Last Summer is a 2011 American Slasher 3D Horror film written by Stephen Susco and directed by Chris Cunnigham starring Michael Rady, Genevieve Cortese, Matthew Settle, Billy Crudup, Naturi Naughton, Ian Somerhalder, Kieran Culkin, Shirley MacLaine, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Amanda Bynes and Kaley Cuoco. The film serves as the fourth instalment in the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise though ignores sthe storyline of the third direct to video film entirely instead following on directly from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

The film is distributed by Screen Gems and was made on a vastly bigger budget then it's three predecessors.

Actresses Jennifer Love Hewitt, Singer/Actress Brandy Norwood and actor Freddie Prinze Jr. all return reprising their respective roles from the previous I Know What You Did Last Summer films.

The film was shot centrally in Madras, Oregon and on certain sound stage sets created by Screen Gems in colloboration with the Weinstein Company and Village Roadshow.

The film was originally set to be written by Kevin Williamson the infamous creator of the Scream franchise (the writer of the first, second and fourth instalments of that series) who had helmed the screenplay of the first I Know What You Did Last Summer and had been the creator of the hit teenage WB series Dawson's Creek.

However as of April 16th, 2010 writer Stephen Susco who had helmed the screenplay of Takashi Shimizu's Ju-On Remake The Grudge and it's sequel stepped in to write for the film.

Director Cunnigham was attached to the project immediatley on recommendation of Williamson who joined the crew as an executive producer and Screen Gems.

The film was released after a large theatrical marketing campaign on July 4th, 2011 and grossed well above it's budget and garnered a mixed to positive reception from critics.

The film was awarded with a Saturn Award Nomination for Best Horror/Thriller film 2011 (losing out to the David Fincher American remake of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) as well as Saturn Award Nominations for Best Performances of the genre from actors Cortese and Crudup respectively.

The film was released on DVD and Blu-Ray Disc Format on November 11th, 2011 and Digital Copy and Ultra-Violet format on January 16th, 2012.

The film is rated R for Sequences of grisly horror violence and gore, some sexual content and language.


The night of 4th of July 2010 six Southport youths heading up the windy mountain roads surrounding Dawson's Beach through a storm come to make collision with a slicker dressed man brandishing a fisherman's hook.

The six youths come into a panic and are joined on the road by a fellow Southport High alumni, a snobby unliked rich girl and the group find themselves faced with the dilemma of manslaughter through the further taken actions of one of the group: Laker Stalk.

The group desperate to protect each one's own individual future agree to cover up the incident, only to a year later on the week leading up to the 4th of July 2011 have a maniac dressed in the same fisherman slicker they saw that night wielding the same sharp silver hook the man they hit that night come after them.


The film begins with Julie Bronson (Jennifer Love Hewitt) heading to an appointment with her advertising agent Susan Granger (Chelah Horsdal) who is to promote her set up councelling group for survivors of psychopaths.

Julie arrives at Susan's office and is appaled to see the set up the billboard design of her cowering before a fisherman in a slicker with the message "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Julie in an argument with the superficial Susan tears up her set up posters throughout the building before exiting dramatically and calling now husband Ray (Freddie Prinze Jr.) who operates as a simple fisherman still in Southport.

That night Susan prepares to lock up the building bidding goodnight to all the employees departing apart from the janitor.

Susan comes into her office to find a cut up sketch of the billboard image reading For Julie before she is attacked by a fisherman slicker dressed figure wielding a sharp, silver hook.

Susan attempts to flee from the Fisherman as she throws a plant through her office window and flees out into the corridor pass-coding herself from door to door until she reaches where the janitor is mopping up.

Susan being cornered turns a circle and stashes herself in a storage closet.

The Janitor comes into the corridor with the storage closet and Susan only seeing his shadow at first believes him to be the fisherman and backs further into the closet out of sight only to catch a glimpse of the janitor Anson and then prepares to run out only to have the Fisherman attack within the closet and burst out, Susan is then thrown through a door before being stabbed in the back of the head multiple times by the hook.

Julie after meeting up with Ray is coerced into returning to the Advertising Agency to try and console with Susan over today's earlier incident but upon returning discovers a dead Susan at the same time janitor Anson does.

Julie then proceeds to dial 911 and upon seeing the message left in Susan's office reading For Julie comes to then tell the authorities to dispatch to her and Ray's before calling his mobile only to have it go through to message prompting her to depart just before authorities arrive at the advertising agency.

Ray meanwhile returns home and after engaging in brief conversation with neighbor Mike Horris is killed by the Fisherman who breaks into the Bronson house and leaves in Ray's individual Master Bedroom Bathroom the message Welcome Aboard Ray.

Ray is thrown down onto the upper balcony and is stabbed continously with the hook before toppling off the upper balcony and bleeds to death in Julie's arms as she comes home.

Julie then armed with a gun makes pursuit of the Fisherman who renders frightened neighbor Mike unconsious and takes off in Ray's truck.

Julie follows and the two come out to the windy roads bending near Dawson's Beach. We then see Julie's car smash off to the side and as blood pours down at her face she looks out from her windscreen to see fireworks which read Happy 4th Of July 2010 before the start credits start over the rushing water and roads then Southport streets.

We then come to a group of Southport High pre-seniors Reece Matthews a brilliant academic and athletic, his beautiful headstrong girlfriend Amanda who possesses a widowed alcoholic mother, Amanda's blonde Croaker Queen artist bestfriend Alice Himbry, Alice's passive aggressive quarterback boyfriend Laker Stalk.

The group are headed for Dawson's Beach after discussing the Southport Fisherman murders of 1998 and the survivors Julie James and Ray Bronson who had once gathered there along with Fisherman victims Barry Cox and Helen Shivers prior to running over the fisherman who would come to kill them the following 4th Of July.

The group then head for Dawson's Beach but heading up the windy mountain roads coming on out of the outskirts of Southport a rainstorm and their blaring music causes them to make collision with another vehicle sending it off to the side before making contact with a fisherman figure.

The group then depart from the car and come to see an unconsious Julie Bronson/James in her car and as Amanda and Reece prepare to call in the police Laker seizes the phone and a van comes parading into their car.

Stepping out from the car is fellow pre-senior Larena Smith and comic relief friend Truman Phillips.

As Julie starts to regain consiousness and Amanda and Reece ask Larena to call the paramedics and authorities Laker along with a threatened Alice places the hit supposedly dead Fisherman's body in the trunk of the smashed up vehicle before rolling it off the cliff.

Laker then brings forth now they are all accomplices to manslaughter and the prospect of reporting the collision with the Fisherman is out of the question.

Out of bringing forth the problem with what will happen to each of their future's now including Larena and Truman they call in simply the crash with Julie Bronson and do not report the collision with the unknown fisherman whom Laker and Alice proceeded to spiral off the side off the cliff.

After being interviewed by the authorities and telling a lie of the events that transpired Julie is taken away in an ambulance to the hospital where it is confirmed she has from blunt force trauma slipped into acoma.

A year passes as former Benjamin Willis survivor Karla Wilson Julie's bestfriend comes to visit regurlarly and the group move on into their senior year at Southport High.

We are introduced to the group's other acquaintances Daneka Lund, LaShawne Marks the school's rich unliked pretty girl and her brooding brother Phillip who has a crush on Amanda and Olivia-Sarah Vemerez the younger sister of a respected Southport Deputy.

The group come to be threatened by a fisherman slicker wearing stalker brandishing a hook like the one they saw that night. 

The town begins their preparations for the 4th of July as the weird occurences transpire: Amanda finds at the Shivers store she works at alongside Olivia a letter for reading Last Summer, Alice having all her paintings ruined, Larena having all her copies of her music record destroyed, Truman's locker being vandalised, Reece's study vandalised with the word Murderer written in animal blood and Laker Stalk being abducted by the Fisherman, placed within a trunk and left in a car on the Southport High Football field with Soon spray painted all over the vehicle.

After Laker Stalk's incident Deputy Shuritta Shore along with Deputy Hakeem Jansen begin a personal investigation into the unreported incidents.

Deputy Jane Vemerez joins the two in a personal vendetta as the Fisherman figure proceeds to murder Olivia as she is working a late night shift at Shivers store after Amanda checks out along with the manager Duncan Evans.

Olivia is pursued through the store up onto the upper floor where she is thrown off the side with a noose tied around her neck, she is disembowled by the hook and as she drops and hangs has several of her internal organs pour upon the floor.

At the scene which Amanda happens upon as Deputys Shore, Jansen and Olivia's elder sister are investigating it is scene that above where her stomach had been sliced open is carved I Know What They Did.

After Olivia's funeral and school memorial service her murder is discussed by the group at Amanda Richardson's where Amanda mentions what was carved into Olivia's chest and Larena after breaking down then confesses she told Olivia about what they did, the collision and the disposal of the fisherman they hit on the road.

The group debate going to the police, Alice storms out seeming to want no further part of the group and Laker argues they still not go to the police whilest Truman is cut off in going to voice his opinions by Laker and Reece remains quiet and still.

Amanda then comes to Southport General Hospital where she visits Julie and after discovering about her story prior to the crash is approached by Karla outside who begins to ask her questions on what happened out on the road.

Amanda confides the story to Karla who tells more about Benjamin Willis and tells her she needs to go the authorities about what happened.

Amanda and Karla during their conversation are eavesdropped upon by LaShawne Marks who has arrived at Southport General to visit her brother Phillip who had recently been checked in after engaging in a fight with Laker concerning Amanda.

LaShawne is discovered by Karla and is brought in with them back to Karla's rented out Bed & Breakfast room in Southport where they begin googling the Willis family and Benjamin Willis.

Meanwhile Alice arrives at Daneka's place and confides the story to her.

Deputy Shore with Deputy Vemerez bug Amanda Richardson's phone line much to the argument of Deputy Jansen and learn about exactly what happened.

When Deputy Vemerez and Jansen approach Shore about what to do she states she is family friends with the Smith's and considering Larena's involvement and their futures that they should let the truth stay buried.

Vemerez becomes enraged at this stating she will catch the psycho who killed her sister and deliver her own standard justice seeing as she has deliberated on her own justification on what's the right thing to do.

The following day LaShawne checks Phillip out of the hospital who reconciles with Amanda and Laker over the phone before Karla, Alice, Reece, Daneka and Laker come to visit the residence of Melissa "Missy" Egan who discusses her brother David and how she had been approached by Julie James in 1998 concerning her brother and whom she claimed was killed by her in some tragic car accident rather than a suicide.

That night the group find themselves at square one and Deputy Shore and Jansen come to break into the school after hours and pull up the reported records of the Phillips Locker Vandalism and Prank played on Laker Stalk.

Shore is killed after receiving a text message from the Fisherman who proceeds to strangle her violently to death with the Dean's office phone cord.

Jansen is then killed after brief pursuit as at a corner he is taken by surprise and stabbed not by the hook but with a machete. The day has then come for the 4th of July and a large senior year 4th of July party is to be held at the Richardson's as Amanda and the group devise to lure out the Fisherman.

Evidence is planted to suggest Phillip is the Fisherman and fingers are pointed towards him and LaShawne as his possible accomplice.

The school then comes to be closed down as the bodies of Shore and Jansen are discovered at the school by the Dean who calls in the authorities and the Sheriff himself becomes involved in a personal investigation.

The group then attempt to report the incident to Deputy Vemerez and the Sheriff believing them to be the only ones they can trust but as they go to do so Laker cuts them off and storms away after a scuffle with Reece.

Karla in the meanwhile at her Bed & Breakfast receives an envelope reading soon with a picture of her and then a picture of LaShawne and her brother Phillip.

She then rings Amanda and reports what was sent to with no return address and Amanda remembers Phillip had just been checked out of the hospital last night and was set to be picked up by LaShawne who overheard everything and who they filled in on the whole thing of what happened.

Karla sees on the back of LaShawne's picture in black marker the words Loose Ends written.

Amanda breaks up the fight telling they have to get to the Marks estate as she believes that whatever the Fisherman is working up towards he could be potentially eliminating those who came to know of what happened working his way up those involved.

At the Marks estate as Mr. and Mrs Marks leave Phillip has already been killed in his sleep by a slit throat and is discovered by LaShawne who is then attacked and pursued throughout the house.

She remains alive until Reece and the others arrive and is slashed in the back of the neck and pushed out an upper floor window down before them.


  • Michael Rady as Reece Matthews
  • Genevieve Cortese as Amanda Richardson
  • Matthew Settle as Lance Chamberwell
  • Billy Crudup as Duncan Evans/ Benjamin Willis Jr. / The Fisherman
  • Amanda Bynes as Daneka Lund
  • Naturi Naughton as Larena Smith
  • Ian Somerhalder as Laker Stalk
  • Kaley Cuoco as Alice Himbry
  • Kieran Culkin as Truman Phillips
  • Lizzy Caplan as LaShawne Marks
  • Norman Reedus as Phillip Marks
  • Shirley MacLaine as Romola Richardson
  • Ving Rhames as Sheriff Marhilik Eastman
  • Meagan Good as Deputy Shuritta Shore
  • Jay Ellis as Deputy Hakeem Jansen
  • Brian Cox as Walter Nasley
  • Shailene Woodley as Olivia-Sarah Vemerez
  • Philip Winchester as Deputy Blaine Allen
  • Bitsie Tulloch as Deputy Jane Vemerez
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie Bronson
  • Brandy Norwood as Karla Wilson
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. as Ray Bronson
  • Chelah Horsdal as Susan Granger
  • Lynne Thigpen as Audrey Smith
  • John Ashton as Lars Stalk
  • Jimmy Smits as Kurt Stalk
  • Barbara Flynn as Helen Matthews
  • Mimi Kennedy as Connie Stalk
  • Dennis Waterman as Robert Matthews
  • James Faulkner as Lyle Marks
  • Nathalie Baye as Ellen Marks
  • Troy Evans as Jedidah Phillips
  • Marianne Muellerleile as Alison Himbry
  • Gregory Itzin as Neighbour Mike Horris
  • Vincent Vescio as Patygoer Tom
  • Juliya Chernetsky as Partygoer Tina
  • Leyla Milani as Partgoer 
  • Jessica Caban as Partygoer
  • Dane Davenport as Partygoer
  • Chris Jai Alex as Partygoer
  • Ryeowon Jung as Partygoer
  • Mikey Post as Partygoer
  • Gabe Grey as Partygoer


  1. In The Dark- DEV
  2. Paradise- Coldplay
  3. The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco
  4. Rocketeer- Far East Movement feat Ryan Tedder
  5. This Is Where It Gets Good- Eels (End Credits Song)
  6. Mr. Know It All- Kelly Clarkson
  7. Move Along- All American Rejects


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