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Last Summer is a 2027 American Slasher Horror film written and directed by Mike Flanagan starring Victoria Justice, Nick Robinson, Shameik Moore, Gigi Hadid, Ross Lynch, Annalise Basso, Alexandra Shipp and Billy Crudup.

The film is a reboot of Kevin Williamson and Jim Gillespie's 1997 Slasher Horror film that in turn is based on Lois Duncan's thriller novel of the same name. It serves as the 19th instalment of the Horrorverse.

Flanagan's re calibration borrows elements from both original sources, specifically Gillespie's 1997 film.

Shooting took place centrally in Rocky Mount, North Carolina spanning from May 15th September 22nd, 2026.

Released on June 21st, 2027 coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the original in IMAX and regular theatrical release format, it was met with positive reception from critics and audiences, praising it's style, innovative suspense and psychological horror atmosphere.



Graduation night 2025 in Southport, North Carolina when a drink driving David Egan crashes his car spinning out of control at Dawson's Beach, killing his girlfriend Susie who he had just proposed to.


In 2026 the following 4th of July, Southport graduating seniors Julie, her boyfriend Ray, best friend Helen, Helen's boyfriend Barry, Karla Wilson and her boyfriend Tyrrell drive up to Dawson's beach following their graduation ceremony and Helen's Croaker Queen Pageant that she wins. There they drink and Julie loses her virginity to Ray. David Egan who been causing a drunken stir at the ceremony earlier arrives nearby contemplating suicide. He is then struck with a rock by an assailant and after fighting off his attacker makes it onto the road wounded.

Barry's antics cause Ray driving the car to collide with David who goes unseen. The group come to him and he ultimately bleeds to death in Julie and Karla's arms. The others minus Julie and Karla propose the consequences of reporting their vehicular manslaughter, and vote on disposing of the body and cleaning the scene. They are briefly interrupted by Julie's childhood friend who harbors a crush on her Max. He sees them moving David's body but just stops to say hello to Julie. After he leaves the group sail David's body out and drop him in the ocean off of the pier, as high tide causes them to capsize and upon returning to the pier Julie catches a glimpse of a shadow obscured figure.


In the week leading up to the 4th of July, 2027 an unknown party begins to threaten each of the group, utilising their personal secrets and flaws: Julie finds her art studio vandalised with a painting of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Ray's father related fishing stuff are disposed of the in the pier, Tyrrell has his plagiarism exposed to his DJ sponsorship, Karla has a barrel of sheep's blood poured on her and Barry is ran over, ending up hospitalised.

After Julie and Helen visit David's sister Melissa to determine a culprit, Helen overnight has her Croaker Queen tiara glued to her hair, resulting in her pulling it off. Max is stalked and killed by the Fisherman at the wharf. Helen's sister Elsa is locked in the family store and hung. During the 4th of July day parade Tyrrell and Barry pursue possible fisherman, at the wharf Tyrrell is drowned. At the new Croaker Queen pageant annual organiser Whitney-Jean Moore and her assistant Lena are killed. Whitney with a falling stage light and Lena by being hooked to death.

During the pageant Barry watching from the balcony heads down to meet Helen prior to the crowning, and is hooked in the stomach and then the back, prompting Helen to run screaming for help in the pageant crowd. No trace of Barry is found and Helen is then escorted home by Officer Caporizo with Officer Royce following behind. Officer Royce's car tampered with crashes killing him, The Fisherman appears and crashes into Officer Caporizo's car, killing him while Helen escapes.

Helen is chased across various Southport alleys until she dies, succumbing to her crash injuries, almost reaching the 4th of July parade. Ray returns to the wharf following his fishing boat Billy Blue's explosion resulting in Dave and Karla's deaths. Julie is abducted from Karla's cafe by boss William Benning, revealed to be Ben Willis and the Fisherman. On his boat Julie discovers Barry, Helen and Max's bodies before Ray boards by an oncoming speedboat, Ray is ultimately killed, knocked off the boat and drowning in his struggle with Ben. Julie kills Ben with the aid of Missy Egan who had accompanied Ray, remaining in the speedboat and trying to save him from drowning. Ben is hung and flung from the boat following Missy's amputation of his hand.

Post-credits shows Ben be dragged from the water from a shrimp net by The Tall Man.


  • Victoria Justice as Julie James
  • Nick Robinson as Ray Bronson
  • Shameik Moore as Tyrrell Martin
  • Gigi Hadid as Helen Shivers
  • Ross Lynch as Barry Cox
  • Anita Briem as Elsa Shivers
  • Annalise Basso as Susan Willis
  • Billy Crudup as William Benning
  • Bill Milner as Max Neurick
  • Alexandra Shipp as Karla Wilson
  • Dylan Sprayberry as David Egan
  • Richard Roundtree as John Pryce
  • Teri Polo as Melissa 'Missy' Egan
  • Alison Pill as Whitney-Jean Moore
  • Courtney Bell as Lena Gable
  • Michael Trucco as Officer David Caporizo
  • Dave Levine as Sgt. Mal Wilson
  • Jay Karnes as Officer Jan Royce
  • Charles Melton as Dave Newall


  • The only Horrorverse instalment to feature the least amount of gore, blood and violence in contrast with the other proceeding and succeeding instalments
  • Mike Flanagan intended for the film to feature moments of pure suspense and horror over blood and gore, featuring no jump scares and a brooding score with moments of a youthful soundtrack