Last Summer 3D is the 2015 sequel to I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998), it ignores the film I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer entirely. It is written by Kevin Williamson, who wrote the original film. It stars Logan Lerman, Lily Collins, Michael B. Jordan, Kat graham, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Alexis Knapp, Sean Faris, William Mosely, Anton Yelchin, Mary Louise-Parker, Nicollette Sheridan, Woody Harrelson, Simon Baker, William H. Macy and Billy Crudup.


Its been almost 18 years since the brutal massacre that happened in Southport, a small fishing town, when Ben Willis murdered five people but Julie James and Ray Bronson survived. The killer attacked them again a year later in the Bahamas but they survived a final time and the fisherman presumably died. However, a year later they were both found murdered at home with no trace of the killer. Their one-year-old son, Jamie, was with his grandmother Lynda at the time and was raised by her after the incident. Since that massacre the annual 4th of July parade hasn't been running in fear there will be another massacre and that Ben Willis will return. Now Mayor Susan Clarke has decided to run it this year as a way of finally putting the past to rest, but the fisherman awakens and isn't about to let that happen.


Logan Lerman as Jamie Bronson- Julie James and Ray Bronsons son who stayed with his grandmother Lynda after their murders. He was told they died in a car crash. He has a crush on Megan but is too shy to tell her. He hates Southport and cant wait to leave.

Lily Collins as Megan Clarke- The beautiful and intelligent  daughter of wealthy real estate tycoon David Clarke and his trophy wife. She often has arguments with David who has her life set-out for her and she feels pressurised and smothered. She also has a crush on Jamie but wants him to make the first move.

Billy Crudup as The Fisherman/Ben Willis- The fisherman who murdered Julie James and her friends, among others, many years ago and has returned to finish the job and kill Jamie, after the parade goes ahead.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely as Amber Miller- Popular, feisty and flirty best-friend of Megan who is dating Simon. She is entered into the annual Croaker pageant as a joke but ends up winning. She has a rock chick edge to her and has all the boys at school crushing on her.

Anton Yelchin as Gordan Zimmerman- Funny and quirky movie lover who wants to be a comedian. He has a crush on Amber and is the best-friend of Jamie.  He has an upcoming comedy show at a club which he believes could be his big break. 

Michael B.Jordan as Lucas Brown- Top basketball player at high school and friend of Jamie and Simon. He is dating Kerry and is thinking of proposing to her. He is known for always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time but has a romantic and sensitive side.

Kat Graham as Kerry Gray- She's the queen bee of the school and best-friend of Megan and Amber although her and Amber often argue. She is dating Lucas but is thinking of leaving him as she likes Simon and she always gets what she wants. She was raised by her beauty therapist mother Terri who thought her to be the way she is.

Alexis Knapp as Adriana Barnes- Glamorous party girl and aspiring actress and former friend of Megan (until she slept with Trevor) who is an alcoholic and loves to get drunk whenever she feels like it. She begins taking drugs and spirals out of control.

William Mosely as Simon Wallace- Quarterback and general popular jock in school. He is dating Amber but is drawn to Kerry. He has started selling drugs at parties and clubs to make money for college as he doesn't want to be a professional quarterback and wants to also go travelling.

Sean Faris as Trevor Hunter- Older ex-boyfriend of Megan who she briefly dated. Trevor left his wife and kids for her but she is no longer interested and he has became a stalker obsessed with her, making him a suspect.

Mary Louise-Parker as Mayor Susan Clarke- A strong mother and Mayor who decides to let the parade go ahead this year as a way of letting the town move on from the past and stop living in fear. Her marriage to David is rocky to say the least in recent times. She is sometimes seen as ruthless for the way she rose to become Mayor.

Shirley MacClaine as Lynda James- Friendly and loving Grandmother of Jamie who decided to not tell him about how his parents died to protect him. She believes the fisherman will return and tries to convince the Mayor not to hold the parade, but fails.

Willem Dafoe as David Clarke- Wealthy father of Megan who wants her to go to college and have a good life and has already planned her life for her. He believes he's being a good father but is really driving a wedge between them.

Simon Baker as Jeffrey Zimmerman- Doctor and father of Gordon who wants him to be a doctor too, and doesn't want him to be a comedian. He raised Gordon after his wife left.

Nicollette Sheridan as Terri Gray- Terri is a goldigger who has been married five times and was going to be married a sixth to a rich businessman until she had Kerry and he realised she cheated on him. Terri is a pushy beauty therapist who wants Kerry to find a wealthy husband.

Woody Harrelson as Sheriff Duncan- A long-time shefiff who has lived in Southport his whole life and begins to suspect the fisherman has returned when the bodies begin to pile up. He dated Susan many years ago and still likes her.


Adriana Barnes- Hooked in back and thrown over balcony, hooked in stomach/dragged, lifted and impaled on parasol.

Trevor Hunter- Chest slashed with hook, thrown against wall, head smashed against wall repeatedly, achilles slashed with hook, hooked in crotch, hooked in cheek and dragged before being hooked to death off-screen.

Gordon Zimmerman- Hooked three times and throat slashed in front of audience.

Terri Gray- Hooked in foot, face slashed repeatedly, head smashed into mirror blinding her, stabbed to death with glass shards off-screen.

Simon Wallace- Lured into gymnasium where all the pitching machines are turned on hitting him repeatedly, paralysed with hook, tied to schools football goal post and set on fire alive.

Sheriff Duncan- Shot in head with his own handgun and bleeds to death in Susan's arms

Lynda James- Throat grabbed and thrown on coffee table, hooked seven times in stomach and chest, gutted with hook and put in armchair.

Kerry Gray- Arm slashed, shoved down flight of stairs, hair extensions ripped out, thrown through glass landing in swimming pool, hooked twice and drowned in pool.

Amber Miller- Hooked in hand, back slashed twice, falls down stairs, hooked in shoulder and back, Lifted and strangled crushing throat, body put on pageant float.

Ben Willis- Shot three times, ran over twice, hung with chain, arm and leg cut off, head decapicated and body fell over-board.

Jamie Bronson- Beaten, hooked twice, hit with chain, hooked in stomach/twisted and bleeds to death in Megan's arms.


Megan Clarke

Susan Clarke - Shot and hooked but survives

David Clarke - Ran over but survives

Jeffrey Zimmerman - Doesn't encounter the killer.

Lucas Brown - Doesn't encounter the killer.

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