Land Shark
A land shark is an amphibious species of small shark native to east coasts of Australia. It is unique among sharks that it can crawl on land due to having a set of four legs consisting of eight digits (similar to some of the first land vertebrates), but it is still water-bound, as its skin dries out so it has to keep its skin wet to stay alive. Due to being a semi-aquatic animal rather than being a fully-aquatic animal, it has developed lungs as well as gills, its dorsal fin has been reduced from its fully-aquatic ancestors, and its tail fin is nothing more than a paddle-like tail, making it not as a good swimmer as most sharks. It is about the size of a brown rat, and it mainly feeds on arthropods, smaller fish, small frogs, small lizards, and small mammals, although it can also feed on man-made food without any negative side effects. It lays salt-proof amphibian-like eggs that is clustered into thousands, not just hundreds, to increase the chance of baby land sharks' survival. The conservation status of land sharks is Least Concern due to successful conservation efforts and due to its tolerance to most human activities.
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