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Lare and the Mouses is a comedy animated tv series it like Oggy and the Cockroaches

Summary Procution

Lare is a lazy dog-like man, she was have a bad luck with the mouse because the mouses pranking Lare and Whisper and she chase mouse called Jeremy, Joey, Deema

Whisper is a dog-like lion she was prank too and she chase the mouses


Episodes Summary Loser Happy Ending for Lare and Mouses
Oops Lare was prank by a bear

the mouse will prank too

Bear Lare and Mouse
Haunted House Deema prank Whisper and turn her into monster Lare and the mouse is will to survive Whisper Lare and Mouse
Goo Lare build her safe room to not pranked the mouse is will to destroy it Lare Mouse
Episode Summary Loser Happy Ending for Lare and Mouses
Goo Part 2 Lare is trapped in a safe room the mouses is will explosion it Mouses Lare
Ghostbuster Whisper house is full of ghost Lare, Whisper and the mouse will ghostbusters Ghosts Lare, Whisper and Mouse
Girlfriend Lare girlfriend named "Belle" is a beautiful pretty cat the mouse is pranking Belle Mouses Belle and Lare
Episode Summary Loser Happy Ending
Horrorland Lare died by and go to horrorland and haunt

the mouses and Whisper

Mouses, Whisper and Mouses No Happy Ending
Gatey Whisper will kill Lare and Lare died and go to heaven and alive to explosion Whisper house Whisper Lare
Invisble Lare turn int o invisible Belle help her to be visible again
Episode Summary Loser Happy Ending
Gone anyone is gone Lare is finding anyone and

Whisper and Mouser

No Loser Lare, Whisper, Mouses, Anyone
Hot Summer Lare, Whisper and Belle are going in the beach the mouses are still prank her Mouses, Whisper Lare and Belle
Dead anyone is a zombie Belle, Lare and Whisper and Mouses are going to kill the zombies Zombies
Lare, Whisper, Belle and Mouses