Last of Saw (2019 film) Supernatural Horror 2019 film rebooted film.

Main Casts

  • Jimmy Clarke - Nate Clark, main protagonist in last of Saw 2019 film.
  • Lee Clarke - Benny V. Clark, Nate's older brother.
  • Joseph Swaby - John Kramer/Jigsaw, main antagonist 2019 film.
  • Nicolas Cage - John Kramer Snr. (Jigsaw's cured deceased father)
  • Nolberto Swaby - Jigsaw (Uncredited; voice call); Nate's called him.
  • Yasel Hernandez - Curtis Andrews; Nate's deceased cousin.
  • Yasiel Hernandez - Oliver Andrews; Wesley's oldest cousin.
  • Yeni Molina Ortiz - Mrs. Andrews, Oliver's and Curtis's mother, Wesley's first aunt.
  • Jamie Clarke - older John Kramer (flashbacks only)
  • Arley Swaby - Wesley Scotts, Oliver's and Curtis's first cousin and mrs. Andrews's nephew.
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