Chapter 1

Bea: What book should I read?

Dot: Hi Bea!

Bea: Hi Dot!


Bea and Dot: AAAAAAAAH!

Bea: What was that?

Dot: Let's get out of your library.

Bea: Okay.


Crumbs: OMG!

[Evil Duchess kills Crumbs]

Dot: OMG Crumbs is dead!

Bea: What the?

Spot: Hi guys!

Dot: Hi!

Bea: Hi!

Spot: Have you seen... AAAAAAAH!

[Evil Duchess kills Spot]

Dot and Bea: OMG!

Dot: I wonder if Blossom is alive.

Bea: Or Peanut, or Mittens, or Pillow, or Jewel, or Tippy.

Dot: Or Suzette, or Rosy, or Marina, we don't know.

[Jewel and Tippy arrive]

Jewel: Hi guys!

Dot: Hi!

Bea: Hi!

Tippy: What's up?


Jewel, Tippy, Dot, and Bea: OMG!

[Evil Duchess kills Jewel, Tippy, Dot, and Bea]

[Mittens sees the chaos]

Mittens: OMG! I gotta go find the others if they're alive.

[Mittens goes to Pillow's house and knocks on the door]

Evil Duchess: Hi Mittens I killed Pillow Featherbed.

Mittens: WHAT?

[Pillow's dead body is seen]

Mittens: I gotta go to Blossom's!

[Mittens goes to Blossom's house and knocks on the door]

Blossom: Hi Mittens!

Mittens: Hi Blossom! Someone is killing the Lalaloopsies.

Blossom: OMG! Who?

Mittens: Evil Duchess.

Blossom: Oh no!

Mittens: Pillow, Dot, Bea, Jewel, Tippy, Spot, and Crumbs are already dead.

Blossom: OMG! Let's run.

Mittens: Okay.


Peanut, Sunny, Berry, and Misty: AAAAAAAAAAAA!

Mittens: Leave those girls alone!

Evil Duchess: You can't stop me!

Blossom: Yes we can Evil Duchess!

Chapter 2

Evil Duchess: No you can't!

[Evil Duchess kills Peanut, Sunny, Berry, Misty, and Blossom but Mittens escapes]

Mittens: Oh no the girls! Guess I'll go find someone else.

[Mittens goes to Marina's lighthouse and knocks on the door]

Mittens: [opens the door] Marina are you there?

Evil Duchess: I've killed Marina Anchors too.

[Marina's dead body is seen]


[Mittens goes to Rosy's hospital and knocks on the door]

Mittens: [opens the door] Rosy, are you there?

Rosy: Yes i'm here what's wrong?

Mittens: Marina Anchors is dead.

Rosy: Oh no!

Mittens: Let's defeat Evil Duchess.


Chapter 3

Mittens: Let's get everyone who's alive right now.

Rosy: Okay.

[When everyone is gathered]


Ember: Take this!

[Ember throws a ball of fire at Evil Duchess]

Evil Duchess: I'm melting!

Toffee: Like chocolate. [laughs]

[Mittens revives Bea, Dot, Crumbs, Spot, Tippy, Jewel, Pillow, Misty, Blossom, Peanut, Sunny, Berry, and Marina]

All: YAY! Evil Duchess is gone!

Mango: Let's dance!

Tippy: Did somebody say dance? I'm in!

[Tippy twirls]

[Everyone dances]

Peppy: This is fun!

Misty: Yeah!

Dyna: Awesome!


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