Larry is one of the supporting protagonists and a minor character in a South African 2013 film Racing Donkey. He is voiced by Snoop Dogg.


Larry is a pelican with a white ruffled feathers like Nigel and a orange gold beak.

Racing Donkey

Larry is first seen watching the birth of Hiccup.

He is seen saying Whistler the pelican has arrived. When Po says the racing is patenal, Larry his holding his feathers high.

He is seen again watching Hiccup racing with Donkey in a track. He is seen watching Hiccp gets banished by the villagers. Nigel is coming but Larry stays here

Larry is seen again telling a plan after Val disowns Stoick. Larry is seen cheering when Hiccup wins.

Larry is last seen when playing soccer.


  • Larry appears in the movie, when Snoop Dogg recorded 27 lines in the studio.
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