54 members of the Lucha Knights involved in the festival shootings, the tourist murders, and the detective's murder. And also mention the leader of the gang was killed in a shootout with police.
  • There is a ritual police funeral. Mathis, Diaz, Josh, Waters, Babin, Gutierrez, Dalton, Renko with a arm sling, Rogers all appear in the funeral for Detective Alice McKenzie. Mr. McKenzie, Alice's father, makes his one-time appearance in this scene as he receives the folded flag. As the crowd leaves after the final salute, Mathis stays behind all by himself as he continues to grieve for his fallen friend, a love he lost.
  • Later that night, Diaz, Josh, Waters, Babin, and Gutierrez all head to a bar to celebrate the arrest of the Lucha Knights and as well appreciate Alice's life. Gutierrez worries about Lane and calls her, and wonders why she didn't make it to the funeral; or a least be with them at the bar. Lane gets his call and informs him she had some personal matters back home in Boston, and that she didn't made it in time to the funeral. But she just came back home and will be there shortly. As Lane is about to leave, she opens the door to see she has flowers sent as a gift. Lane is curious, but before she can ask who sent them. She is attacked and is knock out unconcious. The person who attacked her while holding the flowers is a disguised Vincent Mott (Barry Sloane). Mott drags Lane away...ending in a cliffhanger.

Season 7 (2021-22)

Title Episode No.
"Blinded" 701
The detectives are stunned when they learn convict Vincent Mott (Barry Sloane), whose supposed to face a series of life sentences, somehow escaped Hutchins State Jail alongside another prisoner. With two dangerous men out free, the detectives team up with Renko (Chuck Norris) and his team of Texas Rangers and as well U.S. Marshall Wes Gambit (David Conrad). However the biggest shock is when Gutierrez found a package sent to the DA office, and the video has ADA Lane held captive by Mott. Facing a whole new situation, everyone must do their very best to hunt down Mott and rescue Lane. While Gutierrez and DA Investigator Lou Finn (Omar Benson Miller) probe the reason how Mott and his fellow inmate escaped, revealing a shocking conspiracy deep inside the jail and the Department of Corrections.

**Season Premiere**

  • DA Investigator Lou Finn is introduced for the first time in this episode.
"Nature of the Beast" 702
Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate the fatal stabbing of a fruit packaging manager, and suspect shady employees at the victim's company could be potential suspects. However, things take a wild turn when they discover several of the employees were undocumented aliens. As they seek help from ICE, mainly from ICE Agent Matthew Richard (Charles Esten). The detectives' investigation will bring them to a surprising world of a hidden agency bringing illegal immigrants over and try to manipulate background checks. Eventually, the case points to the agency's leader, Herbert Stone (Jere Burns). Now Gutierrez must try to convince a jury, Stone's illegal actions cause the death of the victim. However, Gutierrez's rival and Stone's attorney, Mark Elliot (Cary Elwes) returns to shatter Carlos' case, while focusing the heated political issue of illegal immigration as the true criminal.
"Double Dare" 703
Waters and Babin probe the disappearance of a teenage girl, daughter to a well known actor, while investigating the deaths of the girl's male friends. When drugs become a development, the detectives must trek carefully as the girl's father is adamant his daughter is not a addict. However, things change when Plano police is investigating a suspected gang and one of the members matches the description of their disappeared girl, Waters and Babin go out to Plano and team up with their sister detectives to try and locate the girl before she gets into anymore harm. Meantime, ADA Lane gets back to work as she is confident she can help the others, while still facing the trauma of her captivity.
"American Darling" 704
A famed theater star, Lana Albright, is found catatonic due a accidental intoxication from prescription drugs. Diaz and Mathis do their best to try and eliminate any pointless leads. However, the case takes a dramatic turn when the victim's sister another famous theater star, Melody Albright (Navi Rawat), and the sisters' agent Teddy Dawson (Jed Brophy) become persons of interests. With a lot of blacklash to the police regarding treating Melody as a suspect, the detectives are face in bubble when evidence suspect Melody may have knowledge to those drugs, and may have illegal help. However, there are surprises at every turn. Meanwhile, Mathis goes to counseling as he continues to deal with Det. McKenzie's death.
  • Det. Radosti makes his first recurring appearance in this episode.
"Powerless" 705
Babin and Waters are stunned when one of their cases involving the beating of a divorced father is reopened by the DA. DA Investigator Finn takes the lead and insists Babin and Waters help, when newly discovered evidence reveals the suspect they thought were responsible, was actually exonerated by DNA. With the murderer still out there, the detectives must re-question the same witnesses they had before. However, when one witness that could be key winds up disappearing out of nowhere, the police must seek help from Waco Police to help out. Meanwhile, ADA Gutierrez try hard to let the innocent man, they treated as the alleged beater, go free. However, the man still remains lock up. Gutierrez makes it his priority to set the man free, but a bevy of obstacles stand in his way.
"Tough Life (2)" 706
While Detective Diaz returns to Dallas along with assistance from Detective Lisa Zhao (Maggie Q) of New Orleans' MCCIS in hopes to find Mathis and Detective Villalobos (Hannah John-Kamen) who apparently have cease contact from their friends. However, Captain Dalton seeks Diaz and Zhao's help when a former gambler, who moved to Dallas weeks ago after leaving Kenner, Louisiana, is suddenly find killed. The detectives thread a series of lies when they uncover the victim's secret life in a effort to smoke out his murderer. Meanwhile, Mathis and Villalobos are still confiding with each other over their losses, but soon seek guidance when one of Mathis's family friends, a respected reverend, Father Jensen (Peter McRobbie) forces them to think about their futures and their lives on the force.
  • It is the concluding entry of the mini-crossover first seen in Law & Order: New Orleans, in season 15's episode 6, "Collapse (1)". This is the third crossover event between both series.
  • Law & Order franchise recurring alum Peter McRobbie makes his first Dallas appearance as Father Jensen.
"Shofar" 707
Waters and Babin probe the murder of a private businessman, Russell Kennan. They discover the victim was highly protective over his personal life. When Dr. Simon show the detectives the wound on the man's head that bludgeoned him to death, they soon suspect the victim's missing shofar--matching the size of the wound--could link them to their killer. As they thread carefully, they realize they must unravel the victim's personal Jewish side and find a reasonable suspect. Meanwhile, Gutierrez matches wit with the prime suspect's (Stephen Schnetzer) fiance and tough defense attorney.
"Gunner's Pride" 708
When three innocent men, living different lives and having no connections, they are each found executed with a sniper's bullet to the back of their head. Diaz and Mathis are called off from their personal time on the behest of Chief Parsons. However, as they try to link the three victims, they soon find out one was gay, another was transsexual, and the last was bisexual. The detectives are horrified when the suspected gunman is a ex-marine (Trevor Donovan). With Dr. Harvey's help as well with assistance from Renko (Chuck Norris) and his Texas Rangers squad, the detectives are in a race against time to try to get inside the mad gunman's mind before he spread more homophobic attacks.
"Red River Blues" 709
Mathis and Waters struggle to work with a pair of Oklahoma City inspectors when they discover a disturbing trend of a fanny pack gang, stealing and attacking innocent people while operating from both cities. And when they try to locate the gang's leader, jurisdiction comes to play. And now Gutierrez and Carson must play political tag with their northern state counterparts, yet Oklahoma City District Attorney (Bruce McGill) don't want to see eye to eye, and would like their city to handle the prosecution. Forcing Carson to play fire, causing them to have two separate trials against the same gang, and possible same perpetrators.
"Smudged Truth" 710
When defense request a new trial for claims that there were tainted evidence that led to the capture of accused serial rapist and killer, Cap Hodge (Bailey Chase), ADAs Gutierrez and Lane must put a brave face as the DA office are being watched by the Bar. When they send their Investigator James Volstead (Shea Whigham) to oversee the state's case and truly re-examine if there was any mistakes cause by the DA. Gutierrez feels the evidence is solid, and seeks the detectives to re-look everything. However, the whole case could be in jeopardy when undiscovered evidence of fingerprints not matching Hodge, leads everything in the DA Office up in turmoil. And with Volstead checking on it, Gutierrez is in fear he could be the sacrificial lamb if the state lose this highly publicized case.

**Mid-Season Finale**

"Unchained" 711
Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate a former phalinstrophist slain near the Royal Oaks Country Club. They along with Dr. Simon notice the victim had restrain marks to his wrists and ankles. They ponder he was chained up before his death. As they try to work around the victim's public and private lives, the evidence soon leads them to an abandoned warehouse where they stumble upon two shocking discoveries: a torture chamber and another body. As the detectives try to seek if this is a work of a experienced killer, Diaz notices something odd about their second victim, a young female photographer who discovered she has been raped. However she is stunned when the second victim, who was found where their first victim was tortured, yet she was killed somewhere else and from another killer. With Diaz preoccupy finding more about the second victim while discovering the female victim had a "Sweet Jane" tattoo on her lower back, Mathis reminds her about their first and they must follow where their case leads them, and eventually to a wildly strange man named Arnie (Doug Hutchison), who has a fetish for torture. Meanwhile, while Gutierrez is currently suspended after the Hodge trial, Lane adjusts to a difficult position as DA Carson puts her as lead prosecutor of the case, and has a hotshot junior attorney, Nick Otts (Riley Smith) as second chair. As the case against Arnie get hard for Lane, she seeks Carlos' help in how to win the case.
  • After the events of the previous episode, Gutierrez has been suspended due to the state's loss against prosecuting Hodge, and Hodge walking free.
  • This episode starts the "Sweet Jane" arc.
"Club of Hearts" 712
Waters and Babin probe the death of a young woman, who was living a perfect life, studying pre-law and wanted to be part of her family business, Shaw & Associates. They have it tough as the victim's father, Daniel Shaw (Alec Newman), pressures them to find his daughter's killer. They try to reestablish the final events of the victim's last day, and as they search for clues and suspects, a suspicious invite leads them to a secret underground club, where they uncover a poker ring led by Rico (Carlos Bernard). The detectives question Rico's role, and investigate his club. However as they do, their case will soon leads them to the FBI and ATF. Meanwhile, Gutierrez returns to work and tries to impress Carson, and prove she didn't make a mistake in helping save his career. Diaz still working on the "Sweet Jane" case gets word by Dr. Simon about the rape, the victim was originally raped in New York and somehow was killed in Dallas. In order to find out the reason she left New York, Diaz calls on Lt. Olivia Benson from Manhattan's SVU unit, and see if she has any cases related to "Sweet Jane".
  • Guiterrez returns from his suspension
  • SVUs Lieutenant Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) makes a quick cameo. But will have a larger role in the next two episodes.
"My Sweet Jane (1)" 713
Detective Diaz is surprised when Lt. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) acknowledged there were similar cases of unsolved rapes and murders involving a disturbing trend, the bodies all had the haunting "Sweet Jane" tattoo on their lower backs. When Dalton gives Diaz full clearance to work on the "Sweet Jane" case, Diaz travels to New York to partner up with Benson. Starting with her Dallas victim, they try to find anything about the victim's private past, and ponder why she left New York after she was raped. As Diaz and Benson search for clues, Diaz has Mathis working on the Dallas-side angle, and try to find out the reason either her or her killer chose this location. Benson getting help from her TARU and other SVU detectives, they finally get a lead to the victim's identity, Shelby Gautam, an inspiring photographer. The detectives investigate Shelby's closed circle and question her mentor, a famed celebrity photographer, Ingo Zachos (Olivier Martinez). Feeling suspicious about him, the ladies continue to keep an eye on him, when they soon uncover another hit...a new body with the "Sweet Jane" tattoo found at a sediment dump. As they try to probe this new victim, they uncover whoever is the "Sweet Jane" killer, has raped twenty females, most of them dead. When Diaz learns Zachos, their person of interest, has disappeared. She and Benson realizes Zachos retreated to Irving, Texas, soon realizing he has a office there. As their case gets stronger, and Zachos becoming a deeper interest, Benson decides to go with Diaz back to Dallas to stop the "Sweet Jane" killer, before he strikes again.
  • SVUs Lieutenant Olivia Benson teams up with Det. Diaz in this special two-part episode.
"My Sweet Jane (2)" 714
Det. Diaz and Lt. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) head to Dallas as they work with Mathis to probe Zachos' Irving office. Many of his employees don't feel ill-will, but they soon discover a ex-employee claimed Zachos has a fond with body parts and tattoos, he heard Zachos coined "Sweet Jane" after his first inspiration, a late actress named Cynthia Jane, who was a favorite client for Zachos. Diaz and Benson find out the late actress' estate is living near Dallas. They probe the female's life and discovered she had secrets. She was raped by someone she knew, a man who she felt was her candyman. They heard about Zachos being called "Candyman". They really step hard on Zachos and interrogate him, about Cynthia, the ladies with the "Sweet Jane" tattoo, and wonder what was his obsession with body parts. As Dr. Simon do his best to link Zachos' DNA to the DNA found in the females, everyone is thrilled his DNA matched that found in Shelby Gautam. Having efficient evidence, they arrest Zachos for murder. As Gutierrez prepare for a fight against Zachos' Defense Attorney and his former friend, Hank Stratton (Gary Cole), the case becomes problematic when Stratton requests Judge Flynn (Bebe Neuwirth) to cease the trial, as the State don't have evidence from the other "Sweet Jane" victims linking them to his client. As the judge borderlining to a mistrial, Gutierrez seeks Diaz and Benson to find him more concrete evidence. However, they all will be stunned when Zachos neglects to mention a key detail about his personal life, something that could put a wrench to everything.
  • SVUs Lieutenant Olivia Benson continues her partnership with Det. Diaz in this special two-part episode.
  • It is revealed the true killer is someone close to Zachos; his bastard son, Liam Smith, who wanted to shame his father after Liam is a rape product from the relationship of Zachos and Cynthia Jane Smith.
  • This episode marks the conclusion of the "Sweet Jane" arc.
"Winner's Facade" 715
Babin is a bit stunned her sister, Morgan (Marlee Martin), returns to seek her help to help a friend of hers, who wants to report a murder. Babin initially ignores it after learning it's about a junkie, who may have had a overdose. However, the victim's autopsy reveals foul play. Babin and Waters soon investigate it and learn that the victim was being used as an elaborate proxy to smoke out a illegal gambling ring as drugs are soon into play. They learn the victim was last seen in Laredo a day before he died. The detectives travel to Laredo and work with their sister police to smoke out the illegal gamblers and the possible killer amongst them.
"Hometown Tragedy" 716
A rookie soccer player, who has been getting hot with the Houston Dynamo, decides to come back to his hometown in Dallas. However, he is soon found stabbed to death stunning the state. Det. Diaz and Mathis are called to probe the case and uncover who could've done this; after initially investigating a robbery at the victim's Dallas home, they are soon found in a quagmire when the victim's shady agent doesn't tries to use the victim's death as a tool to attract another player. They soon learn that the reason why he died is somewhere back in Houston. Mathis heads to Houston and work with Houston's Det. Tom Anders (Tim Guinee) as they both follow new clues that could suspect a rising Houston mob and a debt the victim's agent owe.
"Avenged" 717
Renko (Chuck Norris) seeks Diaz and Mathis' help when one of his former pupils, Dex Childress, a up-and-coming Texas Ranger is found mysteriously murdered. The detectives try to unravel Childress' last 72 hours and realize Renko was one of the last people who saw the victim alive. Renko tries to convince them that he has nothing to do with it, and would rather assist in capturing his pupil's killer. However, Captain Dalton and DA Carson go at odds regarding Renko's involvement. While Dalton tries to convince his friend not to go the similar dark side he went to, but Renko feels so upset he decides to hunt down the killer himself which forces Dalton and his detectives to tread carefully, and hope Renko won't go do anything he might regret.
"Outta Here" 718
Waters and Babin probe the death of an auctioneer and investigate her recent auctions, as most of the items summed up to be over $1.2 Billion. When they discover one of the items is a 1963 Lamborghini 350 GTV, and when they find the purchaser; they are stunned the car is missing. The detectives race to find the missing car as they seek San Antonio police to help, while seeking help from an car historian, Ryland Cutter (Stephen Root), to learn more about who originally had that car, and what the car has that is worth to kill. Meanwhile, Lane deals with a surprise gift from her husband back in Boston, and it's not what she thinks.
"Enemy of My Enemy" 719
Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate a suspicious drug bust gone bad, when they see the suspected drug dealer dead and as well one of their own, an undercover cop. With Chief Adam Parsons (Bradley Whitford) pressuring Dalton and the other squads to get the cop killer and drug supplier, evidence takes them to Waco when their fellow sister cops are teaming up with the DEA. Diaz and Mathis reunite with Agent Neil Arturo (Nestor Carbonell) as they partner with Waco police to smoke out the mysterious drug supplier known as "Diablo". And just as they thought they may not find him, a shocking clue leads Mathis back to a old foe, the former leader of El Lobos, Razul (Benicio Del Toro). When Mathis, Diaz, and Arturo discover Razul may have crucial information for Diablo, Mathis, still remembering what happened back in Mexico, struggles to accept anything Razul says. However, Razul's words could be hug if they want to capture the cop killer.
"Birthright Star" 720
When a lawyer known for handling controversial paternities is found hanged, Dr. Simon believes the suicide must have been justified because of his tremendous work pressure. But things change when newfound evidence lead Waters and Babin to State Senator Craig Crenshaw's (David Rees Snell) family. And when rumors highlight Crenshaw's third daughter of four, the detectives wonder if the lawyer and someone else have kept key information regarding her paternity. Yet just as the police work to figure out if she is Crenshaw's daughter, a shocking revelation is brought up when a new claim that a broadway-inspired actress could be Crenshaw's illegitimate child.
"Cui Bono" 721
Captain Dalton puts Sergeant Peter Rogers (Greg Germann) in charge temporary while he take some days off. As command is being temporarily shifted, Detective Waters takes a case of a missing stockbroker, Aiden York (Scott Grimes), who stolen bonds nearly $10 million. With Babin on trial prep, Waters gets assisted by Sergeant Rogers. As the FDIC working alongside, Waters and Rogers trek a deceptive trail of secrets and extortion to locate York and retrieve the money. Gutierrez seeks Dr. Harvey's help when York's attorney petitions York's reason was due to being mentally unstable and the financial uncertainty being a cause.
"Gut Check" 722
While investigating the death of a cabbie, Diaz and Mathis are stunned when they find a human skull in luggage in the cab's trunk. As the detectives race to I.D. who the skull belongs to having Waters and Babin to take the load, Diaz and Mathis continue their probing on who would kill the cab driver and ponder if there's any relation to the skull. However, things take a turn when Sergeant Rogers (Germann) help I.D. the skull belonging to a female, Susan O'Malley, who disappeared and was murdered 22 years ago. Thinking the killer has struck again, Rogers reminds them O'Malley was one of convicted serial killer Walter Gathers' (Richard Dreyfuss) many victims. However, Gathers is currently on Death Row, as his execution is days away. Fearing he may want clemency from the governor, Diaz, Mathis, Rogers, and ADA Gutierrez try to uncover what is Gathers' endgame. And soon they wonder Gathers would give them the location of where his victims' remains are and as well info on whoever else knows the gravesite, because they know for sure that person was the one who put Susan's skull in the cab and disappeared before the cab driver was killed by a robber. Meanwhile, Captain Dalton reveals to his detectives the reason of his absence and confirm he has a health condition, but ponders should he continue being the squad's command.

**Season Finale**

Season 8 (2022-23)

Title Episode No.
"The Faith and the Faithless" 801
Detectives Diaz and Mathis are on the call when they investigate the shocking murder of a controversial, yet popular televangelist (Josh Hamilton). As they probe his complicated past and suspect one of his members in his congregation could be the killer. However the trail they uncover leads them to a stunning revelation, the prime suspect who's a man with a mental illness (Will Chase) reveals to the detectives a speech the victim preached, and it reminded him about being abused by a priest. The detectives are suddenly shocked when their suspect gives them more abused victims who too accused Reverend Harry Fitzgerald (Tom Butler). The detectives suddenly are stonewalled and wonder what should they do, but after a surprise appearance from Father Jensen (Peter McRobbie). They uncover a news report which will unravel a controversy deep inside the Archdiocese of Dallas. As they see a storm brewing, ADAs Gutierrez and Lane will have their hands full. Meanwhile, Captain Dalton continues to contemplate on his future as the squad's commander and gets a helping hand from a surprising person, Catherine.

**Season Premiere**

"Eyewitness" 802
The murder of a banker killed on the streets few days ago leads Detectives Waters and Babin with no evidence and concrete leads Seeing a point to move on and treat this case as unsolved, things changed when a promiscuous female, Josie (Sarah-Jane Potts) comes to the squad and reports she witnessed everything. Waters is suspicious initially, but Babin wants to see what the woman knows. When the proposed eyewitness shows them to where she was adjacent near the crime scene and describe some details only the police would've known, they start seriously considering Josie as a prime witness. With her testimony leads them to a capable suspect, Gutierrez's case suddenly becomes under fire when the Defense Attorney decides to use the State's star witness' troubled, shady past against them. And that forces Waters and Finn to investigate how well their witness' claims are credible and if she knew the victim more than they thought.
"Analyze This" 803
Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate the murder of a psychoanalyst, Dr. Gina Joles. When the detectives discover that the doctor was analyzing criminal behavior in certain killers and rapists, who have learned from their ways. However with help from Dr. Harvey, they review Dr. Joles' work and suspect one of her supposed success stories could be behind her murder. However, the case takes a shocking turn when detectives uncover a surprising new lead which will lead them to a controversial psychiatrist, Dr. Rita August (Elizabeth McGovern), whose methods skilled practitioners in the medical community and as well Dr. Joles questioned. Meanwhile, ADAs Gutierrez and Lane do their best to convince the prime suspect for the crime, but surprising new evidence forces the trial to go an unexpected place.
  • The title was formerly called, "Pulling off the Red".
"Handle with Care" 804
An underachieved and despondent mother, Aiva Donahue (Marisa Tomei), requests the help from the detectives to help find the murderer of her child, who was taken, abused, and beaten to death. Waters and Babin are assigned the case and try to tread carefully as the mother is an important witness towards their case. As the killer is still out there, they seek Dr. Harvey's help to probe the child's family's past and the family's inner circle. However, the case takes a dark turn when the mother's unstableness proves a major hurdle for the detectives. And it forces the detectives to investigate the mother's past and learn shocking details that could solve the case.
"Broken Shield" 805
Detective Waters is stunned when a dead body of a young male, found naked and stabbed near the banks of Trinity River, matches the description of his drug-addicted, younger brother, Ron (Tristan Wilds). Captain Dalton demands Adam to stay and refuse to give him the case, and allows Detectives Diaz and Babin to investigate Ron's life the past few days. Det. Mathis works with Dalton in finding any more information about the shady witness who found the body. With Det. Waters stuck on the sidelines, he reminisces the last time he had with his brother and noticing he didn't like how it ended, he promises to find his brother's murderer, So he goes off the book and uses some leads of old connections to find his brother has been dealing with a shady female (Logan Browning), who has ties with a local gang leader, Holtz (Coby Bell). When Waters learn his brother was being used by the female and Holtz, Waters risks his life and career as he takes justice in his own hands. And when the other detectives learn what Adam has done, it forces them to have their hands tie when Internal Affairs Lt. Kirby (Titus Welliver) arrives to question the whole squad about Adam's actions. And with the squad in danger, Adam realizes he must make a decision that not only will change his life direction, but honor that of his slain brother.
  • This episode marks the final episode for Det. Waters (Simmons) as he departs the series as a regular.
"True Crime" 806
Still dealing with Det. Waters' departure very hard, Det. Babin is forced to put in the back burner when Captain Dalton requests her to meet an friend from the Dallas Fire Department, Lt. Hank Jordan (Daniel Sunjata) from Squad 13. Jordan informs Babin about an old house fire that severely injured an elderly man, but Jordan discovers evidence that the victim was keeping; the man knew about a murder. Not sure about it, Babin along with Jordan check the house and locate the secret files hidden in a chest. When they uncover details about a murder that happened back in the 60s, there are ties back to New York. Captain Dalton soon adds the Homicide Unit's newest member and Babin's new partner, Det. Stuart Farnell (Ackles), to the mix. Working together, Babin and Farnell must put aside their differences and solve a 57 year old crime that bridge two cities.
  • Jensen Ackles (Det. Stuart Farnell) joins the cast as a series regular.
"Strange Bedfellows" 807
Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate the murder of a famed Dallas plastic surgeon, who has been known notoriously for dealing with patients with criminal pasts. As they try to look back on the victim's past and find potential suspects, a surprising clue leads them to ADA Gutierrez's rival, Defense Attorney Mark Elliot (Cary Elwes). They discover the victim was one of Elliot's former clients, who was sued in a malpractice and other counts involving fraud. Elliot tries to evade the detectives' questions, but Gutierrez tries to convince Elliot that he needs to honor his former client's hope for justice. Yet the case gets a shocking turn when Diaz and Mathis uncover hidden files the victim has hidden from Elliot, and it will send them on a path towards a criminal conspiracy, as they discover the files reveal shocking evidence involving falsified claims, illegal procedures, fraud, and other crimes that leads them towards the FDA and a international business conglomerate run by a prideful business titan, Harry Cutter (Patrick Page). Guiterrez and the detectives must work with his rival Elliot to find a connection with the conspiracy and the surgeon's murder. Meanwhile, Diaz seeks her husband, Josh Sliver (Justin Bruening), for help, yet they begin to have some martial problems.
  • Silver (Bruening) makes his first appearance since season six.
"Avants" 808
A teen's awkward suicide attempt alerts Detectives Farnell and Babin to probe her family and friends; as they try to talk to the rebellious female and ask her why she wanted to kill herself, they are blocked by her family's lawyer. With no point in going forward, a internet news site reveals another suicidal teen who did the same way the female teen alarms the detectives. As they try to seek the source of the report, the case takes a series of strange turns as they are soon led to a website made to embrace the teens' fears and convert them into "suicidal soldiers". With the site locked with untraceable links, the detectives seek help from their friend, Jasper Strom (David Krumholtz), who's recently been transferred to the FBI Cyber Crimes Squad, to try use new tricks in finding the heads of the website. Meanwhile, DA Carson intends to make an announcement involving her future as the DA as her re-election year is getting close.
"The Good Rep" 809
One of DA Carson's best friends and one of the Attorney General's aides seeks the DA's help to investigate a ten year murder and kidnapping case. Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called when new evidence supports the eight-year-old girl, Melanie Wilson, who was missing, is apparently still alive as new claims see her walking around somewhere near Fort Worth. The detectives are stunned when new claims of the killer/abductor's residence coincide with a Dallas native, Texas Senator Charles Horton (Alan Ruck). As the detectives try to stay cautious towards the senator's great reputation and extreme popularity towards the people, the detectives realize Horton's personal past comes into question, and as they try to look forward to it. Carson tries to stay alert, but with her best friend stating Horton could be a criminal. Carson continues to focus on her re-election campaign.
"Kitty" 810
A former cop-turned-bookie ends up dead and as he has ties with Det. Diaz, being one of her old friends and colleagues during her academy years, she wants to pursue the case. She and Mathis begin the investigation as they try to search for helpful clues to find any leads. However as their case is slipping already with no concrete evidence, a raid on a gambling/drug ring alerts the detectives. They soon discover a clue which will lead them to a infamous S&M club known as Kitty's Lair. The detectives are taken back when they know the place is run by the infamous "Dallas Madam", Veronica "Kitty" Kittick(Leah Remini). Diaz and Mathis search for the club regulars and see if they have any connection with the victim. As they probe further, they realize their victim was a suspect in the strange murder of a female stripper/teacher, who too has ties with the club. With two unsolved murders and the club being a hot link, the detectives investigate owner Kittick's erotic and shady past, yet as they do they notice the second to last guy to be with the female stripper before she died was Detective Farnell. Farnell proclaims his innocence, yet his secret past could unravel as Diaz and Mathis try to hunt for the killer, who they sense is either working under Kittick without or with her knowledge; or if Kittick is responsible.
  • Mid-season Finale
"Fracture" 811
A politically influenced couple, Basilio and Renee Navarro (Luis Fernandez-Gil and Miranda Rae Mayo) are implicated in a murder conspiracy involving the death of one of their political enemies. Detectives Farnell and Babin do what they can to find evidence that definitively links the couple. However, their scandalous affairs are soon put in the public eye and as the detectives tread carefully in unravelling the layers of the couple's duplicity, other police and governmental secrets could be unlocked that could change everything. Meanwhile, while Gutierrez deals with this complexing, complicating case, he uncovers information regarding his family from Honduras.
"Devastating Account" 812
A family man, Edgar Barr (Matthew Broderick), is deemed a hero from protecting his wife and son from a intruder. With the criminal dead and Edgar having a legitimate case of self-defense, Diaz and Mathis may move on. However, suspicious clues discovered in the Barr household leaves detectives to question what actually happened during the attempted home invasion. And as Edgar begins to change his story with various reasons why the dead intruder would attack him and his family. And soon Edgar's professional life and dark secrets he has kept to himself in hopes to protect his family is suddenly coming to light when DA Carson seeks charges of manslaughter.
"Scorched Fame" 813
A former porn star, who has been infamously known throughout the sexual underbelly in Texas, is found dead under mysterious circumstances. And now Farnell and Babin are thrown in the underbelly to smoke out her killer. However, as sexual paranoia plays a huge part when the detectives' case leads them towards a scandalizing tell-all book the victim was writing about her sexual endeavors toward highly secretive men; and one of those clients involves a councilman seeking to redeem his career at any cost.
"Through the Looking Glass" 814
Diaz and Mathis are called in by a favor from Dr. Simon to help his friend, Jack Miley find his runaway bride, Annalise. The detectives discover the couple was planning an Alice in Wonderland-theme wedding, but they were secretly having constant arguments over their financial plans. As the detectives tread carefully in the missing case, they do what they can to find the missing bride-to-be. However, when Annalise began to leave breadcrumbs, the detectives try to find it. And when they do, they lead themselves right into an ongoing FBI investigation. The detectives are shocked when the FBI believes Annalise is not who she says and she could be an international criminal. Diaz call on her husband, Josh (Justin Bruening) and his crew to seek help with the case.
"Southern Chill" 815
Farnell and Babin probe the death of a fisherman, who was found drowned with his boat capsized on top of him. They believe the death is accidental, however when Dr. Simon reveals that the victim had a lethal overdose of methadone. With this revelation, the detectives probe the victim's life and question the people close to him. Yet the case takes a turn when a racist plantation owner becomes a particular person of interest. Meanwhile, DA Carson deals with her reelection campaign while convincing ADA Lane to trial the fisherman case while Gutierrez continues with the Kittick case.
"NYC/DAL/MIA Exchange" 816
Renko (Chuck Norris) and his Texas Rangers stumble on a murder case that has familial ties to a New York case in which Detective Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) was once personally involved. Lupo promised the victim's family that their daughter will be back safely, yet the girl disappeared three years. Renko has clues of the girl being in Dallas. Renko seeks Det. Diaz to help Det. Lupo find the missing New York girl. However, their case take a quick turn down southeast as many clues brings the detectives to Miami. Diaz and Lupo head there and partner with Det. Ashlee Boyd (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Now the three detectives have limited time to find the girl and end the threat that is endangering her.
  • Second crossover with the original mothership series, Law & Order, and first with Law & Order: Miami.
  • First time L&O Lupo and Miami Boyd have appeared in this series.
"Flying High" 817
Detectives Farnell and Babin are called to investigate a helicopter crash that landed near Samuell Grand Park, which tragically took took the life of a up-and-coming young pilot. The detectives probe anything suspicious in the victim's life. However, Dr. Simon's findings uncover the true COD. A fatal gunshot that entered behind his forehead. As the case now homicide, Farnell and Babin refocus their pursuit for the killer. Yet new clues leads them to suspect their slithery foe, Veronica "Kitty" Kittick (Leah Remini), could behind the murder. Trying to find Kittick, Captain Dalton gets a call from FBI Special Agent Hammond (Sean Cullen) that he and his fellow FBI comrades could lend a helping hand in tracking down the elusive serial killer. Meanwhile, Gutierrez seeks Dr. Harvey's help for something personal.
"Lackluster" 818
The DA office has a challenging case in trying to find sufficient evidence to convince a Grand Jury to indite a serial pedophile, London Hardgrave (Paul Schulze), for the brutal sexual assault to two twin sisters. While Detectives Diaz, Mathis, and DA Investigator Finn do their best to re-interview witnesses and convince the twins to testify to the grand jury, things go out of control when a tenacious reporter (Kim Dickens) exposes the public to criticism regarding the twins crying outcry and might have falsified the attack. As the DA election goes full throttle, Carson warns Gutierrez and Lane to take control before the media continues to poison everything. Meanwhile, Gutierrez struggles to handle the case while still reeling with the surprise arrival of his father (Edward James Olmos).
"Palimpsest" 819
Farnell and Babin seeks a history investigator, Professor Alma Clove (Anne Ramsay), to help them find a rare book that could be the very cause of why a renowned collector died so suddenly and his killer is on the hunt for it. However, the clues for the book leads them to a wild goose chase that spans over fifty years of fruitless pursuits regarding the book, and why it's so important. As the prosecutors get ready for the case against the suspect, they have no idea the twists and turns the trial will take as the defense claims mentally unstable over the obsession of the book.
"Blood Deep" 820
Diaz and Mathis suspect a former assemblyman (Henry Czerny) as a huge person of interest when his wife died under strange circumstances. However, their focused attention on him soon spreads towards the assemblyman's two grown children, his mischievous son and uptight daughter. Now the entire family becomes potential suspects as their deep, dark secrets they wished to bury start to unravel one by one. And suddenly the revelations quickly become a media frenzy. Meanwhile, Gutierrez still struggles to deal with the stunning antics his father, Gonzo, (Edward James Olmos) pulled, and now must deal with the consequences.
"Real America" 821
A revolutionary group code-named R.A.W.E.D are held under fire and are targeted when the homicide detectives suspect they may have sabotaged certain guns in a foiled sting, overseen by a FBI-Dallas Police joint task force, which leads to chaos. However, when the injured task force detectives and the lone deceased being non-white, the case suddenly takes a dark turn to racial profiling when the revolutionary group have been practicing Neo-Nazism. Dr. Harvey has heard these racial revolutionaries want to cleanse America from the filth that has stained the country. In hopes to stop the unstable group, the homicide unit do their best to find and arrest R.A.W.E.D controversial leader (Colin Cunningham). Meanwhile, the DA election becomes heated as Carson and her opponent argue over gun control and racial tensions between the public and the law.
"Validity" 822
Dallas Special Victims Detective Lisa Ritchie (Mackenzie Mauzy) seeks Diaz and Mathis' help to close a rape case in which a 16 year old female has been gang raped by three high school boys. Diaz and Mathis try to see why they're needed if there's no homicide. However, Ritchie felt Mathis had to repay a favor. As Mathis and Ritchie argue their "repayments", they soon stumble on a shocking detail when one of the accused rapists lets them a female adult wanted the victim to get abused. Diaz and Mathis are soon shocked when that evidence leads them back on the trail to their slithery foe, Veronica "Kitty" Kittick (Leah Remini). Trying to reason what does Kittick has to do with a high school rape case. But the case takes another twist when they find evidence Kittick has knowledge about the victim's family, and the victim herself. In hopes to find the truth, Gutierrez has a meeting with Kittick. But what Kittick has been hiding only catapults their current rape case into further chaos. Meanwhile, Gutierrez faces his father (Edward James Olmos) again and tries to push him to go back to Honduras; DA Carson wonders this could be it for her as her re-election attempt only gets tighter and harder for her to win.

**Season Finale**

Season 9 (2023-24)

Title Episode No.
"Under Review" 901
During a deserved night out, Mathis, Farnell, and Radosti are having a fun time at a nightclub owned by a police informant. However what supposed to be a nice night ends in disaster when Farnell thought he spotted something illegal. Farnell tries to run after a person of interest, yet a complicated situation leads Farnell to fire his gun at the alleged suspect. Realizing the suspect was a black teen, but when Diaz and Babin are forced to investigate. They uncover the kid was believed to be unarmed while no concrete evidence pinpoints the teen back to the alleged crime. With Internal Affairs now involved, Farnell's life only gets rough. When the shooting victim's family suspect Farnell knew the teen was innocent, they file a complaint. With he city quickly uncovering this story and details, Chief Parsons (Bradley Whitford) and DA Carson have a secret meeting. Carson realizes the situation must be quelled down, as soon as possible before all hell breaks loose. So she tasks the Public Integrity Unit's new Civil Rights Unit ADA, Monique Jeffries (Michelle Hurd), to oversee the case, and possibly prosecutions of Farnell's shooting. With DA Investigators Finn and Tony Chess (Christopher Gorham), Jeffries will have a hard time in trying to install justice and peace. Meanwhile, Diaz, Mathis, Babin, Gutierrez, and Lane must all sit in the sidelines while watching their friend being judged in the public eye. Might needing a defensive attorney, Farnell is shocked when one of the most lethal sharks in the Defense world, Jasmine Price (Emmanuelle Vaugier), wants to help him out. Diaz and Silver (Justin Bruening) talk about starting a family, whiled thinking about adoption.

**Season Premiere**

"Coattails" 902
With the fallout from the Farnell/Myron incident still lingering, the Homicide Unit tries to ease the public perception, but it might stir back to a negative view when a popular civil rights activist winds up dead in his office. As critics blame the death on police enthusiasts, Detectives Mathis and Babin unite to solve the case. But as tensions between sides grow, the detectives get lost during their trail to find the suspected killer. However, newly found evidence discovered by Diaz becomes a game-changer when one of the victim's most trusted lieutenant, Deena Sharp (Joanne Kelly), has a lot more secrets than meets the eye.
"Acceptance" 903
A strict Amish father, Luke Helther (Leland Orser) becomes a prime suspect, when his eighteen-year-old son is hospitalized after being found beaten nearly to death in a street. As his son lies in a coma, Helther gets questioned by Diaz and Mathis intensely. While trying to solve a attempted murder, the detectives must tread carefully when solving another crime--a murdered young male just Helther's son. And when they learned the murdered male and the Amish teen are both gay, Diaz and Mathis intensify their questioning to Helther about his alibi. And when they learn his alibi is shaky at best while learning the father found about his son's sexual nature, they assumed Helther wanted to kill him. ADA Gutierrez believes he has his case lock down, but it only gets worse when Helther's defense attorney (Nia Vardalos) shows her deck.
"Snake Eyes" 904
Back together, Babin and Farnell unknowingly becomes pawns from the FBI as they try to solve murder of a former poker competitor. However as they try to solve the case, evidences leads them to the FBI's undercover sting operation as they try to expose a shady, illegal gambling organization. With their victim a suspected member, the detectives believe someone form the organization is behind his death. Suddenly their probing leads them to Duke Shill (Austin Nichols). However with the continued FBI interference, trying to link Shill to the murder becomes harder than they thought.
"Heartless City" 905
Diaz and Mathis encounter a bevy of setbacks when they try to find a covertly, well-hidden murderer, who has been killing and severing off many female victims' ring fingers. Thinking they have a lead, the detectives are surprised when Captain Dalton believes these killings match that from an infamous serial killer, who has been a nightmare in Dallas during the '70s. Dubbed the "Romeo Killer", the spree unexplainedly halted back in 1982. Many thought Romeo killed himself or faded away, but with these recently new murders hauntingly similar to that of Romeo. many fear either a copycat is on the loose, or Romeo has come back from his decades-long slumber. Trying to understand the psychology of the Romeo Killer, Dr. Harvey brings Diaz and Mathis to a colleague (David Warshofsky)'s collegiate criminology class where they stumble upon a course about serial killers. And one of the students who chose the Romeo Killer, Emma Stevens (Emily VanCamp) may know everything about him.
  • VanCamp's character is revealed in this episode. She could become a potential love interest for Mathis in future episodes.
"Time Again" 906
When a well-known former reporter (Gillian Anderson) gets assaulted and robbed, she seeks help from her friend, Captain Dalton, to find the culprits. Dalton instructs Farnell and Babin to investigate a potential suspect. Soon evidence leads them to suspect a reclusive heiress (Gwynyth Walsh) is behind the attack. Uncertain why, detectives and ADA Lane will have to probe the victim's decade-long reports to find the smoking gun and pinpoint the heiress' motive.
"Frayed" 907
A loyal husband and father is found dead. Diaz and Mathis take the case and learn he and and his family was just visiting his in-laws for his father-in-law's retirement party. However what seemed to be a unknown assailant killing him by landing wicked shots to the victim's abdomen--resulting in massive internal bleeding. Thinking they found a likable suspect, who has a rep of beating innocent people and steal their valuables. The case suddenly takes a turn when more probing of the victim leads Diaz and Mathis to a underground fighting ring, led by a disgraced ex-MMA fighter, Hector Salazar (Amaury Nolasco). Investigating Salazar's ring, the detectives seek help from a former member and ashamed aspiring boxer, who could be the key witness to send Salazar to jail for murder. However Salazar's attorney, Jasmine Price (Emmanuelle Vaugier), will destroy the boxer on cross by bringing up a secret the young boxer thought he buried, and may now be a fatal blow for Gutierrez's case.
"Jury Pro Quo" 908
A lesser known kidnapping case quickly grows into a media frenzy when Babin and Farnell are given news a unusual casual dressed man, Dexter Karr (Iwan Rheon) walk into the DPD Headquarters, and confessed to the abduction and now murder of eight-year-old Penelope Whitaker. As Babin and Farnell take his confession, Dalton wants to make sure it is legit and have them probe Karr's strange life. But when Karr shows them the body of Penelope, they finally arrest him. As the trial begins, Gutierrez are at a lost of words when the Defense Attorney (Derek Webster) use unusual tactics to persuade the jury that Karr was used by the victim and wanted him to kidnap and kill her. Thinking the jury will look pass that, Gutierrez and Lane uncover something strange regarding a particular juror. And if they expose the juror's misdeeds, they fear a mistrial will happen and have to find new evidence to retry Karr.
"Lead" 909
Diaz and Mathis investigate the sudden death of a mother and her twelve-year-old son. They realize the pair originally came from Frisco, Texas--north of Dallas. The detectives work diligently with their sister police and the victims' husband and father. When Simon reveals the victims died of acute lead poisoning and how the poisoning steadily grew for months, detectives suspect the husband, however when he and his youngest daughter are showing similar signs of the same poisoning. Things take a drastic turn when other reports of other Frisco townsfolk appearing to be poisoned. Diaz and Mathis uncover the culprit, lead has been found in Frisco's water supply. Now the detectives have stumbled upon a scandal and deceitful conspiracy within the Department of Water, Frisco City Hall, and even the Governor's office.
  • Partially inspired by the 2015-16 Flint water crisis.
  • Andrew McCarthy reprises his role as Governor Rex Webb.
"Persons of Interest (1)" 910
Diaz and Mathis are pursuing a gang of three teenagers accused of sadistically killing a elderly female. Farnell and Babin join in the pursuit. With all four detectives tirelessly searching for the culprits, they look into the youths' personal lives. Suddenly the case takes a unexpected turn when one of the suspected teenagers, Craig (Marc John Jefferies) wants to help them. Suspicious at first, the detectives use him as their "agent for the police". With his help and new evidence, leads them on the trail of Gabriel Morry (Aidan Gillen). Josh Silver (Justin Bruening) returns and lets them know Morry was a criminal his Silver Justice firm was investigating him for running a cult, filled with runaway and abused teenagers. Hoping to connect Morry to their victim's murder, the detectives, the DA office, and as well those close to them have been threatened by anonymous cult members. While checking up on Emma Stevens (Emily VanCamp), Mathis gets shot. As Diaz, Dalton, and the others hope Mathis survive, Guiterrez and Lane try to get ready to have a Grand Jury and get a arrest warrant for Morry. However their key witness, Craig--whose supposed to be in protective detail, ready to go in the Grand Jury and give his statement--is apparently missing.
  • Mid-season Finale
"Modern Warfare (2)" 911
Gutierrez and Lane are shocked when they learn their key witness, Craig (Marc John Jefferies), who mysteriously disappeared, is now discovered dead. Diaz, Babin, and Farnell tie Craig's murder to Mathis' attempted murder--realizing they're looking for the same shooter. The detectives continue their tiredness pursuit to stop cultist Gabriel Morry (Aidan Gillen) and tie him to the crimes. However, their cat and mouse game turns deadly when Morry's cult decides to put the city of Dallas in the middle. Desperately trying to end the cult and convinced some members to turn against Morry, the Homicide Unit seeks help from Dr. Harvey and Renko's Texas Rangers. Meanwhile, Mathis continues to fight for his life as the bullet gets harder to find for the doctors; as it takes a toll on Diaz.
"Girl Catching Fire" 912
Farnell and Babin are called to investigate the severe burned body of a ten-year-old girl. As the case takes them from a babysitting snafu to a black Mercedes taking the girl hours before her death, the detectives try to see a reason to suspect the victim's mother, but the case takes a even darker turn when the victim's paternal grandparents hired a private investigator/former cop (Erik Palladino) to try and legally find a way to bring her to them. However evidence leads the detectives to suspect the ex-cop had another reason and decided to kill her. Wondering the motive, Gutierrez has DA Investigator Tony Chess (Christopher Gorham) to get more into the ex-co's complicated life, and uncovers a shocking revelation between him and the victim's father.
"Downcast" 913
Megan is surprised when her husband, Rashad Lane (Lance Gross), arrives to Dallas from Boston. Trying to have a day just for themselves is harder while they each have separate work-related things to do. Suddenly Megan is called by Carlos when the police links a whistleblower's accidental, fatal allergic attack to two companies conspiring in a joint-pyramid scheme. As Gutierrez and Lane gear up for the the defense team's counter blitz--led by Attorney Hank Stratton (Gary Cole), Carlos seeks to prove Brandon Wattney (Peter Jacobson), CCO of Paradigm Industries, had the victim killed. Yet faces a tough distraction when Stratton seeks to have Megan's husband, Rashad, face the witness stand. Shocked, Megan and Carlos force to understand Rashad's connection to their case. And when they do, it could affect everything. Meanwhile, Mathis continues his medical leave while getting solace from Emma (Emily VanCamp).
"Contested" 914
About to return to active duty, Mathis is stunned when the captain restricts and bounds him to desk duty. Stuck and frustrated, Mathis tries to calm down to help his partner, Diaz, try to solve the murder of a hated recording producer. While investigating the producer's ambitious deals with shady pop and rap artists, their case leads them on the path to the producer's eccentric girlfriend, Kristen Berry (Allison Scagliotti), when she has ties to a mega-blockbuster deal the victim was trying to make that would make millions. However suspecting Berry of greed and the victim's willingness to exclude Berry from the deal as much as possible, they feel certain Berry is the killer. However when Berry tries to represent herself, she proves to be a formidable enemy to Gutierrez. And as Gutierrez learns about the defendant's past mental problems, he seeks to exploit it and render her unfit to consul herself.
  • Inspired mostly by the Jodi Ann Arias case
"Blue Streak" 915
A family is torn when one young male, Johnny Percle, is found dead and the alleged murderer is his twin brother, Jack Percle. Farnell and Babin arrest and charge Jack with his brother's murder. However a simple-and-shut case unravels quickly when Jack's defense attorney leads the detectives to the world of street racing. When they learn Jack and Johnny were part of a crew that was outfoxed by a rival crew led by Eddie Richmond (Kyle Massey). The detectives suspect Eddie's crew as culpable to Johnny's murder. However, Eddie insists to walk when he informs the police and the DA he knows where the most infamous drug dealer is hiding. And that revelation leads Carson to make a controversial decision.
"The Twelve" 916
When a older male gets beaten near death, and becomes comatose, Detectives Diaz and Mathis probe the assault and learn the man was trying to find crucial evidence to find a former truck supplier, Ian Arella (Rafael Sardina) legally responsible for the infamous "The Twelve Massacre"--twelve immigrants smuggled from Mexico to Dallas, but ends up all dead in the back of the freight truck, which was owned by Arella's company back in 2008. Seeing how their victim's evidence could send Arella to prison, Diaz and Mathis arrest him for the attempted murder and the twelve murders. However when Arella's defense attorney brings in evidence that might clear Arella and put the Mexico and United States' governments as the true murderers. Gutierrez sees the opportunity and have his friend US Attorney Daniels (Chris Diamantopoulos) to prosecute Arella under charges of a hate crime and treason, which stuns Carson.
  • Inspired by the 2003 Texas mass murder of 19 smuggled immigrants
"Semper Fidelis" 917
Detectives Farnell and Babin investigate the apparent stabbing of a marine (Scott Porter), who has been on a date with his on-and-off girlfriend. The detectives probe a suspicious, young couple, whom have been suspected in similar crimes. However, new clues lead the police to Carswell Air Force Base, the place where the victim was last stationed. The investigation suddenly leads them to a path of an apparent cover-up regarding the base's notorious history of cadet hazing. And when Farnell and Babin connects a year-old deadly hazing incident to their victim, it becomes more complicated when the base commander, General Henry Albright (Jon Voight) constantly tries to stonewall the detectives' investigation; leading Gutierrez to do unwise moves to obtain justice for the hazing victim's family, but as well try to get justice for the stabbed victim.
"Plunder" 918
Diaz and Mathis are called to probe the murder of a high-stakes marketing executive. The detectives trace their steps and are stunned the victim was used in a ransom scheme to obtain money from the victim's employer, Rodham & Schultz. As the detectives apprehend the would-be kidnappers and try to connect them to the victim's murder, their case suddenly takes a turn when one of the attempted kidnappers shows detectives a forum site which reveals hundreds of potential money-seeking opportunities. And one of them is at the behest of the victim. The case leads the detectives back to the victim's employer as the victim wanted to exploit money from the company because of faulty cancer medication. The more Diaz and Mathis learn more about the apparent scheme, the more they suspect the company's ambitious COO Lewis Birch (Matt Letscher).
"For the Good" 919
One of the Homicide Unit's allies, Jasper Strom (David Krumholtz), seeks their help in the murder of stepsister. He fears one of the city's violent gangs could be at fault, however, as Farnell and Mathis investigate the case they discover a new link, when evidence sends them to investigate a hidden Yakuza club, the club's leader, Kang (Ian Anthony Dale) could know more about Jasper's stepsister's role. In order to know more who they're dealing with, the detective seek help from FBI Special Agent Mao Nguyen (Masi Oka). Meanwhile, Mathis continues his relationship with Emma Stevens (Emily VanCamp).
"Abridged" 920
An popular mystery novelist, Stuart Bishop (Brent Spiner) is under suspicion when his editor and best friend is found mysteriously dead. Diaz and Babin investigate the author's life and tries to find any reason for him to kill his friend. As Bishop denies, his headstrong wife (Sharon Lawrence) does everything she can to defend her husband. However when clues of infidelity and Bishop's recent new line of novels being cut for more profit, the detectives are put in a unimaginable line when Mrs. Bishop decides to turn against her husband and try to use the murder case as a key to take his fortune, during a vicious divorce battle. Meanwhile, Diaz and Josh (Justin Bruening) have a major argument over their future regarding growing into a family.
"Shattered Lives" 921
When a eleven-year-old boy is found wandering around half naked in the city park, Diaz and Mathis are called by a old friend, Adam Waters (Henry Simmons). Waters convinces them to help him find the boy's parents. As they try, they stumble on a child abuse case that has been going unsolved for eighteen years. When they discover their victim was part of the abuse case, Waters seeks help from the case's chief investigator, Child Services Agent Patricia Roberts (Robin Givens). Together, Diaz, Mathis, Waters, and Roberts learn of more abused kids as clues lead them to a shady foster care home run by a elderly couple. However, what they find out about the couple stuns them, as evidence links the couple to a mysterious child pornography ring that has created internal strife amongst the country. While Mathis and Roberts porbe the couple and get help from ADA Lane, Diaz and Waters try to hunt down the pornography ring. Gutierrez seeks his friend, US Attorney Daniels (Chris Diamantopoulos)'s help to shut down the ring's services in Dallas whatever it takes.
  • Henry Simmons reprises his role as former detective, Adam Waters, who left early back in season eight. He's the first former cast member to depart a previous season, and then reprise his role in the following season.
  • It is revealed, Waters have been working alongside Agent Roberts and full time at a victim abuse advocacy center in Houston.
  • Robin Given reprises her role since season 5 episode, Home Away.
"Matter of Perspective" 922
When Dr. Harvey gets injured during a evaluation with a prisoner Peter Forscate (Paul Sparks), who's facing execution, Farnell and Babin's investigation with the murder of a young jogger becomes connected. The detectives learn Harvey was asking Forscate about his convicted crimes and how he chose his victims. But when they notice a similarity with Forscate's crimes and their recent case, the detectives soon deduce a copycat is on the run. However the only way to find the copycat is to learn once again about Forscate's behavior, and the only way to do that is to evaluate Forscate. Gutierrez calls for renowned criminologist, psychologist, and Dr. Harvey's comrade, Dr. Bill Goldston (David Warshofsky). As they unravel the mind of Forscate, they are in the uncharted waters when the answers to capture the copycat lies in the secret of Forscate's motives.
"Fourante Heir (1)" 923
Diaz and Mathis are called in to investigate a brutal murder of a young college-aged female, found nearly decapitated and raped senselessly lying alone near the train yard. As the case gets tougher, the detectives are stunned when Dr. Simon reveals to them their victim recently had a baby. As the victim's family implore the Homicide Unit to find their missing granddaughter, the detectives race against the clock only to be saddened in the end when Farnell and Babin find a lifeless newborn fifty miles away from her mom's location. With the unit emotionally-charged over the severity and cruelness, the detectives try to find the baby's father, believing he could deliver some answers. However, their case is stalled when the case turns to the adult victim's close circle, as they suspect her best friend, a male who revealed to have feelings for the victim. Thinking he could be the father, DNA results soon stun the detectives and DA Gutierrez as it reveals the selfish heir to a horse racing dynasty, Rufus Garza (Juan Pablo Di Pace), is the birth father. The detectives probe Garza's very public and reckless life; trying to understand how a infamous millionaire brat could fathered a child to a middle class college student. But his parents, Miguel (Jose Yenque) and Teresa Garza (Laura Harring) adamantly do whatever it takes to keep their son away from jail. Yet when new evidence links Garza to the victim hours before she was brutally killed, Carson doesn't hesitate and charges Garza with second degree murder. However, just as the trial is set to begin, Garza flees.
"Dangerous Error (2)" 924
The detectives continue their search to find runaway Rufus Garza (Di Pace) as they question his parents (Jose Yenque and Laura Harring) relentlessly, wondering did they intentionally hid him. As Guiterrez pressures Rufus' parents and friends demanding the truth about his whereabouts, Defense Attorney Jasmine Price (Emmanuelle Vaugier) seeks a dismissal of all charges. However, Judge Flynn (Bebe Neuwirth) refuses. Yet she warns Gutierrez that as long as the suspect is on the run and no timetable for their current trail to resume, she has no choice but to grant a mistrial. With the public reception deeply divided over the case, the Homicide Unit seeks help from Josh's Silver Justice firm to help find Garza. Josh (Justin Bruening) and his group soon discover Garza secretly brought a secret visa and his whereabouts is somewhere in Latin America. Josh has a contact down in Honduras and uses his help, revealing Garza is in Brazil. However, the Brazilian government is refusing to extradite him back in the U.S. As Gutierrez and Lane contend with the Brazilian Consulate and expedite extradition, the victim's family pleads with the DA to bring Rufus to justice. Seeing how the case has severely affected everyone's judgements, Detective Diaz and ADA Lane takes it even harder. As the state seeks to use every legislative arsenal they have to extradite Garza and set a new trail, the whole case is in danger when Bar Investigator James Volstead (Shea Whigham) arrives unexpectedly, and reveals that an illegal act within the DA office could undermine everything, and justice will never be found for the mother and baby.

**Season Finale**

    • In the last few scenes: As Gutierrez uses help from the U.S. Attorney office and FBI to convince Brazil that Rufus Garza is a murderer and needs to face justice, as the DA office is upping their charge to first degree and chance for the death penalty. However, the Garza family do last ditch efforts to contend with the potential extradition.
    • The DA office is suddenly stunned when U.S Attorney office suspends their efforts, and what Gutierrez and Carson uncovered why when Bar Investigator Volstead arrives. Volstead lets them know the office illegally falsified a report regarding Garza's alleged attempt in killing the baby. The DA office internally probe the leak and falsification was crafted in their own office and not by an outside source. Eventually they are flabbergasted when Lane was the one who made the erroneous mistake. Thinking she made a terrible mistake, Lane confesses and reveals she did it to make sure the consulate see who Rufus truly is; as other reports didn't put Garza at the baby's crime scene. The mistake Lane caused led to the suspension of the extradition. Carson is furious but deep down understand why Lane did it, but in the wrong way. Gutierrez take it hard and doesn't know how to react.
    • Lane is soon suspended indefinitely, and cannot practice law for the foreseeable future. Understanding her consequences, she says a emotional goodbye to Gutierrez, Carson, and the detectives as she realizes she came to Dallas to fight for justice, and in this case, justice betrayed her. Because despicable men like Garza should be held for the implorable crimes. Lane realizes her life is back in Boston, and she needs to restart her life. So she departs Dallas.
    • With the case against Garza on an indefinite hold, there's nothing they can do. Gutierrez and Mathis decide to talk to the victim's parents. Diaz meets up with her husband, Josh; Josh stuns her letting her know he has just received an offer to take part of an international terrorism task force. However, he has to leave Dallas and his return questionable. Just as they try to ponder how can their marriage survive, Diaz makes a shocking revelation...she's pregnant.
  • This is the last episode for ADA Monica Lane (Megan Good); Josh Silver (Justin Bruening) will return but the exact time is unknown.

Season 10 (2024-25)

Title Episode No.
"Tapestry" 1001
In the Season Ten premiere, Detectives Diaz and Mathis investigate the sudden murder of a shuttered Muslim-American photographer. When they discover some of his recent works were stolen during the crime, they probe the victim’s past and question several of his clients. However a shocking clue leads them to the Joint-Terrorism Force when they suspect the victim could’ve been part of a terrorist plot. Yet the case continues to get unexpected when a person of interest (Adam Baldwin) they like dearly was actually part of a mistrial twenty years ago, as they uncover it was a false confession that led to the suspect walk. In hopes to link their suspect to their crime, detectives might have to seek help from the controversial investigator (Nestor Serrano) those years ago and tread carefully hoping this case won’t have the same result. Meanwhile Gutierrez has to show his best when the mayor requests a Inspector General (Burke) to watch him and the DA office, while continuing to get to know his new partner, ADA Scott (Satine).

**Season Premiere**

  • First appearance of ADA Darlene Scott (Elena Satine) who joins the cast.
  • First appearance of Inspector General Logan Markey (Billy Burke)
"Emancipated" 1002
In the 200th episode, Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate the fatal stabbing of a sixteen year old male while Detectives Farnell and Babin investigate a bizarre strangulation of a middle-aged female and initially don’t suspect foul play, seeing they suspect she died of a freak sex experiment. However, the detectives are shocked when the two separate cases are linked together when evidence leads them all to an unlikely pair of suspects, the teenager’s good-minded adopted parents (Timothy Hutton and Penelope Ann Miller). Yet when Adam Waters (Simmons) return to lend a helping hand, they all are surprised when they try to uncover the parents’ motive for killing both their son and the woman—who they soon uncover she was one of the male victim’s teachers. And as the case gets crazier, they discover the male victim had a lawyer (Connie Britton) and wanted to file an emancipation order from his parents. Leading the detectives to even more unanswered questions and unexplained motive, while Gutierrez and Markey (Burke) combat over what charges is most reasonable.
  • This will be the 200th Episode.
  • Former regular Henry Simmons returns to reprise his role as Former Detective Adam Waters.
  • Former District Attorney Blake Lowe is mentioned in this episode.
"Bullseye" 1003
Farnell and Babin join Renko (Chuck Norris) and his Rangers as they unite to find a elusive assassin (Seamus Dever) who recently killed two college roommates. Yet as their search continues, the case suddenly creates a mistaken identity issue when the true target wasn't any of the victims; and are still on the loose. Now the detectives frantically try to search and protect the real target, while still finding the party responsible for hiring the assassin. Meanwhile Gutierrez is at odds with Scott as the case becomes much harder than they thoughts as the case keeps going towards different paths.
"Survivor's Guilt" 1004
Chelsea Parks (Lizzy Caplan) survived a traumatic experience eight years ago and is now struggling to be a single mother to her two year old daughter. However, she might be forced to relive that event again when Diaz and Mathis realize a strange connection between Parks and another female, who recently been raped and killed. They soon discover the new victim is the younger sister of the man, Gunther Charles (Sinqua Walls), Parks accused eight years ago, but was forced to let go because of insufficient evidence. Now the case cuts deep as Parks is horrified the real monster who attacked her is still out there and must be the one who killed Charles' sister. During the case, Mathis seeks help from his girlfriend, Emma Stevens (Emily VanCamp), who shockingly reveals a past event that might affect their growing relationship.
"Discordant" 1005
A young violinist whose dreamed to go to Prague is cut short when she is found mysteriously dead with her neck slashed, and Farnell and Babin investigate the victim’s shady mentor and father. Yet the case grows with suspects as their investigation leads them to the Orchestra's very strict conductor, Winston Beaufield (Gary Oldman) who wants nothing but perfection. However, lies and secrets within the Dallas Orchestra including accusations of Beaufield being very aggressive and abusive because of his quest for perfection leads the detectives to suspect the conductor killed the victim because of her inability to be perfect. Meanwhile, the IG continues to linger around the group, as he starts looking into the Homicide Unit's unsolved cases which leads Captain Dalton to have an intense confrontation.
"Magpie" 1006
Farnell and Babin are called to investigate a suspected hit and run, as they struggle to find the runaway driver while informing the parents of the fourteen-year-old victim. However the case unintentionally becomes a cat and mouse game when the suspect (James McCaffrey) leads the detectives to an 46-year-old unsolved crime; involving an infamous robbery ring known back in the heyday as "The Silvermane Boys". And now the detectives and the District Attorney office may have to seek out the surviving ring members in order to find the truth to why their suspect is on the run.
"Haughty" 1007
When a thought-to-be loyal husband (Chris Lowell) is accused of raping and severely beating his wife to near death, Detectives Diaz and Mathis interrogate him intensely after recently learning the beating has led his wife to be in a coma. With discoveries of cheating and blackmail looming over the husband, the case suddenly takes an unexpected turn when surprisingly, mysterious evidence links the wife's rape to a failed Ponzi scheme orchestrated by an egoistical investment banker, Frank Ludlow (Ian Bohen). Now ADA Gutierrez must match wits against Ludlow, who intends to protect himself and do whatever it takes not to be in jail, even seeking assistance from Defense Attorney Jasmine Price (Emmanuelle Vaugier) and a weak-minded Texas senator.
"Spooked" 1008
A popular bartender, who was well-known as a shared police informant by the Dallas Police and District Attorney office, is found dead. And Detectives Farnell and Babin tread carefully when they learn the victim was informing two other detectives in an ongoing case. However things get crazy when Captain Dalton halts their case. Trying to understand why, they soon find out it was the FBI who shut down their investigation. As they seek help from their old friend, FBI Special Agent Hammond (Sean Cullen). Hammond reveals to them covertly that their victim was a FBI informant, helping in them a case that would expose a theft involving a former CIA agent (Matthew Del Negro)'s stolen hard drive. And now the District Attorney office goes at odds with the FBI and Homeland Security with potential national security data out there in the black market; and a tech company's refusal to unlock potential software that can track down a potential and dangerous data smuggler.
"How and Where (1)" 1009
Diaz and Mathis probe a murder of a drug smuggler, Daniel Jimenez, in a stage car accident. Their investigation and help from DEA Agent Neil Arturo (Nestor Carbonell) leads them to the dangerous Marinosa cartel. However, in order to smoke out the key members, they need to find more evidence. And soon the investigation reveals to them about another smuggler being with Jimenez hours before he died. And with Arturo's assistance discover the other smuggler is a up-and-comer, Ross Glen (Steven Pasquale). However, the case takes a surprising turn when their person-of-interest is nowhere to be seen and that he has been in deep cover for a federal task force. Glen is actually Glenn Rossum, a former Los Angeles detective. With nothing on him in Dallas, Diaz and Mathis seek help from Rossum's old boss, Sergeant Chloe Hartman (Jessica Chastain). Hartman and as well her fellow Detectives Jesse Temple (Michael Ealy) and Beth Greico (Beau Garrett) arrive to Dallas to assist in finding their friend and try and link the Marinosas to the murder and Rossum's disappearance. However impediments by the federal task force and Inspector General Markey (Burke) could lead the Dallas and LA's joint investigation into jeopardy.
  • This episode is a crossover between this series and Hartman, the Law & Order: New Orleans-spinoff.
  • The second part and conclusion will take place in Hartman season 7 episode, "Who and Why".
  • First time DEA Agent Arturo return since Season 7's "Enemy of My Enemy".
  • First time Hartman has visited Dallas and mentions previous joint investigations the Dallas squad had with their New Orleans counterpart.
"Drowned" 1010
When a man discovered naked and covered in a trash bag, Detectives Farnell and Babin are given the case. Yet for Babin, she is stunned when the man turns out to be an old childhood friend and her former fiancé. Shaken by the fact, Babin is determined to go through the case and swears to the Cap that her mind will be focused on the case at hand. Dr. Simon tells them that their victim was drowned but in a unique way. A fact that triggers the attention from the Dallas Police's Cold Case Unit. Detective Asher Curtis (Larenz Tate) explains to the Homicide Unit about a cold case regarding three young adults who all tragically died near the lake Babin and Farnell's victim was located. When Babin is stunned her friend had some recollection of that unsolved mystery it leads her and Curtis to work together to reopen the thirty-year-old case and try to talk to the same people while finding any new evidence that can bring them to the murderer, who Babin strongly believes is the same one who killed her friend. Meanwhile, Gutierrez tests Scott by letting her lead the trial case, but problems quickly intensify when Scott has an unwelcome guest (Leslie Hope).

**Mid-Season Finale**

  • The unwelcome guest Scott is stunned to see is her estranged mother and private firm attorney, Beverly Scott (Hope).
  • Detective Curtis could return in a future episode later in the season.
"House Call" 1011
As ADAs Gutierrez and Scott focus on prosecuting a gang member for drug trafficking and second-degree murder, they are set to begin a grand jury. However, their star witness, Barbie (Jill Wagner), is nowhere to be seen. Fearing for her safety and with the IG still lingering, Scott seeks to find her. And when they learn she is hurt back at her apartment and refuses to go to a hospital, Scott brings Dr. Simon along to help treat her at her place. However, a simple house call quickly turns into a serious situation when Scott, Simon, and the witness are forced to stay inside as the witness' boyfriend, who soon reveals to be part of the gang; the same gang where one of its members is accused of murder. Fearing for his life, Barbie's boyfriend, Henry, may have a important role in that alleged crime. Yet not giving up, he demands his girlfriend to return the item she stole from him before his gang comes and kill them. But as the situation grows, it becomes even chaotic when police arrive. Stuck in a standoff and becoming hostages, Scott and Simon must devise a way to stop Henry before it turns even much worse.
  • The title was formerly called, "Barricade".
"Slandering Rights" 1012
Diaz is still adjusting being pregnant and dealing with constant morning sickness, she fights it off as she helps her partner, Mathis, probe the murder of a female parole officer and the attempted murder of the victim's friend, a social services worker. The case quickly turns when evidence leads detectives to suspect a correctional facility is involved. But without concrete evidence, the detectives are left standstill. However, one of the murdered parole officer's clients, Bobby Wagner (Connor Jessup) informs the police that he and other former prisoners were abused mentally and physically. Wanger claims the facility's adamant warden (Scott Cohen) is doing much more than abuse. Gutierrez realizes the hardship in making a case, and after an intense conversation with DA Carson, Gutierrez pulls the gun and has the warden arrested. However, the case becomes much more complicated and much harder to solve when new evidence suspects a respected, yet tough judge (Kevin McNally) could also be colluding with this prison abuse scandal. When the judge is the trial judge and may be siding with the defense, Gutierrez's risks his career to make sure this judge recuse himself.
"Careless" 1013
Farnell and Babin investigate a homicide of a young male bicyclist. They soon realize clues of the case is link to several recent robberies and beatings. When they do arrest one of the alleged robbers, they discover he and the others are exiled foster kids. And when they all have one common foster parent, the detectives probe the kids' foster mother, Anna Jenkins (Rosie O'Donnell). Not suspecting Jenkins is the mastermind, Farnell believes she is involved. But with the gang's leader still out there, Farnell forces Jenkins to help find who that person is and ponder did she raised him. However, new twists endangers not only the case but as well Farnell's life when he goes undercover as a older foster child to smoke out the true mastermind.
"Trends with Benefits" 1014
A slutty and promiscuous fashion designer, Ian Roth (James Franco) is accused of raping and assaulting a young model. In a classic case of "he says, she says", Diaz and Mathis try to do whatever they can to find a reason to arrest Roth. However, as Gutierrez and Lane prep for the trial, Roth's lawyer, Defense Attorney Jasmine Price (Emmanuelle Vaugier) tries to play hard against Carlos as the case becomes much more complicated to prosecute. And suddenly the case turns, when Roth's ex-wife (Kate Miner) shows up to accuse Roth of raping her and forcing to have a rape baby.
"Amplified" 1015
Detectives Farnell and Babin probe the murder of a sound engineer and tries to find a suspect. However, the case is complicated when the victim's life seems so mundane. Having a hard time to find a person of interest, the detectives tries to find any holes in the victim's seemingly happy and perfect life. However, another investigation that has no connection to their case, actually may have similarities when another victim and her "perfect" life is in question. Soon Farnell and Babin link the two crimes to a controversial social experiment created by a governmental think tank. But sensing the experiment went awry, the detectives are stunned when there might be a more devious scheme within the think tank and are shocked there was a reason the victims needed to die. Meanwhile, ADA Scott is distracted when her mother, Attorney Beverly Scott, returns to poke holes in their controversial case.
"We the People" 1016
When a Dallas police officer walks on a technicality over shooting a young black streetball player, the city is up in arms and riots creates mayhem. Civil Rights Unit ADA, Monique Jeffries (Michelle Hurd) did what she could, but because of a error in forensics, the officer might find his way back in the department. However, the officer ends up getting killed. And now Diaz and Mathis are torn in what to do as they realize they are heading into uncharted waters. Trying to find the officer's murderer, they realize the motive was revenge. And when the suspect ends up being the young boy's father, Jeffries convinces Gutierrez to try and find a reasonable charge, Gutierrez doesn't and seeing the madness must stop. Takes the difficult choice and charges him with a hate crime. But Defense Attorney Victor Williams (Sterling K. Brown) will do whatever it takes to stop the hate crime charge from making it stick.
"Cautionary Tale" 1017
Detectives are caught in a standstill when they have no new evidence in leads to find a missing surgeon's wife. Albeit blood was found from where she was last located, Simon is adamant there's no foul play. However, the case suddenly swifts when Farnell and Babin discover a bullet, that was buried since 1982. This will prompt the detectives to partner up again with Cold Case Detective Asher Curtis (Larenz Tate). Curtis uncovers a correlation to a cold case that could be link to the bullet. However if they intend to find the missing wife, the detectives are stunned the secrets could be coded within a book, written by an author, who wants to stay anonymous.
  • Larenz Tate reprises his role as Det. Curtis.
"Juveniles" 1018
Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate a "pill party" gone wrong when two female and one male teenagers are found dead. As they attempt to search for the other party-goers and get much deserved answers, a surprising hunt for a person of interest leads Diaz to have a emergency pit stop at a hospital. When the doctors order her to get bed rest due to her pregnancy, Mathis pressures Capt. Dalton to have him work on this case solo until he brings a temporary partner. Dalton fills in the partner void to help Mathis try to ring out the truth behind the fatal party. Eventually it will lead them to a drug dealer, whose infamous of selling drugs to teenagers, and then towards two male teens, who wasn't supposed to be at the party. Now these two teenagers are charged with manslaughter and are charged as adults. Darlene is stunned when her father, Judge Aston Scott (Will Patton), was supposed to be the trial judge, but is requested to step aside. Darlene is even shocked her mother, Beverly Scott (Leslie Hope) is brought as the defense's lead attorney.
  • Diaz will be seen less throughout the remainder of the season.
  • Guest star Stephan James appears in the end to introduce himself as Det. Desmond Harper, a loan from Gang Unit and Det. Mathis' temporary partner as Diaz is bound to desk duty and through the remainder of her pregnancy and maternity leave.
  • This is first time Darlene and her family are seen together.
"Passion" 1019
A troublesome poet, Joe Ericks (Chace Crawford) known to spark controversy with his questionable poetry regarding race and sexism is found shot multiple times, but remains alive to fight through his injures. Det. Farnell and Babin probe his past and his interesting inner circle of fellow poets. Thinking the victim was shot because of his poetry, the detectives thought they have a true angle. Until the case unravels and brings them back to square one. However in attempt to find the shooter, Ericks will try to lure out the attempted murderer using one of his poetry. Meanwhile, Gutierrez will have to face an intense legal battle against a smart defensive attorney, who intends to use Carlos' past against him.
"Tamper Free" 1020
Mathis continues to get to know his new partner, Det. Harper (James). Det. Nathan Radosti caught a suspicious case of bribery and attempted robbery between two city workers, yet Mathis and Harper are already investigating the murder of a civil worker intern nearby. They soon suspect the newly found evidence Radosti found could link the two cases together. However, the case will send the detectives to investigate Supervisor Rachel Pratt (Regina King), who the detectives strongly believe she is covering up the bribery between the two murder suspects. Yet it's a hard time when Gutierrez tries to prove the charge and attempts to charge Pratt as an accessory. Darlene is upset when she has to step aside as her father, Judge Aston Scott (Will Patton), is the trial judge.
"Lowdown" 1021
A reporter accuses a man (Tony Curran) running for Congress for assault, but when the reporter has evidence that might link the troubled candidate to the unsolved murder of a young female at a brothel many years ago. Detectives try to connect the candidate to the brothel murder, yet there could be new evidence that might suspect someone from the candidate's own family could actually be the real murderer. However for ADAs Gutierrez and Scott, it will prove difficult to stick when Carlos' rival, Defense Attorney Mark Elliot (Cary Elwes), returns to make it even harder for the State.
"Willoughby" 1022
FBI Assistant Director Lauren Dresser (Felicity Huffman), a old friend of DA Carson, arrives to give insight about a prison escapee, Philip Wayne Beck (Stanley Weber), who was convicted for killing a elderly man and is now on the run. And appears Beck is hiding somewhere between Dallas and Austin. This forces the Texas Rangers to be called to hunt down Beck; however, while they search for Beck, Detectives Mathis and Harper are task to re-question the elderly victim's family and friends; and discover a discrepancy that will seek them to call in their UK counterparts in Willoughby, Lincolnshire to follow the lead over there; all hopes to understand what is Beck's reasoning of escape; to get revenge or something more.
  • In the end, Renko (Norris) will reveal he will retire from the Texas Rangers.
"The Eighth Man" 1023
Sergeant Peter Rogers (Greg Germann) returns to the Homicide Unit to assist Detectives Farnell and Babin track down a possible suspect, whose on the run and is heavily believe to be the mastermind of a robbery gang link to a deadly home invasion. Rogers have had similar cases regarding the gang of suspects, but wants to know who is really behind the ring. As they try to unlock the truth and locate the leader, the main suspect will seek to use a unique psych defense that could deny him jail time. However, Gutierrez seeks Dr. Harvey's help in to try and understand if this psych defense has any muster; even when the IG has a interest in the case.
  • First time Sgt. Rogers (Germann) has been seen since Season 7's Gut Check.
"Unusual Find" 1024
Everyone except Diaz is celebrating Renko (Chuck Norris) at his Retirement Party. But when Mathis' girlfriend, Emma Stevens (Emily VanCamp), decides to leave early and follow a call. Mathis is soon stunned a hour later finding his girlfriend brutally raped. After what she disclosed to him before, Mathis deduces she has been raped again by her ex, Blaine Guinness (Matt Long). Harper (James) tries to corral his partner before Mathis does something he regrets, but Mathis doesn't care and attacks Blaine. Upset, Mathis and Harper are called in by Internal Affairs to understand what happened; and if Mathis could get charge. However, Farnell and Babin, trying to solve a brutal assault of another female, leads them to a missing camera phone. Suddenly the case is wide open when the detectives uncover a gang of boys are assaulting females all around Dallas. And the gang tape their attacks showcasing it on social media. Now the detectives must find the gangmembers and prevent another attack. Meanwhile, already suspended, Mathis could lose a lot more if IA continues their case against him; Inspector General Logan Markey (Billy Burke) finally completes his oversight and is ready to report it to the mayor; putting many futures of both Homicide Unit and the DA office at risk. And one or possibly two members of the cast could say their goodbyes forever.

**Season Finale**

  • In the last few scenes: Gutierrez and Scott manages to force the gang leader at a plea to accept twenty-to-life without parole; not wanting to bring any of the female victims including Emma to face trial. Renko shares one last scene with his good friend Dalton; they discuss where Renko will go from here. Dalton remains silent as he receives a phone call from Lt. Kirby from IA. Mathis hangs out with Emma, sharing the picture of Bianca's baby boy, Mathis soon gets a call from the captain. At the DA office, Gutierrez shares a scene with IG Markey, not knowing what the report will do for the office; Gutierrez decides to take Scott to get something to drink as they wait for the results. Back at the Homicide Unit, Babin shares a picture of Diaz's baby boy, Jacob Trey Silver, to Farnell and the others; Mathis arrives, but is stunned when Harper reveals he's needed back at the Gang Unit. Mathis heads to the Captain, feeling he knows this could be his end. However, Dalton reveals Mathis will stay in the Homicide Unit, but will remain suspended...until Dalton's successor is ready. Mathis questions "successor"; Dalton reveals he's going to retire by the end of the week. Mathis stunned, but Dalton urges him they will celebrate his retirement soon, he "orders" him to go and see Diaz, she's going to need him more than Dalton will. Mathis still stunned leaves as Dalton remains in his office.
  • This will be the final season for Captain Dalton, Colton Renko, Inspector General Markey, and Detective Harper.

Season 11 (2025-26)

Title Episode No.
"Glamour" 1101
Trying to handle a new baby, Diaz must find a way to balance her life between family and work while she reunites with her partner, Detective Mathis, as they are called to probe the death of a famous jeweler, Cameron Ruzzi. Their case leads them to investigate the victim's private life as they uncover a secret diamond smuggling ring and the victim's brothers being heavily involved. However, the case takes an interesting twist when new evidence leads them to the victim's widow, Margaret Ruzzi (Famke Janssen); and the more the detectives probe the wife's past, the more they connect her to several other deaths of her previous husbands, and soon they suspect she could be a black widow. Meanwhile, the Homicide Unit adjusts to their new uptight squad commander, Lt. Brandon Roberts (Omar Epps) and their new Chief of Detectives Gabriel (Hugh Laurie). Gutierrez and Scott try to handle the case against Margaret, but quickly discover she may know more about her recent husband's secret ring than meets the eye.

**Season Premiere**

  • First appearance of Lieutenant Brandon Roberts (Omar Epps) who joins the cast.
  • First appearance of new Chief Gabriel (Hugh Laurie).
"Pressure" 1102
Farnell and Babin investigate the violently raped and mysterious murder of a female college student. When the CSIs discover the victim didn't die where they discovered her, they learn she was murdered at another locale. Prompting the detectives to go to the victim's college, SMU and probe several students and professors as potential witnesses and suspects. And soon the case heats up when they focus on a fraternity notorious for their parties and unproven reports of rapes. However when Dr. Simon reveals the victim actually died of an accidental overdose, Farnell and Babin are given new clues from former students as they probe the same fraternity, with the rumors of involving Adderall and other prescription drugs. Just as they think the case is a slam dunk, legal hurdles and scared witnesses stifle a straight prosecution.
"Simple Mistake" 1103
A child service agent is found beaten and her neck slashed. Diaz and Mathis probe the victim's seemingly quiet, private life. However, when the detectives investigate the victim's professional life, they stumble upon several controversial cases regarding anchor babies and shady adoptions. One particular case has detectives want to question an OCD single father, Ian Dover, (Edi Gathegi), who recently got released from prison and wants nothing more than to reunite with his daughter who got lost in the foster system. With the detectives aiming the investigation on Dover, solid DNA evidence locks him to the crime. However, Defense Attorney Victor Williams (Sterling K. Brown) returns to represent Dover and wants Gutierrez and the police look hard in the abuse of the foster system; as Williams try to prove a psych defense focusing on the state's failure of protecting Dover's daughter.
  • Lucy Lawless guest stars as an child serives agent and friend of the victim.
"Avalon" 1104
A live play of King Arthur ends in tragedy when the lead actor appeared to be stabbed. Detectives probe the entire cast and crew as the troubled production leads to constant disorder and interesting suspects; including the alcoholic director (Lindsay Frost) and the most hated cast member (Dan Amboyer). But just as the detectives are focusing on arresting one suspect, another new one opens up when another prominent cast member suddenly die under strange circumstances; prompting detectives to investigate the matters of a curse lurking through the play's production and have to rule it accidents.
"Moonlighting" 1105
Heather Shaw (Moon Bloodgood) is a successful lawyer in Forth Worth, and a beloved young mother. However, she is moonlighting as a mistress of her boss, Barry Lloyd (Bruce Greenwood). When Detectives Diaz and Mathis investigate a fellow lawyer's apparent suicide, the case takes a turn when evidence suspects the victim was murdered and the person of interest is Shaw. And now Shaw and Lloyd will do anything to protect their families and their secret fling; until a whistleblower becomes a star witness for the State as they set to prosecute Shaw for the murder.
"De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum" 1106
An elderly radio magnate, Sage Rivers Sr., passed away leaving a prosperous trust for his children and grandchildren; however when a letter sent to Dr. Simon insisting Rivers Sr. was murdered in his sleep. Now Detectives Farnell and Babin are insist to investigate the Rivers family and ponder who would want the elder Rivers dead. And eventually shocking family secrets and an exposed blackmail scheme prompts Gutierrez to become the Executor of the estate.
"Impenetrable" 1107
When Diaz and Mathis find only a handwritten note made by the wife of Carlos' old childhood friend, Ricardo Monterro (Michael Peña). Monterro seeks out Carlos' help to find his wife, who have appeared to been abducted by an unknown figure. As the detectives search for clues and investigate the wife's inner circle, Ricardo claims the kidnapper is seeking ransom. However as the detectives join forces with Missing Unit and Special Forces, the husband's sister gives them new leads towards a major breakthrough. But a failed rescue attempt and new circumstantial evidence traces everything back to the husband, and now suspicions and a secret affair lands Ricardo in hot legal trouble. Forcing Carlos in a difficult conflict, help his friend or do whatever it takes to bring him to justice. But as he avoids being blinded by loyalty, Carlos is risking not only one of his dearest friendships, but as well his career.
"Feral" 1108
Farnell and Babin investigate a slain former intern, who was just let got from a Dallas wildlife center. When Dr. Simon links the victim's brutal slash marks to be the works of a lion, the detectives probe the center's workers. But when they discover one of the victim's co-workers and a guy she used to date have been known to be violent, the investigation believed to be a slam dunk until unexpected help leads the detectives towards a secret animal slave ring, and the center's co-owner (Mark Hildreth) may be working with Ukrainians.
"All In" 1109
Assistant US Attorney Victoria Rodgers (Paget Brewster) is seeking a favor with District Attorney Carson to reinvestigate the Shill case. When Carson refused, Rogers supersedes her and personally reopens the case, as Rodgers believes Duke Shill (Austin Nichols) had dealt with accused domestic terrorist, Michael Zion (Merik Tadros). When Zion is accused of planning a terrorist plot somewhere in Dallas, Rodgers believes the only way to locate Zion is to use Shill's broken gambling ring and find clues. However as ADAs Gutierrez and Scott race to persuade some of Shill's former customers, the looming attack grows bigger and bigger.
"Devil's Date" 1110
When Chief Gabriel (Hugh Laurie) is concerned two cases of women being viciously beaten and found dead in their homes in their beds without any trace of the killer's DNA, Lt. Roberts pushes his Homicide Unit to get at it hard. Diaz and Mathis even seek out some of their CIs to get anything. Yet when a third victim is reported with the apparent same signature, a sudden clue leads detectives to a shady dating club operation where oddly all three victims were all seen with one man. Forcing the club owners even threatening to shutting down their organization prompts the zealous owners to give the detectives their clients' info. And soon they id the "Gentleman Killer" as Peter Horowitz (Matt Cohen). Needing to stop him once and for all, Diaz risks her life when she goes undercover as a female based on Dr. Harvey's idea of Horowitz's desires. As Diaz dates Horowitz and hoping to prevent him, Horowitz drugs her and disappears with her. Mathis is incensed and desperately tries to rescue his partner, while Diaz's life hangs in the balance.
"Relief" 1111
Still struggling over her imprisonment by Horowitz, Diaz tries to talk to therapist and Dr. Harvey's friend, Dr. Rhea Logan (Cassidy Freeman), while trying to find time and be there for her son, Jacob. Meanwhile, a missing teenager alerts detectives when they later found the girl's murdered boyfriend left in his truck. And with the girl still missing, Mathis get help from Dallas Special Victims Detective Lisa Ritchie (Mackenzie Mauzy). While Farnell and Babin get a call on a strangled body, the detectives will be stunned when both unrelated cases are strangely tied and the only person who links both is the still-missing teenage girl.
"Take Out" 1112
Farnell and Babin probe the death of a librarian who got shot in the middle of his apartment complex's hallway. As they investigate this as a execution-style murder, the seemingly perfect life of the victim is exposed when the detectives is stunned to learn the man was actually a witness from New York, who was in Witness Protection. To seek the truth in why their victim was in the program, the detectives and ADA Gutierrez try and get the facts from Assistant US Attorney Victoria Rodgers (Paget Brewster). However, the case gets creepier and stranger when detectives are perplexed their victim has other family members who are in Witness Protection, and their lives maybe in danger by a elusive assassin hired by a alleged New York drug kingpin, whose awaiting an important trial for racketeering and drug trafficking.
"Appointment in Samarra" 1113
Diaz and Mathis suspect someone in a gathering conference of Gothic death enthusiasts is responsible for killing a college coed, who was set to go on his first trip to the conference, but the detectives will be stunned when newly discovered evidence leads them to a rogue doctor (Peter Cambor) who is accused of assisting suicides with drug addicts and patients stricken with cancer. However when Dr. Simon finds nothing terminal in the victim's body that would justified himself taking his own life, Dr. Simon rules it as homicide. But Gutierrez faces a unique battle when his old nemesis, Defense Attorney Elliot (Cary Elwes) tries to convince the jury his client was called to help the victim and insures the victim wanted to die because of his fascination of death.
"Reality Bites" 1114
A reality show about seven strangers forced to live in a small house and live life with no technology, and survive the basic way is under investigation when one of the roommates is found dead and Detectives Farnell and Babin try to retrace the victim's last steps. However things take a sudden turn when the shows' producers is accused of a cover-up when they contain tape evidence linking one of the six living roommates as the potential killer. Yet as the legal battle for the tape's rights is perused, the case takes a turn when a ex-contestant has new evidence suspecting one of the producers as the real killer and he has proof.
"Morals" 1115
Lt. Roberts' youngest son, Jackson, seeks his father's help when his girlfriend is accusing their teacher for sexual abuse. However when his son himself is keeping quiet over what his relationship with the teacher, Lt. Roberts faces a moral crisis when he believes his son may have been abused by his teacher. As Roberts is forced by Chief Gabriel (Hugh Laurie) to stay out of the SVU's case, Roberts can't reside himself as Mathis tries to help him out and seeks help from his girlfriend, Emma Stevens (Emily VanCamp), whose getting her Masters in criminology and is writing a thesis on sexual abusers. Meanwhile, Dr. Logan (Cassidy Freeman) convinces Diaz to talk about her childhood and her estranged relationship with her convicted brother, Luca Diaz (Ramon Rodriguez).
"With Malice" 1116
Still traumatized by what happened with her with Horowitz, Diaz is feeling numbed when a recent group of murdered females are eerily familiar to the Gentleman Murders. And now Diaz must adjust and help Mathis, Babin, and Farnell gain help by new Captain of the Texas Rangers, Ranger Alex Oliver (B.J. Britt). As the hunt for the copycat killer is underway, the Joint Homicide Unit will seek the guidance of both Dr. Harvey and Dr. Bill Goldston (David Warshofsky) to understand the mind inside the followers of serial killers. Meanwhile, Gutierrez and Scott tangle hard with Horowitz (Matt Cohen)'s fierce defense attorney (Archie Panjabi).
"The Wine Whisperer" 1117
Farnell and Babin probe the mystery death of a well-respected Californian winemaker, who was setting up a high-cost winery near Dallas. But as the detectives try to take a crack at the victim's personal life, his professional life takes a hit when the detectives fine new evidence from a controversial wine critic, who others nicknamed him "The Wine Whisperer", because of his strict reviews. When the critic is also found slain, Farnell believes it was a act of revenge set up by someone close to the winemaker. Yet with rumors of shady winemaking, a $100 million dollar scam, and clues of international bribery, the detectives as well as the DA office must unravel these layers to bring the real murderer to justice.
"Down the Rabbit Hole" 1118
When a teen, who has been missing for months, is found alive and is being held captive live on a untraceable website, Detectives Diaz and Mathis are against the clock to find the true location. With assistance from Missing Crimes Unit, the detectives must to relook at the victim's life to see if anything is connected. However when their search leads to the discovery another young teen tortured live, the detectives seek some help from an old friend, Jasper Strom (David Krumholtz), to use his cyber tricks in help to locate the website's true location that could bring them closer to the boys' safety. Meanwhile, ADA Gutierrez is
"Misguessed" 1119
Penelope "Nelle" Hoover (Kylie Bunbury) is a established detective and divorced mother to a twelve-year-old son. As she tries to get use to being alone, a interest in going back to dating leads her to the attraction of a nice and sensitive gentleman named Nate (Tate Ellington). However once she welcomes him to her house, a normal house date ends in disaster when Nate shows his true self. And as Nate takes control, Nelle sends texts to Detective Farnell. And now Farnell must find ways to save her and her son while seeking help from Babin to investigate who Nate really is.
"Waste" 1120
Mathis reunites with his on-and-off girlfriend, Emma (Emily VanCamp), but as he tries to take that next step in their relationship. Lt. Roberts and Diaz need Mathis' help as they investigate a researcher's brutal death and how her scientific research regarding toxic waste being dumped near the town outside Dallas could hold the answers they seek to find the killer. However, the case takes a turn when the investigation brings them in the crosshairs with the EPA and how one of their agents (Brett Gelman) is refusing Diaz and Mathis to see potential game-changing evidence that could tie them to the actual culprit.
"Cruel Love" 1121
The shocking and horrifying murder of a transgender boy leads Farnell and Babin on a potential hate crime-fueled investigation as they stumble upon a twisted modern tale of Romeo and Juliet. With the makings of a Shakespearean tragedy, the detectives probe a affluent Dallas art academy as they seek to find the killer. Yet the case gets really twisted when the girl, the one who the victim felt in love, maybe behind the murder after all. And now ADA Gutierrez and the defense attorney (Minonna Efron) come to blows when they try to argue which trumps more, transgender hate or true love.
"Hangdogs" 1122
A brother and sister pair of private investigators are accused of personally abusing their victims and committing fraud. However when one of the P.I.'s is found clinging to life, the other P.I is scrutinized over what happened and now the detectives and the DA investigators must relook everyone of the pair's cases to find who would be the seeking vengeance. And as the case turns, Diaz is stunned when she uncovers new details regarding a unsolved arson case her old mentor told her about.
"Playing with Fire (1)" 1123
When DFD's Captain Hank Jordan (Daniel Sunjata) from Squad 13 alerts the detectives from homicide about a potential arson attack. A odd signature startles Diaz and when she spots similarities to a unsolved arson case her former mentor, retired Sgt. Danny Paulsen (Damon Gupton), investigated over twenty years ago. She rereads the new details she found during the P.I. sibling case. And as Diaz requests Jordan to help her reinvestigate a two decade crime, they ponder did the same arsonist back then committed the latest arson. Hoping to track down that arsonist, Diaz seeks help from Paulsen. And as they gather information, they will be stunned the man, Gabriel Bannon, Paulsen wanted to capture was already imprisoned for another crime. Dr. Simon realizes a blunder he made back then when his medical testimony put Gabriel in jail and that faulty evidence back then might have put a innocent man in prison. However their search intensifies when DNA puts Gabriel's son, Tom Bannon (Jake Epstein) in the recent arson scene. Diaz and Mathis try to do their best to track down and apprehend Bannon before they loose him. However, the detectives will be in for a surprise when the latest arson attack hits close to home; and someone they care about is put in mortal danger.
  • The episode ends when the detectives find a riddle Bannon left in which they solve quickly while racing to Paulsen's house. But by the time they get there, his house explodes.
"Burning at Both Ends (2)" 1124
After the stunning explosion, Diaz and Mathis are left motionless while Cpt. Jordan and his squad comes in to put out the fire only to reveal there was remains of a human body. The detectives left horrified that it was Paulsen, but Lt. Roberts gives the detectives heartbreaking news. The remains was of Dr. Simon. Speechless, Detectives Farnell and Babin try to help Diaz and Mathis as they try to stop Bannon (Jake Epstein) at any cost. And when they learn the reason why Simon was there, because of Bannon's plan to get revenge on the people who put his father in jail. And as the detectives discover Mr. Bannon passed away during his stay, they learn without a shadow of doubt Gabriel Bannon was innocent. Dr. Harvey informs them this set Bannon off to committed the recent arson attacks and was in fact the same one who caused the attack twenty years ago when he was a teen. Desperate to find Paulsen (Damon Gupton), the detectives will do what it takes to stop Bannon. And as they try to bring justice, ADA Gutierrez will be stunned that a former flame, Defense Attorney Jessica Wilcox (Rochelle Aytes) is representing Bannon; and as Carlos tries to stay focus as the state is watching them, he ponders if his old feelings for Wilcox might push him to do something that could risk their best shot to put Bannon behind bars.

**Season Finale**

  • As of this episode, Dr. Augustus Simon died at the explosion. (Jon Tenney's final episode was in fact episode 23).
  • By the end of the episode, the explosive scenes between Gutierrez and Bannon leads to them kissing. And as they reignite their passion, a masked intruder breaks in, Wilcox vanishes, as Carlos gets shot and is left for dead.

Season 12 (2026-27)

Title Episode No.
"Fallout" 1201
After ADA Gutierrez is gunned down, Detectives Diaz, Mathis, Farnell, and Babin join forces with Captain Alex Oliver (B.J. Britt) and his Texas Rangers as they try to track down Carlos' shooter. When new evidence of a sudden manifesto suggest a radical shake-up regarding the justice system, detectives become aware of other lawyers being potential targets. Soon they discover Attorney Jessica Wilcox (Rochelle Aytes), who has been on the run, could very well be another target. However, shocking allegations alarm the police that Wilcox could possibly be involved in Carlos' shooting. With the city on high alert, the police on against the clock to find the culprits behind this potential terrorist plot, but realize their best shot at capturing the mastermind is with Wilcox's help. Meanwhile as Carlos fights for his life, ADA Scott is forced by DA Carson to help Carlos' temporary replacement, ADA Neil Barliss (Thomas Jane), prosecute the shooter. But their different views in how to handle one of the defendants (Kyle Schmid) leads to them butting heads as fears of misconduct could tear their case apart and ruin justice for Carlos.

**Season Premiere**

  • This is the first episode for Thomas Jane as ADA Neil Barliss; beginning his recurring arc as ADA Gutierrez's temporarily replacement as lead prosecutor.
  • Jay Hernandez will quietly take a leave of absence for most of the first half.
  • Susanna Thompson will guest star as a former lawyer; Leslie Hope will reprise her role as Beverly Scott.
"Quarry" 1202
The recent discovery of a shallow grave nearby a limestone quarry prompts a seasoned reporter (Camryn Manheim) to request a favor from Det. Babin to re-investigate a eighteen-year-old unsolved case. With Farnell, both detectives try to re-question several witnesses, who last saw the victim alive eighteen years ago, as well the former lead investigators, who tried to pin it on a convicted child rapist. However the new M.E. Dr. Reyna Whitney uncovers discrepancies regarding the bone fragments and DNA leading detectives to probe the lives of the victim's two childhood friends, who may have cover-up a crime they did when they were thirteen. ADA Barliss and Scott manage to work together as they try to unravel the lies and secrets the childhood friends may have done which led to the victim's death.
  • This episode introduces Meaghan Rath's role as the new M.E. Dr. Reyna Whitney, replacing Jon Tenney's Dr. Augustus Simon, who died at the end of Season 11.
"IED" 1203
Detectives Diaz and Mathis are called in to solve the death of a seven-year-old girl, found beaten to death and left almost naked in a alleyway trash pile. The tough case puts both detectives in hard situations as they try to manage while questioning the victim's emotionally-stricken parents and the school, where the victim was last seen. Suddenly new evidence leads detectives to suspect a fifteen-year-old male (Jacob Tremblay) as a person of interest. Hoping it doesn't go there, detectives are shocked when the teen's psychologist (Elizabeth Marvel) has been having sessions with him regarding a condition known as intermittent explosive disorder; and how his manic attacks has been abusing himself and his family. With Dr. Harvey away in business, ADA Barliss brings in one of his old friends, Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Olivet (Carolyn McCormick), who has been recently getting a Texas licence to practice her works, to help get more into the teen's mind. As Defense Attorney Jasmine Price (Emmanuelle Vaugier) represents the teen at the behest of his family, Price fights Barliss' motion to try the teen as an adult and seeking a death penalty; even forcing ADA Scott to reason is this the best way.
"Passengers" 1204
Farnell and Babin investigate the strange murder of a El Paso-born couple, both oddly deceased inside their car with no apparent signs of robbery or foul play. As Dr. Whitney try to find a reasonable conclusion in how they died, the detectives trace the victims' roots from El Paso to Austin to Dallas. But the case takes a strange turn when the detectives learn there was evidence of another passenger whose now missing. Getting help from Detective Penelope "Nelle" Hoover (Kylie Bunbury) and her contacts with ICE, Farnell and Babin realize the missing passenger is a illegal immigrant, who the couple wanted to take back to Mexico, but the suspect has other plans. As the detectives search for the illegal passenger, a news website accuses several Texan couples of stashing illegal immigrants; forcing the DA office to treat the case carefully before Homeland Security tries to take it away from them.
"Oil and Water" 1205
The death of a billionaire oil investor's adopted daughter forces Chief Gabriel (Hugh Laurie) to push Lt. Roberts and his unit to investigate the case quickly. As Diaz and Mathis question the family and the patriarch, Gem Kanpur (Faran Tahir) himself. However new evidence sends the detectives to look closely at the CEO, Orden Menelik (Dev Patel) of a shady security firm, the Kanpur family has been trying to make a deal to protect their oil rigs. However, the detectives quickly learn how close Menelik and the victim is; as evidence of a arranged marriage and a bribery case involving Iranian businessmen creates a complicated case for ADA Barliss. Meanwhile, Mathis gets an alarming message from his father regarding the Kanpur case.
"Pretend" 1206
Farnell and Babin are called when a up-and-coming investigative reporter is found stabbed brutally. As the the detectives probe the victim's professional life at the local Dallas TV station. Several of the victim's co-workers lead the police to a past report regarding a illegal immigrant accused of raping and beating a single mother. The case suddenly takes a turn when new evidence brings the attention to a well-respected private doctor, Dr. Miles Soden (Goran Višnjić). When the victim was investigating several of the doctor's former patients who accused him of malpractice and one potential case of wrongful death. Detectives unravel a headscratcher when the probing leads them to the stunning revelation that Dr. Miles Soden is a elaborate con-artist who has been abusing the private practice and the health care system. With Barliss and Scott trying to find a way to put the scheming doctor at the time of the victim's murder, the more the case unravels more doctor aliases Dr. Soden has been using for almost thirty years and as well a potential motive why he has been conning the government.
"Debt" 1207
A former congressman seeks the help of the detectives believing the case of his murdered daughter that has been unsolved for years looks to be renewed when the congressman receives mail showcasing items only the killer took and the police knew was never found. Realizing this case has been a personal one for Cold Case Unit's Detective Asher Curtis (Larenz Tate), Curtis wants desperately to take the lead, but Lt. Roberts won't budge as he pushes Detectives Diaz and Mathis to tread carefully. When Curtis goes off the book to try and solve the case that he has took as an obligation to solve for the former congressman's family, Detective Curtis is at risk of losing everything and even endangering the prosecution's case. Meanwhile, Mathis makes a crucial decision regarding his relationship with Emma (Emily VanCamp).
  • Det. Asher Curtis makes his return since Season 10's "Cautionary Tale".
  • At the end, Trey proposes to Emma but ends in a cliffhanger not giving us a direct response.
Detectives Farnell and Babin are called to investigate the slaying of a law clerk, but recent key evidence leads the investigators to a popular LARP event that the victim has been secretly performing every week. With the victim's intent to keep his LARP persona confidential, detectives center their probing on the people who knew the victim's both lives. However the case takes a crazy turn when the motive could possible because of a love triangle affair. Meanwhile, Trey is left stunned Emma hasn't given him a response, but as he helps the other detectives, Mathis gets Emma's answer.
"Angel's Advocate" 1209
Newly engaged, Trey and Emma decide to double date with Farnell and his date. However before Mathis can enjoy and plan the wedding, he gets called by his partner, Bianca to investigate the murder of a home nurse, who coincidentally Emma knew and was one of her friends. Yet the case takes a horrifying twist when the detectives learn the victim was also nursing a mentally disabled nineteen-year-old girl named Angel, who has been sexually assaulted and left to die. As Diaz and Mathis track down and find the culprit, the detectives are bewildered when they discover Angel has no family and the house nurse was the only caretaker she knew. However another twist comes when a young mentally unstable male (Michael Rady) is claiming he's Angel's boyfriend. But when DNA evidence links him not only to Angel's assault but as well the home nurse's murder leading Barliss to charge Angel's boyfriend with two counts of rape and murder. But in another twist, the suspect seeks to claim guardianship for Angel prompting Scott to call in her mom, Beverly Scott (Leslie Hope) to become the guardian ad litem for Angel, and try to fight for her rights before the suspect and his lawyer (Diego Luna) can take advantage.
"Relentless" 1210
Probing the vicious death of a Gothic enthusiast, detectives realize the signature matches that to a couple of familiar murders that recent paroled and reformed murderer, Reagan Hill Diggs (Kim Coates) was accused of. The police seeks help and guidance from Criminologist Dr. Bill Goldston (David Warshofsky), as Goldston studied the Diggs murders intensely and interviewed several times for research. As they understand who Diggs really is, another murder prompts up with the same signature. However when they uncover evidence that wasn't shown in police records but in drafts of a upcoming memoir Diggs is trying to release, the detectives have no other choice but to seek Diggs' help in trying to find this unique copycat, whose using the methods Diggs only suggested in his unpublished memoir. The case will eventually lead them to a dark web that is in love of murderers and a corrupted fan base who only imagines copying after their mentors; but ADA Barliss deduces that one of them did it for real and only Diggs can smoke that fan (Avan Jogia) out. Meanwhile, Carlos returns from his intense rehab to make a decision regarding his future in the DA office.

**Mid-Season Finale**

  • Jay Hernandez makes his series return in this episode after stepping aside the past eight episodes. During that time, his character ADA Gutierrez survived his assassination and has been resting in intensive care; later in a rough recovery/rehab period.
"Mother's Day" 1211
Diaz and Mathis are called to probe the strange murder of a private instructor, who had a miscarriage days shortly before her death. Yet as the detectives try to understand and picture what happened to her, they discover evidence of her being in several secret affairs of established men including a state assemblyman, Greg Cardigan (Ryan Gosling). Trying to eliminate suspects as they pinpoint the murderer, they notice one of the men had to be the unborn baby's father. However a new discovery made by the M.E. Dr. Whitney leads the police to a stunning twist. The victim was never pregnant. For over a period of four months, she had been continuously injected with a massive amount of synthetic hormones to make her believe she was pregnant. Realizing new evidence suspects Cardigan for the murder, ADA Gutierrez back to work is faced with a cluster. With a complexing and difficult case, Carlos and ADA Scott got to prove Cardigan was the one who made the victim believed she was pregnant and ponder the victim wanted to get revenge upon finding out the sick truth. But Defense Attorney Mark Elliot (Cary Elwes) will make sure Carlos is going to have a hard time. Meanwhile, Carlos continues to adjust being back after almost dying from a fatal assassination hit.
"Fagin" 1212
Detective Farnell is surprised his half-brother, Jack, is trying to respond to him. As he ignores his calls, Farnell gets called by his partner Babin to investigate a robbery-led homicide of a popular retired couple. Getting the intel from their fellow sister squads: Robbery and Gang units, Farnell and Babin uncover the hit appeared to follow a pattern of previous robberies. And when a key witness comes out to the media to give information about two pre-teen boys, the detectives take that latest lead and seek Computer Crimes to help them track the boys. When they get a link, they uncover the boys are urchins currently living in a urban community center focused on lost urchins. When a recent robbery traces back to the center, Babin suspects heavily the continuity director (Malcolm Barrett) is involved, but the lack of evidence to connect him makes Farnell doubt they have any reason to arrest the director. As they test their partnership, Farnell and Babin must follow the evidence and arrest the two teens involved in the elderly couple's murder. However as the case goes to Gutierrez and Scott, they are forced to make a decision. Should they follow the evidence and prosecute the kids as adults or go after the community director, who may very well be the puppeteer behind all the robberies and charge him with second-degree murder. But the lack of evidence clearly linking him leads Gutierrez and Scott to find new evidence proving the director had reasons to gain for the robberies and his greed led to a murder.
"Whopper" 1213
A former actress-turned teacher, Lydia West (Carrie Preston) is accused of sexually abusing her students in order for them to succeed in her tough course. As Mrs. West fights the charges, the detectives suspects her as evidence ties her to the death of a struggling student, who had been suicidal. As Diaz and Mathis seek more evidence, they are pressured by Mrs. West and her attorney (Peter MacNicol) to find evidence of her innocence of what they believed are baseless charges. However, District Attorney Carson wants to make sure the evidence they believe are credible are used to prove a motive for the victim's death. Darlene is stunned when she is instructed to prosecute the case, but as she tries to make sure the victim gets justice and prove Mrs. West is guilty; sudden new evidence is revealed that could shatter everything DA Carson is hoping not to overlap the case. Meanwhile, Carlos starts to struggle and makes a surprise visit to Dr. Harvey for help.
"True Greatness" 1214
The sudden shooting death of a rising rap artist (Algee Smith) leads Farnell and Babin to the world of hip hop as they notice their victim was facing legal trouble. So they probe the victim's shady agent and uncle (Mike Colter), whose troubled past with the law may figure his nephew was a collateral damage. However the case takes them to a popular recording company, whose president of AR (Malik Yoba) and producer (Winston Duke), are treated as persons of interest. As Farnell and Babin try to link the victim's murder to the producing team, new evidence proves there was a heated war between the victim's camp and the recording company over ownership of a song the victim written and recorded; but made a contractual agreement with the company. As ADA Gutierrez and Scott prosecute against the president and the producer, the company's legal team led by Defense Attorney Victor Williams (Sterling K. Brown) is going to make sure the State have to prove they were responsible for the victim's death as other evidence suspects involvement of the victim's uncle.
  • Special Guest Star Beyonce will appear as herself a follow-up witness.
  • Gabourey Sidibe also guest stars as the victim's publicist and cousin.
"Undeniable" 1215
A college party goes wrong as police are called to probe the overdose of a female University of Texas student. However the case turns quick fast as Dr. Whitney reveals to the Homicide Unit that the victim was raped brutally before she was forced drugs. Ruling it as a homicide, the detectives try to retrace the victim's steps and probe what really happened during the party. Trying to find the rapist, the detectives seek help from DPD's Special Victims Unit. When they believe they find their man, new evidence sends the case spinning as detectives uncover the victim was chatting on her Facebook page with another male who doesn't work or go to UT. As the detectives seek the mysterious man, they seek guidance from Computer Crimes as they discover the victim was probably caught in a elaborate catfishing scheme. Pinpointing the true culprit, the detectives will be stunned the mastermind behind the scheme is a former professor (Elizabeth Mitchell). With the case getting stranger by the minute with new twists and turns every minute, the DA office are in a rough situation when the alleged catfisher, who led the victim to a party where she was forced raped and drugged. As the State want to prosecute the professor with manslaughter and conspiracy of rape, they are stunned when the suspect's attorney wants to prove the professor was crazy and didn't knew the consequences of her actions.
"Vanishing Acts" 1216
The murder of a college student leads Mathis and Farnell to a rising street gang and suspects their gang leader, Vance Leto (Sharlto Copley) was responsible. However Leto's cruel and dominant presence over the small apartment community are left frozen or willingly to hide fearing of snitching. Yet while the mayor pressures DA Carson, ADA Gutierrez has a hard time trying to find a credible witness to go to a grand jury and give a official reason to prosecute Leto and several of his gang members. Yet with evidence of past witnesses disappeared without a trace, Gutierrez heartbroken over the college student case ending in a mistrial and with no new evidence, they are unable to recharge Leto for the crime and Leto's lawyer, Jasmine Price (Emmanuelle Vaugier), wanting a complete dismissal. So Gutierrez fueled with passion, pushes Detectives Mathis and Farnell to find these missing witnesses and pressure them to file charges. And as they are led to a complicated fishing expedition, a recent case of a missing witness now dead gives Gutierrez a reason to prosecute Leto for that crime, but it becomes much harder as they are finding lack of evidence. Meanwhile, Mathis talks about wedding plans with Emma (Emily VanCamp) but get in a heated argument over the date.
"Pursuit (1)" 1217
Called to investigate a decapitated human corpse near the fields of Dallas, Detectives Diaz and Mathis are shocked that there is nothing to id the body as most of his skin has been burned or ripped off so severely. Trying to link the body to any of the current missing cases, they find no leads until a case matches back tattoo that they did found on the corpse. Realizing it links to a realty lawyer who has been missing for two weeks, the detectives try to probe the victim's life. However, they are shocked that some of his business-related works has been redacted and is currently being reviewed by a secret CIA task force. Diaz, Mathis, and Lt. Roberts are called in meeting by the task force head, CIA Agent in Charge Karen Holt (Angela Bassett); there they also meet the other team: Lt. Special Agent Elizabeth "Liz" Parsons (Sarah Shahi), Special Agent Benji Rook (Bobby Campo); and Special Agent Gideon Kline (Gavin Stenhouse). The task force aggressively try to stop the detectives' investigation as they are reaching to a much bigger playing field. Needing to know why the task force is investigating the same guy the police is trying to solve his murder until loose lips suspects a sinister Bosnian-American criminal named Halid Djuric (Sasha Roiz) was using the victim for his misdeeds and something happened that lead to his death; and some thought quickly believe Djuric orchestrated the victim's death. Forced to stay in the sidelines, the detectives watch as the CIA task force look to find the elusive criminal and hoping to link him to the lawyer's death. However, Mathis can't trust them so he seeks help from one of his father's contacts, a former NSA analyst with deep roots to the dark surveillance world where they are given word about a hideout Djuric could be located. Fearing there could be serious jurisdiction issues, Lt. Roberts can't sanction that but Gutierrez reaches out to Assistant US Attorney Victoria Rodgers (Paget Brewster) and seek a favor to get a FISA warrant realizing this is a matter of national security and the hideout could hold evidence they need to convict Djuric. However as Gutierrez and Mathis race to get to the hideout before the CIA task force does first, Roberts' fear of a jurisdiction crisis comes true when the task force does hear word and their best shot to catch Djuric just went out the window.
  • This is the first part of the two-part backdoor pilot for the upcoming spin-off series entitled, Law & Order: Beyond Lines (working title).
  • Angela Bassett, Sarah Shahi, Bobby Campo, and Gavin Stenhouse will reprise their roles in the upcoming spin-off.
  • This will be the first time this season that Paget Brewster reprises her role as Assistant US Attorney Rodgers. She will also have a role in the spin-off.
"Pursuit (2)" 1218
With Djuric (Roiz)'s whereabouts still a mystery and the task force ultimately seizing the right to search Djuric's so-called hideout cabin, the Dallas Police are still rocked by Washington's actions. With both the police and the District Attorney office under high scrutiny by the US Attorney, the detectives are forced once again in the sidelines as the chances not to get justice for the victim is slipping further and further away. Pushed to forced vacation time, Diaz try to spend family time with her son while Mathis and Emma (Emily VanCamp) are finishing their wedding plans. However, Diaz and Mathis are forced early to get back to work when Farnell and Babin link one of their recent cases, a investment trader, to the elusive Djuric. Realizing the CIA task force aren't stopping them, the police try to pretend the trader's death is a domestic case until a reporter leaks the key details that the trader has ties to Bosnian nationalists. In a effort to find and stop Djuric once and for all, Diaz and Mathis work together with Special Agents Parsons (Shahi) and Rook (Campo) as they are given all-clearance to head to Bosnia and track down the dangerous Djuric. Meanwhile, ADAs Gutierrez and Scott look to prosecute one of Djuric associates who was captured in Dallas and had a hand in the murders of the realty lawyer and the trader.
  • This is the concluding part of the two-part backdoor pilot for the upcoming spin-off series entitled, Law & Order: Beyond Lines (working title).
  • Angela Bassett, Sarah Shahi, Bobby Campo, and Gavin Stenhouse will reprise their roles in the upcoming spin-off.
"Masquerade" 1219
Detectives Farnell and Babin are stumped when they have to investigate a exclusive and secret party where elite Texan socialites are masked, participating in kinky, BDSM-type games. When one of the masked guests has been strangled to death, the detectives unravel interesting facts about the victim's so-called private life; but when more evidence clearly links one of the other masked guests as the potential killer, the case takes a complete turn as the party was only just a disguise for something more devious; putting ADAs Gutierrez and Scott in a tough spot trying find a clear motive. They hope they can bring the jury enough evidence in a ever-growing complexing case that might lead everyone to a surprising jury decision.
"Legion" 1220
While tracking the killer of a rookie police officer, Babin is lost for words when her former flame, Homeland Security Agent Garrett Eton (T.J. Ramini), requests her to go undercover in a suspecting eco-terrorist group, who could be responsible for the officer's death. As Farnell doubts Eton and his crew's shady past while worrying about his partner, he knows she'll be alone if she gets into trouble. However, Babin starts doubting when during her risky undercover stint, she learns shocking clues that there could be a mole inside the DPD working for the terrorist group and now suspects her ex could be involved, prompting her to risk her life to uncover the disturbing truth.
"Frenzied" 1221
Mathis seeking to take time off for the weeding very soon is saddened when he has to stay and assist his partner, Diaz, in interrogating a peculiar man (Luke Arnold) who is being connected in several "quick-style' killings during the past four days to a point the media is already clamoring to call him a serial killer and the higher-ups in the DPD wants the case resolved quickly. However fears of prosecuting a potential wrong man leads detectives to solve it carefully and must need concrete proof he did the heinous crimes. Burned by faulty evidence before, the forensic team led by Forensic Specialist Dr. Skylar Bell (Nasim Pedrad) are put to the crosshairs to find the evidence they need to convict the prime suspect; however when Diaz and Mathis are called to investigate another murder that could have the same signatures to the previous quick killings; they fear the man they've been grilling for hours could very well be innocent.
"Dead Letter" 1222
Diaz is shocked when she is sent a mysterious package, the squad is evacuated fearing it is a bomb. However, after a clean sweep, the detectives are stunned when the package is actually a human heart. As Roberts help Mathis locate the sender only to learn the name of the sender is actually a fake name but the return address gives them a clue to a previous case they investigated years ago with the main suspect being that of the infamous "Dallas Madam" and convicted mass murderer, Veronica "Kitty" Kittick (Leah Remini). Trying to understand if this is one of Kittick's mind games, Mathis and Diaz interrogate her at the prison; but its another stonewall when Kittick begs them that this isn't her doing; desperate to understand where the heart came from, M.E. Dr. Whitney informs them that the blood is that of a slain fugitive whose was captured by former bounty hunter and Diaz's estranged husband, Josh Silver (Justin Bruening). Sensing whoever is doing this is targeting Diaz personally, Lt. Roberts orders her to stand down and take mandatory time off. Hoping it's nothing, Diaz tries to take care of her son, but when Josh returns; she is stunned when her so-called stalker might be personal than she ever realize. As Josh denies the suspicions, Diaz can only see where the evidence takes her. And so far it suspects Josh is playing her and he might have had a hand in killing that fugitive criminal. Meanwhile, Mathis can't wait as he ponders about his and Emma (Emily VanCamp)'s future; other futures are questioned as this case is going to change everyone.

**Season Finale**

  • This is going to be Elena Satine's final episode as Darlene Scott; as the character is going to be make a serious career change.
  • This is also going to be Glenn Close's final episode as District Attorney Melanie Carson as she will depart the cast after the end of this episode.
  • Another major departure might be on the horizon, but the final decision may not happen until Season 13 begins.
  • Spoilers: The true culprit is someone Diaz accused years ago, but that action changed his life in his way for the worse and promised to get even; so he planned this framing on Josh Silver and tried desperately to kill Diaz if needed; but gets stopped by Mathis and Lt. Roberts. Silver is freed of all charges though he wants to have a fresh restart with Bianca and their son; the episode ends happily as Trey and Emma exchange their vows at a nice small with their close friends.

Season 13 (2027-28)

Title Episode No.
"Makings" 1301
Gutierrez struggles to contradict a woman's strong defense of mental illness that led her to slay an entire family. He pressures Dr. Harvey to get into her mind and prove she does have a mental illness that could drove her to kill senselessly; while Carlos contends with the hectic case, he also has to deal with the new changes in the DA office.

**Season Premiere**

"Truce" 1302
"Believer's Delight" 1303
"Hurdles and Hustles" 1304
"Bad Girl" 1305
"Embolden" 1306
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