Trace E. was tired of Lalaloopsy Land so she grabs a knife, an ax, and a gun. She sees Squiggles and Spot and then she kills them. Next, she goes to Pickles' Diner and shoots Pickles, Forest, Berry, Sunny, Tippy, Ember, and Goldie. Then she goes to Pillow's house and stabs Pillow 25 times with her knife and she was dead. Then she goes to Swirly's house and shoots Swirly, Mittens, Winter, Holly, and Ivory who were ice skating. Trace E. then shoots Mango, Sand E., Coral, Marina, Patch, Peggy, Pearly, and Ocean who were playing in Lalaloopsy Land Beach. Then she goes to Jewel's house cuts Jewel with an ax, then she stabs Pix E. 25 times like she did to Pillow, and the she shoots Suzette. Then she went to Ace's garage and shoots Ace and then she goes to Crumbs' house and shoots Crumbs. She the goes to Bea's house where Bea was having a school session with the littles and shoots Bea and the littles. Then Trace E. was walking until she saw Peanut, Dot, Sahara, Pepper, Peppy, Sir, and Lady. Then cuts Peanut, Dot, Sahara, Pepper, Peppy, Sir, and Lady with her ax. Then she said "Lalaloopsy Land is now over!" and she bombs Lalaloopsy Land killing every Lalaloopsy.

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