Larry! is an American-Canadian animated dramedy TV series that aired its first season on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) starting on February 7, 2011, and ending on January 1, 2016. A second season was renewed and premiered on June 14, 2011, concluding on April 21, 2012. Following the conclusion of the second season, the show was neither renewed for a third cycle, nor cancelled, and it remained in indefinite hiatus for over 5 years.

As part of The CC (Cartoon Comedy)'s efforts to either continue or entirely reboot old properties, like Nickelodeon, the show began production on an 18-episode third season, which aired on July 17, 2017 up until March 9, 2018. If the third season averaged high, a fourth season was possible for a 2018 airing. The season received noticeably high viewings.

On The CC (Cartoon Comedy)'s programming schedule for the 2018-19 TV season (which can be accessed by going to the channel's website: an 18-episode fourth season was ordered which aired on May 25, 2018, and ended on March 1, 2019. A fifth and last season was rumored to be announced at The CC's first awards show on March 1, 2018. It was later announced after its airing, and it will indeed be the last season, officially totaling 90 episodes for the series. It commenced airing on May 24, 2019. The series finale (and the season 5 finale simultaneously) aired on November 25, 2019, cementing the series as one of the few The CC productions that hit the 90-episode milestone.

The series has also been the one of the only series so far on The CC (Cartoon Comedy), along with fellow series My Weird School, to have been nominated for an award, an Annie Award, for the episode "Coffee for the Soul", on December 19, 2017, which had not been released at the time.


Larry is a coffee barista at an unnamed coffee shop (later titled Ferdinand's for its owner, but then renamed to Ferdinand's Techoffee's Shop, or simply Techoffee's after it merges with rivaling coffee shop Techie's in the season 5 finale "Merge Surge") who experiences many misadventures there alongside his co-workers.


  • Due to its American-Canadian production, cast is both from the US and Canada.
  • Larry (voiced by Tom Kenny) is a coffee barista who's a hard worker at the coffee shop he's employed at. Due to this, however, he's constantly teased by his archenemy, Jeremy, who frequently calls him "Nerdy Larry". Throughout the series, he's shown to have an infatuation towards Sherry, his female co-worker, who he eventually ends up with midway through the series.
  • Drake (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) is Larry's best friend at the coffee shop who is also in love, this time with Miriam Thessa, another female co-worker, though she's seen being obsessed with Larry, so his love for her decreases. She, however, actually likes Drake, too, but he ends up dating yet another female co-worker named Renee.
  • Sherry (voiced by Jennifer Hale) is one of Larry's female co-workers who he's shown to be in love with, though she seems to like his archenemy Jeremy more. However, after saving her life, she changes his mind and starts dating him as the series almost ends.
  • Jeremy (voiced by Crispin Freeman), Larry's archenemy co-worker at the coffee shop who Sherry has a crush on, but later goes for Larry. He despises Larry due to his higher raises and constantly verbally bullies him with names like "Nerdy Larry" due to his concentration at work. He and Larry become friends in the series finale, however, and dates Miriam Thessa at the same time
  • Miriam Thessa (voiced by Kathleen Barr), another of Larry's female co-workers with an obsession for him, though later she starts dating Jeremy.
  • Ferdinand (voiced by Mark Hamill in guest appearances), the coffee shop's 97-year old boss who is wheelchair-bound. He appreciates Larry's hard work and gives him higher raises than his co-workers. Shown to have a dislike for Jeremy just like Larry. In the season 2 finale, he almost has a life-threatening heart attack, though the doctors said it was a mild one and he should be able to live for "about a decade" more.
  • Renee (voiced by Grey DeLisle), yet another of Larry's female co-workers who was Larry's former lover, though she dates Drake in the end.
  • Customer Gunther (voiced by John DiMaggio) is a customer who frequently visits the coffee shop before he works at a construction site. It is hinted throughout the series that he also used to work in the coffee shop before his current job.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
Pilot November 8, 2010
1 18 February 7, 2011 January 1, 2016[nb 1]
2 18 June 14, 2011 April 21, 2012
3 18 July 17, 2017 March 9, 2018
4 18 May 25, 2018 March 1, 2019
5 18 May 24, 2019 November 25, 2019


No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
0 0 "Larry!" November 8, 2010
Larry is blamed for almost closing down the coffee shop after it was mistaken for being a "safety hazard", so he must clear up his name and find the real suspect.

Season 1 (2011)


  • All episodes began with Larry! In:...
No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
1 1 "Larry! In: Night Shift" February 7, 2011
Larry must work a night shift after no one else is willing to, because the last person who took up the offer "mysteriously died". A series of unnerving events at the unnamed coffee shop have him convinced that he'll be next in line to kick the bucket, but they turn out to be coming from the shop's hidden television set which is being viewed by the so-called dead employee, who reveals it was all a prank to "initiate" him into the "Night Shift Nocturnals" club consisting of the coffee shop employees who have already worked night shifts. Eventually, the other employees come out of their hiding places and admit they were all in on the prank.
2 2 "Larry! In: Love, Love" February 8, 2011
Larry is infatuated with his female co-worker Sherry, and attempts to demonstrate his loves with the standard heart-shaped chocolate boxes and sweet nothings. His other co-worker and arch-nemesis Jeremy also has affections towards her, and manages to woo her by taking her to a casual dining restaurant, among other things. So in a last-ditch effort to win her heart, Larry also invites Sherry to a restaurant, this particular one being more expensive than the one Jeremy had invited her to. Despite starting a conversation with her, she denies his romance because she personally knows Jeremy enough to know he has an "attractive personality". She leaves him to eat his meal alone and pay the bills with his money. Miriam Thessa watches Larry from afar as he eats in silence.
3 3 "Larry! In: Fighting Restaurants" February 9, 2011
A new, future technological-looking coffee shop named Techie's is built across from the coffee shop, and soon the unnamed coffee shop loses most of its customers to the new shop, including Customer Gunther. Larry is sent as an undercover employee, but is quickly caught when his name tag falls out of his pocket. Then both restaurants began to lambaste each other harshly with their advertisements. After going back and forth between each other, Larry decides to advertise the coffee shop as an old-fashioned one, which goes well with older customers, while Techie's targets a younger, more Millenial-like demographic. Techie's female manager, Tania (Russi Taylor) also begins flirting with Ferdinand's, making the restaurants' relationship mutual.
4 4 "Larry! In: Food Critic" February 10, 2011
A famous, well-known food critic (Frank Welker) is going to visit the coffee shop and Jeremy tries to make Larry look bad in front of him, and Larry's innocent naïvety makes him unaware of this.
5 5 "Larry! In: Miriam Thessa's Boyfriend" February 11, 2011
Miriam Thessa is one of Larry's female co-workers who, um...has a huge obsession towards him, so she admits her love for him. Larry accepts, thinking Sherry might get jealous and finally go out with him. Unfortunately, that does not happen, and Larry is forced to be Miriam Thessa's boyfriend for like...forever.
6 6 "Larry! In: Ferdinand Be Gone" February 18, 2011
Ferdinand's old age (he is 97) causes him to be asked to retire in order to be replaced by a younger and good-looking boss, but his employees must prove that he can work even with his old age (and without his good looks).
7 7 "Larry! In: The Bold and the Brew-iful" February 25, 2011 (only once)
The coffee shop starts to brew beer but soon the whole town is drunk, and it leads to almost deadly proportions.

Note: This episode was only aired once (in its original airdate of February 25, 2011) due to its inclusion of alcohol.

8 8 "Larry! In: Taste Buds" March 4, 2011
Larry's taste buds start to gain the ability to eat anything...even human flesh!
9 9 "Larry! In: A Little Bit of Pizza!" March 11, 2011
Larry and his co-workers, like everyone else, love pizza! But Ferdinand makes up a challenge where they are to abstain from consuming pizza for 4 days! And it's as hard as it sounds!
10 10 "Larry! In: Larry, You're Fired!" March 18, 2011
Larry is fired after he's accused of money embezzlement from Ferdinand's rent, and after failing to prove his innocence, must find another job. Unfortunately, Jeremy spreads the rumor about Larry embezzling the money, and soon every restaurant manager in town refuses to apply him for a job. Ferdinand then gives up and becomes unemployed, eventually becoming useless. Sherry, pitying Larry, decides to bring Larry back, one way or another.
11 11 "Larry! In: As the Gourd Turns" March 25, 2011
Larry gets a weird order of gourd, so he must scramble 'round the coffee shop kitchen to find one.
12 12 "Larry! In: World's #1 Best Boss" April 15, 2011
Larry wants to make it up to Ferdinand for being the best boss ever, so he decides to distribute cups with his face, but that doesn't cut it. So he thinks bigger...
13 13 "Larry! In: General Host-pital" January 1, 2016[1]
Renee, who's the head waiter of the restaurant, is hospitalized after getting a supply of spinach...or was it?

Note: This episode was banned for its themes of drug allergy. However, it has re-aired since on January 1, 2016.

14 14 "Larry! In: Guiding Bite" April 17, 2011
A bite from a croissant "guides" Customer Gunther to become obese after consuming approximately 387 more croissants in a sitting, so he must find a way to burn all the weight down.
15 15 "Larry! In: Food Poisoning" April 18, 2011
Ferdinand gets food poisoning, and everyone is worried it will lead to his death due to his age and fragile status.
16 16 "Larry! In: Fast and the Foodious" April 19, 2011
Jeremy holds a go-kart race against Larry, and whoever wins gets a free supply of the coffee shop food!
17 17 "Larry! In: War and Piece of Cake" May 31, 2011
Cake at the coffee shop's scarce, so the hangry customers start a "war" against the coffee shop, so Larry's missioned to get a big supply of them at the Piece of Cake, well, cake factory. But along the mission, he finds himself prone to distractions.
18 18 "Larry! In: Coffee Shop Prom" June 7, 2011
Season finale. The coffee shops holds a "coffee shop prom" for the employees in order to commit all their hard work. Larry tries to be with Sherry, who actually wants to be with Jeremy. Miriam Thessa tries to be with Larry to no avail, and Renee tries to be with Jeremy, while Drake wants to be with Renee. However, Jeremy must leave early due to a "family obligation" (in reality he hates the dance so much) and leaves an upset Sherry who reluctantly dances with Larry after convincing her to do so, and end up sharing a peck on the lips. Before they express their reactions, the prom ends and Sherry runs out of the place, leaving a confused yet suprisingly satisfied Larry standing on the dance floor by himself.

Season 2 (2011-12)

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
19 1 "Larry! In: How-to-Cook Video" June 14, 2011
The employees try to film a how-to on cooking up stuff (ex: Homemade Pizza, Broth, Chili) but it goes awry every time.
20 2 "Larry! In: The Hungry Games" June 21, 2011
The coffee shop holds a The Hunger Games-esque style games where the players must avoid food being thrown at their direction. And the "players" are actually the employees!
21 3 "Larry! In: Sherry <3 Larry" July 12, 2011
Larry and Sherry reminiscence their prom peck and start dating, but Jeremy gets jealous after finding it out and threatens to split them up. In the end, Jeremy falls in love with Miriam Thessa after they both find out they share a similarity in obsession and start being a thing.
22 4 "Larry! In: Doughdown Showdown" July 13, 2011
Larry challenges the rival from the other technological coffee shop to a showdown in which they see who can make the best pizza.
23 5 "Larry! In: New Worker" July 14, 2011 (only once)
The new worker at the coffee shop, Ed (reference to serial killer Ed Gein), wants to kill Ferdinand so he can replace him as the new boss.

Note: This episode only aired one because it featured a serial killer and themes of killing.

24 6 "Larry! In: Food Contest" July 15, 2011
The coffee shop holds it annual food contest, in which the employee who cooks up great food wins. The employees start a war on who'll cook better food.
25 7 "Larry! In: The Young and the Taste-less" July 16, 2011
Larry must help a kid who can't seem to taste food because he lacks taste buds.
26 8 "Larry! In: Dogs Have Never Been This Hot" August 13, 2011
After a sign saying "Our new hot dogs! Made from 100% dog!" prompts controversy at the coffee shop, Larry must find a way to convince everyone it was a typo.
27 9 "Larry! In: East Chicken Tenders" August 27, 2011
The coffee shop starts to sell chicken tenders, but after they're found to be horribly made, the workers must, um..."work" together to prepare the perfect chicken tender
28 10 "Larry! In: Super Franchise Me" September 10, 2011
The coffee shop, which is only a store of its own, starts to expand to a franchise.
29 11 "Larry! In: The Hot Coffee Hot Mystery" September 24, 2011
Coffee supplied for the coffee shop starts to mysteriously disappear.
30 12 "Larry! In: No Coffee Makes Larry a Fight Dud" October 15, 2011
Lack of coffee consumption for Larry starts a fight between him and Jeremy, and soon he's on the risk of losing his job if he commits the same thing again.
31 13 "Larry! In: Celebrity in Coffee Shop" November 12, 2011
A celebrity, model Alison Conrad, visits the coffee shop and demands a job there as she's escaping the fame.
32 14 "Larry! In: Coffeemas" December 24, 2011
It's Christmastime! But unfortunately Larry has little money to buy Sherry a present, so he decides to work harder in order to buy her the best gift he can find! Unfortunately, so is Jeremy.
33 15 "Larry! In: Sherry's Parents" January 21, 2012
Larry reluctantly must serve Sherry's parents and find out how they really act.
34 16 "Larry! In: Valentine Secret" February 11, 2012
Larry tries to spice Sherry's coffee with a love potion in order to make her fall in love with him for Valentine's Day, but Jeremy also spices it on Miriam Thessa and Renee, and soon both girls go gaga mad in love with Larry, so he must escape two love-strucken co-workers!
35 17 "Larry! In: Coronation Meat" March 17, 2012
Larry tries to cook up a "reboot" of the legendary dish Coronation Meat, the coffee shop's original entreé which recipe is, according to some, "lost to time".
36 18 "Larry! In: Coffee Shop's 100th Anniversary!!!" April 21, 2012
The employees celebrate the 100th anniversary of the coffee shop (now named Ferdinand's), but a construction worker threatens to destroy the coffee barista with a wrecking ball! And only Larrry and the others can save it, as Ferdinand has a heart attack and can't be there to save it. But how will they save it? And what will it cost?

Season 3 (2017-18)

The show came back on July 17, 2017, with its third season, after almost 5 years of airing its last episode, as part of The CC (Cartoon Comedy)'s efforts to either continue or entirely reboot old properties. The season's successful ratings eventually helped it get renewed for an additional fourth season. A fifth season is rumored to air in late 2018.

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
37 1 "Larry! In: Ketchup On Time" July 17, 2017
A year after the previous events from the season 2 finale "Larry! In: Coffee Shop's 100th Anniversary", everything has changed. Ferdinand has retired as boss, and a position is open. Larry and Jeremy, of course, fight for the position, and try to prove themselves.
38 2 "Larry! In: Coffeey The Coffee Mascot" August 7, 2017
The coffee Shop Ferdinand's decides to create a restaurant mascot, Coffeey, to appeal to the younger demographic, which generates more family visits to the shop. Unfortunately, the mascot scares the kids off, since it was cheaply made.
39 3 "Larry! In: Fevernand" August 14, 2017
Ferdinand ends up getting a fever from a really rare disease known as "Untamed Cat Syndrome". Unfortunately, anyone contracting this disease won't live very long. Larry and Sherry decide to go together to find an extra rare fruit known as "Cacaoberry", which can cure said disease. Jeremy, of course, tags along only to annoy our two lovebirds on the way.
40 4 "Larry! In: Chinese Fake-Out" September 11, 2017
Ferdinand's adds Chinese entrees to the menu, but Larry ends up ordering fake Chinese food from a company specialized in making fake food, Foodfakery! Bakery after the real Chinese entrees get eaten by a hungry Jeremy.
41 5 "Larry! In: Closing Crazy" September 12, 2017
Before Larry can close Ferdinand's for the night, he must deal with a stalking mental patient who escaped.
42 6 "Larry! In: All My Chili" September 13, 2017
Jeremy won't share his chili on National Chili Day, so his co-workers resort to stealing it.
43 7 "Larry! In: The Barista's Apprentices" September 14, 2017
Larry has to train a duo of apprentice preteens on the basics of cooking, but they're hopeless since they don't have a lick of sense as to how to cook.
44 8 "Larry! In: A Ballersky Star Is Born" September 15, 2017
Larry is appalled when food inspectors keep rating Ferdinand's only one Ballersky star (a parody of Michelin stars), which signifies "unfathomable horrific cooking not worth even taking a sight of".
45 9 "Larry! In: Shop Segregation" October 13, 2017
The coffee and tea lovers that regularly visit Ferdinand's segregate into two separate, which causes the once bumbling and friendly coffee shop to become a cold, segregated place.
46-47 10-11 "Larry! In: Annibrewsary" November 10, 2017
Larry and Sherry decide to celebrate their one-year engagement anniversary at Ferdinand's, much to Jeremy's chagrin, who feels awkward about their PDA. Meanwhile, Sherry's former boyfriend (Will Arnett) pays a visit...and it won't be nice.

Note: This is the show's first hour-long special.

48 12 "Larry! In: Coffee for the Soul" December 22, 2017
When Larry starts seeing an orphan (Zackary Arthur) outside the coffee shop, he starts offering him coffee out of pity for him. He eventually develops a strong father-son relationship with him, and stirs war on a legal level to gain custody of the child, against a businessman (Robin Atkin Downes) who claims to be the man's uncle.

Note: Three days before it aired, this episode was nominated for an Annie Award for Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production For Children.

49 13 "Larry! In: Double Croissant" January 12, 2018
Larry invents the "Double Croissant Double Cheeseburger" for Ferdinand's and it becomes a big hit with customers, so he intends to patent his scrumptious creations. Jeremy is jealous of the attention the Double Croissant Double Cheeseburger helps Larry get, so he plans to steal his invention and copyright it as his. He even gets one of Larry's former school bullies (Pauly Shore in a special guest appearance) to accomplice him in his malicious plot. They get caught by Miriam Thessa after she comes back into the coffee shop for her keys, however, and she gets mad at Jeremy for doing "a stupid thing like that". She then proceeds to break up with him after slapping him in the face with the Double Croissant.
50 14 "Larry! In: More Espresso, Less Depresso" January 26, 2018
Following his break-up with Miriam Thessa in the preceding episode "Double Croissant", Jeremy begins consuming coffee to fix his broken heart. This has detrimental effects on him, however, as he begins suffering from caffeine dependence that risks his chance of losing his job. Larry must step in as a therapist/friend to Jeremy so he can help him get his life together.
51 15 "Larry! In: Birthday at Ferd's" February 16, 2018
In this parody of The Hangover, Larry and his co-workers celebrate Ferdinand's 98th birthday by throwing him a huge party, complete with the presence of almost everyone they know. The next day, however, they wake up at Ferdinand's house and realize that Ferdinand has gone missing. A search party intensifies, but nothing comes out of it, so Larry and his co-workers are determine to work together to search for Ferdinand themselves. Along the way, they encounter wacky shenanigans. In the end, after they give up and return, Jeremy spots a hand sticking out of a pantry, which belongs to an unconscious Ferdinand. They all fear the worse, but after he's hospitalized, he barely survives, and the gang make him food from the cafe as a belated birthday gift.
52 16 "Larry! In: Cooking Show With Larry and Sherry" February 23, 2018
Ferdinand's gets a special customer in famous TV director Allan McJack (David Ogden Stiers), who admires Larry and Sherry's work ethics, so he immediately green-lits them a cooking show on the Food Programming (a riff on The Food Network), Cooking With the Heart, where they make recipes while also giving advice on love. But when McJack is replaced with the inexperienced reality TV director Emilia Goodman (Michaela Dietz), she decides to bring in Jeremy to "spice up" the show, causing tension among our trio.

Note: In later reruns, the episode ends with a black screen that reads "In Loving Memory of David Ogden Stiers, 1942-2018". This was due to his death from bladder cancer on March 3, 2018.

53 17 "Larry! In: Funny Chef" March 2, 2018
Revered celebrity chef "Funny Chef" (Billy West) visits Ferdinand's to host a cooking competition there, and his biggest fan, Larry, finds out that he plagiarizes most of the routine jokes he cracks up during his cooking competitions, but decides to keep it a secret because he idolizes him. Unfortunately, Jeremy finds out as well, and is dead set on exposing Funny Chef to the whole entire world.
54 18 "Larry! In: Merge Surge" March 9, 2018
The technological coffee shop that rivals Ferdinand's proposes a merger with the latter after Ferdinand's suffers from a lack of sales. Larry and his co-workers fight for the proposed merger to cease, but Ferdinand keeps mum on the subject, which confuses his employees. When inquired on the matter, he reveals he is on board with the merger because of the sales and because the technological coffee shop would succeed far more if merged with Ferdinand's. All of Ferdinand's employees are shocked at his decision, but realize that Ferdinand is in the know and must accept the merger. Steps to form the merger are taken, and soon the two coffee shops are officially merged as one big coffee shop titled "Ferdinand's Techoffee Shop". As the former Ferdinand's employees (now Techoffee employees) look upon the new coffee shop, Larry realizes that Ferdinand has disappeared without a trace.

Season 4 (2018)

A season 4 was announced on The CC (Cartoon Comedy)'s website, following successful ratings during the third season. The 18-episode season premiered on May 25, 2018, and will air throughout 2018.

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
55 1 "Larry! In: Co-Worker Fever" May 25, 2018
All of Ferdinand's former employees must move into Techoffee's (formerly the building where Techie's once stood) to start working there, but begin butting heads with the former Techie's employees, who are all teenagers, due to their age differences. Meanwhile, the youthful appearance of the Techie's employees makes Sherry concerned about aging, and begins considering plastic surgery, only changing her mind after she has a talk with Larry, who appreciates her "natural beauty". And Jeremy attempts to flirt with a former female Techie's employee, Genevieve (Kate Higgins), despite her obvious disinterest. She gradually begins to show more interest in Drake.
56 2 "Larry! In: Just Like Grandma Used To Hate" June 1, 2018
Jeremy decides to propose his grandma's apple pie recipe as a potential Techoffee's menu item, but when it becomes part of the Techoffee's menu, everyone begins detesting it due to the ridiculous placement of entire apples stuffed into the pie. After Jeremy has a talk with his only surviving grandparent, Grandpa Carey (Dick van Dyke), he eventually finds out that his Grandma made her apple pie recipe as some sort of "joke food" for every party occasion she organized, and that it was not meant to be consumed. He becomes the butt of everyone's jokes at his job, so Larry must assist Jeremy again and help him modify his grandma's apple pie recipe.
57 3 "Larry! In: My Big Fat Geek Family" July 6, 2018
The Techoffee's employees are reserved to organize Drake's aunt's wedding reception, but Drake himself is reluctant in participating in the organization since he views his family as embarrassing and geeky. It does not help that the wedding theme is science fiction, which the employees find off yet unique. When one of the best men kidnap the aunt bride as some sort of revenge fulfillment, Drake puts aside his thoughts on his family and save his aunt. It's all revealed to be a re-enactment of an episode of a sci-fi show which Drake's aunt and her groom watch religiously. Drake's own astonishment helps him have an epiphany about being invited to the best wedding ever.
58 4 "Larry! In: Food Truckload" August 3, 2018
Techoffee's expands to the food truck industry and the owner, Franz (Corey Burton), assigns Larry and Drake to drive a food truck covering a specific route up North to Canada. This is despite the fact that both of them aren't well acquainted with each other, resulting in them not seeing eye-to-eye on anything. That also applies to driving mannerisms as Larry believes Drake's slow-dancing is delaying the food truck delivery, so the former takes over the wheel but begins speeding up as a result of a malfunction. The two co-workers must work together, despite their conflicting personalities, to slow down the car, and succeed thanks to Drake's quick-thinking. Later, they manage to sell all the food truck storage. Back at Techofee's, Larry commends Drake for his help and lets him keep all the tips they received.
59 5 "Larry! In: Fruits of Child Labor" August 10, 2018
A tall but really clumsy 14-year old named Adam (Mason Cook) poses as an 18-year old named Mason for a job application at Techofee's so he can finally get approval from his disappointed parents. He actually gets the job and the puzzles finally come together in his terrible life, but they break apart once more for fear of getting his true identity discovered after he recognizes Larry as his older brother's bully.
60 6 "Larry! In: My Ranch Addiction" August 17, 2018
Drake develops an addiction for ranch when he uses it as a dipping substitute for chicken nuggets while ketchup ran out in Techofee's, resorting to dipping it and smearing it in anything, one time even using it as shampoo after finishing the real product! Larry decides to help him curb his really ranch addiction after seeing him wasting his entire paycheck on jars upon jars of ranch dressing, hiring psychotherapists Mike Wow and J.J. Plane (who are a parody of the hosts of the Freaky Eaters U.S. TV series Mike Dow and J.J. Virgin) to get rid of his problem once and for all.
61 7 "Larry! In: The House That Lacks Build" August 24, 2018
Larry buys a house so he and Sherry can officially live together as a couple. The house quickly falls apart, however, and Larry decides to construct it all by himself, resulting in even more destruction since Larry is not certified at building. So Larry hires an actual construction worker to rebuilt part of his dilapilated home, but he scams the couple into lending him ownership of the home. With no other option left, Larry and Sherry decide to move into a claustraphobic apartment, finding out too late that Jeremy is their neighbor.
62 8 "Larry! In: Change of Heart" August 31, 2018
During a conversation with his fellow co-workers, Jeremy realizes that all the misery that's been weighing down on him can be traced back to his former hatred and current jealousy towards Larry. With this realization, Jeremy uses it to its potential and becomes too chummy with Larry and his S.O. Sherry, who are immediately uncomfortable with his manufactured, fake persona, and request for him to act like himself. He quickly slips out that he's really staying true to himself and was really gleeful until Larry arrived to work at the defunct Ferdinand's. Larry and Sherry then comically agree that he should truly act like someone else.
63 9 "Larry! In: Retired Ferd" October 5, 2018
Larry's co-worker friends just now realize that Ferdinand's been noticeably absent after Ferdinand's and Techie's merged due to their busy schedule, so they're lead by an optimistic Larry to various possible locations where Ferdinand could be situated in but strangely come up empty. Their search is about to be abandoned when Larry gets a cryptic text from an unknown number, figuring out that he's been receiving texts of these sorts for weeks without noticing. One of them mentions paying a visit to the "old man's place", which Larry deduces refers to a retirement home that he recognizes since his great-grandfather is retired and living there. At the retirement home, the gang encounter Ferdinand, who explains that he was forced to retire due to his age and was sent to a retirement home by his 75-year old son, forgetting his phone at his house. He did not receive the phone until a week before the events of the episode. With the situation cleared up, the gang leave, but Ferdinand stays with Larry alone to tell him that he's diagnosed with Alzheimer's but cannot tell anyone else because he trusts Larry not to spill the secret. Larry keeps Ferdinand's promise but tears up much to his friends' confusion.
64 10 "Larry! In: Frost in Translation" October 12, 2018
Drake begins to pine for Genevieve after he notices her interest in him, but finds himself interrupted by the flurry of tourists coming in to Techoffee's in pursuit of American cafe food. This helps him realize that it's "tourist season" for the cafe, which is notorious for driving the employees "busy but also really insane". A Spanish tourist named Escarlata (Gina Rodriguez) begins to bond with him during her stay at the place where Techoffee's is located (despite her forgetting to speak in Spanish during their conversations), which soon becomes much more intimate. Genevieve finds out that Drake's involved with Escarlata and becomes furious, leading her to devise a plan that involves disguising herself as Escarlata's mother and reminding her over the phone that she is ill and needs to come back to Spain imminently. Escarlata breaks the news down to Drake and spills it that she is leaving to the airport today, which kills Drake on the inside. They have a heartfelt moment wherein they share an hug before she leaves. However, Drake surprises her at the airport and they share a loving embrace. Genevieve watches them, believing her plan worked and now has a chance with Drake, before he goes to Genevieve and tell her that he holds no interest in her anymore, shocking her.
65 11 "Larry! In: Larry and the Caramel Headquarters" October 19, 2018
In the spirit of Halloween, Larry is assigned to tour Billy Bonker's Crazy Hot Caramel Headquarters in order to get influenced by their caramel confections for a new spooky Techoffee's recipe, finding himself accompanied by other tourists who intend on plainly stealing Billy's caramel recipe. Things tense even more with the revelation that Billy Bonkers is a cannibal who makes his candy from his casualties, which are the tourists, and locks his factory up so Larry and the other tourists don't escape his eyesight. Larry and the other tourists, despite being complete strangers to one another, brainstorm a way to ease down the situation. After Billy demands one of his caramel confections due to the demanding stress of holding the tourists hostage, Larry hands him one not made from human remains and Billy finds it more exquisite than his usual caramel. This makes him all the more surprised when Larry admits it was not made from humans. Billy then thanks him for introducing him to candy, and as a token of appreciation foolishly hands him a recipe of his "human caramel", along with setting everyone free. Back at Techoffee's, Larry gifts the manager with the recipe as evidence that Billy is a cannibal, and the manager retorts that they should call the police on him.
66 12 "Larry! In: Quesadilla Pesadilla" October 26, 2018
Miriam Thessa is inquired by Larry on a way to attract diverse customers, to which she suggests Mexican cuisine due to her Hispanic identity. On the night that Techoffee's premieres its Mexican menu, Miriam starts to have a nightmare involving choking on a quesadilla. She shrugs the dream off until the nightmare becomes consistent every night, which she reveals to her mother. Her mother then gives in to her realization and admits that Miriam regressed a memory in which she nearly choked to death on a quesadilla and contributed to her later dislike and fear for them. Miriam remembers this traumatic episode and feels embarrassed at the prospect of having a phobia of quesadillas, so with Larry's help, she is able to give at least one bite to a quesadilla handmade by Larry himself. She no longer is afraid of quesadillas and even takes a liking, though not completely loving, to them. Their bonding helps her remember why she loved Larry in the first place, and muses that she might be falling all over again, though she tries to shake off the feeling.
67 13 "Larry! In: A Thrower From Our Sponsors" January 4, 2019
Larry and his co-workers find themselves shaping up an incompetent adult baseball team that Techoffee's is sponsoring for the season and encounter difficulties, such as the fact that none of the baseball players have ever even batted a ball before.
68 14 "Larry! In: God, Ham It!" January 11, 2019
An unusual discovery leads Techoffee's to include ham as an ingredient in all of their goods, affecting the Techoffee's co-workers' lives in a different way.
69 15 "Larry! In: To Modify For" January 18, 2019
Larry genetically modifies food in secret (with the help of his old friend from community college) after he finds the latest shipping of coffee and pastries to be pathetic-looking. Consequentially, he overdoes it for the succeeding shipping, raising eyebrows and suspicions from his fellow co-workers. He attempts to subvert any speculation on the goods until an anti-GMO activist threatens to boycott the restaurant unless they officially state if their food's GMO or not. Larry breaks down and admits it was GMO. Because of this, his salary is reduced and he is forced to eat the remaining modified pastries.
70 16 "Larry! In: Antisocial Media" January 25, 2019
Larry becomes the social media manager for Techoffee's social media accounts and helps get the coffee company popular after he posts memes and "roasts" online trolls on the accounts. His co-workers become wary, however, when an irritated online commenter threatens to arrive at Techoffee's and confront the SM manager for his "dead memes".
"Larry! In: Who Cares About Ferdinand?" March 1, 2019
Ferdinand express his desire to live out the rest of his life solo in a for-sale house he saw near a medical center, but he is told that he will need a caretaker because it is risky for a nonagenarian to look after themselves. He of course looks to Larry for help, but even he relents to the idea of a personal caretaker for Ferdinand. Ferdinand refuses because, as he words it, "[He's] lived by [himself] longer than [Larry and his co-workers] have lived". In the B-plot, Miriam Thessa overhears Ferdinand's reserved and lonely life and fears she will become aloof and "old-wild" like him if she does not get courted by a man. Aware that her crush, Larry, is already engaged and will not reciprocate her feelings to her, she looks to dating sites but experiences let-downs and rejections, which frustrates her even more. In a turn of events, she decides to cool it with suitor searching the same time Ferdinand retrospects his previous health cares and chooses to remain living in a retirement home, but visits Techoffee's on occasions with his female caretaker Mira (Tatiana Maslany). Her allure for Larry does not vanish completely, but she pains herself for thinking such horrible things towards an unavailable guy like Larry.

Season 5 (2019-)

A long-rumored 5th and last season consisting of 18 episodes was finally announced at The CC's awards show, The CC Awardsies Ceremony, and will begin airing on May 24, 2019, with 2 episodes.

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate
73 1 "Larry! In: Broth Brawl" May 24, 2019
The employees at Techoffee's decide to settle a debate on whose mother cooks up the best broth soup by allowing for their mothers to take center stage in a cooking competition that the café is organizing. The debate becomes tense when Drake confesses his mother's dead, and thereby unable to compete. Before the "Krazy Kook-Off", as the event's baptized as, Drake channels his mother's personality, even donning himself in drag, and wins the competition, which promotes him as head cook of the shop. In another plotline, a British proprietor (Robin Atkin Downes) visits Ferdinand at the retirement center, bearing bad news about the future of Techoffee. These bad news focus on remodeling the coffee shop so that it becomes a restaurant and firing Larry and his coworkers from the bygone days of Ferdinand's and substituting them with younger, twentysomething individuals. Ferdinand reminds him that Franz's the new owner of Techoffee and that he's retired, but is cut short by the proprietor's storming out of the center.
74 2 "Larry! In: First Dumpling, First Served" May 24, 2019
The coffee shop begins testing out international cuisine by announcing that whoever arrives first at Techoffee's gets a free sample of dumplings from Chinese and Indian culture. An investigation undergoes, however, when Customer Gunther and Ferdinand both claim the title of being the first ones at the shop and things almost get out of hand. Evidence is collected that pinpoints to Customer Gunther being the first person on location, and Ferdinand admits he was in actuality the second customer and bluffed about being first since he had been cranky. Their fanaticism over the dumplings have unknowingly proved the dumplings a success, and Techoffee's soon rolls out their dumpling items into the menu. In secrecy, Ferdinand and the proprietor meet up yet again, with the proprietor furious at Ferdinand for not having met up with Franz, which conceded as to why Ferdinand went back to Techoffee's, and ask if he'd be interested in selling the property to anyone. Ferdinand is puzzled by the proprietor's refusal to do the meeting himself, until the proprietor reminds him that he's a fugitive and cannot expose himself at the moment.
75 3 "Larry! In: A Very Scary Delivery Story" May 31, 2019
Drake must deliver the cafe's newly-added Coffee Pizzazz (pepperoni pizza with different coffee flavors as the only beverage options) to a location, where he has to leave the food delivery inside the house at the owner's request, due to his absence running errands, and also where a tip awaits him. But Drake gets himself stuck in the house after a strong draft shuts the door closed, finding out that he has to survive makeshift booby traps haunted house-style.
76 4 "Larry! In: We Can Go Vegan" August 16, 2019
To promote Techoffee's newest vegan menu items, Larry encourages everyone to momentarily consume only vegan foods in an effort to persuade customers into buying said products. Drake abhors the idea and smuggles snacks containing beef for himself and the other employees against Larry's "publicity stunt". Larry, however, exposes Drake in the act and confiscates the snacks, but Drake gets the last laugh when he catches Larry insatiably gorging on the snacks. This makes Larry break down and admit that the whole vegan diet idea is a fiasco and they should just sell the food without being "too extra".
77 5 "Larry! In: Bun-ly for A Limited Time" August 16, 2019
Almost everyone in town stands in line for the latest addition to Techoffee's' menu, the limited Honey Bun Hamburger, which allegedly is so delicious, that even tourists drive in flocks over to Techoffee's to try this local gustatory sensation. Issues arise, as the hype over the burger incites riots within the restaurant, both towards customers and the employees. A customer even nearly gets trampled over by a car attempting to obtain this coveted specialty item, which results in the production of the Honey Bun Hamburgers ceasing altogether. With none of the employees sans Larry wishing to repossess them as leftovers, the namesake of the show is forced to take them home with him, where he and Sherry hilariously grow weary of simply eating them for dinner.
78 6 "Larry! In: Kids Leave Free" August 23, 2019
79 7 "Larry! In: Hurricane Gourma" August 23, 2019
80 8 "Larry! In: Lovin' In the Cafe" August 30, 2019
81 9 "Larry! In: You Tube" August 30, 2019
82 10 "Larry! In: Murder and Fries" October 25, 2019[1]
83 11 "Larry! In: Bookcoffee's" November 4, 2019[1]
84 12 "Larry! In: Festival Carnival" November 4, 2019[1]
85 13 "Larry! In: Commercial Failure" November 11, 2019[1]
86 14 "Larry! In: Food Baby" November 11, 2019[1]
87 15 "Larry! In: Sugar Honeymoon Iced Tea" November 18, 2019[1]
88 16 "Larry! In: Dyes That Bind" November 18, 2019[1]
"Larry! In: The Techoffee's Takeover!!!" November 25, 2019[1]

Awards and nominations

On December 19, 2017, Larry! was the second The CC (Cartoon Comedy) show (after My Weird School) to be nominated for an award, the award being an Annie Award. The episode nominated was "Coffee for the Soul", which had not been released yet.

Year Association Category Nominee(s) Result
2018 Annie Awards Best Animated Television/Broadcast Production For Children "Episode: Coffee for the Soul" Nominated


1. The season's ending date is usually stated as June 7, 2011, after the airing only 17 episodes. One episode, "General Host-pital", which was left unaired due to its themes of drug allergy, did not air for almost five years until January 1, 2016, when it premiered under the presidency of the new The CC (Cartoon Comedy) president Serena Gamble.


Season Critical response
Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
1 73% (15 reviews) 65 (10 reviews)
2 86% (20 reviews) 77 (38 reviews)
3 90% (11 reviews) 94 (5 reviews)
4 81% (14 reviews) 84 (8 reviews)

The series has gotten positive reviews for critics with an 73% for the first season (based on 15 reviews), 86% for the second season (20 reviews), 90% for the third season (11 reviews), and 81% for the fourth season on Rotten Tomatoes.

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