Lance (FOTD)


Lance Ollen is Ryūjin who was raised by the founders and head of Fenrir Corporation along with his adopted brother Raikan. In the Fangs of the Dragon fanfic he is the Ryūjin of the sekirei No.84 Yashima and No.78 Nanami.


An average built teen with greyish brown hair, light brown eyes wearing a cap over the red bandanna and three scars on his left cheek like a claw mark.

After he has emerged with his sekirei, he would gain a long tail in dark grey scales with the tip of the tail decorated with long silver silver feathers and soft scales.


Like many Ryūjin, Lance sees the Sekirei Plan under the humans control as a disgrace and despised the abusive nature of the Ashikabi. He treats his Sekirei as equals and truly cares for them as though they are family to him, along with other humans who earn his respect such as Minato Sahashi. His most notable personal features are his laid back additute and usually likes to rest.


Lance was brought up and raised by Cale Ollen and his wife Cassandra Ollen after the alien ship was discovered.

Arrived to Shinto Teito  to look for his destined one while competing. Stopped from his tracks when sensing a Sekirei nearby who was being chased by a human, obviously aware of the Plan. Stepping in before anything happened, kicking the male who tried to wing the Sekirei, easily defeated him by the use of his abilities. The Sekirei introduced herself as Yashima No.84 and revealed his origins after she saw his wings and also a tail to her shock. After finding out she had no place to go to he thought of letting her stay at his place, which later on causes her to react to him before his body would, thus becoming her Ashikabi. 

Powers and Abilities

Lance can create blades of orange lights from any parts of his body, turning his arms into blades in use of combat and create a shield for defence. He is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship and shoot daggers at such distance. After he has emerged with his Sekirei, his speed, strength and stamina increase




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