Silent Hill series
Land of the Dead
Written by EriK Frillery
Directed by James Wan
Produced by Shawn Troy
Cast EriK Frillery
Nina Dobrev
Jamie Lynn Spears
Susan Engstrom
Stephanie Winston
Budget 7,000,000 U$D
Gross revenue 20,394,839,39 U$D
Followed by Land of the Dead 2 (2006)

Land of the Dead is a 2005 American psychological horror-drama film written by Erik Frillery, Direct by James Wan, Produced by Shawn Troy, and starring EriK Frillery as Alex "Zepp" Hindle, Nina Dobrev as Sarah Mistine, Jamie Lynn Spears as Monica Hurley, Susan Engstrom as Kira Hindle, and Stephanie Winston as Myra Hindle.

The film is about an apocalypse where over a hundred people survived and created a team of people where they made several groups, and one is the Hindle group, the head of the group is Alex Hindle, but his friends call him "Zepp", and they make home in Brazil, they make a big Brazilian city into a fortress that goes up the side of a mountain, but tensions rise as "Zepp" and the rest head back to America, but to find it vanishing and falling apart.


The film begins on the eve of Halloween, whereas Alex and Myra are visiting Sarah, Alex has a crush on Sarah and Myra is her friend, Alex then awakens a year later where he sees no one, and heads outside, he doesn't see anyone, soon he finds his mom, Kira Hindle, his sister Myra, his crush, Sarah, and Monica, they then gather up the survivors and plan a trip to Brazil, they then take random things and foods, and head to Brazil, then as they reach a Brazilian town, they called it "The Fortress of Power", Myra and Kira search for fruits and vegetables, and "Zepp" makes weapons out of random objects like a wood-gun, a gun that shoots very sharp wood, and more weapons, then they meet others, soon they find more and create separate groups, the Hindle group, the Velmins group, the Mulberry's group, the Rochesters' group and more.

Meanwhile in America...homeless beggar, Sarj is being attacked by his own mind, his makes him bleed, other homeless beggars see him, and the entity sops the other beggars, and chases them after finishing Sarj off, than the others die in random way's they are Roger, Josh, Sigg, Burlow, Perkins', Tray, Johnes, Marlon, and Hark are killed randomly, Hark is beaten to death with a crowbar, Perkins' throat is slashed, then a bunch of undead children come and kill Sigg and Josh, Marlon was decapitated by the entity, and Rogers' head is eaten off by the evil entity.

Back in Brazil, the survivors get into a fight with the Mulberry's and then war breaks out, then they decide to completely surround the the giant city and contain permanently so that nobody can get in, and nobody can get out, but, a man who says that in America, a evil entity called Slaughter-Man has risen from his grave, and is hunting people down, then decided by "Zepp", that they see the monster, then the rest of the groups leave with them and heading back to America, which finding out that America is falling apart, and that buildings are falling apart, the Eiffel Tower fell to the ground, and the Leaning Tower of Pizza grumbled to the ground, so they then head to New York, and they are attacked by the monster, and the leader of the Mulberries is mutilated, soon the monster kills the rest of the Mulberries, then they escape the beast and leave to California, but the monster finds them, then the creature almost kills "Zepp", and then it kills the leaders of the Rochesters' group, than the monster kills a member of the Hindles, then they escape to The Great Plains, they hide there and hang out there, "Zepp" is suddenly despressed and attempts suicide, but Sarah sees him and stops him from committing suicide, she kisses him on the cheek, "Zepp" then starts to lose more blood from the monster, but the monster finds them, and brutally slaughters the other groups, soon the Hindles are the only group left, the rest is then brutally murdered and mutilated, and then only five remain, the monster tries to kill "Zepp" again, but fails, then the monster leaves, but "Zepp" is losing too much blood, and goes into shock, than dies, they hold a funeral there, "Zepp" is well-admired by everyone at the funeral, and that the monster killed everyone in the world, except for the Hindles, then the credits starts to role.

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