Las Canciones De Dolor (Spanish: "Songs of Pain") is the debut album of Australian doom metal band Winter's Soil, released August 13 1998. It is followed by 1999's To Seek Death. Nick Hale has said this is his favourite album, saying that he listens to it the most.


Las Canciones De Dolor is stylistically reminiscent of the British doom metal band My Dying Bride, of whom the band have stated as one of their main inspirations. The album features some harsh parts predominate in death metal, but overall bears a strong theme of mourning and depressive vocals and dowtuned guitars, as well as mournful violin and slow drumming.


Metalix reviewed Winter's Soil's debut with much optimism: "In a genre restricted primarily to the UK, it’s good to see some home-grown doom metal. Winter's Soil are a six-piece band from Melbourne, Australia and Las Canciones De Dolor, meaning “Songs of Pain” in Spanish, is their debut record. In the music world of post-Nirvana and rising boy bands, it hard to find an emotionally hard record like this one. Satanika have done well, and with a crashing entrance of the harsh near-disturbing opener “Suck My Life” to the despairing followers “Las Canciones De Dolor” and “Crown of Thorns”, this record is doom metal in its rawest. With such a well-crafted debut, let us hope Winter's Soil has another despair-full record up their sleeves."

Track listing

  1. "Suck My Life" – 7:04
  2. "Las Canciones De Dolor" – 7:58
  3. "Broken Bone, Torn Flesh" – 8:38
  4. "The Curse of Death" – 7:02
  5. "Crown of Thorns" – 8:09
  6. "Crimson Surrender" – 10:02
  7. "Hammer Of Flesh" – 9:09


  • Kaleb Jovanovich - vocals, lyrics
  • Nick Hale - lead guitar
  • Benjamin Jacobson - bass
  • William Devish - rhythm guitar
  • Hamish Glencroy - drums
  • Lisa Evans - violin
Winter's Soil-Las Conciones De Dolor

Las Canciones De Dolor was the debut album for Winter's Soil, and received surprising attention

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