Laverne Castle

Laverne Castle (also known as Stewart Williams' Laverne Castle) is a British hand-draw animation television series created by Greg Martin and produced by Stewart Williams. It was produced in 1997 through a collaboration between Jeopardy Television and Charles Hill Films, and was first broadcast on CITV between 1999 and 2000. The series follows the story of Captain Termite and his crew, on a quest to find the peaceful city of Laverne Castle before the evil Dr. Aaron.



  • Captain Termite (voiced by Derek Jacobi)
  • Working Slap (voiced by Teresa Nelson)
  • Ralph (voiced by Dan Russell)
  • Laura (voiced by Lorelei King)
  • Sir Shortlot (voiced by John Kevin)
  • Sponge (voiced by Maria Darling)


  • Dr. Clarence Aaron voiced by David Warner)
  • Triumph (voiced by James Herbert)
  • Short Frank Lead (voiced by Bruce Thompson)
  • Tim Lazy (voiced by Nigel Cross)
  • Colonel Camp (voiced by Keith Wickham)
  • The General (voiced by Kerry Shale)
  • Mr. Dork (voiced by Colin McFarlane)

Other Characters

  • The Terrace Twins (voiced by James Herbert and Dan Russell)
  • Double Bag (voiced by Rob Rackstraw)
  • Wheezy (voiced by Martin Jarvis)
  • The President of Fifi (voiced by Kate Harbour)
  • The Nice Old Woman (voiced by Jane Horrocks)


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