Nickname Sorceress of a White Light
Special Moves Summoning Gate (Neutral), Magic Wall (Side), Roc's Feather (Up), Magic Cube (Down)
Final Smash Great Fairy
First appearance Hyrule Warriors (2014)
Voice actor Minako Kotobuki

Lana (ラナ, Lana), who debuted in Hyrule Warriors, is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. On November 1st, 2017, she was confirmed along with Justice, Sakura and Reimu in the Magical Girl trailer. From Hyrule Warriors, Lana's Guardian of Time costume can now be selected in this game. So far, Lana uses her female voice actress, Minako Kotobuki which uses her voice clips from Hyrule Warriors in this fighting game.

Trophy Description

Lana is an enchanted white sorceress who debuted in Hyrule Warriors. She makes it her mission to prevent Cia, her evil counterpart from terrorizing the land of Hyrule. With the help of Link and his allies, they work together to put Hyrule back in order, closing each gate of souls.

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