Last Winter Is A Horror Thriller Film Starring: Brinna Evigan,Michael Copon,Ashley Greene,Bobby Campo,Arielle Kibbel,Travis Van Winkle,Leighton Meester,Selena Gomez,Katie Cassidy,Kevin segers,Sean Faris and Colton Haynes With Ron Pearlman



a group of friends spend their weekend in the hotel they had claimed of his people from the crash of a family including 31 December in one of his drunkenness with fireworks burned a house with a family worse one escaped and now vengansa charged against young before the end of the winter


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Brinna Evigan As Lisa

Michael Copon As James

Ashley Greene As Kelsey

Bobby Campo As Andy

Arielle Kibbel As Lexie

Travis Van Winkle As Trent

Leighton Meester As Rebecca

Selena Gomez As Elena

Katie Cassidy As Nancy

Kevin segers As Garreth

Sean Faris As Jack

Colton Haynes As Jason

Ron Perlman As Billy/The Killer


Rebbeca-stabbed to death with a drill

Elena- frozen alive

Nancy-Impaled through throat with an axe

Jack-pierced through the mouth with a spear

Garreth-Face contorted with chipper

Andy-Face hit by bowling ball

Lexie-divided through the mouth with an ax

Jason-Decapitated by ax

Trent-melted face with acid and hit by truck

James-Stabbed in mouth by Claws

Kelsey-pierced in Chest by spear





Rebecca And Elena Death

Rebecca and elena down to the kitchen for something to eat

Elena: ay bullshit here

Rebecca: I agree something will check the basement to see if I can find some booze

Elena: I Agree to Continue looking for something to eat

Basement floor Rebbeca she hears a noise behind a door she peeks but finds nothing frighten her she starts looking atingua empiesa bottle of red wine to drink when suddenly Somebody pulls into a dark room she starts doing stabbed with drill breast horn kill ....

Elena she was in the same scare cusine begins she hears a noise she probiene runner begins to investigate the noise reaches a huge freezer but she enters Somebody shut the door with it in the fridge starts griatar but no one listens to your body it starts to freeze and therm mourn his dying body is found by kelsey and Lis

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