Law & Disorder
Genre Situation Comedy
Created by Tina Fey

Amy Poehler

Michael Schur

Starring Tina Fey

Amy Poehler

Kristen Wiig

Bill Hader

Skyler Samuels

Rachel Dratch

Billy Eichner

with Ricky Gervais

and Maya Rudolph

Opening Theme "Law & Disorder Theme"
Location Boston
Country Of Origin United States
Number Of Episodes 195
Running Time 30 minutes
Original Channel: NBC
Original Air Date September 22nd 2016 - May 12th 2024
Produced by Lorne Michaels
Directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller

Law & Disorder was a situation comedy that airedThursdays at 7/8c on NBC. Created by Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Michael Schur, the show revolved around two failing female lawyers (Fey and Poehler) and their team as they tried to get back at the top of their game. The show's name was a reference to CBS legal drama, Law & Order.

The show came to a natural end in 2024 after 8 successful seasons. It spawned a movie spin-off that premiered in 2025.


In December 2015, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler starred in Paula Pell-written comedy 'Sisters', to critical and commercial success. While on a press tour for the film, the duo hosted the show that made them famous, Saturday Night Live. NBC executives were impressed with the ratings for the episode and offered the duo a development deal at the network.

As a consequence of the offer, Amy met with her close friend and Parks and Recreation creator Michael Schur. They and Tina eventually agreed on a pitch about two college friends who run a struggling lawyer's office in Boston. They initially pitched it to Lorne Michaels in March 2016 and Lorne recommended the series to NBC executives, who then ordered a 13-episode initial run that was upped to 24 half hour episodes in July.

The writing staff were hired in mid-June and consists of Amy Poehler, Michael Schur, Paula Pell, Tina Fey and Kay Cannon. Greg Daniels came on board as creative consultant soon after.

Casting began in July and a set of 5 regulars were produced with specific actors in mind. Characters were specifically written for Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Rachel Dratch and Billy Eichner - all of whom came on board the project immediately. The writers felt additional female characters were required. Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph soon joined the cast, with Wiig in a regular role and Rudolph acting as a recurring character. An intern role was also cast, with Skyler Samuels joining the cast. The last person to be cast was Ricky Gervais, who will appear occasionally as Fey and Poehler's rival in law.



Tina Fey as Wanda Wallace (Season 1 - 8)

Amy Poehler as Katie French (Season 1 - 8)

Kristen Wiig as Carly French (Season 1 - 8)

Bill Hader as Ricky Lake (Season 1 - 8)

Skyler Samuels as Toni Connors (Season 1 - 8)

Rachel Dratch as Kimberley Knarkles (Season 1 - 8)

Billy Eichner as Billy Thompson (Season 1 - 3, 4, 5 - 8)

Maya Rudolph as Tonya Lake (Recurring season 1, regular season 2 - 8)

Paula Pell as Laura Michaels (Recurring season 1 - 2, regular Season 3 - 8)

Vanessa Bayer as Veronica Castle (Recurring season 1 - 2, regular season 3 - 7, special guest star season 8)

Nick Offerman as Judge Norris (Special guest star Season 1, Regular season 3 - 8)

Jack Whitehall as Thomas Pinkman (Season 5 - 6)


Ricky Gervais as Gary Garison (Season 1 - 5)

Cloris Leachman as Grandma French (Season 1 - 8)

Jack Whitehall as Thomas Pinkman (Season 3 - 4)

Kate McKinnon as Marsha Wilson (Season 4 - 8)

Guest Starring

Betty White as Grandma Wallace (Season 1, 4)

Judah Friedlander as Howey Wallace (Season 1 - 3)

Chris Pratt as Courtney French (Season 1 - 3, 5)

Steve Carrell as Martin Wilson (Season 4 - 8)

Special Guest Stars

Tracy Morgan as himself (Season 1, 3, 5)

Megan Mullally as Mayor Judy Johnson (Season 1 - 8)

Season 1

Season 1 began on September 22nd 2016 on NBC and aired 24 episodes, with the finale airing on May 11th 2017. It was fairly successful in the ratings, and earned both Poehler and Fey Emmy nominations, with Poehler winning in the acting category and Fey in writing.

Episode No. Title Synopsis
1 Pilot/The First Case Best friends Wanda and Katie decide to open a law practice after each being fired from their previous jobs, but the prospect of being their own bosses has more pressure than they initially thought.
2 The Bad Case
3 The Disease Case
4 The First Murder Case
5 The Fraud Case
6 The Lost Case
7 The Suit Case
8 The Vacation Case
9 The Missing Case
10 The Black Case
11 The Blue Case
12 The White Case
13 The Red Case
14 The Burning Case
15 The Retired Case
16 The Cold Case
17 The School Case
18 The Video Case
19 The Neighbor's Case
20 The Mayor's Case
21 The Fourteen Candles Case
22 The Real Case
23 The Nightclub Case (Part 1)
24 The Nightclub Case (Part 2)

Season 2

Law & Disorder was renewed for a second season in June 2017. It began airing on September 21st 2016 on NBC and aired 22 episodes, with the finale airing on May 10th 2018. Maya Rudolph was promoted to a season regular and Cloris Leachman's Grandma French became a recurring character.

Season 3

Law & Disorder was renewed for a third and fourth season in May 2018. It began airing on September 28th 2018 on NBC and aired 22 episodes, with the finale airing on May 16th 2019. Nick Offerman and Paula Pell became regular cast members from episode 12 onwards. British actor and comedian Jack Whitehall joined the cast in a recurring capacity from episode 11 onwards.

Season 4

Law & Disorder was renewed for a third and fourth season in May 2018. Season four began airing on September 27th 2019 on NBC and aired 24 episodes, with the finale airing on May 22nd 2020. Billy Eichner was demoted to recurring for this season, Steve Carrell and Kate McKinnon joined the recurring cast from episode 12 onwards. Betty White returned as a special guest star this season.

Rumours of Cancellation

Despite the series being upped to 24 episodes this season, The Hollywood Reporter suggested in January 2020 that NBC were unhappy with Law & Disorder's performance and planned to scrap the series at the end of the season. These rumours were quashed by producer Lorne Michaels in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he confirmed it would return for a full fifth season in September 2020.

Season 5

Law & Disorder was renewed for a fifth season in February 2020. It began airing on September 26th 2020 on NBC and aired 24 episodes, with the finale airing on May 21st 2021. Billy Eichner returned to the regular cast, Jack Whitehall was also promoted, Steve Carrell appeared as a guest star and Ricky Gervais appeared in only 3 episodes.

Season 6

Law & Disorder was renewed for a sixth season in May 2021. It began airing on September 25th 2020 on NBC and aired 24 episodes, with the finale airing on May 21st 2022. Jack Whitehall was fired from the show halfway through the season after controversial comments made on The Tonight Show with Seth Meyers. Maya Rudolph was absent for 6 episodes due to commitments to her NBC variety show.

Season 7

Due to the dramatic rise in ratings for season 6, Law & Disorder was given an early renewal for a seventh season in November 2021. It began airing earlier than usual, starting on September 3rd 2022, it completed it's 25 episode run on May 13th 2023. There were several celebrity cameos throughout the season, notably Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea. The show was particularly praised this season for addressing serious issues, such as Grandma French's (Cloris Leachman) cancer battle and Billy Thompson's (Billy Eichner) gay wedding.

Season 8

In May 2023, just after Season 7 had completed broadcasting, NBC announced that Law & Disorder would return for Season 8, which had been extended to a lengthy 30 episodes. Six weeks later in July, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler confirmed that season 8 would be the last season of Law & Disorder on NBC. The farewell season began airing on NBC on September 8th 2023 and the final 5 episodes aired over the course of one week, concluding on May 12th 2024, with almost 100 hours worth of footage airing over 8 years.

Movie Spin-off

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey announced after the cliffhanger ending of Season 8 that a movie was officially entering production in July 2024, set to be released the following summer. The Movie was officially titled "Law & Disorder: The Big Case" and would feature both current and former cast members of the show. 101-year-old actress and former recurring cast member Betty White was the first cast member to confirm her involvement alongside Poehler and Fey.

See more: Law & Disorder: The Big Case

International Broadcast, Distribution and Adaptations

Law & Disorder began airing in the UK and Ireland in January 2017 on Sky Atlantic. A British adaptation was produced in Autumn 2017 entitled 'No Soliciting Please' and aired on BBC Two for three 10 episode series before moving to BBC One for a final 3-part series.

Law & Disorder also airs on all NBCUniversal affiliate networks in continental Europe and Asia. ABC airs the series in Australia and Showtime NZ broadcasts the show in New Zealand.

A French remake was confirmed to air in 2019, casting and airdates have yet to be set.

Every season of Law & Disorder has been released on DVD, Blu Ray and digital download via iTunes:

Season Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 June 4th 2017 June 3rd 2017 October 9th 2019
2 June 3rd 2018 June 3rd 2018 October 9th 2019
3 June 2nd 2019 June 10th 2019 October 9th 2019
4 June 5th 2020 June 9th 2020 June 11th 2020
5 May 29th 2021 June 8th 2021 September 12th 2021
6 June 6th 2022 June 14th 2022 September 10th 2022
7 June 5th 2023 June 6th 2023 December 11th 2023
8 June 4th 2024 June 12th 2024 August 8th 2024
Complete Collection June 4th 2024 July 21st 2024 Unavailable

The series is also available on Netflix in the US, Canada and Europe.

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